Teen Bride-Lesbian

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Teen Bride-LesbianThis is a work of fiction. Any character portrayed living or dead is purelycoincidental.Read full story here: http://iup.ro/s/4388Sara had just come home from a rough day at school. Her boyfriend of onemonth Jake dumped her for Linda the cheerleader. “Hello.” Sara said. Whenthere was no answer she walked the house. She found no one there. Saraforgot about her cell phone took it out of her back pack and check formessages. There was a voice mail. “Hello sweetie.” Sara knew the voicewas her mothers. “I had to rush to the hospital this afternoon.” Sara wasconcerned. I’m over at General Willis.” Sara felt bad that was her momwas there.Sara called her mom’s cell. “Hello.” The voice on the other end said.”How are you mom?” “Okay. “Would you like me to shoot over to theoffice?” Sara’s mom was quiet for a minute. “Okay, and give Cassidy thismessage.” Sara’s mom gave her the information. Sara walked over to theoffice. It was a good three mile hike.Sara opened the office doors and in the lobby was a security guard. Helooked big and mean. Sara knew him right away. “Teddy.” The guard smiledwhen he saw Sara. “Honey, give me a hug.” Sara and Teddy hugged. “I needto see the boss lady.” Teddy smiled. “She’s out right now.” Sarafrowned. “She’s home.” Sara looked at Teddy. He wrote down her homeaddress. “Small favor.” Sara looked at him. “Don’t tell her I gave youthe address.” Sara nodded and left.After walking a good several more minutes Sara came to the house. It was amodern house. “I thought she would live in a mansion.” Sara thought toherself. She knocked on the door wondering if a butler would answer.Instead Cassidy answered. “Sara, hi.” Sara smiled. “Please come in.”Sara was looking at how beautiful Cassidy was. Cassidy was a good 5’ft10in. Also C.E.O. of her own corporation at the age of 24. “Did you havedinner yet?”Sara didn’t answer right away. Sara was looking at her. Her black hairwith purple stripe in front. Her 34d breasts, she felt herself gettingwet. “Sara.” Cassidy said. Sara was looking at the clothes Cassidy hadon. Black leather pants knee high boots, a red blouse. Cassidy got awater bottle and squirted Sara. “Sara for the last 5 minutes you stoodstaring at me.” “I’m sorry Cassidy.” Sara then took the note and handedit to Cassidy. Cassidy read the note made a few calls then walked back toSara. “Tell your mom everything is taking care of.” “Now did you havedinner yet?” “No.” “Well come on and we’ll grab something.” Sara leftwith Cassidy.”Are you making something here?” Cassidy smiled. “Nope.” bahis siteleri “Meeting mygirlfriend tonight for dinner.” “She’s a nurse at the hospital where yourmom is.” Cassidy pulled in front of an Italian restaurant. They walkedin; at a booth was Cassidy’s friend. “Sara this is my friend Vicky.””Please to meet you Sara.” Sara shook Vicky’s hand. “Nice to meet you.”She replied. Sara looked at the girls. “Do you guys ever have boyproblems?”Vicky and Cassidy looked at each other. Vicky then spoke. “Sara we’re notinto boys.” “See honey, we’re lesbians.” Cassidy replied. Sara lookedembarrassed. “Honey we know about relationships.” Cassidy continued. Sarastarted talking again. “My ex-boyfriend dumped me today for acheerleader.” The girls looked at Sara. “Honey you’re in high schoolright?” Vicky asked. Sara nodded yes. “You’ll get over this. I promise.””But we talked about getting married and k**s.” Cassidy cut her off.”Sara listen you are way too young for that talk.” “Besides have youthought about dating other boys?” she asked. Sara nodded no. “How old areyou?” Vicky asked? “16.” Just then Sara’s cell went off. It was hermom. “Hi mom.” Sara was quiet for a minute. “I’m with Cassidy right now.”Sara handed her cell over to Cassidy.Vicky excused herself and got up to go to the ladies room. Sara noticedshe also was wearing black leather pants, black heels a blue top. In herheels she seemed to be 6ft 1in. She also had nice light brown hair.Cassidy handed the cell phone back to Sara. “Hi mom.” Sara was quiet.”…Okay.” then hung up her phone. Vicky came back to the table. Thegirls placed their orders. After a few minutes their food came out. “Areyou two dating?” Cassidy and Vicky smiled. “Yes.” They said in unison.After a minute Vicky asked Sara a question. “Are you on any sports teams?”Sara said no. “I’m in the chess club, book club and home economics.”After a few minutes, Sara excused herself and got up. Cassidy and Vickynoticed that Sara was wearing a pink blouse, tan Lycra skirt, blue nylonsand silver flats shoes. She was also around 5ft 4in.Sara came back and finished eating. When the check came, Vicky paid thebill. Sara shook Vicky’s hand again saying how nice it was to meet her.Vicky and Cassidy talked in private for a minute, as Sara was in Cassidy’scar. Cassidy walked over to the driver’s seat of her car and got in.”Would you like to spend the night at my house?” Sara smiled at theinvitation. “Yeah but I have to go home and do my homework.” Cassidylooked at her for a minute. “Tell you what I’ll do.” Sara looked canlı bahis atCassidy. “I’ll run you home to get your stuff, bring you to my house andyou can do your homework there.”Sara ran into her house got two changes of clothes and her backpack. Sarathen ran down to the car. “Cassidy, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortableearlier.” Cassidy laughed. “You’re good sweetie.” Sara was happy.Cassidy pulled into her driveway and both girls got out. Cassidy unlockedthe front door, and showed Sara where to put her stuff and told her to usethe dining room table to do her homework. Sara started her homework andhad it finished in no time. She went upstairs and hit the bathroom. Shewas about to take a shower before she heard a knock on the bathroom door.”Sorry to bother you honey, I have a question for you?” Sara looked intoCassidy’s eyes and noticed they’re green. “Would you like to play a game?”Sara was curious about the question. “What kind of game?” Cassidy walkedover to her closet and pulled out a wedding dress. “Put this on. ” Cassidypurred in her ear. Cassidy noticed that Sara’s breasts were a 33c. Sarawas soon dressed as a bride. Complete with white nylons and gloves.Cassidy then produced some white heels. Sara put them on. Cassidy andSara then walked down into the dining room. Standing in there was Vicky.”You look so beautiful.” Vicky said. Sara was confused. Cassidy andVicky took pictures of Sara. Just then both girls walked out. Two minuteslater both girls had strapons around their pants. “Sara I noticed that youwere staring at us.” Cassidy said. “Have you ever sucked a cock before?”Vicky asked.”No.” Sara was quiet for a second. “But I did watch a porno with myex-boyfriend.” The girls looked on as Sara spoke some more. “It seemed hewas getting excited about it.” Sara stopped herself. As she looked at thegirls in front of her. “But I did watch what the girl did.” Sara then puther hands under her wedding dress slipped her panties off. Once she gotthem off she walked in front of Vicky and Cassidy and began to suck theirstrapons. She started with Vicky’s while jerking Cassidy’s. Then sheswitched. Vicky and Cassidy kissed some while unbuttoning their blouses.”Sara, so you know, these shoot.” Cassidy said.Cassidy and Vicky stopped kissing and broke away. Cassidy started jerkingher strap-on. Vicky then broke away and began to jerk her strap-on. Sarasauntered over to the couch as the girls followed. When they got to thecouch the strapons started shooting. They really made a mess of poorSara’s face and body. She didn’t güvenilir bahis seem to care. Vicky and Cassidy alsoshot each other with cum. Cassidy then went and lifted Sara’s weddingdress and proceeded to shoot some of the cum onto Sara’s wanting pussy.Vicky then shot some more onto Sara’s face, and in her mouth. Cassidystopped the shooting as did Vicky. They made Sara stand up as Vicky wentto lie down. Cassidy took her fingers and began to insert them into Sara’spussy.Cassidy then went and watched as Sara began to lower herself on thestrap-on. Sara slid up and down on the strap-on. Sara moaned. Cassidystood in front as Sara sucked some more on her strap on. While Sara wassucking, Cassidy took a hand full of cum and smeared it in Sara’s hair.After a while Sara got off Vicky’s strap-on and bent over. Cassidy liftedthe dress and began to insert her strap-on into Sara’s ass. Vicky removedher strap-on and stood in front of Sara. After a while Cassidy stoppedpounding Sara’s ass. She then removed her strap-on. Sara was having somuch fun she wondered what was next.Cassidy made Sara kneel in front of Vicky. Vicky then went and slid herpants down exposing her pussy. Vicky moaned as Sara dug her tongue deepinto her pussy. Cassidy was next to Vicky kissing her and sucking on herright breast. Cassidy then took her tongue and licked Vicky’s erectnipple. Sara then turned her attention to Cassidy. She slid her pants downthen began to eat her pussy out. Cassidy moaned. Sara soon went andstarted to go back and forth.The both girls climaxed and shot there juices over Sara’s face. Saralicked it up. Vicky then got Sara to stand up. Took her over to thedining room table laid her down. Soon Vicky was looking into Sara’s grayeyes and then began to eat her pussy. Cassidy went and started to massageSara’s breasts through the dress. She undid the top of the dress and beganto suck on Sara’s breasts. Sara moaned loudly. Sara bucked while tryingnot to cum. After a few minutes she shot her load. Sara and the girlstook everything off and went upstairs.They jumped in the shower together and while washing each other they alsowent and kissed some more. Later Sara was in the middle of the bed withher new lovers. “Who taught you to eat pussy?” Cassidy asked. “Told you,watched a porno with my ex-boyfriend.” Vicky and Cassidy laughed. Thegirls drifted off to sleep.The next two years flew for Sara. She was sad that her mom died before shegraduated high school. But very happy that she had two wonderfulgirlfriends and lovers. She saw her ex, Jake who first tried to hook backup with her. She refused saying she was happy in a new relationship.Sara, Cassidy, and Vicky planned to get married once Sara graduates fromHigh School.Sara told the girls that she loved them.