The babysitter

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The babysitterHer steel blue eyes rolled up and then closed tight. Her arms pressed against her breasts rubbing them as she moved her hands over the crotch of her pants. Gentle moans of pleasure fell from her lips with every stroke of her body.She frantically unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles where she kicked them off to the side. With one hand she yanked her tiny white panties to her knees exposing a very young mound of thin brown pubic hair. Pale white skin clearly showed through the sparse patch of hair.Her knees bent outward, stretching her panties across them, to reveal her little hole. The puffy lips of her pussy parted to show her clitoris. Bright red fingernails contrasted against the soft pink skin as they hungrily glided over her pussy.Her tiny body convulsed with each tingling pass of her hands. Unable to take the tension any longer she carefully eased her middle finger up into her virgin body. Her back arched and her legs closed tight around her wrist. Her eyes shut tight and her head fell back against the sofa. She let out a low sexy moan as her body shivered with an orgasm.Although it was exactly what I had hoped for, it still came as a surprise to me, a very pleasant surprise. It was the most exciting thing I had ever seen before in my life. I couldn’t believe I caught it all on video tape.My neighbor’s eighteen year old daughter, Lisa, has been my baby sitter for almost a year now. She is such a stunning girl. Long brown hair and big happy blue eyes. I couldn’t help but notice her small young body.It has been at least a week since I started hiding my video camera in the shelf surrounding my television. I knew she had been sifting through my collection of adult magazines when I noticed that they were out of sequence. With that knowledge I purchased some sex videos and left them by the VCR, hoping she would be curious enough to watch them. Last night she finally did.I was hypnotized by her erotic display. This had been the most exciting thing I had ever seen. I watched that tape about five times holding my cock in my hands and coming with her each time. Simply jerking myself off didn’t seem to be enough. I wanted, no, I needed to touch her. I needed to smell her. I needed to taste her. I had no choice as my lonely body told me what to do and how to do it.The next morning I called Lisa over telling her I had to leave for an “emergency” and that I needed her to watch my son for a little while. When the doorbell rang I realized how sweaty my hands were and quickly wiped them off on my pants. I was very nervous and anxious. “Thanks for coming over on such short notice. I really appreciate this.”Her sweet faint voice was pure music to my horny brain. “No problem.” She shook her head causing her long brown hair to sweep over her narrow shoulders. As if she lived here, she walked right into my home. “What’s the emergency?””It’s nothing too bad.” I stared at her round ass as she walked into the living room. “Actually, I have something I would like to show you first.” I felt cold streams of sweat run down my sides from my soaked arm pits. I motioned for her to sit as I walked to the television and turned it on. Pressing play on the VCR I turned to watch her face.Her beautiful blue eyes grew very wide as the image of her unbuttoning her pants displayed on the television. Her breathing quickened and her lower lip began to quiver, “oh god”. Her voice was nothing more then a feeble whisper. Her face turned red then pale white. She began to cry as the girl on the television pushed her finger deep into her pussy.I let the entire video play all the way to the point were she puts her clothes back on. She was stunned and mortified. Her gaze turned to stare down at the floor and her arms were wrapped tightly around her stomach. “Do you want me to show this to your parents?” I made my voice stern, sounding as if i were mad at her.Her voice cracked and shuddered, “no”. She hunched over nearly touching her face to her slender legs. For a moment I thought she was going to be sick.”Well then, I want you to stand up and look me in the eyes.” She slowly complied. “Stop crying.” Her face was no where near as pretty with her eyes puffed up and her nose red.She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at me. I was in love. She was so sweet looking. As infatuated as I was with her, my mind didn’t let me have any sympathy for her, “take off your shirt.” I just blurted it out. My heart pumped with a surge of adrenaline. I was energized beyond anything I had ever felt.Her face grew pale again as she looked around the anadolu yakası escort room with a confused and horror stricken look on her face. “What?” Her faint voice could barely make the pleading word audible.”Take off your shirt or I’ll give a copy of this to every boy I can find in the neighborhood.” I sounded mad but I knew she could see the sweat forming on my forehead and just above my lip. “Now!” I wanted to see her so bad that I had to fight myself from walking up to her and tearing her clothes off.She dropped her eyes to focus on what looked to be my feet. Her trembling hands slid up her hips and grasped the bottom of her shirt. She looked up at me for one last appeal, I didn’t waver.My heart sped up with every inch of her skin that she displayed. Slowly she lifted the shirt up her body. Her sexy belly button was so small and shallow on her flat stomach. A little higher up her body the shirt went, showing the bottom of her protruding rib cage.I clearly saw the outline of each rib as they became exposed to the open air. Goose bumps covered her belly and arms. Lisa is absolutely gorgeous. She pulled the fabric over her chest to show me a cute white bra covering her small breasts. Beads of sweat rolled down the side of my face.Dropping her shirt to the floor she crossed her arms in front of her body in embarrassment. “Now take off your bra.” Her eyes filled with tears. The streams of water cascaded down her cheeks to drip off of her chin.She raised her left arm and pushed the right strap of the bra off of her shoulder and lifted her arm up out of it. Doing the same with the other strap she pulled the bra down off of her perky young breasts. Humiliation and the open air caused her nipples to harden and point straight at me. I stared at the beautiful little pink nipples as she twisted the bra around her waist, unhooked the clasps and dropped it to the floor.She stood there with her arms to her sides knowing that I wanted to see her body. “God your beautiful.” I stared at her for a few moments and licked my dry lips. “Now your pants.” My cock was harder then I had ever felt it before. The pressure of not having sex with her was actually painful.I felt a bit sorry for her, with her eyes shut tight and tears running down her face. But all I could think about was touching her firm young body.Lisa kicked off her shoes as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down to bare her pale blue panties. I almost passed out when she bent over to push her pants to the floor. Watching her small breasts stretch and point downward while her slender back gently arched made the wet spot in my pants visible.She stood up to face me again standing in only her panties. Her tears stopped and her gaze was somewhere into space. She looked cold and angry. It was obvious by her withdrawn look that she would do whatever I ordered. “Slowly, take off your panties”. My pants were so wet that I might as well have peed in them.Lisa’s teeth clenched as she slid her thumbs down around the side straps of her panties. I had to grab my dick and squeeze it when I saw the little brown tuft of pubic hair lightly covering her pussy lips. I stared at the emerging patch of fine hair growing where her thin long legs met. My eyes traced up the lines between her deep brown tan and the extremely white skin that was protected by her bathing suite. She has very well defined hips curving delicately up into a tiny waistline.My eyes moved up her chest and to her cute little breasts. Small aureoles centered directly in the middle of her soft white mounds publicly displayed her erect young nipples. She even had a few freckles sparsely dotting her nude chest.Her face was clearly tense, lips tightly pursed and jaw obviously clenched. She stared out into space probably pretending she were somewhere else. Her blue eyes contrasted very well with her thick brown eyebrows and very long brown hair.I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. “Kneel down.” Lisa’s eyes began to tear again as she complied. I walked up to her after removing my pants and underwear. Her eyes widened at the site of my dripping hard cock pointing straight at her face. “Have you ever done this before?”She could barely speak. “Done what?””Sucked a dick.””No.” Her voice squeaked out the reply as tears poured out of her eyes.I pushed my leg between her thighs and rubbed my shin up and down her pussy. “Give me your hand.” I wrapped her fingers around my cock and then began petting her hair. “Now open your mouth.” Her eyes closed tight as she slowly opened her mouth.I carefully pendik escort pulled her head to my cock and guided it into her mouth. “Close your lips, tight” The feeling of her warm lips and soft wet tongue almost made me explode way too soon. I tipped her head back a bit and gave her one last instruction, “when I cum, you swallow.”With both my hands behind her head I gently slid my dick back and forth in her mouth. Each mild thrust brought out an uncontrollable moan from deep within my throat. Her flesh surrounding my hard penis felt so good. I pushed it in a little deeper as I approached my first orgasm.It barely took two minutes before I felt the beginnings of my highly explosive climax. I gripped the back of her head and pushed my cock deep into her mouth. She gagged as the huge flow of semen rushed out of my body and into hers. With each of my violent convulsions I pumped load after load of sperm down her tight little throat.Every time she swallowed the suction pulled more and more from me. The pleasure she gave me caused me to almost scream. Spasm after spasm emptied more semen from my body then I had ever thought possible. I came longer than it took me to reach my orgasm. “Use your tongue more. Suck on it…oh God!” I swear I climaxed a second time.When I finally finished emptying my balls down her throat I pulled my cock out of her warm mouth. She swallowed every last drop. I pointed my dick at her face. “Clean it off with your tongue.” Lisa was crying so hard that she could barely see it in front of her. She moved her tongue all over the end of it and sucked off her saliva. “God, your good at this. Are you sure this was your first time?” She didn’t answer.I stepped back and realized just how light headed I was from my blow-job so I sat down in front of her. She still looked very scared and very angry. Her chin was all puckered up and her lower lip quivered with each of her quick breaths. I was mesmerized by her rapidly rising and falling chest. “Why don’t you lay down.”I crawled up to her and moved her arms up over her head. The smell of her underarm sweat mixed with a lilac deodorant was intoxicating. Overwhelmed by the scent I pushed my face into her arm pit and started sucking and licking it. Running my tongue up her side I made my way to her right breast. It felt much better than I had imagined. Her skin smelt so good. A little sweat mixed with the distinct smell of a woman. I kissed her nipples and sucked each soft immature boob up into my mouth. She laid there paralyzed, her eyes closed. She was mine to touch and play with. I kissed down her ribs to her firm flat stomach. My tongue probed her shallow belly button. As I tongued the little hole I straddled her so that my dick was in her face and my head moved between her legs. With my face I pushed her legs apart and separated her pussy lips with my tongue.Grabbing her legs just below her butt I pushed my face into her warm opening and let my tongue fuck her. She already knew exactly what to do when I pushed the head of my dick against her mouth. Lisa took my penis in and pressed it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue.Each penetration of my tongue into her sweet unused pussy was accompanied with my dick plunging down to the back of her throat. I eased up a bit on my eager mouth fucking as she gagged on my meat. Slowing to a sensual pace i gently slid my penis over her tongue.Reaching up from between her legs i pushed my finger into her virgin hole. I was surprised by how tight it was on my thin finger and couldn’t imagine how I was going to get my cock in such a small thing. It didn’t bother me at all that she was obviously not enjoying my attempts to please her. I was enjoying my self and that’s what mattered.It took much longer for me to cum this time. At least fifteen minutes went by before I felt the unstoppable tinglings of my orgasm. The pace of me fingering and licking her pussy increased to a fevered pitch. I began to rapidly thrust my cock in and out her mouth before I tensed up to unload my sperm into her once again. My voice was muffled by her pussy, “oh my god!”As I came I pushed my cock as deep down her throat as I could. She gagged and struggled against my invasion, pushing up on my hips trying to pull it out. I didn’t pull back until my spasms were all finished emptying my balls into her. With my cock still in her mouth she gasped desperately for air. The cold caused by her sucking air over my cock added even more to the experience.Lisa coughed a few times after I pulled it out of her mouth. She sat up quickly tuzla escort and turned to face me. “Are we done? Please?” Her eyes filled with water.”Not yet. There’s one more thing we have to do.” I smirked at her and looked down to her pussy. “That cunt felt so tight on my finger that I just have to feel it around my dick.”Her eyes shut, forcing the tears to roll down her face. “Please don’t. I don’t want you to do that. Please?”For some twisted reason her begging made me want to do it even more. I walked over to the television and pulled out my video camera. “Now I have so much video of you naked that I think you should be a little less defiant.” I moved the camera up and down to get a good shot of her.”Sit up against the sofa and spread your legs.” I motioned her over as I zoomed in on her. My camera started at her face and very slowly moved down her body. I spent some time on her chest, zooming in and out, back and forth. As I made my way to her pussy I zoomed in very close. “Bend your knees so I can see your cunt better.”I must have wasted about ten minutes of video tape on that girls petite young body. With some books I grabbed from the shelf I propped the camera up on the floor. “Get on your hands and knees and face the camera.” I looked through the viewer to make sure I was taping her face and her cute little breasts.Lifting my foot up between her thighs I pushed her legs far apart to allow access to her virginity from behind. Something compelled me to slap her butt, hard, forcing a yelp from her mouth. I knelt down behind her and gave her open pussy a deep tongue massage to help lubricate it.As I moved into position I spread her pussy wide and placed the head of my cock against the narrow hole. It was so small in comparison to my rock hard dick that I almost decided not to do it. “Shit, this is going to hurt.” She tensed her whole body in anticipation of the pain.With one hand I held her lips wide open and with the other I gently slid my dick up and down over her clit. The liquid from my excited cock lubricated the opening as I slowly worked it in. With the head inside her warm pussy I decided to stuff the rest in with some considerable force.She screamed in pain as her pussy was stretched wider than it had ever been. I felt her rupture as the innocence of her virginity ripped open to let me in. With my hands on her slender hips I dug my cock deep into her body. Her hands clenched the carpet with every inch of my shaft her little hole ate. I moaned out loud at the intense mix of pain and indescribable pleasure.Instead of fear and humiliation, this time she shed tears of pain. Her sobbing and grunting enhanced my excitement. I pulled my cock almost all the way out only to pull her hips hard back over it. I was all the way in her. It was hard to believe that this skinny little girl had the capacity to take my entire cock.No words could describe the overwhelming sexual feeling of stabbing my dick into this painfully tight girls body. Lisa’s low pitched grunts motivated me to push it in as deep as I could. The cheeks of her ass jiggled slightly as my body slammed up against and into hers. I let go of any inhibitions I had about forcefully violating her.My hands slid up her sides, down around her chest and cupped her dangling breasts. No longer caring about how much pain she was in, I pinched her tender nipples hard between my index and middle fingers. Using her breasts as support I continued to brutally ram myself into her. When I was ready to empty my load I used all my will to hold back. I wanted the feeling of her pussy wrapped tight around my dick to last as long as possible. To me, Lisa’s body was like an addictive d**g. I couldn’t get enough of her. My hands moved to her shoulders and vigorously pulled her toward me. My pumping so fast and so aggressive that every pore in my body opened to spill sweat.I dropped down to sit on my legs and pulled her back by her sore, swollen nipples. As she screamed in pain I mashed my cock into her as hard and deep as I could while I convulsed with the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. As each eruption of sperm wrenched my body I crushed her tiny breasts and dug my nails into her soft delicate flesh.When I let go of her she lifted her body off of mine and dropped to the floor. She rolled on to one side and wrapped her arms around her abused chest. She didn’t look up at me or even beg me to stop hurting her. She just laid there, crying.Knowing that she was a virgin, I was surprised that there was so little blood on my cock. After putting on my clothes I ordered her to do the same. “You won’t tell anyone about this. Now I have two videos to show people if you don’t do what I tell you to.” I picked the camera off the floor and pointed it at her. “Next time we do this, maybe I’ll try to make it more fun for you.” I kissed her on the lips. “You can go home now.