Swinging with her Parents

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Swinging with her Parents*They had listened to Margo’s whining from the moment George announced the great deal he gotten on a full week’s stay at a Caribbean resort. The catch? They wouldn’t know which resort until they got there. “But what if it’s horrible?” Margo fretted. “What if it’s a dive filled with roaches and rats. They have rats in the Caribbean, don’t they?””They promised a four-star resort,” George insisted, rolling his eyes at their daughter. Jena couldn’t resist smirking. She had grown up witnessing Mom finding reasons to worry while Dad maintained a level head. “If it’s horrible, I’ll book the next flight out and we’ll leave the same day.”Margo made his swear to keep his word and repeat his promise every day, including at least three times on the flight to the island. It wasn’t until the bus from the airport pulled up to the resort that Margo finally relaxed. “Oh-my-God, it’s paradise!” she said as a bellhop led them to their suite. George couldn’t help flashing their daughter a knowing “I told you so” smirk.After her first semester in college, Jena needed a break from the constant studying. Sure, it felt lame going on a family vacation as a fully grown, eighteen-year-old college student, but at least she would return to school with a tan!Jena thrilled at the bellhop’s accent as he earned his tip by running through a long list of amenities. He pointed out the need for proper attire while visiting the lobby or restaurants but quickly added, “Of course, attire is not required to enjoy our saunas, whirlpools, or while visiting our fully private beaches.” He went on to explain, “While we are an adults-only resort, we request guests limit their more adult activities to the privacy of their rooms, the specially designated area of the beach or the enclosed swimming pool.”After the bellhop left, Jena asked her Dad, “Does adults-only mean I’m going to be surrounded by old farts all week?””I’m sure it means adults-only, as in, no k**s,” Dad assured her.Mom looked skeptical. “What do you think he meant by limiting our more adult activities to our room? Are we going to see people having sex on the beach?””I want to go to the beach!” Jena chimed in with a big smile as she headed to the balcony.”George? Are you sure they didn’t mean adults-only like movies that are for adults only?”Dad shifted his weight nervously. “It was a really good deal.””The two might want to see this,” Jena called. Their balcony overlooked one of the outdoor pools and the only people wearing clothes were the dark-skinned employees serving drinks.”George? Did you book us for a week at a swinger’s resort?” Mom asked with a big smile growing on her face.”I knew Jena wouldn’t come if it was a Disney resort,” George tried explaining. “That’s what I thought they meant by adults only.””Baby? Would you give your Mom and Dad a few minutes of privacy?” Mom asked their daughter.Reluctantly, Jena stepped back inside their suite but not before complaining, “Am I being sent to my room?” In a huff, she sat cross-legged and with crossed arms on the sofa while doing her best to eavesdrop on their conversation.”You and your discount vacations,” Mom said, though she sounded amused instead of angry.Dad’s apologetic sounding reply surprised Jena. “You did say you always wanted to come to someplace like this.””I do,” Mom snorted. “It would serve you right if I said I wanted to stay.””We could see about buying just one plane ticket and send Jena home,” Dad suggested.”No,” Mom flatly stated, once more leaving the eavesdropping Jena stunned. “Either all of us stay or all of us go home together.””Are you suggesting we put it to a vote?” Dad sounded as incredulous as Jena felt at Mom’s suggestion. “That doesn’t sound like much fun.””Oh, I think it’s going to be lots of fun seeing you on a nude beach with your daughter,” Mom laughed.”What if I get hard?””Yeah, what if?” Mom asked, sounding absolutely delighted. “Shall we ask her?”Jena bit back a happy smirk as her parents stepped back into the suite. She already knew her answer.”Your Mom thinks we should put staying or going to a vote,” George told their daughter, knowing he had to spin it. “But, if we do, she also thinks we should take full advantage of the resort as a family.””Okay,” Jena said with an easy-going shrug.George looked to his wife for help. Margo waved him on. “You’re doing fine. Keep going.””I guess that means, um, doing everything together includes visiting the beach as a family.” He studying his daughter, trying to read her expression to make sure he understood what he meant. She sat all crossed up and as closed off to him as Margo could get when she was being belligerent. “Nude,” he added. “All of us.” Still no change. “Me in front of you and you in front of me.””I’m okay with that,” she said. Her eyes flickered towards her Mom and the smallest of smirks cracked the facade of her otherwise blank expression. Eyes back on him, she lost the hint of a smirk. “For the record, I’ve seen naked men before.”Margo made matters worse by chuckling.”I’m serious,” George insisted. “And I can’t promise that seeing your Mom naked won’t have an effect on me.””What about seeing me naked?” Jena asked, lowering her arms enough to show off her breasts.”If I get that way, does it really matter who made it happen?” George asked, bewildered and confused. How could both women be okay with this? Not only was he outnumbered, they were both enjoying his discomfort, too. He realized he had to try a different approach. “And you’re okay with everyone else at this resort seeing you naked?””Are you okay with everyone seeing you and Mom naked?” she asked, eyeing him up and down as if he was a piece of meat. “What if they like it?” George rolled his eyes. Before he could say more, she made it worse, “What if I like it?” When he heard Margo’s snicker, he realized Jena was still playing to her audience of one.”Fine,” he said through clenched teeth, clearly unhappy with their decision.”I have an idea,” Margo said, feeling bad with how they were ganging up on her poor husband. “Let’s give the beach a try and if it feels too awkward, we can still see about getting a flight home.” She gave her husband a quick peck on the cheek before heading to their bedroom. He followed right on her heels.”Are you crazy?” he asked, shutting the door behind him.”Not at all,” she said, getting undressed. “This was your idea, so let’s do it.””I didn’t know I was booking a week at a swinger’s resort.””I know, but you did, now deal with it.””I don’t want to get hard in front of our daughter.””Then don’t,” Margo said, pressing her naked body against him. She grabbed the front of his shorts and gave him a playful squeeze. “Get hard for me.””And her,” he said, still stymied by her attitude.”And she’s seen it all before,” Margo insisted without going into all the details she already knew about their daughter’s sex life. “I realize you still think of her as your little girl, but she’s my daughter, too, and she maybe more like me than you want to admit.””Oh God,” George groaned, picking up on her hint. He knew Margo’s free-spirited past. When they had started dating, she had made it clear she didn’t value monogamy. That had suited George just fine. Marriage and the eventual birth of their only c***d hadn’t changed her opinion or his. In fact, the hassle of being off birth control long enough to conceive was one of the reasons why Jena was an only c***d. George swapped his clothes for a bathing suit.Carrying large beach towels provided by the resort, they wore bathing suits as they left their room, walked through the resort, and exited the building for the beach. Behind oversized sunglasses, Jena scanned the naked bodies s**ttered about the beach. She felt like the youngest person there and she did her best to ignore how many eyes tracked the three of them.Alongside his daughter, George was doing the same thing. Behind his sunglasses, he noticed the wide variety of different body types sprawled out. Many of the people were his age or older. Some were in great shape, though most were very average looking. He and Margo had fantasized about visiting someplace like this, but never with his daughter in tow. He couldn’t believe Margo was okay with staying.Margo led the party of three towards a more secluded section of the beach. The least she could do was give them a bit of privacy. She missed noticing the sign warning the area they were approaching might include public displays of affection. Instead, she was happy to be away from the larger crowds s**ttered about the beach. No reason to torture George with the extra eye candy of so many other naked people.Once they had reached an area separated by dunes, she laid out the beach blanket, faced the water, and untied her bikini top. Feeling the sun on her bare breasts felt good. She wondered if George would notice her hard nipples. Hooking her thumbs inside the elastic of her bottoms, she shucked them off before sitting down. It felt strange being naked in the open like this, but strange in a very good way.George saw how quickly and easily his wife got naked and sighed. Of course she would. In college, she had earned extra money modeling nude for art students. He often wondered how many drawings and paintings existed of her naked body. Surely, this wasn’t as of a big deal for her as it was for him. He did his best to ignore how fine she still looked nearly twenty-five years later. Her breasts were bigger than back then, but her ass was still tight with very little wiggle. Sucking in a deep breath, he eased off his swim trunks and quickly sat down.”Mom? Are you sure this is where you want to be?” Jena asked. She had noticed the sign they had passed and caught glimpses of the couples s**ttered around the nearby dunes. She might be new the idea of an adults-only resort, but she was quick enough to realize what the sign had meant. The couples s**ttered around them were doing a lot more than just sunbathing.”Oh, don’t be such a prude,” Mom replied, mostly looking at the ocean and looking no further than checking out her husband and glancing at her daughter. “If you’re afraid of your Dad seeing you naked, then we should let him buy new plane tickets.””I’m fine,” Jena said, distracted by the couple sitting closest to them. They were in their thirties and seemed very fascinated by the odd trio of Jena with a clearly older couple. The man sat with his legs parted while his wife (Jena assumed the woman was his wife) openly stroked his hard cock. The man flashed Jena smile. His wife offered a friendly wave with her free hand. Though she successfully choked back the urge to laugh uncontrollably, she couldn’t hide the big smile on her face as she realized Mom and Dad had no idea where they were. “I’m not shy.””Then why don’t you step over here,” Mom suggested, pointing in front of her and her husband. “Let your Dad see you.”And me see him, Jena thought, stepping in front of her naked parents before taking off her two-piece bathing suit. She started with her top, undoing the tie around her neck and letting it fall down to expose her tits. She wasn’t as busty as her Mom, but most of the guys she had known seemed to like her smaller tits. She saw her Dad watching her and smiled. “You okay?””I’m fine,” he said from between clenched teeth. Did Jena have any idea how much her youthful body reminded him of Margo from back in the day? Margo used to have smaller tits like his daughter and sometimes he missed that. His palms still remembered the thrill of Margo’s breasts when they were barely a handful and nothing more. He glanced at his wife and saw her big smile. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?””Why not?” Margo said, rubbing her husband’s thigh. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?””Just like her Mom,” he said, meaning exactly what he said. If Margo looked a few years younger and their daughter a couple years older, they could pass as sisters. It felt uncomfortable staring at his daughter and feeling the same excited rush he had reserved for his wife. He felt his cock roll over between his legs and willed himself to stay as soft as possible.As Jena wiggled out of her bottoms, she looked passed her parents at the couple watching her with great interest. From the way they studied her, they clearly approved of seeing her naked. Distracted by the amorous couple sitting less than ten yards away, she missed her Mom’s question. “Excuse me?””Do you shave or wax?” Mom asked, staring directly at Jena’s crotch.”Oh, I wax,” Jena said, still distracted. That other couple might be older, but they were attractive. The way they stared at her so openly made her heart flutter. It fascinated her that the woman would continue to stroke her husband as they watched her, nearly as much as seeing a man naked and hard in the open. She shivered when the woman raked a hand across her chest and Jena realized the man had his hand between his wife’s legs, too.”This isn’t so bad, is it?” Mom asked Dad.George grunted, too busy trying to hold his body in check. This wasn’t bad, it was worse. His daughter looked gorgeous and he couldn’t stop staring at her innocent looking beauty. His eyes ran up and down her body, studying and memorizing every curve, freckle, and the placement of a tiny mole just to the left of a spot that should be covered by pubic hair. As annoying as anything else was his wife’s hand rubbing his thigh. “Are you trying to get a rise out of me?””I don’t think that matters,” Jena said, still distracted.Margo followed Jena’s gaze, looking behind them for the first time and seeing the other couple staring at them. “Oh-my-God,” she gasped, unable to stop staring for a long moment. The man was clearly hard and receiving a handjob. She didn’t miss what he was doing to his girlfriend, either or the way they stared back with a happy look on their face. “George? You should look.”George turned around, scanning the beach and first saw another couple in the distance who were clearly fucking. Finally, he spied the couple sitting behind them. “Well okay,” he said, unsure how else to react.”I think that’s what the sign meant,” Jena said, explaining the sign her parents had missed. “We could move to the other area,” George suggested.”No,” Margo said. This was perfect payback for her cheap husband and his discount vacations. If Jena felt could handle it, Margo could, too.”I’m fine,” Jena said with a whimsical smirk as she sat down next to her Dad on the blanket. She stared at the pretty blue water for a few minutes before sprawling out on her stomach, facing the couple sitting behind them and watching. If they were going to stare at her, why shouldn’t she watch them, too? She smiled and they smiled back, confirming her suspicion that it was okay for her to watch.”This is crazy,” George muttered, feeling another stirring between legs and knew he was soon to have a problem.While staring at the long, hard cock the woman stroked, Jena realized she had been so distracted by them, she had never checked out what her Dad was packing. She looked over her shoulder and only saw his back. Dad was sitting with his knees bent. If only he would lay down on his back. Deciding she couldn’t wait for that happen, she moved and knelt. “Hey Mom, did you bring any lotion?” As she knelt in front of her parents, Jena made it a point to look between her Dad’s knees.”Hey!” Dad cried out, catching her gaze and hiding his cock behind his hands.”What?” Jena asked as if it was nothing.”Yes, George, what’s your problem?” Margo asked, laughing and pulling at her husband’s arm, trying to get him to uncover.”Come on, Dad, are you shy?” Jena laughed and joined the game by pulling on his other arm.”What the fuck is wrong with you?” George asked, caught between the pulling of the two women in his life. He easily fought against them for a moment before giving up. “Fine, you want to see it?” He relaxed his arms, allowing them to pull his hands away from half-hard prick resting against his balls.”Damn Dad, you’re hung!” Jena squealed in delight at seeing her father’s full nudity. Seeing him completely naked sent an unexpected surge through her body. Seeing Dad naked felt wrong, very wrong and remarkably exciting, too. She couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful prick as she fought against a sudden urge to touch it.”It gets better,” Mom said without hesitating to do exactly what Jena wanted to do. Mom caressed Dad’s cock, giving him a playful squeeze.”Seriously?” Dad said, looking at his wife with dismay. “You’re going to do that in front of our daughter?””Sorry,” Margo said, pulling her hand way and tried behaving herself. “But if she wasn’t here. . .””Except she is,” George grumbled, frustrated and unhappy with how his world had spun out of control. Being naked on the beach with his wife would have felt strange without their daughter, but seeing her kneeling next to him made it feel stranger. “Are you going to keep staring?” he asked Jena.”Why not?” she asked with the flicker of a playful smirk on her full lips. “Isn’t that the point?””Then I guess it’s okay if I stare at you, too.” He planted his eyes on her chest.Jena shrugged. While it felt odd being naked in front of her Dad, she didn’t care if he stared at her. Why should she? Regardless of their age, it’s what guys did. She had grown very accustomed to men of every age raking their lecherous eyes across her body so why should it matter if it Dad did it, too?”You’re okay with this?” George asked, turning to his wife and noticing how she was still staring between his legs. He also noticed how her nipples looked very stiff.”I’m fine,” she cooed, slowly dragging her eyes up his body until she was looking in his slate blue eyes, the same color eyes of their daughter. She saw how red-faced he looked. Was he angry? Embarrassed? She gave him a hesitant smile, ready to drop it if he reacted poorly. “I really am okay with this.””Including the people fucking behind us?””They aren’t fucking,” she said, glancing over her shoulder at the couple groping each other before she looked past her husband and saw the couple she had missed. “Oh, okay. Yeah, they are.””And you want to stay?”Margo heard the disbelief in his voice. “Why not?” she asked, dropping her smile and truly challenging him. “We’ve talked about doing someplace like this and now we’re here.””With our daughter,” George grumbled as if Jena couldn’t hear them.”I’m fine,” Jena chimed catching her mother’s eye and nodding her head, too. “Really.”Margo saw their daughter’s expression and could tell she wasn’t lying. She wasn’t surprised. Jena might have her father’s eyes, but she had her mother’s lust for life. Her husband had no idea how hard Margo had worked helping Jena control her lustful tendencies until she turned eighteen. After insisting Jena hold back until she was legally an adult, how could Margo ask her to hold back now?”Just relax and enjoy yourself.”George struggled to keep his eyes locked on his wife’s eyes instead of drifting back over her body again. He loved his wife and loved seeing her naked. Instead of dimming the fires of their lustfulness, the last twenty-five years had seen their playfulness grow into a blazing inferno. Those years had been filled with confessions of secret fantasies followed by acting them out. No one knew the depths of his perversions as well as Margo and he carried her secrets, too. With a single look, a whispered suggestion, and an innocent caress, George could make his wife’s knees go weak with desire. She could do the same to him.”But. . .” he said in a hoarse croak while flickering his eyes towards his nudity.”But what?” Margo asked as a sly, sinister smile appeared on her face. She understood his concern. She understood he was worried about getting hard in front of their daughter. “She might like it.” When his eyes went wide with shock, she couldn’t help laughing.”What’s so funny?” Jena asked, back to lying on her stomach and watching the couple behind them.”Your Dad’s still worried about getting hard in front of you.””I’ve seen hard-ons before,” Jena said.It wasn’t their daughter’s confession that prompted George rolling his eyes as he sighed. He wasn’t so naive to think his daughter was still a virgin. Without knowing the details, he was sure that wasn’t true. No, his sigh was triggered because his wife only had it half right. Rather than use words to express his concern, he used only his eyes. A quick flicker of his gaze towards Jena was all it took.”Really?” Margo asked him, wide-eyed with surprise but looking delighted at the same time. Even without his words, she understood his concern. He was worried seeing Jena naked would make him hard.”I’m just a man,” he muttered, ashamed his daughter could have an effect on him.”Good thing I like to share,” Margo said, sliding her hand between his legs and giving his half-hard cock a playful squeeze.George couldn’t take his wife’s teasing. Knowing she was doing it on purpose only made it worse. He couldn’t stop his body’s reaction. As his cock grew firmer, he stole a quick glance at their daughter. At least Jena was ignoring them. His eyes lingered for a moment on his daughter’s firm, upturned ass before making a decision. “I’m going swimming,” he announced, standing up and strolling to the water without looking back. If he was lucky, the cool water would ease the strain of his cock growing hard.”You’re cruel,” Jena told her Mom as soon as Dad was out of earshot.”I’m just having some fun,” Mom said as if it was nothing.”You’re doing more than that.””Maybe,” Margo agreed, watching her husband wading into the surf and enjoying the view of his tight ass. She really was a lucky woman to find such a good man. “Am I embarrassing you?””I think it’s cute,” Jena replied, flashing her a smile. “I’ve always thought the two of you made a nice couple.” She rolled over and watched Dad standing in waist deep water as he stared at the horizon. “Was it really on your bucket list to come to a place like this?”Mom nodded, but her wistful smile said there was more to it.”What else?” Jena asked, unsure if her Mom would go into it or not.Margo stared at her daughter for a long moment as she took a measure of everything she knew. How much should she tell Jena? How much could the young woman truly understand? She chewed on her bottom lip as she considered all the truths she had learned since being eighteen. If she told the truth about her marriage, how would Jena react? Throwing caution to the wind, she blurted out the biggest secret they had kept from their daughter, “Your Dad and I have an open marriage.”Margo watched her daughter absorb the shocking news. Jena looked surprised. She looked back at her father standing in the ocean before asking, “The two of you fuck around?”Margo nodded. “Mostly as a couple, but not always.”Jena reflected on the newsflash, startled by the news as she tried applying it to the life she had shared with her parents. She could remember times when Mom went out for the night and didn’t come home until the next day. Dad had done the same thing, but she had never questioned their comings and goings. She tried imagining Mom kissing another man as passionately as she would kiss Dad and couldn’t do it. “Are you bullshitting me?””Not even close,” Mom said, laughing at her. “Remember Karen?””Dad’s cousin, right?” Jena confirmed. For a long time, Jena had thought of the pretty woman as Aunt Karen until she learned the idea of cousins. Karen lived several states away and would often show up to spend a long weekend with them. She hadn’t visited after getting married a couple years ago. Slowly it dawned on her why Mom was bringing up her name. “Wait, Dad used to fuck his cousin?””They took the idea of being kissing cousins very literally.”As Jena watched Dad wading in from the surf, she remembered how Karen (still Aunt Karen in her mind) used to sleep with Mom and Dad like it was a sleepover. “And you?” she asked, still wrapping her mind the idea.”Both of us,” Mom confirmed with a huge grin on her face as she watched her husband approaching.George felt better after his time in the surf, more in control, though it had taken a long time for that control to return. The water had been warmer than he anticipated and felt good against his naked body, reminding him of skinny dipping with his cousins. As he strolled back to the beach blanket, he felt his cock and balls swaying like a pendulum. At least he wasn’t hard. He spied the other people hidden among the dunes. Not all of them were couples, either. He saw at least one trio happily enjoying each other and had spied two couples going at it side-by-side. None of that helped him maintain his composure. Neither did seeing his wife and daughter staring at him. He scanned the beach instead of staring back.”How’s the water?” Margo asked as he reached the blanket and stretched out on his stomach.”Warm,” he said noticing the couple behind them were still caressing each other. The woman smiled at him as she continued stroking her boyfriend or husband’s hard cock. George knew that could be taken as an invitation but didn’t act on it, not with his daughter laying right next to him. If it had been just him and Margo, then hanging with that other couple might be fun. They had attended enough lifestyle events that he recognized when another couple was interested in swapping or more. He smiled back before looking away. He couldn’t allow himself to think about the kinds of fun he and Margo might have if their daughter wasn’t with them.”Mom told me about Aunt Karen,” Jena announced, openly eyeing her father’s naked body.”Told what?” George asked, looking at his wife as he knelt between the two naked women. He knew his daughter was looking at his prick and didn’t care. He was too busy staring at his wife.”Considering where we are, everything,” Margo said with a steady stare and smirk on her pretty lips.George felt his blood boil as a surge of anger coursed through his veins. What right did Margo have telling their daughter something so personal and private? He swallowed hard, fighting off a sudden burst of unexpected frustration. “And?” he asked, amazed that he managed to keep his tone even and reasonable sounding.”And nothing,” Margo shrugged. She had seen the flicker of anger in his eyes and watched it fade away just as fast. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “She’s all grown-up, George. There’s no reason to keep our life a secret from her.”George felt his head spinning as he tried wrapping his head around Jena knowing their biggest secret. It was difficult as he felt a series of emotions crashing through him like waves on the beach behind him. He felt shocked, angry again, and then confused. How could she tell Jena without talking to him first? He added betrayed to his swirling list of emotions. He looked at their daughter and blurted out, “Your Mom likes it up the ass.””Me too,” Jena said with a big smile that she hoped might defuse the tension between her parents. “I mean, I’ve never had a man back there, but I like feeling a finger or a toy back there.”George felt his world spinning farther out of control. Dad’s weren’t supposed to know something so personal about his daughter. He still wanted to lash out and embarrass his wife. “She once blew her brother at a party.””Hey,” Margo objected, confused by her husband’s angry tone. “I didn’t know it was my brother when I did it.” She quickly set the story straight by explaining a drunken high school graduation party where several girls unwittingly blew their brothers. “They set up a blowjob booth where you couldn’t see who the guy was. Two of the guys thought it would be funny to make sisters suck their brothers.””That’s so mean!” Jena chuckled, wishing she had thought up the same game at a couple of the crazy parties she had gone to during the summer. “Did you freak out when you found out?””Not so much,” Margo said with a grin of her own. “I mean, a dick is a dick is a dick, right? And my brother actually had a pretty good one.””Did you ever do it again?”Margo shook her head, holding back on admitting that she would have done it until she looked up at her husband and saw his scowling expression. Fuck it, she thought, throwing caution to the wind. “I always wanted to, though.” That confession broke George’s scowl.”Really?” he asked, surprised. He hadn’t been at the party, that was long before he had anadolu yakası escort met Margo. After the first time he had heard the story, he had confessed messing around with his cousins. Sometimes, Margo would tell that story as an icebreaker with a new couple. Margo had never said she wanted to do it again with her brother.”That’s so hot,” Jena purred, still smiling at her mother. “Sometimes I wish I had a brother.””Hell, let’s invite Uncle John over and you can both do him,” Dad groused.”Okay,” the two women said together before bursting out laughing in identical sounding guffaws.”Only if we can both do him at the same time,” Margo added.”I will if you will!” Jena squealed without thinking about it. She doubted it would ever happen, but if it did, she would do it if Mom did it, too. Why not?George couldn’t believe the two of them and finally gave up trying. “Hell, why don’t the two of you practice with me?” He smirked when that choked off their laughing and giggling. Mother and daughter exchanged a glance. Both were still smiling, but neither one was laughing.Jena’s eyes went wide at Dad’s suggestion. She didn’t understand his angry, frustrated tone. Was he mad about Mom telling their secrets? Why did it matter? They were on a nude beach together at a swinger resort. If there was ever a time or place to keep it real between them, wasn’t this it?Margo saw her daughter’s wide-eyed expression and had a different take on things. She understood her husband was lashing out and trying hard to embarrass her except that never worked with her. Margo loved the passion of sex, as far as she could remember, she always had. In her mind, nothing felt as wonderful as sharing the intimacy of sexual contact.She had never been shy about showing off her body or saying “yes” to more with nearly anyone. Finding a partner who shared her lust for life had been a blessing multiplied by every year they had played together. Together, she and George had experienced amazing moments of bliss. She loved watching him fuck another woman and how he would sometimes look at her while he did it. She could recognize the thrill in his eyes when he saw her with another man. Without a doubt, she knew he felt the same way she did.If there was one truism to their marriage, it was simple, his pleasure never subtracted from hers and vice versa. Could that apply to the three of them, too? “I’m okay with it if Jena is,” she said, turning her gaze from their shocked and surprised daughter to gaze up at her husband. She saw him blink hard and shake his head as if waking up from a fugue-like state.”Are you serious?” he asked, stunned by his wife’s suggestion. He blinked hard a second time before accepting that she was. Margo was never joking whenever she was saying yes to sex.”You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Mom told Jena as she wrapped her hand around Dad’s cock. “You can help, watch, or simply tell me to stop and I will.”Jena’s eyes moved from staring at her Mom to staring at what her Mom was doing to Dad. She looked up at her Dad and saw him staring at his wife. He didn’t stop Mom from touching him.”You’re going to make me hard,” he said through clenched teeth.”Okay,” Mom said, running her thumb against the underside of his prick in such a way that Jena knew she was determined to make Dad hard. She glanced at Jena and asked, “Is this okay?”Jena felt her words catch in her throat. She couldn’t speak, but she could nod. She swallowed hard, breaking the log jam that interfered with her ability to speak words before biting back the first words that came to mind. She wanted to ask if she could help and didn’t dare. She quickly substituted those words. “It looks nice,” she told Mom.”You can help,” Mom said, pulling one of Jena’s hands towards her father’s swelling cock. “I really don’t mind sharing.”Jena felt once removed from her body as she allowed Mom to put her tiny hand on her father’s cock. She didn’t fight Mom’s invitation. Instead, it felt as if her hand worked on autopilot. As soon as she touched the sponge flesh of Dad’s cock, her hand circled around it and she playfully squeezed him several times.”It can’t believe you’re doing this,” Dad said. Jena looked up and saw he was talking to Mom. George couldn’t blame his daughter for accepting her mother’s invitation. That thought didn’t make what was happening more or less right in his mind, it only focused where he placed the blame for what was happening.”She can stop if she wants,” Margo said, adding her hand to her husband’s dangling ball sac.George looked at their daughter, saw how intently she was watching her hand pleasuring him and knew she wasn’t going to stop. He glanced at her naked, nubile body, admiring her tiny titties and noticing how her pink nipples looked very stiff. He fought the urge to caress her chest. “Do you really want to see your Dad hard?” Looking up at him with an open expression of acceptance, she eagerly nodded.Jena glanced at her Mom. The two of them shared a quick smile that reassured the younger woman that her Mom was okay with what was happening. Jena squeezed her legs together as she accepted the reality of what was happening. Piece-by-piece, each element began washing over her, starting with how intimately she was touching her father. Maybe it was wrong, but why did it feel so right?She felt him growing harder and wanted desperately for him to get all the way hard. She wanted to see him completely hard. She wanted to see his cock swollen and aching for release with its veins distended while he gasped with pleasure. The idea that she could make her Dad feel that way thrilled her. So did the idea of seeing that happen with her Mom and doing it on a beach and doing it where others could see the three of them. All of it swirled and collided inside of her mind and made her very excited.Margo studied her husband’s reaction, watching as he gave up trying to fight against what was happening. She saw his cock beginning its magnificent rise to its full length and thickness. George didn’t have the biggest cock in the world, but he was very well endowed. She felt the same shiver she always did when sharing him for the first time. George’s cock was big enough to impress most women without scaring them that it might hurt to fuck it.She watched their daughter, too. She saw how intently Jena stared at the effect of their hands on this marvelous man Margo had loved so deeply for so long. She felt the same way towards their daughter. She and George had created a beautiful, dynamic young woman who would never allow a man to take advantage of her. Their daughter was filled with passion for life and compassion for all. She knew their daughter went both ways and wondered if Jena would welcome an intimate touch from her mother.While he had never modeled in the nude like his wife, George had often wondered if he could secretly be an exhibitionist. His thrill of being seen naked had prevented him from becoming a life studies model, despite Margo’s urging. Kneeling with his back to the surf meant he faced the other couple. They gleefully watched his two women caressing his cock and making him hard. He enjoyed the attention even as he considered the stray thought, his two women. Was that true? On some level, weren’t they both his women? Hadn’t he promised his undying love and protection to both women? And didn’t that make him their man as much as anything else?”Oh Daddy,” Jena purred. “You have such a beautiful cock!”Hearing his daughter talking so graphically startled George before he caught himself. The three of them were naked together. Hell, he was naked and hard because of her touch, why would a potty mouth surprise him? He smiled for the first time since realizing the mistake he had made with signing them up for this trip. “I’m glad you like it,” he said, letting her see his smile.”Someone else looks excited,” Margo said, eyeing their daughter and recognizing the signs of arousal as clearly as she felt them within her own body. Jena’s swollen nipples were begging for attention and she had caught how Jena kept squirming.”Is that okay?” Jena asked, feeling a funny blush washing over her. It felt strange being turned on in front of her parents and even odder to have her Mom calling her out on it.”It’s very okay,” Margo said, cupping one of her breasts and tweaking a nipple. What she really wanted to do was feel one of her daughter’s nipples between her fingers. For now, she would be satisfied with touching herself.”It’s okay if one of you want to do more,” George suggested, curious how far they would go now that the ice had been broken between them.”I think it would be more fun to see how long we can keep you hard,” Margo suggested with a sly, sinister smirk. George groaned. Margo had a very bad habit of forcing him to edge for hours before satisfying him. She loved bringing him to the absolute brink of an orgasm before stopping and admiring his excitement. Sometimes, he would tease her about calling up one of his girlfriends (or even his cousin) and getting off with them instead of her. She had always told him to go for it, as long as she could watch. It was just one more of the many sex games they enjoyed playing.”Let’s go swimming!” Jena said, liking her mother’s suggestion.George chased after the two women laughing and dashing into the warm, blue surf. His hard cock bobbed up and down as he ran, more an exciting distraction than a bother. The water felt even better on his second trip. The three of them jumped against each wave as it crested, splashing their faces with salt water. Margo floated into his arms, wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him deeply. “I love you,” she said, reaching between them and playfully grabbing at his hard cock.”Ew, are you two fucking?” Jena asked, wading up closer. The big, bright smile on her face betrayed her words.”Not yet,” Margo said, pushing away and leaving her husband standing in water that covered his waist while reaching to her chest. She bounced with each wave, enjoying how the clear, blue water caressed her breasts. Through the water, she could see George’s hard-on still swollen and proud of itself.”Let’s try to dunk Dad!” Jena squealed, jumping on her father’s back and trying to pull him over. She didn’t weigh enough to have an impact on his ability to maintain his footing. Instead, George felt his daughter’s naked body pressing against his back and she held on to him. She bounced up and down against him, rubbing her naked body against him as she called out to Mom for help.Margo joined the fray, adding her weight to his back as she grabbed her husband and her daughter. George wasn’t having it. The salt water made the two women too buoyant to affect him. Laughing, he grabbed at the women until he spun around and realized he was holding his daughter by her ass as she pressed her nude body against his. For a long moment, their eyes locked as they smiled broadly. “I love you, Daddy,” she said, kissing on the cheek before hugging him tightly. George felt hyper aware of his hard cock throbbing mere inches away from her pussy. If he relaxed his grip on her ass just a little, he could ease her on top of his prick.”Ew, are the two of you fucking?” Margo asked, mimicking the tone and words their daughter had just used.”Not yet,” Jena said before pushing away from her Dad. She looked through the clear water at his hard-on and realized how close they had come to doing that. She was still enjoying the view of her Dad standing naked and hard in the surf when her mother startled her. Mom swam up behind her, wrapped her arms around the skinny girl, and pulled her beneath the water. “Two can play that game!” Jena said, sputter water as she came back to the surface. She darted after her Mom, grabbed the woman who had raised her, and as she returned the dunking, she realized how intimately she had groped the other woman.Laughing, Mom grabbed her daughter, seemingly mindless about where her hands landed as the two women wrestled with who would go under next. They were evenly matched and it took only a moment before they both realized their grabbing had turned into groping. Margo held her daughter’s skinny ass in both hands while Jena held her tits. Margo slipped a finger inside her daughter’s pussy. Jena’s eyes went wide but she didn’t back away.”I’ve never done it in the water,” Jena said, playing with her tits. Mom’s nipples were fat, hard, and Jena wanted to feel them inside her mouth.”Your Dad has,” Margo said, adding a second finger inside her daughter and finger fucking her. “That’s how he first fucked his cousin.” Leaning forward, she kissed her daughter on the lips. Jena held her kiss for a single moment before she backed away.”Okay, that feels a little weird,” she admitted, squirming out of her mother’s arms before she got too excited and did too much. Picking up her feet, she tread water between her naked parents and admired their nakedness. It felt funny being naked with them, but funny in a good way. After wondering how far they would take things, she began wondering how far she wanted to go. Touching Daddy’s cock had felt good. Mom’s finger had felt good, too. Despite the warm water and hot sun bearing down on her, Jena shivered.”We should probably lotion up before the three of us burn,” Mom suggested, leading the way back to their beach blanket.George followed his girls, admiring their backsides as they reached the shallow water and stood. From behind, they looked so similar. They had the same walk down to how their hips swayed from side-to-side. While their section of the beach was mostly empty, nearly every eye studied them. Could they tell they were mother and daughter?When they reached the blanket, Margo methodically coated herself with lotion without noticing how intently George watched her. He watched her hands circle and cupping her larger breasts. His cock throbbed as her slippery hand worked across her stomach before caressing her pussy. She quickly coated her legs before passing over the bottle to George.He didn’t notice the two sets of eyes watching him as he smeared the protective sunscreen across his big chest. Automatically, he followed his usual system of applying sunscreen. He did his chest and arms before smearing lotion on his calves and thighs, just as he would if they were on any other beach. But then he needed to do his middle, too. With another dollop in his palm, he rubbed around his hard cock and caressed his balls before stroking his hard cock.”Do you do that a lot?” Jena asked, staring at him intently. It took George a second to realize how it must have looked like he was masturbating.”Sorry, should I have let you do it?””You can do me if you want,” she said, lying on her back in front of her Dad as if it was nothing for him to see her completely naked.He wasn’t sure why, but he looked over his shoulder at Margo before doing anything. Smiling, she nodded for him to do it. Holding the bottle over her body, he drizzled a fine along each of her legs from her ankles to her thighs. As he rubbed the lotion into her legs, his eyes remained on her perfect, womanly body. He quickly did her thighs without playing around before doing both of her arms, too. That only left her torso.George painted thin lines on Jena’s body, circling her smaller breasts before adding a line down her middle and circling her navel. He started with her stomach before slipping his hand across firm tits still immune from the effects of gravity. As he felt her stiff nipples against the palm of his hand, Margo reached into his lap and began pulling on his swollen cock. “Don’t miss anywhere important,” she cooed in his ear.Jena forced herself to lay completely still as Dad raked his hand across her nude body. She studied his face, watching him staring at her laid out before him. She fought against another excited shiver. He couldn’t stop staring at her nudity as he caressed her calves and thighs. Oddly, she felt a flicker of disappointment when he barely caressed her upper thighs.After he did her arms, there was nothing left for him to do but touch her. The lotion felt warm from the bottle sitting in the sun as he circled her tits. She forced herself to stay absolutely still when his hand started slipping over her tits. She wanted to moan and didn’t.Dad’s big hand caressed her belly before that left only one more spot. She parted her legs a little, inviting his touch as Mom told him not to miss anywhere important. Could he tell she was excited? When he caressed around her pussy, she enjoyed the side of his hand rubbing against her. She bit back another moan when his hand centered itself and caressed her pussy. A single finger slipped between her lips. He didn’t try to finger her like Mom had done, but his finger did tickle her clitoris and she gasped.”That’s hot as hell,” Margo said.”Because she’s my daughter?” George asked, throbbing inside Margo’s hand.”Yes,” Margo said. “And because she’s beautiful. You know how much I like seeing you with another woman.””Is that really true?” Jena asked. She had seen friends of hers paired off together and thought it was fun, but she had never seen a boyfriend making out with someone else.”Oh yeah,” Mom said in a husky moan. “When I see him do something to another woman, I know how good it feels when he does that for me. It’s like he’s doing it to me without touching or something.””That’s funny,” George said, intrigued with her answer. “I get that, but whenever I see you with another man, I can’t help but think how lucky he is to touch you because I know how good you feel.””Aw,” Margo said, kissing her husband. “You’re so sweet! What about when I’m with another woman?””That’s just hot as fuck,” he laughed before giving his real answer. “Actually, it’s seeing how excited you get because I know you love doing it. Hell, I guess that applies to when you’re with another guy, too. It’s fun seeing you excited.””And I like seeing how excited you get watching me,” Margo added, kissing him again.Jena watched them kissing and smiled. She always loved how much in love they were with other. She had grown up seeing them kiss and flirt with each other, even when she didn’t know that’s what they were doing. She wanted to feel that way, too. Could they feel that way towards her? Would it be okay if she flirted with them?”We’re not grossing you out, are we?” Mom asked.”I’m hoping you’ll keep going.””We can,” Margo told her husband. She glanced past him at the other couples. “We’re on the right beach for that.””This is good,” he said, caressing her breasts and appreciating her hand between his legs without taking it any further. He wasn’t opposed to doing it in front of other people, they had certainly done that in the past while attending lifestyle events. In fact, that was his biggest frustration with lifestyle events, there wasn’t much swapping and sharing. Instead, while everyone flirted with each other, people usually paired off with their usual partner.”Is it because I’m here?” Jena asked.”No, baby,” he quickly insisted. “You have nothing to do with it.””So you’re okay with fucking in front of our daughter?” Margo asked.Her question caught him off-guard. “I guess,” he said, examining his feelings. Up until that moment, everything they had done had felt more playful than sexual. Certainly, it was sexual, too. They were naked. He was hard and he had no doubt that Jena was excited. He had felt her stiff nipples raking against the palm of his hand and the heat of her pussy against his fingers. He didn’t need to touch his wife’s pussy to know she was worked up, too. “Are you?””You don’t want me to answer that question,” Margo replied. She wanted more than fucking her husband in front of Jena. She wanted to see George fucking their daughter, but did she dare say that out loud? Why couldn’t this be enough for her? They were naked on a near public beach. George was hard in front of his daughter. Margo was wet as hell and excited to the point of bursting. Even if nothing else happened between the three of them, they had gone farther than she ever thought would happen.”You want more, don’t you?” George asked, reading her thoughts with his usual accuracy.”I want it all,” she said, wondering if he would pick up on that, too. Her eyes flickered towards their daughter. “All three of us.””Pervert,” George chuckled before kissing her deeply and reaching between her legs. He wasn’t surprised to find her pussy wet and on fire. He knew he would. He sank his fingers into her warm, soft wetness, rubbing her swollen clit as he considered her answer. He remembered how excited she had gotten the first time they had seduced his cousin together. It had thrilled Margo on a deep level, earning her the playful tease of being the perverted one in their relationship.”You know I am,” Margo said, holding George’s wrist so he wouldn’t stop fingering her pussy. She glanced past him, verifying that Jena was paying attention. Margo saw the younger version of herself watching her parents fooling around. She saw the fire burning in eyes that matched her father’s. When she smiled at her daughter, Jena smiled back at her mother.Mom’s smile told Jena it was okay for her to keep watching. Seeing them kissing and caressing each other felt like an extension of the affections she had grown up seeing them expressing. Except this was much more intimate than a lingering kiss in the kitchen or a playful pat on the ass. Dad had sounded hesitant to do too much in front of her while Mom sounded like she wanted to go all the way. Jena wasn’t sure what all the way would mean with her parents. Would it mean seeing them having sex or being part of it? She knew which she wanted it to be. She wanted much more than just watching them.Moaning, Mom begged Dad to keep going. Though she was talking to her husband between kisses, she was looking at Jena as she said it. She could guess Mom was excited about doing it in front of Jena. She squirmed, squeezing her thighs together against the ache she felt between them. She wanted to touch herself, but did she dare do that in front of them?Just thinking about putting her hand between her legs in front of her parents sent a sharp, deep ache through Jena’s body. She felt her face blush at the dirty thought while her heart began racing. She should do it. If she ever wanted to be a part of their magic, she had to do something. Moving slowly, she slid her hand over her pussy and slipped a single finger between her puffy, swollen lips.She wasn’t surprised with how wet she felt, she already knew she was wet and slippery with need. She fingered her pussy once before focusing her attention on her aching, swollen clit. The same spot Dad had briefly touched. She felt another thrill surge through her as she parted her legs a bit wider. Once she started rubbing herself, Jena couldn’t stop. It felt too good. She needed this. She needed an orgasm more now than at any other time she could remember.”Look,” Margo whispered between kisses, nodding at their daughter.Turning his head, George felt shocked and then thrilled at seeing his daughter’s hand between her legs. He didn’t dare look at her face or stare. He didn’t want to embarrass her. Instead, he went back to kissing his wife as his cock ached and throbbed. Did this mean Jena was okay with all of this? Could it mean Jena would be okay with more? Clutching his wife’s pussy as she shivered with her orgasm, he already knew what Margo wanted. Like she had said, she wanted all of it, but could he let that happen? Could their family handle that?”Whew!” Margo gasped after her orgasm had subsided. “Now that’s a good warm-up!””At least it was for one of us,” George said, happily frustrated with being very excited. He knew how much Margo enjoyed seeing his cock swollen, aching, and straining for attention. Sometimes, it felt as if she enjoyed teasing him more than pleasing him except for how much she loved his orgasms. She claimed that teasing him created bigger orgasms and he had to agree. That’s how it felt to him, too.”You are so hard,” Jena said, eyeing his cock. She wasn’t touching herself anymore but from the look in her eyes, she looked temporarily satisfied. “Does it hurt when it’s like that?””It aches in a good way,” George said, unsure how he felt about his daughter seeing him in need. It felt odd, but good, too.”Do you like seeing your Daddy hard?” Margo asked, caressing his cock and making it jump from her caress. George didn’t miss how she had worded it.”I think it’s more exciting because he’s my Dad,” Jena sighed. She swallowed hard before adding, “I liked watching what he was doing to you.””Mm, I liked you watching,” Mom purred.George shook his head, laughing at both of them. “I guess I’m vacationing with two perverts.””She is my daughter, too,” Margo pointed out, pleased that Jena felt comfortable with everything.”Daddy? Would you put some lotion on my back, too?” she asked, rolling over and noticing there were now two couples sitting behind them. She propped her chin on her hands and watched them watching her.Picking up the bottle of lotion, George admired his daughter’s backside, especially her firm looking ass. He started with her shoulders and the rest of her back before skipping over her butt and resuming with her calves. Jena parted her legs wider than she needed to before he started on her thighs. He saw how wet her pussy looked as he ran his hand upwards from the back of her knees. Caressing her ass, he saw her rosy pink butthole. He remembered her saying how good a finger or toy felt back there and his cock throbbed even harder.Margo pressed against him, watching him caressing her. “C’mon, George, get it there. You don’t want her to burn, do you?” Reaching across him, she added her hand to mix, intimately caressing their daughter. He didn’t miss how Jena arched her ass upwards, welcoming the caress. Margo slipped two fingers inside her daughter. “She is soooo tight.””That feels good,” Jena purred.”Do you want me to stop?””No,” she said, wiggling her ass.Margo guided her husband’s hand between Jena’s legs. “Feel how wet she is.” She pressed against his finger, guiding him to finger his daughter.As his finger slipped inside, he felt Jena’s pussy clenching around his fat digit as if trying to draw his finger deeper. He fingered her deeper, hearing her quietly gasp “Please don’t stop” as she squirmed upwards.”Do it,” Margo said, clutching herself. “Make her cum.””This is so wrong,” he muttered aloud. “You know everyone on this beach is watching us.””And?” Margo asked.”Surely they can tell we’re related,” he said, glancing at their audience. He had no doubt what he was doing was immoral, but was it i*****l, too?”They don’t know,” Margo said. “They might guess, but they don’t know, not for sure.”Filled with the brashness of youth, Jena squirmed more. “I don’t care if they know. I don’t care if the whole world knows.””So wrong,” George repeated, though he didn’t stop what he was doing. Still, he felt guilty enjoying it as much as he did. Without studying his emotions, he knew it went beyond doing something like this outside or touching a young woman as hot and sexy as his daughter in front of his wife. He felt ashamed knowing his thrill was because she was his daughter.”I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Margo purred in his ear. “I am so fucking wet! I need you!”Overhearing her mother’s lusty declaration of need sent Jena over the top. Wishing she had more inside her than just Dad’s finger, she pressed against his hand and came hard. Just as her orgasm took hold, she locked eyes with one of the women watching her. She came in front of her and the other people watching and didn’t care. “More,” she whimpered, relaxing back to the blanket.”Me too,” Margo said, wanting George to take her on the beach.He surprised her by saying, “Let’s go back to our room.” Catching the flash of disappointment in his wife’s eyes, he quickly added, “All three of us.””I’m not sure I can walk yet,” Jena moaned, slowly working her way to her knees. She gave Dad a peck on the cheek. “That was hot as hell.””Thanks,” he said, still wrestling with his jumble of emotions. There was no doubt about it, he wanted his daughter, but did they dare go that far?They pulled on their swimsuits before heading back to the hotel. Though pendik escort tucked inside his swimsuit, George’s hard-on was unmistakeable. As they strolled past the couples sunbathing, he caught several people tracking his crotch, eyeing his erection and smiling. He considered wrapping a towel around his waist and didn’t because he liked showing off his hard-on.In the elevator, Margo grabbed his cock through his swimsuit and pressed herself against him in a way that left no doubt about her desires. “I need this inside of me,” she said before kissing him deeply. Peeking through his closed eyes, George saw the smile Jena wore as she watched them making out.As soon as they reached their room, Margo grabbed the legs of his swimsuit and after a single tug, he was naked. Filled with lust, he pulled her into his arms. As they kissed, they worked together to make her naked, too. “Shall we head to the bedroom?” he asked with a lecherous grin on his face and a hand on her chest.”No,” she said, pushing him backward. “Right here. Right now.” She backed him up to the sofa, the same one that faced away from the balcony. He fell into a seated position as soon as it hit the back of his knees. She moved with him, straddling him and fishing between them to aim his cock.Seeing their daughter watching them, George nearly stopped his wife before deciding against it. Margo knew Jena was with them. If she didn’t care, why should he? Grabbing two handfuls of his wife’s full chest, he tweaked her nipples and sighed as she slid on top of him, engulfing his swollen prick inside her hot, wet pussy. She felt as wonderful as ever.”Don’t hold back,” Margo told him, already bouncing up and down on him. That was sort of a code they had. George had remarkable staying power, but whenever his wife told him not to hold back, it meant she wanted him to have an orgasm as quickly as possible. It didn’t happen often. Typically, it only happened when she was on a hair trigger, too. From the ways she moved, it was easy guessing that’s how she felt.Looking over his wife’s shoulder, he saw their daughter watching them with a hungry look in her eyes. Jena had pushed up her bikini top and clutched on one of her rosy pink nipples. Her other hand was buried inside her bikini bottoms and he could see how furiously she moved her hand as she rubbed the sensitive nub of her clit. So much for worrying about doing stuff in front of her.”Do it!” Margo cried out, already gasping for air. “Come with me!”George lost sight of their daughter as Margo covered his mouth with hers and shared the excitement she was feeling. Her tongue battled with his, eager for his tongue as her pussy rhythmically clenched down around his cock. Her enthusiastic bouncing turned into more grinding that bouncing. Reaching behind her back, she grabbed his balls and sent him over the top as he came, too. He saw stars as his cock exploded deep inside his wife’s hot pussy. Her tongue inside his mouth thrilled him. He loved the feel of her big tits inside his hands. And knowing their daughter was witnessing their pleasure sent him further into a state of bliss matching any thrill he had ever experienced.Margo collapsed into his arms, breathing heavily for several moments before pushing against his chest and twisting around to find their daughter. “Was it okay that we did that?””Yes,” Jena said with a happy smile. She had pulled her bikini top back across her chest. “It was beautiful.””Was it fun, too?””Yes,” George answered for Jena. “Trust me, she had lots of fun watching us.””Wait, did I miss something?” Margo asked, looking confused.”She might have touched herself,” George said with a smile at their daughter who looked as if she was blushing. “I think it’s okay for you to do that in front of us now.””I kind of want to do it again,” she said in a soft, tentative voice, unsure if that was okay. Since the moment she first discovered the ability to have an orgasm, Jena couldn’t stop with just one or two.”Can I watch?” Mom asked, making her blush even more as she nodded. “Can I help?””You already have,” Jena said, tentatively caressing a hard nipple through her bikini top. It felt so sexy seeing her parents naked and together. It was much better than watching porn or seeing a couple of her friends making out. Jena knew these two people loved each other. She knew they had experienced years of lovemaking and it touched her heart that they still were hot for each other.”Sit with us,” Mom suggested, climbing off of Dad. She cupped her pussy so she didn’t leak on the sofa. That didn’t stop her from leaking, it just meant she leaked a bit into her hand. Without thinking about it, she licked her fingers before noticing how Jena’s eyes went wide. “Are you k**ding me? You’ve never done that?””N-no,” Jena said, suddenly on very weak knees with the raw sexuality of what her Mom had just done.”Mm, I love it,” she said, scooping another fingerful from between her legs and eating it. She moved to the far side of the couch, patting the space between them. “Sit.”Jena slipped between her parents on the small couch. She stole a glance at her Dad’s wet looking cock. Though he had just had an orgasm, he still looked hard as ever without the bulging veins of being needy. His pubic hair looked matted from their fucking. She wanted to touch him and didn’t because she wasn’t sure how forward she could be.”I think you’re overdressed,” Mom said, pulling on her bikini. Jena helped her until she was as naked as her parents. Without asking, Mom ran her hand across her chest, tweaking hard nipples. “It’s okay, baby. Touch yourself. We both like watching.”Still staring at her Dad’s hard cock, she cupped her pussy and pressed a finger against her clit. Yes, that felt good, very good. So did Mom’s hand on her chest. Mom must have noticed her stare because she asked Jena, “Doesn’t that look good after he’s been fucked?””Yes,” Jena sighed, marveling at how naughty her Mom could be. It made sense. Jena had to get it from somewhere and now she knew from where. Mom reached across her and did what Jena wanted to do. Mom stroked Dad’s cock as if she was giving him a handjob, but it was what Mom did next that surprised her.Mom fed a wet finger to Jena. “Now you know how we both taste.”Jena reacted by sucking that finger and then another since all four fingers carried the same mix of pussy and cum. She furiously frigged her clit, rubbing and jabbing at herself harder and faster as her orgasm built. Mom’s hand on her tits felt divine, too. So did feeling Mom’s tits pressed against her shoulder. And Dad’s leg pressed against hers.”Kiss your Dad,” Mom said. Jena pecked his cheek. “No, really kiss him.” When Jena turned to do it again, Dad looked at her and their lips touched in a new way. They didn’t use their tongues, but it was much more than a peck.Jena shivered as she came. Her heart soared higher than ever. She loved these two wonderful people who had created and raised her. She felt so good sitting naked between them. “You want a taste?” she asked, offering her wet finger to her Mom. The older woman didn’t hesitate to suck the slim digit between her lips.”Next time, I want to taste you for real.” The suggestion made Jena shiver as if her orgasm had one more thrill to give her.”I’m hungry,” Jena announced, looking back and forth between her parents to see if they shared her hunger.”If we order room service, do you think we have to get dressed?” Margo asked, wearing a wicked grin.”I don’t see why,” George answered. “With all the naked people by the pool and at the beach, I’m sure they won’t care.””Order just a snack,” Mom said, falling into her responsible parent role. “I want to hit that buffet tonight. It looked really good.” Mom told Jena to make the order.She quickly guessed she was being set-up. “You just want me to answer the door naked, don’t naked?””Why not? Won’t we all be? Or are you shy about someone seeing you naked with your parents?”With a big grin on her face, Jena found the room service menu and placed a big order. Fifteen minutes later there was a discreet knock on the door. As she had guessed, Mom and Dad sat on the couch and watched as Jena made sure she swung the door open wide enough that the room service attendant would see all three of them. As it turned out, there were two of them. Both of the handsome men were dark skinned with big smiles. Only one of them was discreet with his stares at the two naked women.Remaining naked, they nibbled on tropical fruit and cheese. Jena made sure to order wine without bothering to order anything non-alcoholic for herself. Without comment, Dad filled three wine flutes, passed them out and made sure to keep Jena’s glass as full as his own.”Hey Dad, have you ever thought about shaving your balls?” Jena asked, after realizing she was idly staring at her Dad’s nakedness.”I used to do it,” he shrugged. “Why? Are you offering?””Would you trust me to do that?””I trust your Mom to do it, why not you?””Wait,” Margo said, darting into their bedroom before returning with her digital camera. “This is worth documenting.””Oh God,” George groaned, unsure how he felt about photographic evidence of being naked with his daughter. While he didn’t need to worry about his wife sharing inappropriate pictures (and through the years, they had created quite a collection), he did have to deal with sitting spread-legged in front of his naked daughter as she began working on removing all of his pubic hair. He wasn’t expecting her to go that far.”But it’s so sexy when a guy is completely shaved,” she insisted, running electric clippers around his cock and balls before lathering him up. Feeling her warm, slippery little hand on his cock and balls had the expected result, making him very hard and very excited. Even more jarring was seeing his daughter between his knees. He squirmed uncomfortably. “You better not squirm once I start with this razor.””Sorry,” he mumbled, wrestling again with his feelings. “It feels funny seeing you naked.””And doing this?” she asked, giving his cock a few long strokes while flashing him a playful grin.”And that,” he admitted.”But I think I like doing it because you’re my Dad,” she said, caressing his balls while looking at him with a sparkle her blue eyes. He had no way of knowing how excited she felt touching him so intimately. Her pussy felt on fire with need as she struggled with limiting herself to only playing with him. She glanced up at her Mom, taking a moment to mug and smile for the camera before asking, “Does it feel funny watching me do this?””I think it’s hot as hell,” Mom said with a big smile. “But then again, I always get excited seeing him with another woman.”Jena picked up the razor. “That so interesting,” she said as she worked at removing the closely cropped hair that remained. “I think I would get jealous.””Not if you really love him,” Mom said. “If you truly love him, you’ll love seeing him happy, even if you’re not doing anything.””Or because he’s doing something,” Dad interjected, seeing he needed to explain the comment and he wound up revealing something his wife never knew. “I like that your Mom fucks around. When I know she’s on a date with another guy, I spend the entire night fighting off the urge to jerk-off because I get so wound up wondering what they’re doing.””I never knew that,” Margo said, fascinated by the idea. “I guess it works the same for me because I always wish I could be there with you.”George shook his head. “Not knowing is better. It’s more of a tease wondering what you might be doing with him. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing it happen, too.””I know you do,” Margo said, giving him a kiss on the top of his head. “But I never thought it being a thrill not knowing.””Do you guys ever wonder what I’m doing?” Jena asked, feeling a bit left out.”Dads don’t think that way about their daughters,” he said.”But what about now?””Maybe,” he said as his cock throbbed. “Okay, probably.””What if I’m out with a girlfriend?” Jena asked, looking to see if that idea excited either one of them.”Does that happen a lot?” Mom asked.”Not a lot, because I don’t really have a girlfriend. But I like girls, just not as much as I like boys.””Wait until you have one of each.””Like the two of you?” she asked, feeling her Dad jump at the suggestion. “Or not,” she quickly added, disappointed.”Sorry, baby, I just . . . I don’t know,” George stammered, trying to find the right words and failing miserably. “That’s a big step. Are you sure that’s something you want to do with your Mom and Dad?””What do you think?” she asked, caressing his hard-on for a moment before returning to shaving him.Margo could tell her husband wasn’t sold on the idea. “What about seeing her with another man? Do you think that would be fun?””Maybe,” he said, feeling like that could be a good compromise. His throbbing cock sent out a different message, though.”Oh, he likes that idea,” Jena reported, giggling.”Good luck finding someone,” he added, knowing all too well how things typically went among swingers. In general, it seems as if most lifestyle people fell into one of a few camps. There were those who were all talk and no action. They tended to leave after a mixer and hide in their rooms behind closed doors. Then there were the couples looking for a unicorn, a single, unattached girl who wanted to play with a couple. While others enjoyed same room play, only a remarkable few enjoyed actually swapping partners. Last on the list would be the couples looking for a man to join them, which always struck George as odd. He had met lots of women who were interested in a threesome with two guys, but most husbands felt uncomfortable with the idea.”I’m sure she could find a couple,” Margo suggested.”But I can find that in college,” Jena pointed out. “That’s how it gets started with most girls. They say they’re straight, but then invite you to join them in bed with their boyfriends and ignore him.””People are stupid,” Margo said. “Why do they have to make such a big deal about it? Why can’t people just enjoy themselves without all the rules?””Like this?” Jena asked, looking up at her Dad.He got her point. “Maybe we’ll meet someone at the bar tonight.”With a wet washcloth, Jena wiped away the last remnants of shaving cream for her father and admired her work. His magnificent cock looked even bigger without its nest of pubic hair. “Now that’s hot,” she said, leaning over and kissing the tip of it. “It looks good enough to eat.””I should take a shower,” he said, standing up before she could go too far. Being naked and hard in front of his daughter and wife was enough for now.Margo saw Jena’s hurt and frustrated expression at being rejected by her father. “Aw, baby,” she said, sweeping the girl into her arms in a motherly hug despite both of them being naked. “Your Dad’s just struggling with how this all feels.””I know,” Jena said, nuzzling tighter against her Mom and feeling her hurt easing just a little. It felt good to know her Mom understood and better that Mom was still willing to hug away her pain. “I know most people would think what we’re doing is wrong, but I don’t give a shit. Most people think lots of things are wrong.””People are stupid,” Margo repeated, keeping her daughter close.”You’re not. You’re okay with me wanting him, right?””I am. I like the idea, but then again, I’m a pervert. I get off on being wrong.”Jena giggled. It was just like her Mom to say something funny like that. “I guess I like being wrong, too. I made a girl eat me before I would sleep with her and her boyfriend just to make sure she would.””Did she do it?””Oh yeah and we still haven’t slept with her boyfriend, but she sure likes going down on me.””For the record, I want to see you fuck my boyfriend,” Margo said, kissing her on the top of her head. Sensing Jena felt better, Margo stood and headed towards the bathroom. Before she left the room, she told her daughter, “And I will definitely eat your pussy, too.”George thought a shower might help him relax. Instead, he remained as hard as a teenager discovering a new porn site. He couldn’t remember the last time he had shaved between his legs. How many years had it been? Even then, he only shaved his balls while keeping the rest of his pubic hair closely cropped. Being bare down there felt good and kept him hard.Lingering beneath the shower spray, he reflected on the last several hours of his life. Booking a reservation at a swinger resort had been a huge mistake. He still couldn’t believe how he had misinterpreted the meaning behind the resort being for adults only. His first hint should have been when the website sold only sold discount packages for couples. It had taken a bit of finagling to make a buy for three instead of four. He had nearly stayed home and sent the girls on the trip.Had George not been with them, he had no doubt Margo would have made the same choice to stay. That’s just the way his wife was made. She treated the joys of sex as a religion. She had her limits, for example, no c***dren, pets, or water sports. She wasn’t interested in BDSM scene or the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon. In their years together, they had done some crazy things, but none rose to the level of full-blown i****t.George jumped when he pulled back the shower curtain and saw his wife standing there. “We need to talk,” she said, glancing done at his hard-on before looking him in the eye again. “You left a heartbroken young lady in the living room.””Why? Because I wouldn’t let my daughter blow me?””Why not?” Margo asked as if she never heard the daughter part of his last statement.”Because she’s my daughter!” he said. “She’s OUR daughter. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?””It means everything to me,” Margo said, refusing to back down. “She’s also a grown woman and an adult who’s capable of making her own decisions. She wants you. Why can’t you want her back?”After toweling himself dry, George sat on the edge of the big bed. His hard-on finally showed its first signs of weakness. He studied his wife as he searched for a way to explain it to her. At least she didn’t look angry. Slightly pissed. Maybe even disappointed, but not angry. “If we had had a son, could you fuck him?””Maybe,” Margo said, shrugging. “If he was an adult and wasn’t a dick about it.”George snorted. That fit her perfectly. Margo didn’t fuck guys who thought they were all that and a side of fries. Nor girls who acted that way. She was as down to Earth as a blade of grass.”Is it because she’s only eighteen? She has a birthday in a couple more months.””That’s not any better,” he said. He didn’t like thinking about their age difference, at least she didn’t act like high school had been less than a year away. No, after spending some thinking about it, he knew his problem. “It’s Karen.””Your cousin?”He nodded, ashamed to admit the truth. “I loved her.””Oh baby, I know you did,” Margo said, joining him on the bed and rubbing his back. “And she loved you, too. That’s part of what it made it so beautiful to share her with you.”He nodded. Those weekends had been filled with incredible sex that had truly fit the description of making love. There had been magic between the three of them. He had loved romancing both of them and loved how they had shown their appreciation. It still hurt the weekend she had told them she couldn’t keep seeing them. “I still love her.””Me too,” Margo softly replied. “But you know why she had to end things.””She didn’t have to,” he said, swallowing his frustration at her decision. “We could have worked it out. We could have been a family.””But not the kind of family she wanted.”Frowning, he nodded. Margo was right, of course. Had Karen moved in, how could they present themselves to the world? Who would ever accept them? It would have torn apart their family. With a price too high to pay for love, what other choice had there been?”She loved you, too,” Margo pointed out. “More than she loved me.””Not more,” he insisted, knowing how fond Karen had been of Margo. He had witnessed their affection for each other. He had seen it in their eyes even when they weren’t in the bedroom together. There had been truly love and respect shared between them. Of course, back then, their love couldn’t go anywhere. Only a couple of states had legalized same-sex marriage and they didn’t live in one of those. Karen had always wanted to get married and start a family.”Sometimes, I was glad she was your first cousin,” Margo said.”Because you’re a pervert,” George teased with a half smile. She used to love reminding them of their family relationship. Family reunions were the worse as Margo would ask which other cousins they wanted to fuck or point out a cute aunt or uncle to Karen.”I am, but that’s not the real reason,” she said, pulling her hand away from his back and looking pensive. “It was because I knew the two of you could never get married and that meant she couldn’t steal you from me.”Hearing her confession stunned George. Worse, her fear paralleled George’s deepest, darkest concern. “I used to worry that I might start loving her more than you.” He braced himself, waiting for her to get angry or break down in tears. Instead, his amazing wife shocked him by chuckling.”Sometimes, I did love her more than you.””Wait, what?” he asked, confused.”Because sometimes you’re a real jerk and you piss me off,” Margo said, butting her shoulder against his. “Like that time you bought a new car without checking with me first.””It was a surprise for you!” he said, still defending that faux pas. “It even had a big bow on top.””I always hated that car,” she grumbled.”Is that why you wrecked it?” he asked, back to wearing a half smile.”I swear that deer ran into me!””I was afraid I had lost you,” he said, pulling her into his arms as he remembered the phone call from the highway patrolman saying there had been an accident. “I thought I had lost both of you.””We were fine,” she dismissed. “I might have hated that car, but it kept us safe.””I love you,” George said, kissing her.”I love you, too, dufus.” For a long while, they sat holding each other while lost in their thoughts. Margo broke their silence. “It’s okay if you fuck our daughter.””What if I like it?””What if she likes it?” Margo asked.”Yeah, that too,” he agreed, still uncomfortable with the idea.”Oh-my-God, what if I like it?” she suddenly asked. “What if I get so turned on that I want the two of you to keep on doing it?”George looked at his wife trying to decide if she was serious or k**ding around. “Seriously?” he asked when her face didn’t answer his question.”George, you’re being an idiot. You’re afraid to fuck her because you love her and you’re afraid of getting your heart hurt again. Well, guess what? She’s not going to live with us forever. She might spend the next couple summers with us, but then she’s going to meet a boy or a girl, and move in together. It’s what people do when they’re her age. That’s what we did, too.”He blinked hard, knowing she was right again. “How did a smart girl like you wind up with a big dummy like me?””You’ve got a nice dick,” she giggled, kissing him while sliding her hand between his legs and giving him a playful squeeze. “I do like how this feels.””Play your cards right and I’ll let you touch it later,” he said, standing up. He still wasn’t sure how far he could go with his daughter, but he felt better. “For now, I think I hear a buffet calling your name.””I love buffets,” she said, getting up and taking her turn in the shower.George got dressed before heading back into the living room of their suite. He found Jena standing naked on the balcony while watching the sunset. “That’s almost as pretty as you,” he said, casually putting his arm around her waist. It was something he had done thousands of times. Her nakedness didn’t change how good it felt to hold his daughter close.”Are we okay?” she asked. Jena had inherited her mother’s talent for being direct.”We’re perfect,” George assured her, kissing her hair. “But I don’t think they’ll let you visit the buffet naked.””I love buffets,” she squealed before dancing to her bedroom. She took a quick shower before shimmying into her ultimate weapon, a sleeveless, little black dress that hugged her body tightly and barely covered her ass. She didn’t bother with panties. Feeling nearly naked made her nipples hard. One way or another, she was getting laid tonight.Mom had taken a similar approach. She wore a sheer top without a bra or a camisole beneath it. Jena stared as much at Mom’s exposed tits as Dad. Mom’s tight skirt was every bit as short and tight as Jena’s. Wearing a huge smile on his face, Dad escorted them to the buffet where they drew lots of stares even though many other women had dressed as scantily as they had. “I think they can tell we’re family,” Jena said as she sat at their table.”Is that a problem?” Mom asked.”Not for me,” she giggled. “I don’t know any of these people.” Jena felt giddy sitting in public with her parents while barely dressed. Most of the time, she ignored the longing stares she often attracted. Some days, she even dressed down because she would get tired of it. A girlfriend had once said she had “resting pleasant face” instead of a resting bitch face, claiming that made her look more approachable. She watched Dad as they ate, saw how he scanned the room and how his gaze always returned to them.”I can’t tell which one of you is attracting more stares,” he noted.”Mom and her tits,” Jena said, smiling at the older woman. “You look good enough to eat.””Don’t tease,” Mom laughed.”I’m not,” Jena said without laughing. She sipped at her drink. Dad had ordered her something called a Pineapple Mojito, a sugary sweet concoction made from fruit juice and rum. When she reached the bottom of it, he ordered her another. “Are you trying to get me drunk?””Just want you to have fun,” he said.After dinner, they visited one of the resort’s nightclubs with lots of happy couples were already dancing and celebrating. They sat at a table with more drinks in front of them. The action on the dance floor looked crazy. Guys rubbed up against their dates, drying humping them in front of everyone. Girls did the same to each other. In the darker corners, the people making out groped each other. Jena was pretty sure she saw at least one couple fucking. “This is crazy!” she called over the loud music.”Dance with me,” Mom said, grabbing her hand and leading the way to the crowded dance floor. Once she hit the floor, she threw her arms over her head, gyrated to the beat and Jena watched her unbridled breasts swaying back and forth. Several people moved in for a better view.”You are gorgeous,” Jena called to her as the alcohol took hold. She had never seen her Mom look so happy.”So are you,” Mom called back, moving up close to Jena and caressing her chest. Others were just as open with their public displays of affection, but Jena didn’t think anyone else was dancing with their Mom. Jena felt a pleasant surge as she leaned into her Mom’s hands. A moment later, Jena grabbed at her Mom’s tits while several people stared and a few cheered.”Go for it!” a guy dancing next to them called as he watched their groping. He was grabbing the front of his shorts as if it was nothing.”Oh-my-God, they look like mother and daughter,” a woman told her partner. Jena guessed she was dancing with her husband, though how could she be sure? Either way, the man didn’t seem to care as he continued to dry hump her while beaming a big smile at Jena and Margo.Another woman danced closer, too. Her top was pulled down, baring her breasts. “Nice!” she said, admiring Mom’s rack for a second before grabbing a handful of Margo’s chest. “We should party!””Maybe later,” Mom said, but not before caressing the woman’s bare chest. Seeing Mom touching another woman’s bare chest sent an aching shiver through Jena.”That was hot as hell,” she called out to her Mom.Margo smiled broadly even as she realized Jena had never been surrounded by swingers. “That’s how it works. If you see someone you like, you ask if they want to party.””I want to party,” Jena said, grabbing another handful of Mom’s chest.”Me too,” Margo said, running her hand down her daughter’s narrow waist before squeezing her ass. “Go get your Dad out here.”Jena nodded, leaving her Mom behind on the dance floor. tuzla escort There was a pretty woman standing behind Dad with her arms wrapped around him while she rubbed her chest against him. Jena felt a stab of jealousy. Did Mom know a woman was hitting on Dad? As Jena moved closer, the woman smiled at her without letting go of him. “She’s hot. Is she with you?””Yes,” Dad said, pulling Jena into his lap and surprising her a peck on the lips.The woman’s smile never faded as she asked, “Can I have a kiss, too?” She leaned farther over, pressing her lips against Jena’s mouth before telling Dad, “She can come, too.””We’re good,” Dad said.”Your loss,” the woman said. She kissed Dad on the cheek before leaving.”Where’s your Mom?””Still dancing,” Jena said, noticing how Dad was looking at her chest. “Come dance with us!”George drained his drink before following his daughter back into the cluster of gyrating bodies rubbing up against each other. He wasn’t surprised when he found Margo in the middle of two men grinding against her. He shot her a smile before turning to dance with his daughter. He saw the shocked look on her face. “It’s more fun watching her fucking.” Jena’s eyes went even wider.”Really?” she asked, unsure how she felt about that. Dad emphatically nodded before exchanging a smile with his wife.”You look beautiful,” he told Jena, back to paying attention to her as he moved. Dad was a good dancer, understanding how to move in tight quarters without looking foolish. She liked the way he wiggled his hips. She danced halfway around in a tight circle and backed her ass up against Dad. Instead of backing away, he put his hands on her hips and squirmed against her.From over her shoulder, she told him, “I want you to do that in real life.””Me too,” he said, running a hand up her waist and partially around her front. For a moment, she thought he was going to grab her breast, but he stopped before he went that far.”Hey gorgeous,” said a woman dancing directly in front of her. She was bumping and grinding against a man standing behind her. “He’s cute.” Jena realized the pretty woman was talking about her Dad. “Let’s trade.” She stepped around Jena and pressed herself against Dad while pushing Jena into the arms of her date.The tall, dark haired man’s face lit up as Jena slipped into view. He was ruggedly handsome with a cleft to his chin and a pretty smile. He pulled Jena closer, put his hands on her hips, and pressed against her. She could feel that he was hard. “Do you swap?””I think I just did,” Jena said, unsure of the right answer to his question.”Mm, we can do it together if he’s cool with that,” the man assured her as his hands worked up and down her sides.”Who’s your friend?” Mom asked, appearing behind the man. She wrapped her arms around his waist as if they had known each other for years.”Brad,” the man said, glancing at the new woman and liking what he saw. “Is she with you?””With me and my husband,” Mom said, running her hands over the man’s strong chest. “But we could use another man.””Can my wife play, too?” Brad asked.”The more the merrier,” Mom said, pressing up against the man even tighter. She reached past him and caressed Jena’s front. “She’s new to the scene.””She looks new to everything.””Looks are deceiving,” Mom said, tugging down the front of Jena’s dress and exposing her tits. “What do you think?””Helen!” the man called, twisting and turning until he was alongside his wife’s back. He wrapped his arm around her tiny waist to get her attention. The woman spun inside his touch and glanced briefly at Jena’s exposed tits before looking up at her husband. “She’s with them.””Margo and Jena,” Mom said, introducing the two of them while Helen introduced George to her husband.”She’s new to the scene,” Brad told Helen with a nod at Jena and her bare breasts.The pretty brunette with curly hair glanced from her to Margo. Her eyes went wide as she saw the family resemblance. “Problem?” Margo asked, cupping one of Jena’s breasts and giving it a playful squeeze.Helen looked over her shoulder at George, surely seeing eyes that matched Jena’s staring back her. George reached around her and grabbed Jena’s other tit. “It might be fun,” he said with a big smile.The woman began laughing. “Damn right,” she said, nodding at her hubby. “Let’s do this!”Jena felt swept away as the adults standing around her had reached an arrangement. She had never witnessed anything as simple as what had just transpired. After adjusting her top, she followed her Dad. He had his arm around Helen as if she was his date while Mom and she flanked the tall, dark man with the powerful chest and brilliant smile. In the elevator to their room, Brad cleaned up the obvious. “Mom and Dad, right?” Jena gave him a tentative nod, unsure if she should admit it. “Have you guys been playing together for long?”She shook her head. “Not until today. But I want this.” Grabbing one of her Mom’s tits, she thumbed her fat nipple. “All of it.””He’s the shy one,” Margo said, grabbing her husband’s ass.”I’m sure I can keep him busy,” Helen said, caressing Dad’s ass, too.Once inside their large, two bedroom suite, Dad opened the wet bar, pulled out bottles and began taking drink orders. That surprised Jena. She had traveled with her parents in the past and had always been told to never take a drink from the refrigerator in the room. Dad mixed her something sweet while using a lot more alcohol than the restaurant and bar.Mom dimmed the lights while speaking in code to Helen and Brad. “We’re fine with same room, full swap. Nothing kinky, but I’m flexible and so is she.””We do everything,” Helen said with an eager smile as she looked from one to the other. “Have the two of you done anything together?” Jena could tell Helen was asking about her and Mom.”Not yet,” Margo said. With a big smile on her face, she kissed Jena’s cheek. “Yet.” Their new friends seemed very happy with that answer.”What about Dad?” Brad asked, openly eyeing the younger blonde. Jena picked up on what he was asking.”I shaved him earlier,” she volunteered.”Then he got shy about more,” Mom added.”I’m fine,” George said, finished with mixing his drink and joining them around the coffee table centered between two sofas. He sat next to Helen while Margo and Jena sat across from them with Brad sandwiched between them.”Yes, you are,” Helen said, running her hand up his thigh and across his crotch. “Is this where she shaved?” He nodded. “Mm, I can’t wait to feel how good of a job she did.”Jena’s head spun as she saw her Dad flirting with the other woman. She looked past Brad and saw Mom smiling as she squirmed. Not only did Mom approve, she seemed to like it. Jena knocked back most of her drink. When Dad and Helen began kissing, she knocked back the rest of it.”What about the two of you?” Brad asked, looking from one side to the other. “Do you kiss?””Of course,” Margo said, leaning across the man. Jena followed her lead and when their lips touched, she felt Mom’s mouth open.A moment later, their tongues touched for the first time sending Jena into a headspin as everything collided at once inside her. She had kissed other girls and liked it. Girls kiss different, more passionately and she liked how soft a girl’s face felt. A girl’s cheeks never included the scratchy, manliness of whiskers. Still, she couldn’t shake knowing Dad could see them kissing and so could these two strangers.She nearly pulled away when Brad put his hand on her back and held them together. “That’s so hot,” he cooed, caressing their backs. Jena felt a tiny hand pulling on hers. Mom guided her to Brad’s crotch where she felt the man’s growing bulge with her. “Oh, that’s good,” he said, leaning into their kiss and breaking them apart so he could kiss Jena. She felt his whiskers and liked it. A moment later, he turned his head and kissed her Mom while Jena watched him feeling up her chest. It felt as strange seeing her Mom kissing another man as it had been seeing her Dad kissing Helen.Glancing at the other couch, she watched Dad pulling down Helen’s top, exposing her tits and playing with them. Helen’s tits were a bit bigger than Jena’s and not quite as big as Mom’s. Dad captured a nipple between his finger and thumb, lightly pulling on it as Helen moaned and worked the front of his pants without interrupting their kiss.”Someone forgot her panties,” Brad said with his hand between Mom’s legs.”I think we both forgot them,” Mom said, prompting Brad to turn back to Jena.As he kissed her, he ran his hand up her thigh, between her legs, and touched her bare pussy. Something about how surely he moved thrilled the younger woman. She had enjoyed a couple threesomes in college, but they had been filled with starts, stops, and tentative caresses between lots of nervous giggles. Brad’s touch was sure as if they had been together forever. Jena felt him worm a finger between her pussy lips, making her realize how wet she had become.”Why don’t you let her undress her?” he suggested to Margo.Mom stood in front of Jena, caressing her cheek and smiling at her. Jena worked the buttons of her blouse and brushed it off her shoulders before cupping her bare breasts. Mom’s nipples were so hard. Feeling Mom’s guiding hand leading her, Jena leaned closer and suckled on one nipple and then the other. Then she pulled back, worked the zipper on the back of Mom’s tight skirt, and Mom stepped out of it. “You are so beautiful,” Jena purred, running her hands across her Mom’s naked body while admiring her Mom’s pussy. Could she touch it? Should she? Throwing caution to the wind, she pressed her thumb between the lips of Mom’s pussy and felt her wetness. Something about that little gesture told her it was okay do anything she wanted.George lifted his ass off the couch so Helen could pull off his shorts. He was hard, very hard, and enjoyed being naked. The curly haired Helen was a great kisser and clearly eager to be with him. Seeing Margo with another man thrilled him as much as ever, but he hadn’t expected the thrill he would feel seeing Jena doing stuff, too. Between kisses, he glanced at his daughter, making sure she looked okay with everything that was happening. What he saw was a young woman on fire and that made him feel good. Helen leaned over, wrapped her lips around his swollen cock and began blowing him.Across from him, his naked wife was pulling off Jena’s dress before the two women attacked the still dressed man still sitting on the couch. Working as a team, they stripped him down quickly before admiring his manhood together. Brad was packing a nice size man-unit, one George knew his wife would enjoy.He had seen his wife with so many other men that it didn’t bother him to see one more hard cock. What surprised him was the reaction he had seeing his precious daughter caressing Brad’s thick prick. Seeing Jena kissing and caressing him drove George mad with lust and desire for his daughter. In that instant, he stopped seeing Jena as his just his daughter and saw her clearly as a woman as filled with lust, desire, and awesome sensuality.”Feel good?” Helen asked, mistaking the extra throbbing of his cock for something she had made happen. She was good at sucking dick, but George knew she hadn’t caused his extra thrill.”My turn,” he said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips before laying her back on the sofa and sliding between her legs. Pushing her thighs apart, he buried his face against her hot, wet pussy. No, he couldn’t see what his wife and daughter were doing from that position, however, they would both witness what he could do with tongue.Since college and beyond, nearly every woman George had encountered praised his pussy eating expertise. He wrote off his skill as a good mix of passion and instinct. He had an uncanny ability to read his lover’s reactions and make adjustments on the fly. Only a fool ate every woman’s pussy the same way. Some wanted direct attention on their clit while others couldn’t tolerate direct contact with such a sensitive spot. George provided Helen with a mix techniques until he heard a deep throated moan and felt her squirming.”Like that,” she groaned, not realizing he was paying attention. A few moments later, she squirmed even more. “Oh yes,” she gasped as her building thrill rose close to her climax. George added a finger inside her sopping, wet pussy while reaching up and clamping a hard nipple between his finger and thumb. He had already learned she liked rough nipple play before he twisted and rolled her nipple. Crying out as if heaven above had revealed itself to her, she clamped her quivering thighs closed around his ears and quivered with pleasure.”Damn, baby, take it easy on her,” Margo said from the other sofa.”Where have you been all my life?” Helen asked him, staring down at George as if he was a god among men.George resisted the urge to show off by going back for more. Besides, when he was between her legs, he couldn’t watch the action happening just a few feet away. “I want to be inside you,” he said.”Anyway you want me,” she said, still enamored with a man who could give her that much pleasure with his mouth.”Doggie,” he requested, helping her roll over on her hands and knees as he took his position behind her pleasantly plump ass. Helen wasn’t fat, not even close, but she did have a nice, round ass. He gave her a playful slap, smiled when she yelped, and finally buried his pussy deep inside of her.”Yes,” the woman hiss, grinding backward against him. “Fill me, baby. Fill me all the way!”George barely heard her encouraging words as he began moving back and forth. His eyes were on the trio of bodies across from him where they had laid Brad out on his back. Margo knelt on the floor while sucking the big man’s dick. Meanwhile, his lovely daughter straddled the other man’s face, riding him as she stared at what her Mom was doing.Margo kept looking over her shoulder to see what kind of trouble George was getting into. When she saw him fucking Helen, she spent more time looking up at Jena and Brad. She was having a great time sharing this man with his daughter and was happy to see Jena enjoying herself. They locked eyes for a moment and Jena smiled before she glanced at her Dad again.It felt surreal seeing both of her parents having sex with different people. In front of her, Mom was sucking Brad’s fat cock as if she was starring in a porn movie. Jena had no idea what Dad had done to Helen to make her squeal like that, but she wanted to find out. Brad’s tongue felt good, but she was at the wrong angle for him to truly please her. She turned her head and watched her Dad’s big dick sliding in and out of the woman they had just met. His movements reminded her of seeing him on the dance floor and she wished he would do her like that. She wasn’t sure how long she had been staring at them before she looked up and saw Dad watching her. Their eyes locked as they both began smiling like crazy people.”Hey, Mom? Can I fuck him?” Jena asked, glancing back at Dad to make sure he was still watching.”I wish you would,” Margo said, pulling her mouth away, but staying nearby. This was something she wanted to see up close and personal. She held out the excited man’s cock as Jena straddled his torso. Still holding his cock, she watched with glee as Jena lowered herself and she witnessed Jena’s well waxed pussy open to accept the man. She clutched herself, shivering with a mixture of joy, pride, and passion. “Do it, baby,” she told her daughter. “Fuck him good.””Oh God she’s tight,” Brad whimpered, placing his hands around her waist and helping her move up and down.Margo realized she might be in the way. She pulled back so her husband could see their daughter fucking Brad. As George watched, he began pounding Helen harder and faster. Margo knew her husband and knew how hard he could fuck when he lost himself in the moment.”Yes!” Helen grunted. “Like. That.” Her tits swayed with his every thrust. “Harder.”Margo stood and joined her husband. Kneeling behind him, she wrapped her arms around his chest while making sure she didn’t get in the way of his fucking. “Does she look beautiful doing that?””Yes,” he whimpered, his breath ragged from the exertion of fucking Helen so hard. He gave his wife a kiss over his shoulder before returning his eyes to his daughter. Seeing Jena gleefully bouncing up and down on that other’s man cock reminded him of the first time he had watched Margo with another man. Like then, he was filled with unbridled lust. He grabbed Helen’s hips and gave her everything he had to offer. No way could he hold back. He needed this orgasm.Jena couldn’t keep her eyes off the other couch. Brad’s cock felt perfect inside her pussy, finally giving her the pleasure she needed. She clutched at her titties, tried to smile and could only make a fuck face as waves of pleasure built on top of new waves. Dad looked so sexy fucking the hell out Helen while Mom clung to his back. She felt her lust rising to its peak, threw back her head, and gave herself over to the joy of an incredible orgasm. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard her Dad’s groaning and knew he was doing the same thing inside of Helen.”Damn,” Brad sighed. “Did your Mom teach you to fuck like that?””Just comes naturally,” Jena said, climbing off the man and admiring the mess left behind from the mixture of her orgasm and his. “But this is something she did teach me earlier today.” She leaned over and sucked him clean, relishing the mix of tasting herself and him. Why hadn’t she ever thought of doing that sooner?When she turned around, she saw Mom had done her one better. While Dad sat on the edge of the couch and watch, Mom had pressed Helen over the armrest of the sofa and buried her face against the woman’s backside. Jena knew Mom was eating her pussy and felt a pang of jealousy. She wanted a taste, too.With both men spent, there was a pause in the action. George freshened up drinks while Helen joined her husband on the other couch. Giving them more room, Jena joined her mother who wrapped her into a very intimate hug. “The two of you favor each other so much,” Helen said with a smile. “Do you ever fool around with each other?””Not yet,” Jena answered for both of them. She turned her head upwards and gave Mom a kiss. “But I want to.””Do it,” Brad suggested with a big grin on his face. “I want to see.””Brad!” his wife said, slapping his knee for being pushy.”I’m just saying, why not?” he said, looking sheepish.Jena leaned against her Mom, once more kissing her over her shoulder. As their kiss lingered, Mom caressed Jena’s chest. “Can I?” Jena asked, turning to face her mother.”Go for it,” Margo said, willing to give any part of her body to her daughter that the young woman might want to claim as her own. It started with another kiss of their lips before Jena began working her way across her chest and then her stomach as she slipped to the floor. Jena skipped past her pussy, instead choosing to kiss her knee and start with a slow progression of more kisses up her inner thigh.”Oh God,” Jena groaned after glancing over her shoulder to see if Dad was paying attention. Dad and Brad sat on opposite ends of the couch facing her sipping their drinks while Helen sat between them. The pretty brunette each of her hands wrapped around a cock.With a single finger on her chin, Mom turned her head back to business. “Eat me,” she said with a big grin.Jena hesitated for a moment simply because she wanted to admire her Mom’s mature pussy. She had only been with other women close to her age. Caressing Mom’s pussy felt the same as any other. Opening her mouth, she pressed it against the very essence of their shared gender and began licking. It wasn’t Mom gasped and Jena looked up at the face she knew so well that it hit her, she was really doing it. She was truly going down on her own Mother. She pressed her mouth tighter and worked tongue even faster.Margo couldn’t stop moaning as she looked down at her daughter’s pretty face and saw those eyes, so much like her Dad’s, those beautiful slate blue eyes looking up at her with love and affection. She felt overcome with raw emotion that she could share something this intimate with her own flesh and blood. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would think something this wonderful could ever be conceived as wrong or sinful. “God, I love you,” she said, caressing her daughter’s hair as the fires of her passion rose to new heights.Looking across from her, she saw her husband watching them. She saw the hungry look of desire in eyes matching the ones looking up at her. She saw his aching hard-on and how pushed aside Helen’s hand so he could stroke it himself. She noticed how he caressed the flesh made bare by their daughter and smiled at him.George felt his breath catch in his throat as soon as Jena turned back around and began licking her mother’s pussy. His heart skipped a beat before cracking into overdrive with love and affection for these two perfect women who had populated his life for years. Jena looked so beautiful with her heart shaped bottom resting on her heels as she leaned between her mother’s knees. He wanted both of them and couldn’t imagine a time when he would feel differently.Margo’s passion rose quickly to its peak. She was in desperate need for an orgasm and seeing her daughter between her legs only served to make it happen faster. Her moans changed into sharp gasps as she felt the impending result of her daughter’s tongue. Filled with joy, she exploded with a mind-blowing orgasm as she filled the rooms with her cries of passion.”Damn,” Helen said. “She must be as good as Dad.”Brad earned another slap on the knee when he said, “Now I want to see them trade places.””Me too,” George said, unable to risk stroking his cock any longer. He was as hard as he ever got and didn’t want to waste an orgasm. Instead, he caressed the bare flesh around his cock, touching the areas Jena had shaved cleaned.”You heard them,” Margo said, reaching for her daughter and pulling her upwards. They kissed for a long moment before it was Margo on her knees kissing up Jena’s thighs.Jena felt dazed, filled with love, lust, and passion. She couldn’t wait to feel her Mom between her legs. She held her legs as far apart as she could and fought the urge to grab Mom by the hair. Finally, Mom shoved her tongue into Jena’s well-waxed pussy and began licking. She couldn’t stop thinking That’s Mom eating my pussy! My Mom! She’s fucking going down on me! No matter how many times she repeated variations of those thoughts in her head, she still couldn’t believe it was happening, and right in front of Dad!”Someone is enjoying the show,” Helen said, trying to touch George’s straining cock.”No,” he said more sharply than he meant as he brushed away her hand. “I’m saving this one.””Too bad,” Helen said, caressing his thigh while accepting his answer.”Yes!” Jena suddenly yelled. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” She quivered and shook as her orgasm took hold, rocking her body as she gasped for lungfuls of air until her thrill subsided and she started laughing. “Fuck you’re good at that.””Lots of practice,” Margo said, kissing her daughter deeply. “And your Dad’s even better.”Jena smiled across the short distance between the couches. Dad looked as hard as he had that afternoon. She beaconed him with a “come hither” motion of her index finger. Her smile grew even bigger as George stood.Upon reaching his daughter, George first bent over and took a kiss from her, a big kiss. This was not the sort of peck typically shared between father and daughter. Shoving his tongue inside her mouth, he kissed her with the same passion he would give her mother. Jena kissed him back. “Do you want to find out if I’m really as good as your mother?””I want this,” Jena said, caressing his cock as she looked him in the eye. She wasn’t sure if he would agree.”Are you sure?” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “In front of your Mom? With Helen and Brad watching, too?””I don’t care who watches,” Jena told him, squirming with a hope that he would do it.”Stand up,” Dad told her, helping do it. He turned her around as Mom slipped back on the couch. Dad’s hands guided her, bending her over as Mom reached up and held her. “Kiss,” Dad said, caressing Jena’s upturned ass. A moment later, she felt his cockhead pressing against the lips of her pussy, searching for her opening before finding it. “I love you,” he said burying his cock deeply inside his daughter.Jena’s pussy felt tight, but George still insisted on using her the same way he had used all women since his very first time. Teasing was foreplay. When it came time to fuck, he believed it was time to go all in. He pressed until he was completely inside of her and he felt his cock throbbing against her insides. Her slick pussy felt hotter than the noonday sun on sunburnt shoulders.He pulled back slowly before jamming his thick, veiny cock all the way in again. With each thrust, he picked up the pace like an old-fashioned steam engine leaving the station. Again and again, he backed away and then filled her completely. With every thrust, he never forgot he was fucking his daughter. This was Jena, the girl he had helped raise to a woman, the result of the union between Margo and him. He fucked her harder and faster until he had to grab her hips to keep up his tempo. He couldn’t last, not at this tempo, nor did he want to. He needed this orgasm and so did she.Margo held their daughter and somehow kept their lips mashed together despite George’s fucking. She worked with her daughter, anticipating how George liked to start slow and pick up the pace. In a way, it felt like George was fucking her, too.Meanwhile, Jena felt impaled on a spit as she tongued her Mom while Dad fucked her from behind. She expressed every thrill Dad gave her in her kiss. Nothing in her young life could have prepared her for this moment of being trapped between the two people how would always love her best.George couldn’t last. He reached the limit of his endurance within minutes after he started. Jena’s pussy felt too good. Knowing it was Jena felt too good. All of it worked against the idea of stamina and restraint. He buried his aching cock deep inside his daughter, held her ass against his shaved crotch, and exploded inside of her as a funny thought crossed his mind. While he had no proof of it being true, he had always claimed to know the moment Margo had conceived. In that moment of conception, she had been bent over much like her daughter was now. In a strange way, George felt as if they had come full circle.Spent, George and his family share the couch and sipped drinks as Helen and Brad fucked again. They went at it passionately, sharing lots of deep kisses until they both found the pinnacle of their joy. Hugging each other, they were lost to the world as they professed their undying love for each other. Afterward, the five of them visited for as long as it took to finish drinks.”Thank you for letting us share tonight with you,” Helen said, embracing Jena, Margo, and George in turn as if the three of them were a receiving line at a wedding. “You have a beautiful family.””You’re the luckiest man on Earth,” Brad said, kissing both the women and shaking George’s hand. “Let us know if you want to party again.”The suite felt empty and quiet without their guests. Mom policed up the drink glasses, rinsing them out in the sink and stacking them to dry while Jena sat on a couch curled up in her Dad’s arms. She yawned before excusing herself. “I’m such a lightweight. Drinking always makes me tired.””You’re good,” Dad said, idly caressing his daughter’s chest. “It’s been a busy day.””Can I sleep with you guys?” Jena asked.”As long as we’re really sleeping,” Mom said, looking spent.After turning off the rest of the lights, they filed into the bedroom. Jena curled up next to her Dad, who curled up next to his wife. “I love you guys,” Jena said before sleep overcame her.”Thank you,” George softly told his wife.”For what?””For everything, but most of all, for being you.”She kissed the back of his hand before returning it to her breast. “I love you,” she said, pressing her butt against him and falling asleep. The day has been the most perfect she had ever known.While waiting for sleep to overtake him, George wondered if his life could be more perfect. This would never turn into the same situation they had experienced with Karen. Jena could never threaten their marriage or take away from the love he felt towards his wife, she could only add to it. He felt surrounded by the love of his little family as sleep finally found him, too.