The Anniversary Gift

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The Anniversary GiftIt was the first time in months that we had gone out and it felt good. I was sitting at a small cocktail with three guys we had just met. When I say we, I am referring to myself and my wife Monica. One of the guys had asked her to dance and she said that she had to go to the bathroom first. I noticed all three of the guys staring at her ass as she walked away and I couldn’t blame them. I mean she looked sizzling hot. She had turned 31 four months earlier and was having a rough time with it even though there isn’t anybody alive who wouldn’t consider her stunningly beautiful. In fact, I really don’t think I had ever seen her look more beautiful. For one thing she was dressed way sexier than I had ever seen her dress in the ten years we had been married. Tonight was our ten year anniversary, and that is why we were out celebrating. My wife had been really excited about our date tonight and had spent the whole day shopping for a new outfit and doing whatever it is that girls do at a spa. She mentioned that she had a facial and a mud bath and that for the first time in her life she had gotten her legs waxed and had laid in a tanning bed. It was something that I hope she continues to do because she was absolutely glowing. Even the way she was walking looked new to me. Just completely güvenilir bahis at ease and confident. When I noticed our new friends openly gawking at her as she walked to the bathroom, instead of feeling jealous or possessive, I felt proud. When the guys saw that I had caught them ogling her they quickly apologized to me to which I responded by saying it wasn’t a problem and that who could blame them for staring at such a beautiful woman. To which they responded with a barrage of compliments about how lucky I was and that she was by far the hottest chick in the bar. One of the guys asked me if he could dance with her also then the third guy said he wanted to dance with her too. I said sure, no problem, and was about to tell them that I wasn’t much of a dancer and they’d be doing me a favor by dancing with her but their collective attention had been diverted to something behind me. I turned around to see my wife walking towards us with the sexiest smile on her face. She really was stunning. Her face was glowing and the lights of the nightclub were reflecting off of her impossibly smooth and shiny legs. Her new tan looked amazing and I noticed she had removed her bra and not bothered to fully button the top of her new dress. She never showed this much skin in public before. The dress went down güvenilir bahis siteleri to about mid-thigh and the three open buttons up on top showed more cleavage than she had ever shown before in public. When she arrived at the table she casually said, “I guess you’ve all noticed I removed my bra.” She handed it to me and asked me if I would reach over and put it in her handbag for her then looked at me as if she were gauging my reaction. I smiled and dropped her bra into her bag and then she asked me if it upset me that she had removed her bra. I told her it didn’t and we had just been talking about how hot she was and that the other two guys also wanted to dance with her. She said, “All three just for me? Nice! But you’ll all have to dance with me at the same time because then we have to be going.” I said, “We do? How come?” She said, “Because I want to give you your anniversary present and I can’t do it here.” I asked her what it was and she said it was a surprise but she could whisper me a hint.Then she bent down and gave me a very sensual kiss before moving her mouth to my ear. At first she just exhaled her hot breath into my ear and then whispered, “I accidentally on purpose discovered all the nasty porn that you have on your computer and I love it. I have decided that I want to iddaa siteleri be just like all those slutty wives you watch getting fucked. I love you with all my heart and my heart is yours and yours alone but from now on, my three fuck holes you are going to have to share with whoever I see fit. I hope you don’t divorce me because being a divorced slut doesn’t turn me on in the way that being a cheating cock-craving slut wife does.” Then she put her tongue in my ear and put her hand on my rock hard cock and said. “When we kissed could you taste their cocks?” I was speechless. She removed her hand and I noticed she had left the panties she had been wearing in my lap. My head was spinning and I watched in disbelief as she sat on the lap of the guy who was sitting in the middle and said, “I met these guys at the spa today. When I told you that I got a facial today I actually got three. The mud bath was actually a cumbath and the tanning bed was just one of the places I got laid and I had more than just my legs waxed.” Then she smiled the sluttiest smile and spread her legs to reveal the most perfect looking pussy that I had ever seen. It looked like a perfectly smooth and shiny swollen pink peach. “I hope you like the way my cunt looks now” She said. “Because tomorrow you’ll have it all to yourself. For a while at least. But tonight these guys are going to fuck the shit out of it all night. Okay guys, let’s get this dance over with. I can’t wait to get home feel all your cocks fucking my holes in my marital bed. We’ll Be right back, honey.”