Teenage God

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“Are you sure?” I said to Ann.“Well, kind of.  I mean, we’ve been dating for a few months.  We’ve made out, you’ve let me touch your penis and I’ve let you slip your finger in my pussy.  Don’t you think we should go all the way?” Ann responded.It was true, Ann and I had been dating and exploring each other’s bodies, but we hadn’t crossed the line of full-blown sex yet.It was the perfect opportunity too.  My parents had gone out for the weekend and I had the house to myself.We were both teens, I had just turned sixteen and she was just about to turn seventeen.  We kocaeli escort bayan weren’t in “love”, but we did love playing with each other’s bodies.Sitting on my waterbed, we started making out.  My hands explored her torso, searching for the hem of her shirt so I could let my hands roam across her bare flesh.  Her hands were doing the same.Eventually, when both of us had our hands in the other’s shirts, we broke the kiss to pull our shirts off.  I was now faced with a challenge I had never encountered before, the dreaded bra hook.I wish I could say that kocaeli sınırsız escort I was graceful with it, but in my hormone-induced teenage boy state, I was not graceful.  I was successful though.  I remember the sight so well, Ann’s perky breasts bouncing out of her bra.  The areola highlighted the perfection of her pert nipples.I wanted to kiss those nipples, suck on them, nibble at them.  I didn’t this time, but I remember wanting to.  They were fascinating and made my cock grow even harder.  It’s amazing that I still izmit anal yapan escort find a woman’s breasts just as enthralling now as I did when I saw bare breasts for the first time.As our bare chests pressed against each other, our hands had to find other regions to explore.  My hands dipped into the back of Ann’s pants, my hands cupping her tight teenage bottom.Eventually, our frustrations got the better of both of us and I took my pants off as she slid out of hers.Sitting there in just my boxers and her in her silken panties, our eyes soaking in the image of the other almost nude, I reached for the thin fabric that remained covering her mound.I had felt Ann’s pussy before, but this was to be the first time I had ever seen it.  I pulled her panties off, my face mere inches from the golden pubic hair that I had run my fingers through before.