The Big Reward – An Adult Story

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The Big Reward – An Adult StoryI just got my lunch from a deli not to far my office. It was casual Friday. I was wearing a nice big white button down long sleeve shirt. I had it tucked into a pair of blue jeans. I had on some white low cut tennis shoes. I was not wearing socks. I had on a pair of white boxer briefs under my jeans. I took a bite of my sandwich and had a sip of Coke. It was kinda of hot out being one of the first days of Spring. I wanted to eat outside and enjoy the sun.I was minding my own business. I love to people watch. To be told. I love to check out women as the walk by. I have a thing for larger ladies. The bodacious hottie with the hour glass figure. I do love women with curves. I took another sip of Coke. I ate the rest of my sandwich. I had my pickle and finished my Coke. I recycled the aluminium can. I put the trash in the garbage can and then sat back down to watch some more people go by. I had the rest of the day off. I was in no real hurry to get back to my office. I spotted a few girls walking by. I saw one girl who was very hot. She was wearing some white Capri pants showing off her curvy legs. She had a bunch of her co-workers with her. She did not see me. I guess I missed a golden opportunity to meet her. I waited another minute before I was just about ready to get up.I moved my hand to shield my eyes. I looked across the street. I saw this older lady standing in front of a telephone pole. She was trying to put up a flyer of some kind on the pole. I got up to get a better look. She looked familiar. I kept watching as this lady tried to hang her sign. I could not remember who she was. I decided to get closer. I walked across the street. I then walked up behind her. She was wearing some tan pants that hugged her nice big firm ass. She had long gray and silver hair that was tied up on her head. She smelled great. I could smell her sweet perfume as I stood behind her. She had on some short 2 inch yellow heels that matched her yellow sweater that she had on over a brown belt. She had long white nails that matched her toe nails. She was wearing some big silver hoop earrings that dangled low on her ears. She had a few silver bracelets around her wrist.I smiled when I finally figured out who she was. I knew her son from high school. We were not friends. But we graduated the same year. I only saw her maybe three times back then. She was very nice. It look like she had filled out nicely since I last saw her. She was holding a hammer and some nails. “Hi! Do you need some help?” I said. She turned. “What did you say? Wait! You look familiar young man. Do I know you?” she said. “Buck!..Buck Kelly!…I used to go to school with your son. How are you Mrs. Kane?” I said. “OK! I could be better. I lost my little puppy. I just got her last week as a present from my husband. I left the front door open while I was bringing in some grocery. Some how she got out. I am putting up fliers in the neighborhood to find hert. I just can’t seem to get them to stick to this pole. I tried to nail them up. I can’t seem to hammer the nail in to the wood. This is my first flyer I have tried. I think its going to be a disaster.” she said.She kept talking as I checked her out. The front of her sweater was amazing. It had a big scoop in the front showing off her very large breast. She had a all over tan. There had some freckles inside her deep cleavage as I moved my eyes from her chest. I saw the front of her belt was tied tight. Her pants were tight as she kept talking to me. My eyes wandered down to the front of her tan pants. I could see she was wearing some big panties by the way the material formed under her pants. I smiled some more. I had to help her. For no other reason to keep checking her out.”Let me help. The hammer please. The nails! OK! Let me nail your flyer right here.” I said. I proceeded to nail the flyer to the telephone pole. I next read the flyer. “Lost puppy. Small black n white Pug. If you find “Snuggles” please call…A BIG Reward….” I turned my head to see Mrs. Kane looking around. “Snuggles! Snuggles! Here girl!” she said. “When did she get out?” I said. “This morning after I got home. I live right around the corner. Not to far from here.” said Mrs. Kane. “Does she have a collar with her name on it?” I said. “She does. Here a picture of her. Look at my cell.” said Mrs. Kane. “She is very cute. She could not have grandbetting yeni giriş gone to far. Is your son looking for her too?” I said. “No! He is at work with his Dad. They don’t come home until after 6pm tonight. I called them both. They suggested I put up the fliers. I should get going to the next telephone pole to put up another flyer.” said Mrs. Kane. I thought for a quick second. My mind was thinking dirty thoughts when I broke my train of thought. “If you want Mrs. Kane. I can help you with these flyers. I don’t have to work the rest of the day. I can go put them up. Why don’t you go back home. Wait by your phone for any word on Snuggles.” I said. “Oh! Your so kind. Such a gentleman. I am glad somebody can help. My husband and son are no fun. Ok! Thank you! I live at 54 Big Bear Drive. If anyone asks. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks sweetie.” she said. I watched as she walked down the sidewalk toward her house. I turned to look at the flyer.I had the hammer, nails, and the rest of the flyers in my hands. I reached up to pull off the flyer on the pole. I had confidence I could find the dog. I walked down to the end of the block. I turned to look down the side street. There was a small park near the middle of the street. I walked down there to sit on a bench. About twenty minutes later I saw a little black n white puppy run behind a tree in the park. I quickly got off the bench to go investigate. Sure enough it was Snuggles. I picked her up. She was pretty exhausted from running around. I carried her toward Mrs. Kane house. I took me a few minutes to get to her house.Snuggles was barking as I knocked on the front door. A minute later the door swung open. It was Mrs. Kane. She had a big smile on her face. “You found Snuggles. I can’t believe it. Come on in Buck. Thank you so much.” said Mrs. Kane. She grabbed the puppy from my hands. I watched as Snuggles ran across the wooden floors toward the kitchen. “I guess she thirsty. Thank you so much.” said Mrs. Kane. “No problem. My pleasure. Glad to help.” I said. “Where did you find her?” she said. “There a small park not to far from where we put up the first flyer. I thought she might be there.” I said. “Great job. Would you like something to drink?” said Mrs. Kane. “Sure! That would be great.” I said.”You have a nice big house. I really like your kitchen.” I said. “Thank you! You have such nice manners for such a young man. Your the total opposite of any of my sons friends. They sit around here making crude remarks about everything. I just shake my head. My son is just as bad. His Dad is no better.” said Mrs. Kane. I watched her walk around. Her nice big firm ass moved inside her tan pants. She was twice my age but she made me smile. I was not thinking of her in a sexual manner but I would love to see what she had under her sweater. I could not make out a bra but she had to have something keep those big breast from escaping her sweater. We made some more small talk. After 20 minutes. “Hold that thought. I hate to ask. But! Where is your bathroom?” I said. “Right around the corner. The last door on the left.” said Mrs. Kane. I smiled as I walked down the short hallway to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me. A second later I opened my jeans to fish out my cock. It was semi hard as I used the bathroom. I closed my eyes. I then looked up in the ceiling. I was still going as I looked around. It was a small bathroom. Just a sink and a toilet. Nothing to fancy. Lots of pink towels and fancy soaps on the sink. I could see some pink towels hung up on the far wall.I heard some heels click coming down the hallway. I turned in time to see the door fly open. “Oh! I am so sorry. I barely touched the door. I was going to tell you to jiggle the handle on the toilet. It sticks and will keep running. Oh! I can’t believe I did that. Ummm….I see you have your hands full. I better leave.” said Mrs. Kane. She stood there by the door looking at me using the bathroom. My semi hard cock was growing in my hand. This hot older married lady was watching my use the bathroom. I was not sure what to do next. I was so turned on. I almost forgot to flush when I was done. “Don’t forget to jiggle the handle.” she said again. I jiggled my cock instead. I did not put it back in my jeans as I leaned down to flush the toilet. I jiggled the handle next. “Clink! Clink! Clink!”The grandbetting giriş water was still running. I then watched as Mrs. Kane came into the bathroom. She walked over leaning down to jiggle the handle on the toilet. “Clink! Clink!” “Looks like we got it. I think the water stopped running.” said Mrs. Kane. I still had my cock outside my jeans. I was almost rock hard. She turned to look at my hard cock. “Did I mention there was a big reward for finding Snuggles. Would you like to see it?” she said. I shook my head “Yes!”I watched as Mrs. Kane put her hand on my cock. She took some tissue and wiped my cock clean. She shook my 9 3/4 inch cock in the tissue. She placed the used tissue in the small waste basket next to the sink. She then leaned down to lick the tip of my cock. I felt her warm lips wrap around my cock. I reached down to grab her gray hair. It was very soft as she sucked my cock. She got half in her mouth as she gagged for the first time. She spit my cock out. She turned to put the seat down on the toilet. She put the lid down next. She then sat on the lid. She looked up into my blue eyes. “Do you like your reward so far? I do love your big cock. I would have never guessed you were packing that much in those tight jeans. I wish you were a close friend of my son’s. I could have you over all the time. Your cock is so much bigger than all his friends. You won’t tell him I like young hard cock? I scared off a few of his friends already.” said Mrs. Kane.I smiled as I looked down. “That is too bad. Maybe you could think of a job for me to do around your house. I am good with my hands.” I said. “Oh! Let me be the judge of the those good hands.” said Mrs. Kane. I watched as she took off her brown belt. She then unbutton her yellow sweater. Her very large breast were stuffed inside a small black bra. The bra was about ready to burst open. I saw the under wire was popping the seams of the lacy black bra. I was breathing heavy as she went back to suck my cock. She pushed her breast up to touch under my big balls. She bounced my cock on top of her breast. She then put my big hairless balls in her mouth. She spit them out. “That a first for me. I never felt a guy with no hair down there. They feel great. Your huge balls are very heavy.” she said.I started to take off my white shirt. Mrs. Kane got off the toilet to walk over to lock the door on the bathroom. She took off her pants next. She had a huge pair of black panties. She smiled as she pushed then down her sexy legs. She had a big dark bush covering her pussy. She had a very pronounced hour glass figure. Her top was very round. Her stomach was flat. Her hips and ass were just as big as her top. She was standing naked looking at me as I pulled off my tennis shoes. I then took off my jeans. I pulled off my under wear.She walked over to give me a big kiss as I dropped everything on the floor of the bathroom. She was breathing heavy as her large breast were pressed on my chest. She broke our kiss to rub my chest. She rubbed the front of my abs. She then used her free hand to squeeze my hard ass. “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you. I saw you eating your sandwich before you came over to help me. I am so glad you have manners. You might not be in my bathroom right now getting ready to fuck me. God your cock is beautiful. You have such a nice body. You are such the nice young gentleman.” she said. I smiled as I kissed her again. I slipped her my tongue as her mouth was very wet. A second later she was leaning over to suck my cock again. I put my hand on her lower back. I was groping her big ass as she sucked my cock. I started to spank her very lightly. She was loving this as she shook her ass on my hand. I then slipped my middle finger inside her hairy pussy. I felt her pussy open up as more of my finger was inside her. After a few minutes she let out a soft moan and spit out my cock. “Yes! Yes! God it’s been so long since I had a….orga….mmmmmmm…” moaned Mrs. Kane. I watched as her big breast bounced under her chest. I then slapped them with my free hand as I fingered her pussy some more. After a few minutes we switched positions. “Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Get behind me young man.” said Mrs. Kane. She put her hands on the sink and arched her back. She looked over her left shoulder as I put my hard cock under her ass. I felt grandbetting güvenilirmi her hair pussy on my cock. I spit on my hand. Than got my shaft wet. I pushed open her pussy lips. She moved her pussy back on my cock. I got a few inches inside her. I held onto her hips so her pussy did not push my cock back out. I put my feet next to her heels. I pushed my cock in farther. I had almost all of my cock buried in her wet pussy. She moaned as I was fucking her pussy some more. I put my hands on her shoulders. I leaned up to kiss her neck. She moaned again. “That it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me. Harder! Harder! Harder!” she moaned.A few minutes later we switched positions. I picked her up. She was sitting on the sink. I put some of the pink towels down for her to sit on. She then grabbed the back of my neck as I leaned down to suck her big breast. Her nipples were very sensitive as I sucked on them. She guided my hard cock back into her pussy. She then grabbed my ass pushing more of my cock into her. I looked down to see her pussy open up as I fucked her faster. I moved on my feet to get more pressure on her pussy from my thrusts. I was fucking her very hard as she pushed her breast together with her hands. She brought my head down to suck on her breast as I fucked her faster. I was close to cumming. Her body bounced as I fucked her faster. I pushed her breast together. I then put my head in there to suck them.”Hello! Anybody home? Mom!! Are you here? Where is she Dad?” said a guys voice. “Hello! Honey are you home?” said an older guys voice. Was I hearing things. Mrs. Kane stopping moaning. We both turned our heads to the bathroom door. “Hello! Are you in there Mom?” said a guys voice. “Yes! I am using the bathroom. What are you doing home so early?” said Mrs. Kane. “Where hungry. Can you make us lunch. Dan and I are hungry.” her son said. “Lunch! I thought you came home for the puppy. Ok! Ok! I’ll be right there. Go sit and wait.” said Mrs. Kane. I heard some foot steps going toward the kitchen.Mrs. Kane turned to look at me. She put her hands on my chest. She then gave me a big kiss. My cock was still deep inside her. “I guess we better hurry. Fill me up sweetie. I need to finish your reward. I need to cum one more time before I go fix them lunch. Don’t worry. Keep fucking me baby.” said Mrs. Kane. I grabbed her big ass from around her waist. I slammed my cock all the way inside her. She moaned again. We picked up the rhythm as I fucked her faster. She dropped her hands to the side. I was sucking her nipples some more. A sucked her breast letting them drop on her chest. “Wham! Wham! Wham!” said my cock and her breast slapping on her body. I moved her leg up on my shoulder. I spread her other leg to the side as I was fucking her with great big thrust. I was close again. She bite her lower lip. “Oh!! God!! Yes!! Your making me cum again.” she moaned in the bathroom. I felt her pussy get very wet and make my cock sticky. I looked down to see her big green eyes. She mouthed Yes! as she gripped my ass burring my cock in her. A minute later I started to cum deep inside her. She pushed me off of her. She leaned down to clean off my cock. She then handed me my clothes. She pushed open the curtains on the far wall. I did not even see the window behind all the the pink towels. She smiled as I fell out the window to the side yard. I could here the puppy bark as I put on my clothes. A few minutes later I walked back to the deli not far from my office.A couple of days later:Knock! Knock! The door opened. “Oh! You must be the dog walker. My Mom been expecting you. Come on in. MOM!!! The dog guy is here!!!! How it going man. Long time no see.” said Mrs Kane son. “Oh it been going good. How it going with you?” I said. “Can’t complain. Still living at home. Got a new job working for my Dad. Things are good. Nice seeing you. Got some friends in the back yard. Have fun walking the dog man. Hope my Mom paying you good.” he said.Oh his Mom is paying me very good. I got a intern from work to walk the dog for me. I take Mrs Kane for a walk in the park where I found the puppy. We found a great place to fuck were nobody can see us. Most of the time we check into different hotels around town. She called me this morning before I left for work. She want me to help her find her new kitty. I was not aware she had a cat. I never saw one at her house before. A second later the door to the bathroom in our suite flew open. Mrs. Kane just walked out. “How do you like my new kitty?” she yelled. I looked down to see her hairy pussy was completely shaved. “Oh it looks very nice. I think I need a big reward for finding it.” I said. Love,Buckxoox