The Beautician’s Need Katie’s View

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The Client:

“You ever have one of those days. It’s beautiful outside, but that somehow just does not make the day any better. That was today. My boyfriend and I got into a huge fight the other night and have not spoken. Shit, what am I saying I haven’t seen him, he could be fucking some other bitch. On top of that today the salon has been empty, which blows because no clients means no money. I do have one client coming in and he is supposed to be here shortly.”

Katie was standing alone in her shop, when her phone buzzed. As she looked at phone she noticed it was her boyfriend. He was letting her know that he was not coming home again tonight. He was vague and she was sure that he was fucking one of his groupies. She had her back to the door to her cubicle and had not noticed the door opening.

She turned and exclaimed “FUCKING PRICK!”

Katie jumped as she noticed her client standing at the door. He wasn’t bad looking, 5’10” with a bit of a dad bod going on. He has piercing blue eyes and is easy to talk to. Nothing offends him and Katie just feels comfortable around him. In fact if he wasn’t married, she would totally try to hook up with him. Who cares if he is 10 years older than her. Before she could speak she noticed a slight look in his eye, almost as he had been admiring her.

She was stunned when he simply said, “I’m Sorry!”

Katie giggled and said, “not you, my boyfriend. I thought he was going to come home and we would actually be able to fuck. I guess it is another night of using my Bob.” She figured she would spare the gory details.

Katie loved the fact that her comment did not even shock him. On second thought, she might have even noticed a hungry look in his eyes after the comment. She thought this odd since his wife was gorgeous. Seriously, if she was looking for a three way it would be with this client and his wife. She was totally hot! The wife was 5’4″ and had some dangerous ass curves. Her curly hair and excited eyes fascinated Katie. She walked over to her rack where her capes were and grabbed the cape she keeps for gentleman’s hair cuts. As she threw it over him and fastened, she looked down and noticed that the cape was tented and appeared to be moving with a heartbeat. Knowing that the client had become excited by her comment clarified what she had seen and began to turn her on.

She realised that she was staring at his crotch and commented, “someone is excited.”

What she was not ready for, even despite their frequently frank conversations was the response she received.

He pendik escort answered with, ” yeah I just had a vision of you with a dildo in your pussy, squeezing your tit and screaming in pleasure!”

Her pussy tingled and began to drip and she decided to go fish saying, “If you can give me an orgasm, I will give you 6 months of free haircuts!”

She began to freak out as he sat silently, had she crossed the line. Then he responded, “So what am I allowed to use?”

Again she felt her pussy react and she answered, “whatever you would like to.”

She admittedly was not prepared for him to say what he did. He gave her his conditions, which were that the significant others could not find out, he needed to know if she had STD’s and he stated that he did not. He mentioned that obviously a change in that status for either would would automatically alert their significant others.

Katie answered, ” No, I do not have any STD’s and I totally understand you asking and yes I agree, they can’t know.”

Without another word he stood up from her chair, locked the door to her part of the salon. He grabbed Katie’s hand and she followed him into the back room and away from the glass door. Her pussy once again dripped with pleasure and tensed when he presses into her and held her against him. She became very aware of how much her client was enjoying this when she felt his cock press into her. She knew her panties had to have a nice wet spot in them by now. She shivered as he ran his hands from her hips up her body, ending with her tits which he gently caressed. She was shocked when his hand continued up and caressed her cheek. She felt him pull her closer and he whispered her name. As she felt his tongue touch her lips she let go of her lips, which she had subconsciously bitten. She opened her mouth with the intention of licking his lips, but instead he ended up pulling her in for a kiss and they began to french kiss. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and began to suck on it and ran his hand down her body and into her pants. For the first time her wetness had been revealed to him.

When he released the kiss, she had to catch her breath. That was an action of futility as he then began to kiss her cheek and down her neck. With a swift movement he had moved her tank top and bra down and had her tit out. She sucked in sharply and shuddered as her nipple stiffend at the light pinch. She was almost convinced that he had been successful but was not going to stop him now. She shivered as he put her nipple in his mouth and gently maltepe escort ran his teeth down the nipple. He then began to alternate between the two nipples sucking, liking a gently biting each. He also began to pull her shirt over her head and released her bra with one hand. She barely realised that her bra was off as he continued to tease her breast with his lips, tongue and teeth.

She felt his thumbs loop into the waistline of her leggings. They slowly began to move down her legs. Once again that damn shiver that felt so good as she helped kick out of her leggings. She grabbed one of his hands and slid it over to her wanton pussy. It was soaking wet already and she had lady juices all on her thighs. She had not been this wet in forever. She felt his fingertips gently glide over her taut abdomen. She was all of a sudden proud of her hard work in the gym after having two kids. She felt him begin to rub her outer lips as he began to massage the outer lips of her pussy. He pinched her pussy lips together and she involuntarily moaned. She lost control of the sounds she was making as his fingers ran between the lips of her pussy. She felt him begin to rub her clit which she could tell was swollen. He moved his fingers down and rubbed his middle and ring finger at the entrance of her pussy and rested his palm on her clit. She was pleasantly surprised when he began to massage the two outer lips. No One had ever done this to her but it felt amazing! Her shiver this time was intense and almost felt like a miniature orgasm.

Katie looked down and saw her client moving his face between her legs, she noticed that he inhaled deeply at first she was terrified because she had never seen a guy do this, then she noticed that a smile of ecstasy crossed his face. He took her outer lips in his mouth and like he had been massaging them, he began to suck on them and move them between his lips. She then felt him begin to do the same with her inner lips. She was at this point in the throes of passion. In the same motion he entered her pussy with a single finger and began to stroke her G-Spot. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her clit, which he willingly sucked on while continuing to stroke her G-Spot. Katie arched her back and involuntarily began to grind her pussy against his face. She cried out as he continued to gently rub her G-Spot. She knew she was close to an orgasm as she could feel her pussy muscles tighten. Her pussy began clenching repeatedly while he licked her clean. He licked up the lady juice from her thigh and then kartal escort pulled his fingers from her and sucked them clean.

As she sat in the chair, she was panting. She exclaimed, “well I guess you get those free haircuts! Now we gotta do something about that guy!” Pointing at this erection.

She leaned forward, unzipped his pants and opened his boxers. She was shocked when his cock literally almost sprung from his pants. He was rock hard and his cock was throbbing! She took his cock into her mouth and began to suck it for all she had. She looked up at him and was touched by the moment that they shared as she stared into his icy blue eyes. As she sucked him she noticed that his eyes closed and she could tell that he was really getting into the blow job. She had a wonderful idea though and stopped sucking all of a sudden. She knew she had to hurry to pull this off. She stood up turned around and backed her pussy up to his cock as she guided his hungry cock into her hot wet pussy! She pushed all the way onto his cock until her ass pushed into his pelvis. She was pretty sure that he got the hint at this point as she felt his hands grab her hips and he began to work his cock in and out of her. Her pussy was not lasting as long as she wanted it to. She was already having another orgasm but she knew it could not be too long her him either. As her pussy started to clench down and milk his cock she started to cry just a bit. They were the tears that can only happen during sex. They were tears that were formed from such an intense orgasm. On one hand she had really enjoyed this sex and there was a slight sadness to them. She pushed the emotions away and let the orgasm start to get loud.

The next thing she paid attention to was his exclamation. “FUCK! I’m about to cum!”

She surprised herself with her answer. “Cum inside me!”

He pulled her all the way against him and she felt his cock rub the opening of her cervix. She felt the spasms of his cock and body, pushing his cock further in grinding against her cervix. She felt what seemed like 5 or six spurts of cum. She felt him spasm and shiver as he pulled out.

As they got dressed he said, “I think that covers the initial agreement.”

They returned to haircut to finish up. She was still buzzing from the orgasm and she could feel the cum leaking into her leggings. She was not sure when he would find her panties that she slipped in his pocket and hoped that it would be found by him and not his wife. She hoped he could use them either to jerk off in or to sniff as she was astounded at how wet she had gotten. At the completion of the haircut they scheduled the next months haircut. She knew one thing for certain, she was going to try to have an empty shop. Oh and maybe she would send him some occasional nude photos.