Taking Pictures

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I won’t tell you how it started but I’ll tell you some of what I did to my step-daughter. It was already so nasty before she asked me “What do you want to see?” I leered at that until she about blushed. We were at Spaghetti Works, on the patio, and she was wearing that short brown dress and no panties. Every so often she’d whistle like a bird and raise up her skirt so I could examine her shaved pussy, more and more wet. It was nice with the people and the salad bar and the pigeons that swooped in to eat anything dropped.

“I think I want you to get in touch with Lamont,” I said and went back to my cottage cheese.

“What? You want me to fuck him again?” she asked with a funny look on her face. She’d dated him, briefly, in college as her lone conquest at black dick.

“No, I want to watch you fuck him,” I told her. “I want to take pictures of his big cock in your ass.”

“I wouldn’t let him do that,” she said and browsed her lettuce with ranch and bacon bits.

“Well, we’ll see,” I suggested.

“No, I won’t do it,” she said and stirred her salad. “Jesus, his cock is huge. Why don’t you fuck me in the ass while I suck him off? Wouldn’t that be enough?”

“Maybe, baby,” I laughed.

She looked at me with a smirk and knocked my napkin onto the ground and whistled like a bird.

When I reached down to pick it up I got a full look under the table of her fingering herself underneath her skirt. I stopped, pretending to be stupid, and watched.

“Or you could fuck me in the ass while he fucked my pussy? No balls touching, right?” she smiled after I sat back up at the table and she bit at her lower lip. She was trying not to cum there in front of everyone. Not yet, anyway.

A few days later and “What the hell?” was what Lamont said after we explained our proposition at the bar in the Ameristar. She didn’t tell him I would be tagging along on their reunion and had looked at me sour until she told him what we wanted.

His gaze drifted off to one of the many sports on the televisions and I squeezed her hand and wanted to grope under her short black dress. I knew she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Come on,” I told him. “You messaged her that you missed her pussy. Do it. Fuck it. Abuse it until she screams like an alley cat.”

He looked at me straight in the eyes. Lamont was blacker than Nigeria and at least six foot three. He shaved his head even though he didn’t need to and dressed for the date like a man who knew what he was doing. He looked like he wanted to be in control and instead found himself just confused.

“You want me to fuck her? While you watch? While you fuck her too? Is that right?” Lamont asked.

“That’s exactly right,” she said and took a sip of her gin and tonic.

Lamont picked and finished his bourbon while watching the two of us.

“Yeah, alright. Let’s do this,” he said and leaned back, just looking at her.

“You know we want to take pictures, right?” she asked and finished off her drink with a slurp through her straw. “He wants your cock in my ass but that’s not going to happen, Lamont. Not ever. Other things though…”

“My face? I don’t want my face in those pictures,” he said, suddenly half-sober.

“Not your face, silly,” she said and leaned forward to show him the promise of her cleavage. “Your giant cock.”

I laughed at that and Lamont looked at me like I was crazy.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, that’s okay.”

“The biggest black cock ever,” she said greedily soon enough and sucked the head of Lamont’s cock into her mouth while she wrapped both her hands around his shaft. It had taken another round of gin and tonics to get him to follow us back up to our room and there we were.

“Good, god damn,” Lamont said and leaned back with his arms behind his head as she really went to town. I snapped photograph after photograph of her jacking his shaft and sucking down the head of his cock. That was about all she could fit in her mouth with her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. The kid had a giant cock, that was for sure.

“You like?” she asked and popped his cock out of her mouth. “I’m so fucking wet. Get behind me and take pictures of how wet my pussy is. I’m just dripping. Fucking do it.”

With that she went back to bobbing back down on Lamont’s giant cock as I moved around behind her. She stuck her ass up in the air for me and I could see a line of her juice running down the inside of one of her thighs.

I used the close-up setting to get what I wanted before I leaned down to suck out her sweet nectar That’s when I laid the camera down. Then I spread her ass cheeks apart with my fingers and her pussy with my thumbs before I leaned in to start kissing the insides of the back her thighs. She liked that and started to moan in appreciation as her bursa escort ass squirmed up in the air while I moved my lips closer to that sensitive stretch of skin between her pussy and asshole.

“What,” Lamont said in a brief moment of clarity as he opened his eyes and looked what I was doing to her while she kept sucking the head of his big black cock and jerking him off with both hands. “Man, don’t you know she’s-“

“Shut up,” she said and popped the head of his cock out of her mouth. “Shut up. I like it dirty. Don’t you?”

With that she kept pumping his cock while kissing and licking his balls and then sucking them into her mouth. Lamont’s whole body jerked like lightning when she did that. I started to worry she was going to make him cum too fast. Then again, he was only 22 and shouldn’t have a problem going two or even three times.

After she started to suck on his balls I moved to kiss her pussy lips, letting my tongue dart out on occasion to taste her. She was so wet and pungent I just about came.

“Fuck,” she said finally and sat up. Lamont sat up to like he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t. I licked her juices off my lips, smiled, and picked the camera back up.

“Yes, now smile,” I told her and took pictures of her from the waist up with the nipples of her big tits all hard and pink jewels and her mouth all puffy and hot from sucking cock. Her hair was all in disarray but this time she didn’t care for once. The look in her eyes was the best of all.

“Are you ready?” she asked and reached out with one hand to lightly pet Lamont’s still very erect, and extremely large, black cock.

“Oh yeah. Fuck, yeah,” he said with about the same look in his eyes. “C’mon. Right now.”

I moved off to one side and took picture after picture as she laid on her back and spread her legs apart for him. Digital cameras were wonderful and I took all real high definition as he started to slide his giant black cock into her wet and willing white pussy. That way, later, I could zoom-in and crop his cock entering her and the changing look on her face. And that was fucking hot, don’t you think?

It took several thrusts and grunts before he got most of that big black cock inside her as she writhed about and groaned and clawed at the bed. He finally took hold of her ankles to hold her legs spread and high. Her breasts bounced in appreciation of every thrust until she grabbed them both and started to pinch her own nipples. Still, Lamont’s pumping ass kept getting in the way of what I really wanted to see.

“I don’t want pictures of your black ass,” I finally said kindly. “How about you get off her and fuck her from behind?”

“Yeah, oh yeah,” she panted in a shaky and excited voice. She kept pinching her nipples and looked at me with all the lust in the world.

Lamont looked at us both and then moved around her, petting her and fondling her the entire time like she was a bunny. His cock was still hard and shiny from her.

“Hey, first grab his cock, hold it up next to your head, and smile,” I told her and she complied, wickedly, while Lamont would have turned red at such filth if he wouldn’t have been so black.

“Come on, now,” she told him then and moved onto her hands and knees with her ass back in the air. “Put it back in there and fuck me more. This way you can pull my hair too, yeah?”

He roughly spread her thighs further apart and started slapping his giant cock on her pussy and asshole. She closed her eyes and gasped every time his cock hit the right place. My photographs would be the best ever, I thought, as he finally said “Yeah” and sank his cock back into her sweet honey hole. At first she lowered her head to the bed gasping as he grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her harder than before.

“Fuck, that’s too big,” she said and then she looked up to give me and my camera the dirtiest look ever as she bit her lip. “Why don’t you let me suck on your cock and balls for awhile while he fucks me. Wouldn’t you like that?”

I would and moved in front of her. It was almost the best with her like that on her knees and elbows, her mouth slobbering all over my cock and balls with Lamont’s giant black cock slamming into her from behind. I snapped photo after photo of her sucking my cock while the look in her eyes changed every time Lamont filled her back up with every thrust. The best ones were when he slammed his cock back into her and her eyes bulged the same way her lips did around my cock.

“Fuck. Oh fuck,” Lamont said and started to shake. “I’m going to cum.”

“Do it, Lamont. Fill her up,” I told him while she started sucking on my cock harder and faster.

“Yeah. Oh Yeah,” the black kid cried out and unloaded inside of her. That picture of her eyes was one of the best. She moaned while bursa escort bayan Lamont jerked and shook and she never let her mouth off my cock. I didn’t want to cum yet and had to push myself away.

“Now that is fucking hot,” I told them both.

“Fuck yeah,” she said and rolled over on her back to spread her legs to show me. “You see how much I’m filled up?”

Her pussy oozed with his cum and I stood back up on my knees to take pictures of her smiling as she reached down to spread her pussy. Then she giggled, scooped up the cum leaking out of her and sucked it off her fingers.

“I need another drink,” Lamont said, looking at us again like we were crazy.

“A drink?” she smiled and spread her legs wider. “Dig right in.”

I laughed as she went back to scooping his cum out of her pussy and sucking it off her fingers.

“That’s not what I meant,” Lamont said abruptly and made his way to the bathroom. He shut the door and we looked at one another.

“I think we freaked him out,” I suggested and went back to taking pictures of what she was doing. There was a blush on her cheeks and excitement in her eyes as his cum dripped down her chin.

“I think so too,” she agreed with a sigh and laid back on the bed, leaving her legs open for anything. “I’m not sure he’ll stick around for round two.”

“We could steal his clothes and just leave while he’s in the bathroom?” I suggested and used the zoom lens to get close-ups of her filled pussy.

“Here,” she said and reached down with both hands to spread her lips apart. “Better?”

“Oh yes,” I said, snapping away. “How many times did you cum?”

“Fuck, three hard. Two little. He can fuck.”

“More than once though?” I leered.

“Jeez, what more do you need to see?”

“You know,” I suggested.

“Nope. Not going to happen. Not with him. With you? While he watches? You think he’d grab his clothes and run out?”

“I don’t know,” I said and sat down on the bed next to her. “I guess we’ll find out if he ever comes out of the bathroom.”

“Fuck, I don’t even want to touch near my clit,” she said. “Damn, that man can fuck. You think he’ll watch if I let you fuck my ass? If I started out sucking his dick again? Would you like that?”

I reached over to stroke her clit and make her jump.

“You know what I like,” was what I said and she smiled at that.

When Lamont finally came out of the bathroom he looked down, all dejected, with his abnormally large black cock swinging between his legs like a pendulum.

“Oh, come on, Lamont,” she said, closed her legs, and patted the bed next to her. “Sit down and tell me what’s wrong.”

Instead he sat down across from her in one of the cheap chairs the motel provided its guests. He looked her naked body up and down and struggled with what he wanted to say.

“It’s just, well…I don’t know. It seems wrong. All wrong.”

“Does this seem wrong?” she asked as she eased her way off the bed and onto her knees in front of him, cradling her tits in her hands and looking up at him with her brown eyes.

“I just,” he started.

“Does this seem wrong?” she interrupted, and leaned down to kiss and then suck at his balls, one at a time.

Lamont leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes, and shut up. I picked the camera back up and surreptitiously crept off to one side so I could get the best angle of his balls in her mouth. I hadn’t cum yet, didn’t want to yet, and watched her suck that black man’s balls into her mouth as she reached up with both hands to start to jerk him off.

It didn’t take long at all for her to get his giant black cock back at full mast and I loved the way her eyes and mouth bulged as she tried to fit as much of him into her mouth as she could. She used her left hand to jerk off his shaft with her right fondling and playing with his balls. It wouldn’t take long to make him cum again.

“Can you even wait?” I said and moved myself behind her. She stuck her ass up in the air even higher while I looked for that tube of lubricant we’d brought along. Soon I was stroking and probing her asshole with one hand and jerking myself off with the other.

“God damn, yes,” she gasped, briefly taking her mouth of Lamont’s cock. Then she went back to bobbing and making noises as I let two fingers slide into her ass up the the first knuckle.

“I’m going to fuck her ass now, Lamont,” I said and smiled at the black kid. He looked at me half-dazed as I moved to put the head of my cock up against her button of an asshole and prepared to fuck her raw.

That seemed the wrong thing to say, that I was going to fuck her tight little ass, because Lamont’s eyes opened wide as his hips shoved that giant black cock further into her mouth.

“Fuck, oh my fuck,” he said.

“No, escort bursa not yet,” she said and took her mouth off his giant black cock and her hands away from his shaft and balls. “I don’t want you to cum yet. I’m not done with you.”

I took her interruption as a sign and slid most of the length of my cock up into her ass. She jerked and bent her head down with a low moan. I grabbed her hips, pulled my cock half-out of her ass, and then slammed it in again harder. She moaned all the louder while Lamont watched and groped to stroke his own giant dick.

“Do you want to take pictures of me fucking her ass, Lamont? Is that what you want to see?” I asked.

I think he could have but sure looked unsure while he continued to stroke his half-hard cock with one hand while I fucked her ass good and proper.

“Do you want to, Lamont? Take picture of me fucking her ass? It is so tight,” I said and slammed my cock into her again. I like how she grunted like an animal. That made it all worth it.

It was easy to see how much the poor kid was conflicted by the sight in front of him. She was moaning good and steady by then every time I slammed my cock into her.

“Fuck,” she said in between moans. “Take pictures or play with my clit. Do it.”

That snapped him out of his indecision as he reached for the camera with one hand and tried to slide his other down between her thighs. His giant black dick bobbed around the whole while but she was too busy getting fucked to pay attention.

None of Lamont’s pictures would be useful, I knew that. They’d be all blurry while he snapped with one hand and stroked his giant black dick with the other. Maybe some of her face in ecstasy with my dick in her ass would come through clear. I could hope.

“Go on and suck on his cock some more, honey,” I said with my hands on her hips and my cock sliding in and out of her asshole, all tight and hot.

She was like a dazed person as she reached out to grab onto Lamont’s dick with both hands and guide its head towards her mouth.

“Oh, God,” Lamont grunted as she found it and used our camera to take picture after picture of her mouth wrapped around his pole.

“That’s right,” I said, stopping my cock half way in her ass and trying not to cum. “Can you make him cum before I cum in your ass? Can you?”

Of course she could and used to her tongue on the head of Lamont’s giant black cock and then his shaft down to his big black balls.

“Fuck,” Lamont almost shouted when she sucked both his balls into her hot mouth and he forgot all about taking pictures.

I held my cock half in and half out of her ass, trying not to cum before he did. Her asshole was so tight and hot it was hard though. So hard to watch her go back to bobbing up and down on Lamont’s big black cock until his hips jerked up and down.

“Yeah, suck it all in so I can cum in your ass,” I said and gave her right ass cheek a good smack. I knew she could do it.

She knew what she was doing when she started to rock her hips side to side with my cock half in her ass.

“God damn it,” I said, knowing I was going to cum too fast.

She agreed with grunts and bobbed up and down on Lamont’s big black cock like it was a lollipop.

“Fuck me,” Lamont groaned and continued to buck his hips like he was getting shot full of electricity.

“Damn it,” I said again and slammed my cock back into her ass to fill it full of cum. I couldn’t help myself anymore.

“Fuck,” Lamont said as her tongue finally let loose the last he’d been holding. He grabbed for the back of her head while I slammed my cock one last time into her asshole to squeeze me hard enough to extract the last of my semen.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” he went on as he came in her mouth. He picked up the camera again and hopefully got some decent photos of her hungry eyes as she sucked down his cum with my cock buried in her ass.

After that Lamont grabbed his clothes and left, like he was suddenly all embarrassed about what he’d taken part in. That seemed fine as I had his big black cock violating two of her holes in at least 70 or 80 good photographs. A few of them he’d even taken and those looking down at her brown eyes with his black cock in her mouth made were the hottest. That zoom feature seemed a wonder in the digital age and I switched back and forth between his cock in her pussy and her face while she was in the bathroom.

When she came out she snuggled up next to me in the hotel bed and reached down to play with my cock and balls until I got half hard again.

“Lamont’s cock is just too big,” she finally said. “Next time can we do this with a woman?

“Is that what you want? You like licking pussy?” I asked and raised myself up on my knees.

“Yes,” she said as she slowed working my cock started to drift off to sleep.

“Good,” I said, my heart pounding, as I posed her in different ways to take more pictures. She didn’t even snore at all until I put her on her belly to get some shots from behind.