the adventures of a bi sexual nudist

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the adventures of a bi sexual nudistlast week I decided id go for a short break to a holiday camp in Essex.i like this holiday camp as close by there is a nudist beach.once id arrived booked myself in,found my caravan and unpacked I decided id go for a walk to check out the beach.i packed a towel and walked the long walk to the beach.once I hit the nudist area I started to get excited,i could feel my cock stirring in my I walked I could see that grassy dunes backed the beach,i scanned the dunes for any sign of the distance I could see people standing in the dunes,there pink bodies standing out from the green heart pounded as I stopped and stripped off my trousers and tshirt.the wind was quite strong but warm and as I walked it caressed my cock and ass.As I got closer to were I saw people standing I saw a guy laying on his back naked laying on a heart skipped a beat as he watched me walk naked past him,my ass wiggling as I went.each shrub and small sand dune I passed I spied guys laying half naked or naked out of the wind.Some of the guys I passed I noticed were holding their cocks and slowly wanked them as they pretended not to notice me pass.By this time my cock was rock hard and my nipples ached with their denizli escort hardness.I found a small cut out in one of the dunes at the end of the beach and spread my towel down and layed down.i took out my drink and took a gulp as I watched a old guy walk past fully clothed staring at me.I layed on my front and used my bag as a pillow and settled down in the sun out the wind.As I lay there my cock throbbed under my weight and I couldn’t help but slowly grind it into my towel.a few more men some naked walked past now and again.i felt so horny as I spotted them ogling me as they walked past. the old man that walked past first came up behind me and I could feel his eyes on me as he stood still watching.i thrust my cock into the towel giving him a good view of my bottom as it humped the I looked up away in front of me I spotted another two guys naked and wanking as they watched me hump.the old man came closer to me and kneeled beside me.”mmmmmmmm you look great”he said.i turned looked round at him and he had the look of lust on his face.”here smell these” he said as he put a small brown bottle under my nose.” what is it?” I said.”poppers mate itll make you feel great,give a big sniff”he heart pounded diyarbakır escort as I took a big sniff . My head swam as the poppers took hold and I could feel my heart beating,i humped the towel harder and ground my nipples into the ground.the two guys watching moved closer to me and one kneeled in front of me and put his cock in my mouth.i sucked on it greedily and he gave out a moan.His friend joined the old man beside me.The old mans hands where now all over my bum and between my legs as I humped the towel harder.The naked guy next to him grabbed my hips and brought my bottom up to his cock.i could feel his cock on my bum crack as he thrust himself against me.the old man gave me more poppers then said”go on mate stick that cock in his ass,i wanna see him get fucked”.The guy in my mouth grabbed hold of my head and thrust his cock down my throat as his mates cock stretched open my little hole.He felt huge as he entered my hole and I gave out a moan on the other guys cock.another sniff of poppers was given to me and I lost control.The guy in my ass thrust harder and harder.All the time the old guy spoke dirty”thats it fuck him hard,fucking lil slut with his fuckable ass” the guy in my tight hole gave out escort bayan a load groan and pulled out of me all the time his friend held my head and fucked my mouth making me gag.I felt the hot cum splash on my bum and back as it spited out of him.the old man had stuck two fingers in my hole and rammed them back and fourth as the cum flew.i thrust my cock harder into the towel ,humping the ground.The man in my mouth thrust hard down my throat making me gag then he shot a hot load straight down my throat making me cough.he yelled out as he came and this onslaught of his cock in my throat and the old mans fingers in my ass made me cum hard into my head swam as the wave of extasy came over me.The old man stopeed fingering my hole and said”you fucking dirty slut I love guys like you”. he then pulled out his own cock from his trousers and cum all over my head and face.”mmmmm yes that was fun mate” said the old man as he put his cock away got up and walked away.The other two guys had slunked back into the dunes.i was left naked well fucked and covered in cum.i slowly got up and went for a quick dip in the sea to wash away the salty cum mess .After I walked back collected my things ,I walked the dunes back to the start of the nudist beach still naked.i slowly dressed and felt content as I thought to myself this is just day one of my three day break here.i smiled to myself and walked the sandy walk back to my caravan.if you enjoyed this true story ,please leave a comment and tell me if youd like to hear more of my adventures