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TENNIS WEEKMy name is Marc, I don’t really know where or how to start this but since I’m sworn to secrecy not being allowed to tell any of my friends, this is about my only option to tell someone about this.I am 16, still in High school, my mom’s name is Cindy. My mom was, at least in her day anyway probably pretty hot. Shes still not bad to look at and definately is “larger” in the chest than her three friends. And yes by god my first sexual experience involved them as well.Summer vacation 2010. Mom surprised me with the news that we were going on vacation for a whole week over summer break. This surprised the hell out of me since money has always been so tight with only her income. I’ve never really had a dad, or even an explanation as to why I didn’t have one, but why no one ever told me about my dad will become self evident later on.Anyway mom tells me shortly after schools been let out that we are actually going on vacation for a whole week. Then the reality begins to set in, My mom is going on a tennis weekend vacation with her old friends from school. I am tagging along with no one my own age there, and the “women” want me to cut firewood and haul crap around for them. For this “honor” I get to be called the man of the house, or camp or whatever. But supposedly there is a lake nearby the tennis courts that I can at least try to go fishing at. Because of my age I don’t need a license, last year for that. And if I’m careful enough, I may be able to sneak some of their alcohol, except that they drink wine, not beer. GOD this week in the woods stands a good chance of sucking really badly.Well the grand day arrived and since we were so broke, Moms friend Karen pulled up and picked us up in her Jeep CJ. Don’t get me wrong, its a cool vehicle and hers is nice. But 3 people and their camping gear in a CJ is pretty tight fitting. My god I did not mind, my mom right away made me sit in the back because Karen was wearing thin shorts and some type of top that blew in the breeze and made it obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Even better, Karen had already stored some of her stuff in the seat behind her so that mom couldn’t make me sit behind her. I sat behind mom and did my best to look down the sleeve of Karen’s shirt at her bare boob the whole trip. Now I have tried to look down the tops of women for as long as I can remember and I never got the chances like I did with her. It seemed like the two of them were just engrossed in conversation but Karen, bless her, just kept moving her arms and lifting her hand to gesture giving me an almost perfect view point. I noticed a few times my mom taking Karen’s hand in gesture and talking to her while bringing her hand down to obstruct my view.Karen’s nipples are slightly pinkish to purple in color, no brown to them at all. Beautiful areola , slightly larger than quarter size and her nips stick out proud and hard when the top is down on the CJ. This is turning out to be the best vacation ever. I don’t care if they use me as a damn pack mule. If Moms friends are showing off their tits I am gonna volunteer for anything they ask for.Well we got to the rented cabin and Moms other friends were already there and life just got much better. Lizzy “Elizabeth” and Michelle were both bra less. I could see that mom both noticed this and also tried to “not notice” this. While simultaniously trying to check me out to see if I was noticing this. Oh god this is going to be a whole week long, I see no bras on the women and I am already reading my mom ahead of her. I made a note of trying to think of anything I could say or do to convince my mom that I am not getting a total hard on for her friends. Which I already had to hide getting out of the jeep. No simple task since I seem to have inherited something from my unknown father that has made that area larger than most.Lizzy and Michelle were already into their wine supply and were feeling out Mom and Karen to see how much they had brought up. Sensing this to be a good time to put myself in all the girls good graces I decided to look for firewood, knowing that a fire and wine went well with women. Mom couldn’t say no to firewood, the others giggled and wiggled at the idea and I brought back two stumps that other people had left behind because they were the kind of things that would burn for 3 days. I took an axe to the edges that I could knock off so they’d fit in the large central fireplace and allow me to build a fire around them and use them to keep the fire going for days. This kept me busy till dark and after bringing the last of my two main prizes in and an assortment of what it would take to get them going I noticed that we were several hours into this week long vacation and the only bra in use was my moms.I also noticed that “looks” were being thrown my way. The kind of looks that make you think that there’s some sort of conspiracy in place, and you are part of it. All these bra-less women were kind of winking at me and it seemed like a good thing. They asked, well Michelle, LIzzy and Karen mostly. If I was tired after cutting all that wood. My god looking at all those tits wobbling and bobbing at me,even a faint hint at the color of their nipples screaming out at me to guess what it was. From what I could gather, the three women wanted me out of the room, but at the same time they wanted me, I don’t know. Somehow involved. I took the hint and announced I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed.Mom jumped in on this, they all fussed for a few minutes over finding me a “good” spot to sleep where they wouldn’t bother me. What surprised me was their conversation during this. It was almost like they didn’t really want me to take the bunk the farthest away from the noise. Somehow, my being a guy translated to. I might need to pee in the night and run outside so they wanted me closer to the middle of the cabin. It was too little info to work on and too few bunks to make a difference. Two were off to a side with a half wall separating them off so it was decided that Mom and I would take the “secluded” section. Since we were together. Whatever ladies, you are leading at this point while I am pretending to sleep while eaves dropping since it seems like something is up.It didn’t take them long to dig into moms wine stash. Naturally I was peeking over the railing and this is where it got really interesting. I got busted twice for peeking. Once by Michelle who when mom wasn’t looking waived at me to back off. And once by Karen who was moms “closest” friend, the one who drove us up here, and she did the same damn thing!!Both of them waived me back so mom wouldn’t see me listening in on them. I laid back completely out of view and listened while taking it in. The conversation had worked its way across the room. It was almost as if all three women were trying to keep Moms back to me. I had to guess that all three were in on something but whatever it was I had no idea. Except that all three of them were bra-less for the whole damn day and I already loved them for that. So I was starting to think that whatever any of those three suggested, I had better do it no questions asked. Hard as hell to do but this was turning into something potentially spectacular!. Not only that but I had noticed that the ladies had been filling moms wine glass without asking.The conversation was boring, and I didn’t want to miss anything or be spotted again so I just laid there. Then I tried it from my bed. I found that the sound bounced off the ceiling almost perfectly and as long as the fans weren’t running I could hear reasonably well. While pretending to be asleep. I heard a few “what are you” but couldn’t make out the rest then a “whatever” from mom but that was about it. Then about a half hour later Michelle came up stairs. Quietly, I never heard her coming. Her head popped up out of nowhere and before I could pretend I was asleep she was putting her finger to her mouth with the “shusshh” motion. AND she was in nothing but bra and panties, where the hell the bra came from I dont’ know because she certainly wasn’t wearing one earlier. She motioned for me to follow her while staying quiet. Which I did, from the dark of where we came from I almost couldn’t see what I wanted but I briefly got a glimpse of her nipples through her bra and the fact that she only had a narrow strip of pubes under her panties. My god this was incredible, I had a grown women leading me back downstairs, obviously in secret with her nipples and pussy hair clearly visible through her sheer garments! The tiptoe walk down the stairs was equally incredible. Her ass was perfectly outlined and I could clearly see the crack between her cheeks. There was a nice wobble to her cheeks too. I think I was just too nervous about what all was going on to get a hard on at the time.Michelle led me to the edge of the kitchenette area and motioned for me to stand just around the corner from the conversation. Michelle then stood at the corner giving me a much better view of her ass and I saw her make an almost imperceivable nod to Lizzy who was talking to Mom. Lizzy was also in bra and panties but I couldn’t see much of her through Michelle. Lizzy made the statement “so you’ve actually seen it?” and mom replied, sounding a bit more than tipsy. Well not directly but god it is magnificent. Then it was “Cindy I am not judging you, hell I don’t think güvenilir bahis any of us our, that is so hot. You want to do it with him don’t you”Holy crap, they were talking about me, and the idea of my mom getting it on with me! this was incredible I had no idea what to do next so naturally I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Mom didn’t really deny it either. She said “Oh god no I couldn’t, I just couldn’t Lizzy went on with “look this is all hot as hell, we all want to see this. What if we make it happen in a way that is totally not your fault. Mom started moving around, in order to prevent her from seeing me Lizzy grabbed her hands and started talking while Michelle started pushing me back towards the stairs. Lizzy was saying “we’ve heard things too and the only way we can do anything is if you do it first. That got moms attention, and mine!. Mom was saying What? and Lizzy said its a deal then. I stopped walking, mom stopped moving. Mom said “what deal, there’s no deal” Lizzy started up again a little louder so I could hear and Michelle was pushing me up the stairs. Lizzy said, here’s the deal, we get you to get him off and that leads to the next step. Mom said “get him off? that’s the same thing!!” Lizzy continued, the next step doesn’t even necessarily mean “the whole thing” just the next step. This way it can stop if it has to.That was all I heard as Michelle got me up the stairs, pushed me towards my bed and doubled back down before mom could notice she was gone.Mom never came to bed that night, she must have slept on the couch. I was awake with no idea what to do When I heard mom up and talking to them, mom went outside. I don’t know if it was to throw up from all the drinking or just to get some time away but they were all in the living room when mom walked out the front door. I walked downstairs hoping that one of them would fill me in but no such luck. I was too nervous to just walk in on them so I made some noise and then got into the bathroom to take a shower. I wasn’t in the bathroom long when I heard foot steps coming up to the bathroom door. I had just finished getting naked and for whatever reason my cock wasn’t even standing at attention. It was kinda shriveled and shrunk. I’m no slouch in that area, when its hard its a good 8″ but shrunken as it was no one could tell. I didn’t know what was gonna happen next but I could hear whispers of “no you”so real quick I grabbed my cock and pulled on it. Not hard but at least it let down and hung out enough that if anyone walked in they could see that it was a good size. No sooner then I pulled my hand away then the door opens. Michelle was standing in front, she obviously opened the door but there were two other heads behind her and Michelle was saying “Cindy I” and then they all just froze like the proverbial deer in the headlights look. Not one of them was making eye contact with me. They were all staring at my cock. Now I got it, they wanted a look! well I gave it to them all right. I said, I think I heard mom walk outside, I paused giving them a good look. Michelle’s legs started twitching like she was trying to move but couldn’t. So then I said “well?” with that all 3 bolted leaving the door open. Karen came back real quick and said “sorry” and closed the door. I took my shower while reminding myself that tomorrow I was gonna have to make good and sure that I was hard as a rock when getting ready for my shower. Not gonna be a problem at all that’s for damn sure with the way these ladies were acting.When I came out of the shower mom was back. All the women except mom were back to being bra less. Mom had some tee shirt pulled over the bra and panties she had been wearing the night before. The other three were wearing long tee shirts, two of them had panty lines in their shirts but from what I could tell Michelle was going commando under her shirt. Mom was clearly agitated with this and several times she started to say something but then let up.Before we even got breakfast all the sudden Michelle jumped up and said hey Lizzy and I are gonna go check out the courts, you guys catch up. Lizzy looked at her with this what the hell do you mean look on her face but went along with it. I knew something was up with this but mom missed the look and jumped at the chance to get two of the trouble makers out of the way. Michelle said I have some granola bars we can eat. We’ll call you on your cell if anythings up. Karen, moms friend with the Jeep said “good luck with that, this cabin is in the middle of a dead zone, you have to drive for at least 10 minutes to get a signal from here. Right after that the two women disappeared upstairs and came back down with tennis outfits on and mom got that look on her face again. These must have been the same tennis outfits that they wore in high school or maybe college. Tight as hell on them, white blouses with sports bras underneath and the skirt portions were barely big enough to cover their butt cheeks. My god today was going to be a beautiful day.After breakfast Karen announced we’ve got to get dressed for the courts, then stared at mom saying “you promised, this is our tennis week” Mom just hung her head and agreed with her. Shortly after that Mom and Karen were dressed just like the other two and I realized that I had to get dressed. My thinking was a bit clouded at the time with knowing what was going on. So like a normal stupid teenager I decided to go sans underwear. I wore a long t shirt, only because it was on the top of my bag and a pair of cutoff sweat pants with tennis shoes. Thank god I remembered the can of bug spray and out we went.I tried sitting behind mom again so I could ogle her friend but mom would have none of it. She made me sit behind Karen so I couldn’t look down her top. So I ogled mom instead since they were dressed the same. It was about a 20 minute ride to the tennis courts because we had to take the back roads to get there for some reason. Riding on some bumpy two track in places and roads that looked more like logging trails then roadway, but with a jeep that is kinda cool, even if it is from the back seat. Moms tits were hardly moving due to the sports bra but they had to have more movement than any of the other three since hers were so much bigger. It was a nice trip, even though mom realized shortly after takeoff that I was able to stare at her tits now instead of Karen’s. Her face turned red every time we hit a good bump making her boobs jump.We got to the tennis courts and everything was overgrown. Apparently the tennis courts wer part of a summer camp thing and the place had gone under. No one was around but the courts them self were still usable. The mini van was parked not far from the courts but it looked like they pulled too far off the road. Maybe it used to be a parking spot before but not so much now. The women were on the court when we walked up and they were laughing. They were saying “good thing we brought a man up, we’re stuck over there” Mom immediately said hey there’s 4 of us and Marc, we can push you out. Immediately all the other women said “no way, I’m not bending over wearing this so a 16 year old can look up my dress”, Its too buried for just him to push it out. Mom seemed to relax with that statement, maybe her friends weren’t going to be so bad today after all. I just didn’t see how it clicked but I just knew that something had to be up.They played their game of tennis making me be the ump, I know nothing about tennis and never really caught on. I was too busy watching them run, bend over, swing and grunt. They really put more into their game than they needed to so Moms 3 friends all worked up a sweat. God it was a sexy sight, looking up their dresses, down their tops. Their sweat making their whites almost sheer. Part way through Karen and Lizzy complained that I could only see the came from Moms point of view since I was over there so they had me come to their side of the court even though I never once caught on if someone was making a foul or an out or anything. Once over on the other side I could swear that Karen and Lizzy started bending over more, crouching more and showing more ass then they were before. Mom started getting red in the face again as I think she was realizing that something really was up.This must have affected her concentration because she really played like crap before they all broke up the game.Now it got difficult, the women were sweaty, even mom. I could see the outline of the color of moms nipples through her top which she realized so she kept her racket up covering as best she could. The other 3 seemed to be proudly showing off their nips to me and enjoying moms glare. I had other problems, my cock was rock hard and had nothing to restrain it. I could let it tent pole out which would have been impossibly embarrassing. Tried to tuck it to the side which would end up back in the tent pole position. Or tuck it under the waste band of my sweat pants, leaving the entire head exposed above my shorts almost up to my navel. I had to go for the latter since I could tie my shorts tighter and cover it with the long tee shirt. Thank god for the long tee shirt or I was doomed. Now we got heading back to the cars and I offered to look at the van but the others giggled and said no, you’re not dressed much better than we are. Christ, they noticed. I got real quiet bahis firmaları and went over and sat in the back of the jeep.Life just became good again. All 4 women walked up and mom was getting worried. She was saying, “we cant all fit” oh my god, she was right. The others were blowing it off saying the rides not that far, none of us are dressed right to push the van out and if anyone stays behind they’ll be eaten alive by mosquitos. My door was still standing open and Michelle was not standing next to me. I grabbed the can of bug spray and Michelle quickly leaned over and slapped it out of my hand and nodded towards it. I kicked it under the front seat.Karen just started saying, someone is gonna have to sit on Marc’s lap. Mom countered quickly with “NO” and simultainsly Michelle and Lizzy both said “ok I will then” rather cheerily. Mom jumped towards my door saying “no you are not sitting on my sons lap dressed like that when,,” then she stopped talking. She must have been referring to my raging hard on. Mom gave me a dirty look and said “you’d best behave” then climbed in while the others were looking like they wanted to high five each other. Mom scooted towards the front of my legs to avoid my cock, well tried to. The back seat of a CJ does not leave the room for that kind of luxury. Her knees had to be splayed wide open so much that she couldnt’tshut the door. She groaned and harrumped and scooted back and shut the door and we were off.My dick was now rock hard and sitting like that it was jammed up against my belly above my navel. There is no way in hell that mom could not have felt it, it would have been like sitting on a wooden stick. Lizzy was the front seat passenger and Michelle sat next to us grinning from ear to ear. I had to lean back and over some just to keep moms ass from snapping my cock in half. There wasn’t room to lean towards the door so I leaned towards Michelle. Mom immediately objected to this and I had no choice but to say “I have no choice, your about to break something” all the women giggled but mom. She just stopped talking. Karen seemed to be driving slower than normal and mom asked why. Karen giggled and said “I don’t want you to break something” the 3 women laughed and mom clenched her butt cheeks together. I am certain that she did that as an admonisment but it had the opposite effect. Here I am in a carload of sweaty women with their nipples sticking out as the breeze is cooling their sweat. I have a nice firm ass on my rod and shes gripping my shaft by flexing her ass cheeks.I started trying to think of broken glass or anything to avoid what was appearing as inevitable then I remembered last night. Oh my god, this was their plan all along. They all wanted my mom to get me off. That put a whole new spin on this, now realizing that the other women wanted to have me shoot all over moms ass made me both excited as hell and nervous as hell. This was it, I was supposed to come all over mom and she was trying to avoid it. Now the pull string on my shorts started cutting into my cock and it was hurting like it was about to tear the skin. I twisted to try to alleviate it and mom immediately said “stop it” I had to tell her and everyone heard, “the cord of my shorts is cutting into me, its gonna rip skin”Mom gave a exasperated harumph and leaned forward grabbing the seat rest to give me room to adjust. I pulled up my shirt to access the cord. My cock had about 3” sticking out from moms shifting my shorts down, I yanked and tugged at the cord finally loosening it enough to give room. I then looked over at Michelle who had her eyes glued on my cock, her face was all red and she was smiling and looked totally fascinated. I pulled my shirt back over said ok and mom sat down. Mom was mortified and just looked out the window. Michelle looked at Lizzy in the front and mouthed out the word “huge” making a gesture with her hands. Lizzy giggledWe did not end up making it back to the cabin in time. Mom got mad at Lizzys giggle and wiggled her as down on me. The effect that it had this time was to pull my shorts down further rubbing right on the most sensitive part of my cock, I groaned, it was time and there was nothing I could do. They all heard it. Mom shouted “NO” and reached around with her right hand, pulled my shirt up. Michelle leaned over to get a better look, I leaned back. At least 4″ of my cock was sticking out and mom wrapped her hand around most of the head. It is thick enough that she couldn’t really wrap her hand around the whole thing. She pushed and pulled on it, I am guessing as a way to make me stop but while the palm of her hand was right over my piss hole I let go. Mom shrieked and leaned forward now freeing my cock. My next shot hit the damn roof of the jeep. Karen slowed the jeep so she could watch, both she and Michelle let out appreciative gasps of “wow” and “oh my” with their mouths literally hanging open. Mom now said “no you are not” and grabbed my cock pointing it towards the door. I hit the door with my next shot, pointed high enough to hit the window, she then covered it with her hand again taking the rest of it all over her palm and fingers.Karen stopped the jeep, mom jumped out and ran into the woods and Michelle called to her “I’ll help clean up” I heard mom say “no” but it didnt matter. My eyes were starting to roll back into my head as I slumped back and Michelle quietly called “cleanup in aisle 2” the front two passengers were looking back at me as Michelle pulled my shirt up. My cock was still rock hard and instead of cleaning me Michelle wrapped her hand around it and started jacking me off while asking for kleenex. Karen said I don’t have any but dug into her sports bag and pulled out a sexy looking bra, the one she wore last night and handed it to Michelle. Michelle kept jacking me off with her right hand while wiping the car down with the sexy bra with the other. She murmered to me, you better hurry if you want to finish again before your mom comes back. This was too much, I started getting ready to come but heard mom coming back. Lizzy got out to talk to mom buying a little more time. I could tell that mom was trying to get around Lizzy and I started shooting off again. Michelle wrapped Karens bra around my cock to take the next load which I pumped into her cup. While this was going on she looked at Karen and started talking like I wasn’t even there saying. My god its fucking huge and hard as a rock still. He hasn’t gone down a bit since shooting off twice!! I was still leaking a little cum out when mom got back and Michelle tossed Karen’s bra onto the floor by her feet.Mom got back in and sat back on my now less hard cock after I pulled my shorts back up, looked at the floor and said “you,, just” then she looked out the window. We got back to the cabin and mom bolted from the jeep before it stopped moving. The women all turned towards me and said “you were great” just lay low for a while while we sort this out. I cut more fire wood getting the better size logs from further away to make sure the stumps that I got would get going. While I did that Karen took mom to town for a wine run, they pooled their money and were off. Lizzy and Michelle came to me and said we’ve got a plan. You know what is going on from last night. I just nodded my head. We both really want to do something with you but we need you as horny tonight as you were today so we’re not going to. Hang in there Marc, tonight is going to be one for the history books. I looked at them and Michelle said. Marc we’ve all been friends since high school. We all made promises together about the one day that something like this could happen. I asked what, they pointed to my crotch and said. The one day that any of us came across a guy with a “big one” honest to god it even came up in conversation about the possibility of one of our k**s being the one. None of us thought it would happen but your mom was right there in on it with the rest of us egging it on back then and promising that any big cock would do. We’re working on a plan so whatever we come up with, just go along with it. Hey that makes it easy.Mom and Karen came back with boxes and boxes of wine. Mom never looked me in the eye and avoided me all day. The other women all kinda nodded to me encouraging me to just let it ride for the time being. It wasn’t until after dinner when I got a good fire going that they all confronted mom and sat her down. Mom wouldn’t look at anyone. Michelle, who now seemed to be playing the part of the ringleader said hey what happened today happened today. Its not going to change a thing between us OK? Mom looked up, and Michelle now smiled and said well almost nothing, a deals a deal right? Moms mouth just opened but nothing came out. Michelle said here’s the deal. We finish this tonight, we’re gonna play a game of truth or dare. The kind of game that we talked about playing back when we were in high school. Its no holds barred truth or dare, we start at 11 and we finish at 12. And just to be fair you get to start. The rules are simple, the person asking the questions gets to keep asking until someone takes the dare instead of telling the truth. Who ever takes the next dare gets to ask the next question. Moms only statement was “we finish this tonight?” all three nodded and mom didn’t say anything more. She went and opened a box of wine canlı bahis siteleri and poured herself a glass. Lizzy piped in with, getting drunk and passing out won’t cut it, we will do things with you if that happens. Mom kinda froze for a second but then went back to walking towards a chair without saying a word. I tended the fire, the women drank their wine, I don’t remember even taking a breath before 11. Before 11 the conversation arose as to what everyone should wear to the game. I suggested their tennis outfits since that was what started this, mom shook her head no but was quickly out voted. I made sure I had underwear on below my jeans for this event, anything to help control my raging hard on.11 o’clock came, the other three nodded to me and they formed a circle. Mom looked resigned and joined the circle. Michelle nodded to mom and said “you first” Mom looked at Lizzy and said truth or dare, when did you lose your virginity or, she paused, then said or take off your top. Oh my god. Lizzy looked desperate for a bit then her face brightened. She said “I was 12, I wanted to see what a cock looked like so I asked my brother. He was 14, he got me alone and showed me, but by the time we stopped, he’d done it in me. Moms face was like stone, the other women grinned, I knew something was up with that.11:05pm, Mom looks at Michelle, “what is the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, besides today, or, remove your top” Michelle, grinned, thought for a minute and said. “when I was 16 my brother was looking in to joining the military. My parents did all they could to stop him but it looked like he was going to go. Mom came to me and asked if I would try to keep him from enlisting. She said to do anything I could to keep him from joining so I did. I told him that if he didn’t join he could do anything he wanted with me all summer long over summer break. He took the deal, he fucked me every single day, a lot of times 2 and 3 times a day if we were able to get alone. Till we finally got caught, then he joined the military with my parents blessing. Mom looked even more pissed, something was definately up here, I was beginning to think that these ladies were telling my moms stories and because of the stories and me being there, mom couldn’t say anything. I just needed proof.Mom said “I cant do this, one of you is gonna have to ask” Michelle said I went last I get to ask. No one objected.11;10 pm Michelle said “Mark” before she could say any more mom jumped in and said “NO” so Michelle smiled without missing a beat. “ok then, since you cut in” Cindy, what is the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, besides today or, remove your top. Mom, looked around, thought for a second. Then removed her top. My god I was looking at her nipples right through the fabric. It was a sexy sheer bra and her big boobs were pretty well on display. Mom ignored me and turned towards Karen, the only one that hadn’t had a question yet.11:14 pm Karen, how old were you the first time you did anal? or you can remove your top.Ohhh, it looked like mom was getting pissed and trying to take it out on her friends.Karen immediately replied “no fair, I’ve never done anal so I have no choice I have to take the dare” and she took off her top. Mom just looked straight ahead.11;19pm Karen looked right at me and said, we have to play fair and include everybody. Mom looked down. Karen said “Marc what do you fantasize to when you jack off, or remove your moms skirt. I thought for a second while moms head snapped up. I realized that I would get to ask the question and have moms skirt off if I took it so I stood up. Mom snapped at me “no you will not, answer the question young man” I thought for a second, remembered their game plan. Looked down, stammered and said. “I think of my mom sometimes” I was so nervous that it made my answer seem more real than ever. Mom sucked air in, the other women smiled and relaxed. Karen smiled and said “there, see that’s not so bad”11;23 Karen looked at mom and said Cindy, have you ever had more than one man at a time, or take your skirt off. Mom just stood up and took her skirt off then sat down so quick that I couldn’t see anything, plus she closed her legs. Oh my god, shes done multiple guys and doesn’t want to talk about it. Mom just waved her hand and said. I cant ask anything right now.11;25 Karen looked at Michelle and said Michelle, have you ever cheated on your husband or, take your skirt off. Now I had come to realize that Michelle had a son that went to my school, he is in the 9th grade. Michelle looked desperate, nodded. Stood up and pulled off her skirt. Again my eyes were treated to that thin strip of pubes that she had under her sheer panties11:28 Michelle looked at me and said Marc have you ever fantasized about doing your mom anal? or take off your shirt. That was a no brainer. I took off my shirt and immediately looked at Michelle. Michelle, the dare is you take off your panties, the truth is, when this game first started mom asked Lizzy a question, her answer almost made mom snap her head off her shoulders. Can you explain Mom snapped in “NO YOU WILL NOT” I didn’t miss a beat. Fair enough mom, you stepped in, you take the truth or dare. Tell me the truth or take off your panties. Mom looked around the room with desperation. All the other ladies were grinning rather admirably. Mom stood up and looked at Lizzy who was still fully dressed, quietly said “you” then she gripped her panties and slid them down. All three women joined in saying “no hiding” you lost fair. Mom sat back down, knees slightly apart. I could see her trimmed bush but the center was still a pretty think mat of hair. And I could see her lips pouting out. Mom looked at the clock, said oh god, 11:30 and I’m already naked. I give up, just do what you are going to do and get this over with. Michelle said “you are not naked, you still have your bra on. Mom said I may as well be naked, he can see everything. Just get this over with OK?Michelle then piped up saying Ok Marc, strip down and sit here, Cindy you sit on his lap and work it in you until he goes soft and falls out. Moms head snapped around saying “WHAT?” he is 16 do know how long that will take? this game ends at midnight. I am not fucking my son for the rest of the night. Lizzy giggled and said sure thing. After you are done then we’ll take care of it till he goes soft. Mom looked at her then the rest of them angrily. You are not making my sons first time one where he swaps his mother with all her friends. Michelle laughed saying OK, then we’re back to you taking care of him until he is satisfied, and that means he does it till it goes limp.I stripped down, the 3 ladies had their eyes glued on my cock which was at its full 8″ with a rather angry looking purple head. I sat where they told me to and mom got up , walked over and started to sit. She grabbed my cock and put it at her entrance. As she started to sit I started to enter her and then it was like it got stuck a little. Like she needed more lube or something. That’s when I went off. My sperm shot up into her with more force than it had in the car. I’m sure it totally penetrated her insides. She said something like OH and sat right down. I think her knees gave out. I lodged all the way up in her still squirting. I started groaning and she murmered hes shooting. I could feel it gushing out of her and dripping onto my legs. The ladies all crowed around and mom tried to close her legs. They were grabbed and pulled open so they could watch. Lizzy said to me “feel her tits” No objection from Mom. I reached up and started massaging them through her bra. Karen said “bra off” I pulled the cups up and moms tits sloshed free dropping down. I cupped her nipples and groaned. Karen again said bra off in kind of a strangled sort of way. I reached behind and started fumbling with the clasp. I couldn’t get it. Michelle reached in and in an instant moms bra came undone. I pulled it off and mom shrugged her shoulders letting it fall. Mom made some sort of gurgling noise and started rocking a little. I looked around the room. All the women were grabbing at their own tits and starting to massage their pussies just as they were. Lizzy was fully dressed groping her tits with one hand shoved up her skirt. I leaned over to the side and looked at moms free swinging tits and groaned. A little bit longer and I started pumping more cum up into mom. As I got ready to come she must have felt something because she said “hes going to go again” We kept fucking like that for over an hour, after I came inside her for the 4th time I was starting to slow down. The other three had taken their tops and bras off and were rubbing their tits. This kept me going but it was getting to where I couldn’t do any more. They seemed to sense this and Michelle leaned over to Lizzy and started sucking one of her nipples into her mouth. That did it for me, I groaned, lurched forward and shoved mom onto her hands and knees on the floor with her big tits just swinging back and forth while I pounded her from behind. I finally unloaded for my 5 th time inside of her. I doubt much came out but that was it for me. I was spent and I knew it.We had fucked for about an hour and 15 minutes straight, my cock slipped out of moms wet hairy pussy and mom said “Oh god I did it” the way she said it made it seem more like an accomplishment that she was looking forward to rather than resignation. I just fucked the bjesus out of my mom and she seemed happy with it. We started making our way up to the bedrooms and Karen and Lizzy looked at me and quietly said “tomorrow you are ours”