Tell Laura – Chapter 23

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TommyI don’t know what had come over me. All I was going to do was ask if Laura how long she would be. When I saw her leaning over the sink in just her knickers, something clicked in my head; taking me back to the conversation we were having before the furniture was delivered. That seemed like an age ago now. Even then it had just been my intent to wind Laura up a little, but she just seemed to hand all control to me. Then the penny dropped and the stress ball I was fiddling with flew across the room.“Fucking bastard!” I shouted. “Laura, get in here, now!”Next thing Laura scampered in, still in just her knickers. She stopped in front of me and when I looked up, she was standing with her head bowed. The same as this morning, except not holding the hairbrush this time.“Sit,” I said, standing and pointing to the bed.“How often did your ex hit you?”“Twice, you saw one and the night mum and dad died.”“He never hit you before, not even spanking you?”Laura screwed up her face and looked at me, then down at her feet, “Look at me, while we’re talking. I told you there is no shame, but I think I understand something.”She looked up at me and answered quietly, “When he shared me, he would spank me and encourage his friends to as well.”“Did this make it easier?”“Yes.”“Why?”“I don’t know, I just found if I was spanked, I let myself go.”“Did you have to be spanked or would you comply to strict instructions?”“Ha! If you call strict instructions; him yelling at me and making me do things or twisting my head so I felt guilty every time I said no to him. Then, yes. But it was never like you just called me then.”I sat on the bed, with my back against the headboard and told Laura to join me. Instead of sitting next to me, she pushed my legs apart and sat back against me and pulled my arms around her.“What happened in the bathroom?” When her chin went down, I lifted and whispered, “No, shame.”“I’m not sure. Well, I know what happened. Fuck! It was a pretty decent orgasm, especially considering the amount of fondling. But what was going on in my head, I’m not sure.“I do know I felt absolutely safe, I knew that I could stop at any time, even when you had me pinned with your body. I trusted that you, I knew you wouldn’t…” she paused, seemingly lost for words.“Hurt you?” I asked“No, that’s not it. You wouldn’t do something that wasn’t what I needed or wanted. I was prepared for you to hurt me. I thought when you smacked my bum it would hurt.”She turned and knelt looking at me, “I think I was hoping you would smack my bum. But the most important thing for me was to let you look after me. Not always, I’m not thinking that now, not wanting to be a kept woman, so to speak. In that moment, I wanted you to look after me. To know what my needs were and fulfil them. Does that make sense?”I nodded, then opened my arms for a hug and she half fell, half lay against me. “Your head was still in that place when I called you wasn’t it?”“What makes you think that?”“The way you came running in. Other times, you would have told me to wait or even to piss off for speaking to you like that.”“So, what are you thinking?”When I paused, she pushed, “Come on, communication is the key to a successful relationship. I told you my thoughts.”I laughed a little, “That’s where the confusion is. I think you have a little bit of a submissive streak. But it’s not your whole personality. When it’s tapped it appears to be quite the potent sexual force in you, but you need to be in that headspace. You’re also not a complete submissive. Outside of the space, you’re capable of directing and şişli escort bayan leading. I’ve heard stories of CEOs of massive companies going home at weekends and spending their entire time submitting to their partners, almost like handing over all stress and worries for a time.“I think that cunt tapped into it too, but rather than nurture it, he abused you. Where the patterns of your ‘entertaining’ always the same?”“Yes, alcohol, dancing, he would, then his friend would, and it would vary from there sometimes both, sometimes alternate, often sending me to bed with them.”“Guilt trips in with the alcohol?”“Yes.”“I wonder if the guilt trips were part of a longer plan or just him trying to get you fully compliant to the extent of pushing us all away.”Laura snorted, “If someone said about you having a three or four-year game plane like that, I could believe it. He was not only not patient enough, that’s why he hated every visit of yours. All the time he was trying to draw tighter around me, but when you came up again, I just shed part of him like an old overcoat.”“Have you read the fable of the sun and the wind?”“No.”“Look it up. Not only patient enough?”“He wasn’t intelligent enough. Oh, he was clever, but he didn’t have the emotional intelligence that you have. When he did what he did I complied out of fear, what would the repercussion be? When you did that in the bathroom, I almost didn’t comply out of fear.”She smiled at my reaction.“In that instant, I was scared for us, for our relationship. Then when I looked in your eyes, all my fears dissolved, shit! Hold that thought. Anyway, you always knew what was best and we are back to where we started. I knew I was safe letting you lead, this time. Back in a sec.”Laura got up and went into the bathroom, I could hear some noise from her room and then she returned. She opened the drawer in the bedside table and put some items in there and then turned to me with her phone.“I want you to listen to the lyrics of this song, I think it was written for us, about me. I think most of her songs touch on us in one way or other.” LauraI held him in my arms while we listened to ‘Push’ by Sarah McLaughlin, feeling his tears spilling onto my chest. It sent my mind back to what I had thought about his reaction to me telling him to kiss my bum. I don’t think he was submissive, but he was comfortable with me, without judgement or question. I was like a safe zone for him; we were for each other. It made me wonder about this whole submissive thing, I think he was right about me, yet having dominated me in the bathroom, he was now giving himself over to my protection.When it finished, he sat up a looked at me, “Fuck!”“Please,” I thought. What I said was, “I know. If you carry on listening, the next track is you.”He saw it coming and gathered me to him; holding me tight as the dam burst and I sobbed. While I did, the next track started.“Why couldn’t I see it, Tommy? Why couldn’t I see you were my answer?”“Is it a Chinese proverb, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear?”“But you were always there.”“And when you were ready, you saw me as the teacher. That part of me appeared to you. We are struggling like fuck with this whole situation. Mum and dad, wank-in-law, us and that is when we seemed to have naturally moved to each other. Can you imagine how either of us would have reacted before? All that was the fire and flames that softened and shaped us into what we are now. Are we the finished product? I doubt it. I do know that I will always love and protect you, as you will me.”I turned şişli escort bayan my face to look at him and he lowered his to meet me, kissing me. Our tongues touched as our lips did, they didn’t dance around each other or push and probe, they just touched as we kissed. I could feel his smile spread as we did and was sure he would feel mine. At that moment, the world just melted away. Nothing else existed, no laws of nature or man, it was only us. I lay back and pulled him on top of me. There was still only a gentle love in our kiss, no real hard passion. I knew we were going no further tonight. Even so, I ran my fingers down his back, over his naked bum, cupping his cheeks and pulling him closer.When the kiss finished, he lifted himself away from me, apparently with just the muscles in his back, and he put both his hands around my face. We were still not there; I could see the turmoil in his eyes, a reflection of the fears and concerns I had earlier. I could see his unflinching, unconditional love. The love he had always had for me. The love that that shithead I had married made me lock away and hide from the world.“Hold me again Tommy, like you did the first night you brought me home. Like you have every night since then.”As I turned, he twisted away from me, I guessed to turn out the lights. I pushed my knickers down and dropped them off my foot out of the bed. He noticed as soon as he cuddled up to me.“Where’d they go?” he asked, patting my bum again.I reached behind and patted his hip, my arms weren’t long enough to reach his bum, “Same place as yours. The same underwear we wore on my first night.”It was inevitable really and I knew a part of my subconscious had been planning it. I woke up with his morning gift, pressing against my leg.“Tommy,” I whispered, “Tommy.”There was no response, so I reached into the bedside table and retrieved one of the items I had put there the night before. I tucked it under my pillow, then wiggled my bum back against Tommy. I had been careful not to let his gift stop pressing against me. Otherwise, it would have taken all sorts of manoeuvring to accidentally get it where I wanted. I lifted my leg a little and twisted my hips.“Ooh,” I let out a little moan as I felt him slap against my pussy.I was biting my lip as I closed my legs and moved down the bed a little. When he was hard against me, I pushed back again. Feeling him push along my pussy again, the heat from his cock warming me. I was where I knew I should be. He still had an arm around me. I intertwined my fingers with his and lifted it onto my tit. This is how we should sleep. I moved my head back over my pillow until I could feel his breath and then I relaxed and went back to sleep.It was a lie, I kidded myself that I was going back to sleep. I did try, but it felt like my body was awake and ready to go. I reached between my legs and held him against me as I started to move back and forth. I moved my fingers along the underside of his cock, making sure the pressure was under where my pussy was. It had not occurred to me the feeling this would give him. This was a selfish act and I knew it. I was using him again; he had not complained before or tried to stop me. He even said he might not worry about it happening again. Well dear brother, it was happening.I did try to bite my lip, but it was no good, I let out a couple of moans. I put my other hand on my free tit and started to play with the nipple, pulling it, twisting it. Feeling the pleasure run to my pussy as both my nipples were tweaked. I continued to grind, harder mecidiyeköy escort now, I needed something in me. I slid all the way forward and stopped, reaching under the pillow, I pulled out my little friend and started to run him along my pussy, twisting him, smiling when I felt he had bumped into Tommy. The tweaking on my nipples was getting more intense, fingers twirling around and around, before gripping and pulling, twisting before letting go. Then starting to claw across my tits, not painfully, like a hard scratch, less than living with an exposed underwire.When I felt he was ready, I lifted a leg over Tommy, careful to keep my hips forward, but then accidents do happen. I hesitated. Then quickly, with an audible, “Oh, fuck!” I slid him into me. As I started to move him in an out of me, I took hold of Tommy’s shaft and stroked slowly back and forth. Then the penny dropped, I had both hands between my legs working both the dildo and Tommy, but both my tits were also being played with. I slowly turned my head and was kissed on the side of my neck.“Morning beautiful.”“Oh god!” Was my only response.I’ve never had an orgasm start in my neck before, but it was like his kiss triggered a wave that ran down over my tits and was focused by my belly as all my stomach muscles tensed and quivered, the full force of the wave crashing over my pussy. I thrust backwards with my hips, my back curving out and my head going back over Tommy’s shoulder. He kissed my throat, the realisation I had exposed myself to him triggered a second orgasm.“You’re not getting away with being the only one,” he whispered to me and rolled me onto my front.As I lay there, still slowly moving the dildo in and out, I raised my hips to allow the movement. I didn’t look back, Tommy was going to do what he needed and it was what I needed too. He pulled my cheeks apart and then I heard him spit and felt his hand running back and forth along my bum.“Take that out,” I did.He pushed my legs apart and lifted me onto all fours and started to rub his cock against my pussy, from one direction then the next.“Put it back in,” I was in a bit of a daze. I dropped the dildo and started to grope for his cock. He took hold of my hand, put the dildo back in it and guided me back into myself.“Have you ever had both holes filled at once?”“No,” I gasped, “no one’s been there.”“Hmmm,” was all I heard.Tommy pulled my cheeks apart again and then I felt the pressure on my bum. I tried to relax and felt him slide over the top. He let go of my cheeks and started to slide back and forth. He put a hand on my back, holding me steady then his other hand took hold of mine, helping me work the dildo at the same pace as him. After several minutes of this, my legs were giving in and shaking. Tommy started to move faster, my legs gave way, he dropped with me finding his pace again, then he stiffened. As he did, he pushed my hand in as far as it would go. I clenched my legs holding his, my pussy held my dildo in place and my bum clenched around him as he came. He grunted and I felt his heat hit my back.“Fuck!” was all he said. I smiled too but kept my smart arsed comment to myself.Then he surprised me, he lay on my back, he was not worried about his cum. His arms curled underneath mine, hugging me as best he could. He kissed my shoulder and sniffed.“Thank you, Tommy.” I reached over and put my hand on his head.“You okay?” He asked.“Never better. You?”“Yes. Yes, the best I’ve been for a long, long time. Now I’m going to get up, don’t move.”He pushed the covers back and got up. He went into the bathroom and returned with a flannel and washed my back. Another first, even my best boyfriend had left me to get cleaned up by myself. The ex-toe-rag was more likely to push me out of the bed to do it.“Bloody messy business this isn’t it?” He laughed.