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Letting out a long sigh, Katherine glanced down at her phone as she waited for Mark to call her. He said he would, and yet he hadn’t. It made her slightly worried, and almost because she wanted to attempt something with him. Phone sex. Being away from your loved one was hard, especially for Katherine who was separated from her husband for the past three months because their jobs demanded it. It would be another two months before she could see him as they were on practically opposite sides of the country. Financial was the main reason for them having to take jobs in two different towns to survive, but as soon as Mark was to get the promotion he was due, Katherine should be able to move back home with her husband. Her fingertips lightly traced her bare thighs as another long sigh escaped her lips. Her eyes were fluttered shut as she trailed her other hand down the front of the nightdress she wore. The lack of intimacy and sex was the hardest part of the time apart. Despite whatever she told herself, it was hard for her to go so long without the touch of a man. Katherine was still young. Only twenty seven years old and even though her job was tough, she was getting along fine. It was easy to stay alone for her job, but to provide for both Mark and her needs, it was slightly harder. They were thinking of starting a family together but wanted to be in a better financial state before that happened. For now, she was still constantly taking her birth control even though the lack of sex meant it wasn’t entirely necessary. It has become a habit more than anything. After all, it started at a time when her sex life was at a high and they both couldn’t take their hands off one another. Katherine bahis siteleri had an athletic build, weighing 55kg. She was 5 ft 7 in and her most noticeable features were her big brown eyes and her curly brown hair. Her measurements were 33-23-33, showcasing that she took good care of her physical attributes. Her breasts were too large, at a modest 33C for her figure and another thing noticeable about her was her long tanned legs whenever she wore a skirt or a dress. Her looks easily attracted attention from most males she passed that tried to seduce her, including her boss. Her will however, remained strong as she was committed to her husband, brushing aside their advances. The temptation to wander was there despite the brunette’s will to remain loyal. After all, the longer she stayed away from her husband, the harder it seemed to fight the attractions she felt to some of the men putting their charms on her. She would start to wear more revealing outfits, showing a hint more cleavage and wearing shorter dresses and skirts or tighter form fitting pants. It somehow brought her even more attention, and she bathed in the glow of it. Sometimes it was her one thing to look forward to since she rarely got attention from her husband being so far away. A thump against the board from the opposite room brought Katherine back to her senses. The sound followed a groan and then a loud moan, which caused the brunette to press her fingertips to a temple as a frown creased along her forehead. It was her roommate and her boyfriend getting it on once more. As they did almost every night since she was there. Which didn’t help with the lack of sex her life consisted of. Realising she needed a drink, canlı bahis siteleri Katherine got out of bed and headed straight for the kitchen. On her way back, she heard another long moan escape through the half open bedroom door of her roommate, Mary. Unable to stop her curiosity getting the better of her, the brunette paused at the open door to watch Mary’s legs parted, with Tony, her boyfriend, burying his face between her legs. As she orgasmed hard, Katherine felt a tingle shoot through her which only intensified when she saw Tony look up. His eyes immediately came in contact with her, and it caused Katherine to gasp at the intensity with which he looked at her. He slowly raised from between Mary’s legs, where she seemed to be half asleep from the intense orgasm that she had just experienced. Standing near the edge of the bed, his proud erection stood in front of him, hard and hot; the brunette found her whiskey coloured hues focusing straight in that direction. Her lips remained parted and as he moved towards the door slowly, Katherine found her strength to move and rushed back to her room. She closed the door shut and pressed her face into her hand, shivering with the sudden rush of desire that swam through her body. A sudden need to talk to her husband washed over her as Katherine moved to pick up her phone. Dialing her husband, she kept muttering under her breath for him to pick up and let out a long groan when it went to voicemail. “Mark.” Her voice was low, just above a whisper but it carried across the room in the death of night. “I need you. It’s been so long. Baby, I need you.” Her voice was a pleading whisper, as she fought back the tears of frustration canlı bahis that threatened to overwhelm her. Placing the phone to the side, her brows furrowed together as she made the decision to head across town to meet her husband this weekend. It couldn’t wait any longer and the need that rose in her was reaching an unbearable limit for her own resistance. Closing her eyes shut tight, Katherine leaned against the drawing table for support as the image of Tony’s powerful cock drew itself into a picture in her head. She shook her head slowly, wanting to get rid of it and tried to think of Mark’s erection instead, but it was nothing compared to how magnificent Tony’s was. It wasn’t too thick and it was long enough, without being overly large that it would scare a woman. Instead of a woman desired for the perfect dick, considering the length, girth, curve, Tony’s would be every woman’s desire. A knock on the door broke through her thoughts as Katherine whirled around when the door pushed open quietly. There stood Tony, still in the buff as he stepped into the room. The light glow of her reading lamp planted a silhouette around him that made him broad frame look even more impressive than it already was. “What..? Tony. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have looked.” She blurted out the words, trying hard not to look at his massive erection bobbing in front of him as he closed the distance between them. “I heard you speaking with your husband, Katherine. I know what you need and I can provide it.” He stated simply, his voice just above a whisper but it carried through the room towards her easily. His words caused a shiver to ripple through her, straight down her breasts, causing her nipples to harden instantly and down between her legs, where a pulse shot through to the rest of her body, tingling her senses. “Tony… I can’t. I am married and..” Her voice trailed off as he stood before her, his chest almost brushing against hers.