The boys in the group Part 3

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The boys in the group Part 3The boys in the group Part 3: “Our First Group Session”One day Billy came up to me after sckool and he told me I was invited to Greg’s house. He also mentioned that all of the boys in our group were going and so I absolutely had to be there, so I agreed. When I talked to Mark about it he said he would drive me there, so I followed him to his car and just like that we were on our way. Greg was a seniorr back when I was still a freshmann, we hung out with him only a couple of times but I admired him more than any of the boys in our group. For instance, none of us were old enough to buy drinks since most of the boys in our group had only just turned eighteein. Peter, Mark and I were still sevenetein, and Jacob who was the oldest in our group was then nineteein. So Greg was the one who got us most of our drinks because he always had a way, and now he was old enough to buy them himself.Mark pulled up on the driveway of Greg’s house, and we got out of the car as we headed over to the front door. Mark knocked in the special way we usually did so they’d know it was us at the door. Then Greg opened the door, and I instantly began observing his newly fit muscular body from head to toe. He smiled saying, “Hey guys… It’s been a while…” I couldn’t believe how in shape he was as I gawked at his hercules like figure, staring at him up and down with my light blue eyes. For a moment we briefly looked into each other’s eyes awkwardly, I was blushing when he stuck his hand out and we slapped hands, greeting each other first. My hands were somewhat small compared to his larger, manlier hands and I wasn’t sure if he paid any attention to my intense staring, but I did notice he stayed looking at me for longer than usual. I got really shy just then and I quickly shifted my eyes away, looking down to the ground as I blushed, being as innocent as I was back then. We were welcomed into his house and the door shut behind us as Greg allowed us into the nice looking house. He then lead us to his living room where all the boys in our group were patiently waiting for us to arrive while holding drinks in their hands.Billy and Peter seemed to be talking to each other about something of interest as they kept stealing glances at me while we all waited for Greg to return from the kitchen. I looked around the room only to see that Jacob, Max, Brian and Danny were also taking turns looking at me in a certain way, but I couldn’t exactly tell what for at the time. I was certainly the youngest guy in the room. I was about to turn eightein in a couple months and I felt pretty responsible compared to the other recent immature highh sckool grads, being a “good student”. Most of the boys in my group of friends were eightein at the time, and the oldest one Jacob was now a sofmore in college, meaning he was about a couple of years older than me. I walked over to where Mark was already seated and I sat down on the love seat, being right next to him. I pretended not to notice their constant stares and I paid more attention to the movie that was playing at the time. Peter pretended to be interested in the movie, but from my periferal I noticed he kept gazing over at me the whole time. Just then, Greg decided to join us as he placed a bottle of something on the small table next to the love seat before taking a seat. He sat down right beside Peter and he started whispering something in his ear. Finally Greg stood up and made an announcement saying, “Alright boys, are you all comfortable?… Great. Well, we all know about a certain naughty boy who’s been going around and doing some dirty stuff with some of you boys.. It was brought to my attention that the rest of the boys feel they’ve been left out from all the fun that’s been going around… Peter would you please do the honors of beginning tonights main event?…” I turned my head only halfway to avoid direct eye contact with Peter as he stood up and headed towards me. Peter walked over to where I was seated and from behind me he reached his hands over placing them firmly upon my shoulders and he gave me a brief massage. I had an idea of where this was headed as I felt his hands move down to my stomach as he raised my shirt up all the way until he pulled it off. He then cupped my soft boyish breasts, before working his way down to my abdomen area. I became nervous as I felt my cock growing stiff in my shorts. He whispered in my ear saying, “Relax… Go on and lean back your head… All us boys are gonna have a little fun here today, if you know what I mean…” I leaned my head back as instructed while he ran he hands down to my smooth flat stomach as he just barely passed his manly fingers over my hairless pubic area giving me goose bumps. Mark had always requested that I keep myself hair free for his pleasure, and I didn’t mind it because I enjoyed it just as much. I felt very nervous with all the boys looking at me as Peter continued moving his hands down my body and my eyes followed his hands carefully, watching him start unzipping my shorts. I bowed my head down a bit to get a better view of his hands while they were still working to remove my shorts it appeared and then I looked up at him lustfully. Peter pulled down on my shorts as I helped him by raising my bum and with one swift motion he brought them down to my knees. He boldly dug one of his hands inside my jockeys as he pulled out my semi hard uncircumcised cock and he began stroking it, pulling my foreskin back over my glistening pink cock head while my precum oozed from the tip. I moaned letting him massage my cock and he stroked it for a while. “Mmm!… Ooohhh!… Uhhh…” Peter leaned over to kiss my lips and I kissed him back, wanting him to keep stroking my cock for me, feeling his moist lips press against mine. It didn’t take long before the other boys followed suit. From the corner of my eye, I watched Greg stand up from his seat first as he came up in front of where I was seated and while he stood there before me he started unzipping karabük escort his jeans. He finished undoing the front of his jeans as he pulled them down past his knees and all the other boys started doing the same as they approached me. Suddenly, Peter let go of my now stiff cock, breaking the kiss for a moment and he backed himself away so he could come around to the front of the love seat where the boys were all lined up next to each other stroking their cocks lightly. Greg came even closer, leaning his body forward towards me and I nervously watched his hard circumcised cock throbbing in front of me. He then impatiently reached for the back of my head, firmly grabbing onto a lock of my straight long red hair and I blushed pink as he pulled my head forward with one steady motion. My eyes widened as I watched Greg’s cock getting closer to my mouth. With his other free hand he held his hard maybe 7 inch long cock, giving it a few light hearted strokes as he guided the tip right to my lips, without waiting for me to open up my mouth for him. I looked up at him with my gorgeous blue eyes and then back down at his approaching cock when he said, “Go on, suck it… It’s okay, I know you want to… Let’s see whacha got slut boy… Come on, suck my cock you naughty boy…” That’s how my nick name quickly changed, I went from “Slim Boy” to “Slut Boy”.His thick cock head pressed against my closed lips as he gently thrust forward and I finally parted my lips allowing the first few inches of his engorged cock to enter my mouth, tasting his salty little slit as I wiped off his pre cum with the tip of my tongue. Greg moaned out loud as I began sucking his dick, “Ohhh!… Uhhh… Yeah… That’s a good cock slut… Uhhh!… Ohhh…” I worked my tongue around his shaft all the way up to his cock head and I lapped more of his oozing precum clean off his enlarged slit hole. The other boys stood around me on either side, gripping their own cocks in their hands while they waited patiently for their turn. I couldn’t believe it, but Greg seemed impatient, even after I started sucking his cock. Without warning he instantly began to thrust into my face, fitting his entire cock inside my mouth with one swift motion. I choked on his thick cock head as he shoved it down my tight throat hole. Then, Greg pulled his cock out of my mouth abruptly and suddenly he commanded, “Stand up slut boy… Now Turn around… put your hands out front… That’s it… you know what’s next don’t you?…” I placed my hands firmly on the loveseat before me as he instructed and then my own cock stood to attention once I felt his hips pressing firmly up against my bare hairless milky white bum. Until that day I had only experienced sex with Mark and he usually took it easy on me. Unlike Greg Mark had a smaller, maybe 5 and a half inch long cock and when he fucked me it was a maximum of one time a day, ever since he “popped my cherry”. Greg’s thick hard cock was nestled in between my ass cheeks as Greg moaned saying, “Mmmhmm… Yeah… You want a cock in you don’t you slut boy?… Well, here it is…” He spat between my crack and he wedged his thick cock head between my bum cheeks. I started to feel my puckered pink anus being pried open by his blunt cock head as he pushed forward with one steady motion, trying to squeeze his cock in my tight warm bum hole. I wiggled my hips a little as he pushed in further to help fit his entire, 7 inch plus long cock inside of my ass and I made him moan, “Uhhh!… Ohh yeah!… That’s it… just like that… Ohhh!…” Greg moaned as he managed to squeeze his big hard cock inside of my tight ass hole. “Uhhh! Ohh yeah!… Take my big hard cock up your ass like a good slut boy…” He started thrusting right away shoving his bare cock deep inside me. He fucked me good for few minutes or so while the others watched with their horny cocks in their hands, and we were both moaning loudly. “Uuhhhh!… Oohhh!… Ohhh fuck!… Yeah, fuck me Greg… Uhhh!… Uuhhhh!… You naughty boy, I’m gonna cum in you so hard… Uhhh!…” Then suddenly he slowed down his thrusting, moaning loudly as he kept only the tip of his cock inside me for one final minute, releasing his seed inside me. “Uuhhhh fuck!… Ohhh!!! Uhhhh!!! Uuhhhh!!! Uhhhh! Oohhhh!… Ohhh yeah!.. Cum inside me Greg… Ohh yeah, I just did…” Greg moved back as his spent cock slipped out of my well fucked cum filled bum hole and I felt a bead of his cum trickle down my crack. Once I satisfied our host he retreated to watch some tv on his living room couch and I waited for one of the boys still in line to come up behind me to take his place. Max came next behind me as he said, “Turn around slut boy… I need you to suck my cock first…” I did as I was told, and then he leaned his body in aiming his hard throbbing circumcised cock to my mouth. He reached for the back of my head, pulling me forward as I parted my lips to allow his cock into my mouth as well. As soon as I wrapped my lips around his thick cock head he moaned deeply, “Uhhhh!… Uuhhh!… Oohhh…” I sucked his cock good putting a lot of effort on it to see if he would cum just by me sucking him off. He moaned loudly and he seemed close but then he stopped me saying, “Alright that’s enough, turn around and assume your position slut boy…” Max came up behind me and he guided his fully hard 6 inch long cock to my ass when suddenly I felt his hands spreading my bum cheeks. I then felt his whole cock slide right into my bum hole all at once, and it was super easy since it was now slick with a good amount of Greg’s semen inside me. Max thrusted harder than Greg and his thrusts were also shorter due to his slightly smaller size. Soon he was moaning loudly again as he said, “Yeah slut boy… That’s right, take my big fat cock up your tight ass!… Uhhhh!… Uhhhh!…” I tightly held on to the head rest of the couch as he plowed into me again and again. I moaned louder as Max began making loud slapping noises between his hips karaman escort and my bum cheeks as he continued on fucking me harder still. “Ohhh!… Uhhh! Uhhh!… Ohhh!… Oohhh!…” Then Max grunted loudly out of nowhere as I felt him slowing down, thrusting in deep just a few more times before stopping and he moaned saying, “Uuhhhh!… Ohh fuck!… Uhhh! Uhhh! Uuuhhh! Uuhhhhh!… Ohh yeah, take my cum up your tight lil ass… Oohhhh!…” Max slapped me on my bum as he pulled his spent cock out of me and I felt their mixed semen leaking from my well fucked pink bum hole, trickling down my thigh. I stayed leaned over in position while Max picked up his pants and walked off to rest on the sofa, where Greg was now relaxing, watching some tv. I turned my head as I watched Randy coming up behind me to take his turn now. Randy spat on his hand spreading his saliva on his cock and then he motioned with his hand for me to turn my head around facing the couch, so I wouldn’t know who came up next after him. Randy came up to take his position behind me as he aimed his horny bare cock at my pre stretched bum. It didn’t take much effort for him to slip his cock inside my ass since Greg and Max had already spilled all of their cum in me just minutes before, providing plenty of lubricant to make it easy for Randy to stick his cock in me like that. I moaned feeling his much bigger, 8 inch long cock being lodged into my ass hole, stretching me wider than the other boys before him. “Ohhh!… Uhhhh!… Uuuhhhh!!!… Uhhh!…”Randy moaned as he thrusted forward, “Ohhh… Uhhh!… Ohh yeah…” He started to fuck me hard right away picking up speed. Randy was never much of a talker and he pretty much always wasted to just get to the point of things, he’s not much into details if you know what I mean. So it was no surprise that only half a minute of him thrusting fast into my ass he was finished. Soon Randy moaned loudest, slowing down his pace as he thrusted deeply a few more times and then he held his position for a while with his cock lodged far into my ass and his fresh warm semen spewing inside me. “Ohhh! Uhhhh! Uhhh! Ohh yeah! Ohhh! Uhhh! Ohh fuck!… Uhhhh!…” Randy slowed down to a stop with his cock lodged deep inside me and he took a quick moment to catch his breath before pulling it out. Randy took a step to the side to give the next boy some space while I waited for another member of our group to take his turn. Another one of the boys in line came up to take his place, as he stood tall behind me and he stoked his hard uncircumcised cock pulling back his foreskin with each stroke of his hand, revealing his bright pink cock head. He called me to face him and said, “Kneel down and suck my dick first slut boy…” I did as he requested as I turned around kneeling before him and I saw it was Danny. I noticed his precum was already leaking from the tip of his fully erect maybe 5 or 6 inch long dick as he aimed it to my mouth and I parted my lips once again to suck on yet another man’s cock. I stroked my own cock while I sucked on his dick. Danny then asked me to turn back around and assume the same bent over position as I did for the three other boys before him when they fucked me just minutes before him. He squeezed some lube on his shaft as he massaged it plenty all over his cock before aiming it between my pre lubricated smooth white bum cheeks. I barely felt his cock go inside me as it glided into my now less tight ass hole. Danny moaned as he fucked me hard and fast as his hips slapped hard against my sore bum cheeks with each powerful thrust into me. “Uhhh!… Uhhh… Ohh yeah… Uhhh!… It’s so good… Ohh fuck… Uhhh!…”It took Danny the longest to cum and it felt like hours of him pounding the soft, tender, slightly reddened flesh. My bum was blushing more red with each rough impact of his pelvis against my bare skin. He moaned louder with every thrust he gave into my ass and I braced myself for more as I looked down only to witness that my cock shrunk to it’s softest state, as I watched it flopping around uselessly between my legs. “Uhhh!… Uuhhh!… Ohhh!… Ohh shit… Uuhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uuuhhh!… Oohhh!…” Until finally I felt him slowing down to an abrupt stop with his cock shoved all the way deep inside of my ass hole, squirting endless amounts of his fresh fertile semen, as I felt all of his hot spunk spilling far into the depths of my bowels. When Danny was done, he simply pulled his spent softening cock out of my well fucked pink bum hole and I felt only a tiny bead of his cum escaping from my anus as it trickled down to my balls. Then, without waiting for even a second, Jacob showed me no mercy as he came up next behind me to take his place like the others before him. By now I had their mixed cum dripping from my well stretched anus as it trickled down to my balls and Jacob realized the bottle of lube wasn’t needed at the time. He simply leaned forward and stuck it in with little resistance as I moaned feeling him thrusting into me at an instant, filling the void yet again. Soon enough Jacob spilled his cum inside of my used well fucked ass hole just like the four other guys before him. He pat me on my sore bum cheeks, thanking me for the nice fuck, as he pulled his cock out of me abruptly and more of their accumulated mixed semen leaked from my gaping anus, more trickling down to my balls before dripping onto the plastic wrapped loveseat beneath me.Next was Brian as he aimed his cock to my mouth and I parted my lips yet again. His fully hard circumcised cock seemed somewhat bigger than the other guys and I kiid not, it was about 9 inches long. I could hardly fit half of his enormous cock in my mouth and I gagged feeling his blunt cock head poking at the back of my throat as he tried to shove it in further down my tight throat hole. He used my mouth for a while as I took turns catching my breath in between his deep thrusts. Brian said, “Alright pretty boy, why don’t you go’n and bend over for me like escort bayan a good boy slut..” I did as he requested and I turned to face the wall as I leaned forward with my bare white ass in the air. He grabbed my irritated rosy butt cheeks in either hand and he spanked them lightly before spreading them apart. Brian guided the very tip of his big long cock to my well lubricated pre stretched anus and he was easily able to slide every single inch of his huge cock into my ass hole. Brian grunted as he bottomed out and I moaned, “Ohhh!… Uhhhh!… Uuhhhh!!! Uuhhh! Uuhhhh!… Ohhh!…”Brian moaned just as loud as I did as he continued thrusting into me, saying, “Ohh yeah… There we go… Atta boy!… Take my big long snakke up that tight cute-boy ass!” Brian thrusted into me for a good while, nearly as long as Danny lasted until finally he grunted loudly saying, “Uurghhhh!… Uhhhh! Oh yeah!… I’m gonna cum deep in your ass… Uuhhhh!… Ohh shit, I’m cumming… Uuhhhh! Uuhhhh!!! Uuhhhhhh!!! Uuhhhhh!… Ohh fuck, I’ve never cum so much before!… Ohhhhh!… Uuhhhh! Uuhhh!…” Brian kept his spent cock buried in my ass for a while before pulling out and I felt some more of all their mixed milky cum leaking from my well fucked anus, this time I accidentally farted while pushing his big cock out. When he pulled his cock out, a good amount of the boys accumulated semen oozed out from my anus as it dripped all over onto the plastic covered loveseat while I heard wet fart noises. I looked down by my knees at the plastic cover where a small puddle of creamy white cum was now accumulated between my spread legs. Brian stepped back as he walked away to watch tv with the others as I waited for the next boy in the group to use me. My ass felt slick with cum and lubricant but I didn’t know how much more cock it could take. Luckily all that was left was Mark, Peter and Billy. Reluctantly, Peter was kissing Billy as they both approached me and they coerced Mark into their kissing as Peter kissed Mark. Then Billy kissed me on the lips right after breaking from kissing Danny and it quickly became an orgy. We swapped each others saliva for a while as we took turns kissing one, then the other. Soon Peter got down on his knees to suck Billy’s cock as he held it in his hand while Mark started kissing me on my lips now and I lightly stroked my own cock. Mark broke the kiss as he moaned and I continued to fondle my own cock as I watched Peter lustfully devoting himself to satisfy Billy just like I usually did for Mark. I broke the kiss, unable to stand this a minute longer and I dropped to my knees to satisfy my man too. I took Mark’s cock to my mouth as I had done numerous times before and I began to suck on his flesh. Mark moaned while I continued to suck on his dick, “Uhhhh!… Yeah… Ohhhh!…” I continued to suck on Marks cock as I moaned too, “Mmmm… Mmhmm… Ohhh yeah… I like the taste of your cock… Mmmm…”I watched as Peter leaned in to kiss Mark again while I was still sucking Mark’s cock and for some reason I felt a little jealous. But then Billy came over and took my cock into his mouth, I moaned at an instant, never before feeling a mouth on my cock since Mark said he didn’t like to do that. “Oohhhh!… Mmmm… Uhhh!…” I sucked Mark’s cock in the best way I had ever done before that day and soon he was close when he said, “Ohhh!… Uhhh!… I’m gonna cum!…” I didn’t care if he squirted his cum in my mouth or not at that point, since my cock was extra hard then. I felt squirt after squirt of Mark’s fresh hot spunk flooding my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could while Billy kept sucking on my own cock more and more. Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore as I blew my load in his mouth giving him very little warning and I moaned loudly, “Uhhh! Ohh gosh!… Ohh shit, I’m cumming!… Uhhhh! Uuuhhhhh!!! Uuhhh!!! Uhhhhh!!! Uuhhh! Uhhhh! Ohhh!… Oohhh!… Ohh wow…”Peter was jerking off, pointing his horny cock at me as he watched us cumming and soon he was cumming too as he squirted his warm cum all over my chest, some splashing on my left cheek. Billy pulled my spent cock out of his mouth and he stood up for me to suck his cock now. I took Billy’s cock into my mouth willingly, even after my intense orgasm, as I started to suck his cock just the way he liked it when I did it at our old hang out spot. I heard Billy moaning and I knew he was close as I gave it all I had sucking his cock even better than I did with Mark. “Uhh!… Ohhh yeah!… Ohhh Eric… Ohhh!…” He called me by my real name! I didn’t know if I did it better for him just so I could finish, since he was the last one left to satisfy, or if I really liked him better because of how he sucked my cock only seconds ago. All I knew was that I was gonna suck his cock until it erupted plenty of his cum into my mouth and then I was gonna drink it happily. Billy moaned louder as I sucked his cock, licking his shaft up and down with my tongue, paying attention to more detail now that I had already spilled my cum. Then, just when I was getting started, he moaned loudly saying, “Ohhh!… Ohh shit, I’m cumming. Swallow all of my cum Eric… Uuhhh! Uuhhhh! Ohhhh! Uhhhh! Uuhhh! Uuhhhhh!… Uhhh!… Oohhh!… Ohh yeah that’s it… Drink my cum slut boy…” I drank two mouthfuls of his fresh warm semen as I felt the salty, milky substance go down my throat hole, mixing with Mark’s cum and I finished swallowing it all, just like he ordered me to. Billy pulled his spent cock out of my mouth as a string of his cum hung from my bottom lip and I cleaned it off with the back of my hand. He went to watch the movie that was playing on the tv with all the other boys and then Greg looked back only to see me there on my knees with cum dripping all over my body. He stood up and said, “Oh, so your finished pleasing all the boys huh?… I hope you liked it, because we’ll be doing this more often right boys?…” They all cheered in unison saying, “Yes! More…” Greg smiled as he said, “Ohh man, you must really wanna get cleaned up don’t you?… Don’t worry there’s plenty of dry towels in the small closet down the hall. The bathroom is down the hall to the left… Go on use it if you want.”I picked my shorts back up to my waist and I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up…