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Subject: The Benefits of Social Distancing (Gay – Incest) This story is fictional, and no character is meant to represent a person, living or dead. It depicts the fantasy of sexual contact between related minors. If this is not something that interests you and/or you are not allowed to read this because of your age or jurisdiction, please go elsewhere. I’m happy to hear intelligent feedback at hoo. Flames and e-mails with attachments will be ignored. Please make sure that you make a donation to Nifty to keep this great resource alive. The Benefits of Social Distancing “Absolutely not, Randy. I know you want to go, but I do not care.” “Mom, this is so stupid!” the 14 year old contested. “Why can’t I go?” “Are you serious?” his mom shouted. “Are you not aware of what’s going on right now? The government is shutting everything down: schools, churches, malls. This is serious!” “It’s just a stupid flu. I don’ have it, and Shae doesn’t have it either!” “How do you know that? Social distancing, Randy. That’s what we’re doing. We just need to hunker down until this is over.” “Fine, whatever,” Randy said, quickly turning around and stomping up to his room. HE slammed the door and grabbed his phone, snapping his girlfriend, Shae, that he would not be coming over. This whole thing was so dumb, he thought to him. Everybody was just overreacting to this coronavirus thing. At the end of the day, deep down he knew he just wanted to get fucked again. Feeling that tight, freshman pussy squeeze in cock in all the right ways and in all the right places. Sure, he could jack off as much as he wanted to, as he’d been doing for a few years, but it just felt so much better when he was plowing his girlfriend’s pussy. And now he was trapped in his house for the foreseeable future, with his mom, dad, and 13 year old brother, Blake. Randy was a blonde athlete with a rock solid body. Washboard abs, defined pecs, a gorgeous smile with bright white teeth, and big blue eyes. When he entered high school at the beginning of this school year, he could feel the yes on his brand new, muscular body, and it didn’t take his long before Shae made a move on him, and they fucked silly on their very first “date.” Shae didn’t mind, she was a horny girl and loved having the sexy boy pay so much attention to her, holding her tightly as they made love, his big thick cock sawing in and out of her girl box. But all of that was going to be put on hold, Randy thought, as he slipped his hand into his shorts, into his boxer briefs and jerked himself as they facetimed, watching her finger herself as he came all over his 8 pack abs. Hot, but that’s not what this story is all about. I mean, it’s in the incest section, right? You’re looking for more than that. One day passed, and then another, and then another, and then another. While there was plenty of school work to do during the day (thank you distance learning), there wasn’t much to do at night and it didn’t take long for everyone to get a bit stir crazy. Randy was down in the living room watching tv when his mom and dad started fighting. It wasn’t about anything big, but it was awkward and Randy didn’t feel like listening to it, so he got up and left, heading upstairs to his room. He got on his phone and went to Facetime Shae, but she wasn’t picking up for some reason. He flipped through Snapchat, and Instagram, and TikTok, but quickly realized he had already seen everything there was to see. He was bored. So bored, that he did something that he NEVER would have done under normal circumstances. He went to go see what his brother was doing. Randy and Blake had a good enough relationship. They weren’t super close, but they didn’t really fight, either. Blake was a hockey player, a typical jock while Randy was kind of nerdy and in the band, so they weren’t really into the same things. Blake was usually on his phone during his hockey games and Randy begrudgingly went to his concerts, but they were still there for each other. A little bit of distance had grown between them with Randy having moved up to high school and Blake in his last year of middle school, so Randy seeking his brother out in this manner was not typical. He left his room and walked a few paces down the hall to his brother’s door, which was cracked open about six inches. He was about to push his way through when the sight that he saw through the open door made his stop in his tracks. Blake was on his bed, sweat pants mid thigh, and was masturbating. Blake was a little bit of a late bloomer, standing at about 5’2″ with brown hair, green eyes, and freckles, and braces on his teeth. He was a cute kid, and was pretty skinny. He could see that his brother’s cock was decent length for his age and body size, but he was surprised to see that there was something on his cock that was partially obstructing his view of his genitals. Blake was using something to jerk off with, but Randy was too far away to see what his brother was using. In any event, the scene in front of his was Randy hard.. He knew it was kind of fucked up, but he was getting horny watching his brother masturbate. Making sure that his parents were still downstairs, he slipped a hand into his shorts and grabbed his growing cock as he watched his brother jack himself off with the mystery material. This continued on for a few moments, Blake jerking off, Randy watching Blake, Randy jerking off. He sensed an increase in the rate of his brother’s breathing, and it was obvious that he was in the last lap as he raced towards a climax. Randy started jerking faster as he tried to match his brother’s intensity. All of a sudden Blake pulled the material away and gripped his cock near the tip, his stomach flexing up and down as his young penis gave up the first shot of his load, a clear spurt that went up and landed on his muscular stomach. The next shot landed a little farther up on his chest. Three more spurts fired off has he came all over himself. Randy’s hand was a frenzy in his shorts, and he was able to push himself over the edge as his brother was firing his young cum on himself. His knees buckled as the sneeze like reaction washed over his body, and he jazzed in his underwear. He put his left hand over his mouth to keep himself from shouting out as he came. Both brother’s began to recover from their cums. Randy watched Blake stuff the material in his kocaeli escort bayan pillowcase, before starting to get up. He decided this would be a good time to retreat back to his room, lest he be discovered, at which point he’d have some major explaining to do. When he got back to his room he had a missed call from Shae. He snapped her and told her that he was tired and going to go to bed. Randy fell asleep that night dreaming about watching his brother jerk his cock, and how turned on it had made him. Randy awoke the next morning, and it didn’t take long for his brother to pop back in his brain again. The thing that stood out to his was that his orgasm last night was one of the best he had ever had. He didn’t know if it was the forbiddeness of what he did, or the fact he hadn’t gone this long without pussy in a while, or a little of both, but whatever it was, that cum was amazing. And he wanted another one. He got up and immediately went towards his brother’s room and was delighted to find out that he was in the shower. Randy snuck into his room and went right for the pillow case, pulling out the mystery cloth. He was surprised to find that they were a pair of boys underwear, white briefs from The Gap. What was this, Randy asked himself. Were they his? They had to be. When he heard the shower shut off, he hastily stuck them into his pocket and raced back to his room. Now he had his brother’s prized possession. It was time to wait. The day went on, another six or seven hours of schoolwork, a test, and a virtual group study session. Randy was not a fan, and it almost made him wish he was back in school. Almost. Three o’clock came and the kids put their backpacks away and switched over into social mode, minus the interaction, of course. Randy eagerly waited in his room for his brother to realize that the briefs were missing. As it turned out, he didn’t have to wait that long. Blake immediately put his books away and went for his room, closing and locking the door (this time). Within thirty seconds, the door popped back open and he was making his way towards the hallway bathroom, and then back out into the hall again. Randy knew he was looking for the underwear. His mom popped into his room. “Your dad and I are doing a Publix run. Just normal stuff. Do you want anything special?” “Nah, I’m good,” Randy said. “Okay, we’ll be back later. Call if you change your mind.” Randy’s mom left, and a few minutes later he could hear the car pulling out of the driveway. They lived out in the country and were a half hour away from the closest grocery story. Randy knew that it would be at least two, probably closer to three hours before they came back. If he was going to do this, the time was now. He left his room and made his way towards his brother’s and walked through the open door. He was looking under his bed, frantically, for something. “What are you doing, Blake?” Randy asked innocently. He snapped to turn to him. “Nothing, I mean, uh, I’m just looking for something.” His freckled face was flushed red. “What are you looking for?” he asked. “I’ll help you.” “No!” he practically shouted. “I mean, uh, no thank you. It’s not that important.” “It seems important,” Randy said. “You’re like, freaking out about it.” “It’s fine, just leave me alone.” “Hey Blake,” he said, his fingers starting to slide into his pocket. “What!?” he yelled, turning towards his blonde brother. “Are you looking for these?” he asked, reaching into the shorts pocket and pulling out the white briefs that Blake had had the previous night. “No!” he said, almost convincingly. “Really?” Randy responded, twirling them around on his finger. “Because I found them in your pillowcase.” He stood up to face to his. “Why are you going through my stuff?” he asked. “Oh, so you admit they are yours?” “No, I didn’t say that. But you shouldn’t have been going through my stuff like that.” “I’m sorry, I guess I just got curious, after I saw you last night,” Randy started. “Oh. Shit. You saw me?” “Yeah. You, and these,” he said, holding the skimpy undergarment in his face. “You looked like you were enjoying yourself. My question is, whose are they?” Blake sighed. “They’re my boyfriend’s,” he admitted. “Boyfriend? You’re not gay,” Randy contested. “Yes I am. Scott. He’s in your grade. We’ve been going out for like a month now.” Randy knew exactly who he was talking about. Scott was on the swim team, a little smaller than Randy with red hair and bright green eyes, and lots of freckles, just like Blake. “Do mom and dad know about this?” he asked. “No. They’d freak. That’s why I won’t tell them. Please don’t tell them, okay?” “And these are his?” Randy asked, ignoring his pleas while holding up the briefs. “Yes,” he responded. “He gave them to you?” “Not exactly. He was here one night, and we were…you know…and when he went to put them back on he couldn’t find them. I found them later, after he left, stuffed between my mattress and the wall. He said I could keep them, so…” “You jerk off with them now?” Randy finished his though. Blake held his head down low. “Yeah, I guess so. I just miss him.” “I get that, little bro. Last question. What exactly were you guys doing when these were off?” He looked up at his, shame in his eyes. “We were, you know…fucking.” “Holy shit, little bro. Good for you. Getting laid. And Scott is a pretty cool guy.” “Thanks,” he said sheepishly. “So, can I have those back?” “Are you gonna jerk off with them?” “Shut up, Randy,” he said, his face flushing. “I mean, yeah, but I don’t wanna talk about it.” “You jerked off last night, you’re going to do it again now, will you do it again tonight?” “Randy, shut up!” Blake shouted, tears welling up in his face. “Blake, it’s okay! I do it, too. When I saw you last night, I kinda liked it.” “Really?” he asked, wiping his eyes. “Yeah. I mean, I get it. You miss Scott. Just like I miss Shae.” “Are you and Shae…you know…fucking?” Randy sighed. “Yeah. And I miss it.” “Me too. So, can I have those back now? And can you leave? I wanna…you know,” Blake said, sitting down on his bed. “You know, little bro, maybe there’s a way we can help each other out,” he said, sitting on the bed next to him. “What do you mean?” he asked, fidgeting his fingers. “Well, you’re playing with yourself because kocaeli sınırsız escort you miss fucking Scott. And I’m playing with myself because I miss fucking Shae.” “Yeah?” Blake said. Randy smiled at him, batting his eyes and giving him a seductive look. “You mean…the two of us…doing it?” “Why not? We can’t go anywhere. We’re stuck here in this god damned house. We may as well have a little fun while we’re here and satisfy each other.” “But you’re my brother!” Blake contested. “That’d be so fucked up.” “Listen,” he said as he stood up, reciting what he’d heard on the news. “This is an unprecedented event. We may have to social distance for weeks, maybe even months. I can’t go that long. And I don’t think you can either.” “I dunno,” Blake replied. “Besides, don’t you think I’m hot?” he asked as he pulled his tshirt over his head, revealing his chiseled upper body. “Yeah, but you’re my brother,” he argued, while openly gawking at his pecs and stiff nipples “So what,” he said. “For the next half hour, pretend I’m someone else.” He now pulled his basketball shorts down, revealing a pair of white Under Armor compression shorts with a very erect cock inside. “Oh my God,” Blake whispered, staring at his bulge. “So what do you think, little bro?” he asked demurely. “Am I hot, or is it only Scott that you find attractive?” As he asked, he took the briefs that were still in his hand and wiped them across Blake’s face. The boy instinctively inhaled the scent; Scott’s boy smell had been somewhat diluted but was still there. Blake sighed again as he felt the soft material wash across his face. “You’re hot,” Blake said, almost as if in a trance. “Whoa, little bro, I think you’re getting a little hard down there,” Randy said, noticing something sticking up in his bright orange shorts. Blake looked down and noticed for the first time that he was, in fact, erect, but was way too horny to be embarrassed by it. Randy got on his knees in front of him. “Blake, stand up.” The boy did as he was told, and now his erection was even more obvious. He reached up to his hips and pulled his shorts down, leaving him in his gray Adidas boxer briefs. His penis was even more clear now, and he could now make out the head of his cock, and even the two balls that lay underneath. He reached up to stroke his cock through his underwear. “When was the last time we saw each other naked?” he asked quietly. “Uh…I think…we were like 4 or 5…” he got out between moans. “You’ve grown up a lot since then,” he said as he continued to stroke him. “So have you,” he said, looking down and watching his hot brother stroke his boner through his underwear. His hands traveled to his hips as he grabbed the waist band of his boxer briefs and started to pull them down. His erection bent forwards as the undergarment lowered. His small bush of pubes, which Randy hadn’t noticed the previous night, was revealed first. It was the same soft brown color that was on top of his head, and it was in a small tight patch at the base of his groin. The bottom of his shaft was revealed, a pale white color that contrasted his somewhat tanned stomach. He continued to tug down, revealing more and more until the waistband cleared the head, and Blake moaned as his cock sprung upwards and slapped back against his stomach. He was about 4.5″ long and was decently thick. His balls were nice and full, a little smaller than ping pong balls, and his scrotal sack was clean and hairless. The head of his cock was red and was slightly larger than the shaft. He was hard and pulsing. He took him in his hand, steadying his cock, and took a strong lap of the head. “Oh, fucking shit,” Blake whined as his brother manipulated his cockhead. On instinct, his hands went to the sides of his face, caressing his as he started to suck him. Up and down he went, his wet lips stroking the hard shaft of his tumescent penis. On one of his upstrokes he paused at the head to allow his tongue to swirl around his glans, making his knees wobble and his breathing intensify. He continued to suck him, his dick growing shiny with his spit as he received a world class blow job from his older brother. In addition to the sucking, he would occasional take his cock out of his mouth to slowly and seductively lap at his hairless balls, before wiggling his tongue back up the underside of his cock before taking him back in his mouth. He was young and hadn’t been with anyone in a while, so this was never going to last long. Blake could feel his cum building in his balls, his eyes wincing as he tried to slow down his impending orgasm, wanting to savor this moment with his sexy big brother. But, it was to no avail, as his nerve endings fired, and Blake felt his first shot of boy splooge travel up from the base of his cock to the tip, firing in Randy’s sucking mouth, and he screamed out as he came, easily the best orgasm he had had since this social distancing had begun. Randy could tell he was about to pop and sped up his actions; when he came, he greedily sucked down his cum as it fired into his mouth. Blake finally had to push his brother away as his orgasm became too much and his dickhead grew to be hypersensitive. A little bit of Blake’s water cum had leaked out of his mouth onto the corner of his lips, and he watched as Randy licked the droplet and swallowed his jism down. “Did you like that?” he asked. “Uh…yeah…fuck yeah,” responded between heavy breaths. “Good,” he responded, standing up. “Because it’s my turn.” Randy stood up and shucked his compression shorts down, his erect cock flopping out in front of him. It was long and thick…nearly 7″ with low hanging heavy balls and a nice, thick patch of pubic hair above the root. In many ways, it looked a lot like Blake’s, just longer and thicker. A drop of precum glistened on the red tip as the boys traded spots. Blake got in front of his brother and eyed up his monster. Scott’s cock was bigger than his own, but not bigger than this, he thought. He saw the drop of precum and licked it off, savoring its salty flavor. “Fuck yeah, bro,” Randy grunted. “Suck it.” Blake took the head in his mouth, and slowly let his wet lips slide all the way down as far as it would go. He felt his brother’s dickhead pop him in the back of the throat and he retreated, swirling his tongue around izmit anal yapan escort the head on the upstroke, before plunging back down again, taking the entire thing in his mouth, allowing the thick head to enter his throat. Randy had been on the receiving end of numerous blowjobs, from both boys and girls, and this one was by far the best. His brother had obviously had some practice and training, and if they ever ended up going back to school, he’d have to thank Scott for this. “Hey Blake, when you and Scott fuck, are you the top or the bottom?” Randy asked. Blake took his brother’s thick cock out of his mouth. “Bottom,” he said, smiling. “Perfect,” Randy said, grabbing his wet dick and smearing it around Blake’s lips. “Let’s do it.” “Get on your back,” he said. For Blake, boy on boy sex was old hat for him, and it was time to take over and be in charge of his older brother. Randy got on his back on the bed. Blake reached in between his bed and the adjacent wall and grabbed a small bottle of hand lotion. As he opened the bottle, he settled himself on top of his brother, one leg on either side of his body, his hole directly above his groin. He squeezed some lotion on his fingers, and applied that lotion to his anus, using two fingers to quickly stretch out his boy hole. Steadying himself with his left hand, he used his right hand to handle Blake’s erection. After grabbing hold of his cock, he pointed it up and held it still as he started to lower his body. When their genitals touched the siblings gasped, realizing what they were actually going to do. “You okay with this?” Randy asked as he positioned his dickhead at the entrance to his asshole. “Oh yeah,” he whispered back, and then felt the sweet, slick boyhole of his 13 year old brother slide down and engulf his 14 year old penis until he was completely buried. Both moaned at the union, both getting to feel the thing that they had been craving, even it wasn’t with the person they expected it to be with. Not wanting to waste anytime as he knew they couldn’t do this all day, Black slid up and quickly slid back down, fucking his brother, feeling his cock push its way into his tight, warm hole. Oh God, did it feel good to be fucked, he thought to himself. Blake was enjoying things on his end, as well. His brother’s hole was warm, wet and tight, and gripped his penis in the most perfect way. He moaned as his brother fucked him, his soaked flesh milking his young penis. He grabbed his hips and held his still, and started to fuck his from beneath, taking long slow strokes at first, which made them both moan. He gradually began to speed up, the sounds of their sex growing louder as their bodies slapped up against each other. “Get on top of me,” Blake said. He pulled off of Randy, his cock now feeling cold and lonely. He slid over towards the wall to give space for Randy to get on his back, which he did. He spread his legs as Blake moved into position. He stared down at his hole, all wet and shiny and pink, the hole gaping open. He took hold of his erection, still slick with a combo of saliva and lotion, and positioned it at his brother’s asshole. He easily slid back into him, and the two moaned as they resumed their fucking. Randy continued to fuck his brother, going faster and faster with each stroke. He wrapped his arms around his back and held him tight, and Blake grabbed onto his ass, encouraging him to fuck his even faster and harder. As his brother’s hole milked his cock, Randy could feel another great cum building in his loins. “Blake, I’m getting close,” he whispered to his. “Good,” he said back. “Cum on my stomach.” “Okay,” he responded, going faster, pounding into his hole relentlessly. Both kids were pretty much screaming now, and out of nowhere, Blake exploded with his second orgasm of the afternoon, his body riding the wave of his cum as he continued to get fucked by his brother. Clear cum fired out of his cock, completely soaking his young, skinny torso with the watery substance. While his face showed the pleasure he was feeling, no sounds escaped his mouth this time as he came, but down below his asshole pulsed on Randy’s cock. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Randy shouted as he pulled his dick from his brothers spasming boypussy, and grabbed it as his ejaculation began. His first shot landed on his belly button, but the second shot went much farther, landing on his chest. He continued to jerk himself off as he came, squirting his boyish, watery seed all over his brothers heaving body, his tight stomach muscles convulsing as they were splattered with his older brother’s thick, white ejaculate. Soon after, both brotehrs started to breathe normally. Randy pulled out of his brother’s well fucked hole. Blake slid over on the bed on the side closest to the wall, and they cuddled with each other, holding onto one another as they enjoyed the post sex moment. “That was great,” Blake said. “Are we gonna do that again?” “As often as you want, little bro. Look, you’re all soft,” he said, pointing out his now completely flaccid penis. He grabbed it gently and flopped it around. Despite his orgasm, Randy was still mostly erect. “If you keep doing that it’s going to get hard again,” he said. It was then that Randy’s phone went off. It was their mom, so Randy answered. “Hey what’s up?” Randy said. “We’re still at the grocery store. The lines are ridiculous. We will be a while, just so you know.” “Okay, no problem,” Randy said. “Hey listen, your dad’s friend who works at the governor’s office just told him that this might last all the way through the summer. We might be stuck inside a lot longer than we thought.” “Oh, that stinks,” Randy said casually. “That stinks? I figured you would be more upset than that.” “It’s whatever,” Randy said. “Like you said, we just need to hunker down until this is over.” “Well, I’m glad you’ve come around. We’ll probably be home in like an hour.” “Okay, sounds good, see you soon.” “What did she want?” Blake asked. Randy grabbed hold of his penis again, stroking it gently. “He said that this social distancing thing might last all the way until the summer.” “Really?” he responded, pushing and prodding his pussy with his fingers. “Yeah. And, they won’t be back for another hour.” “Oh. Really?” “Yeah,” he said, sliding on top of his brother once more, slipping his now erect dick back into his hole. “Fuck,” he said quietly. “I could get used to this social distancing thing.” “Yeah,” Randy responded as he started to fuck his brother again, plowing his boy pussy with his cock. “Me, too.” Please enjoy more stories by Arthur J fty//gay/celebrity/stand-by-me-deleted-scene