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Subject: The Bull, the stag, the ram, part 2 I couldn’t face my roommate and avoided the house for a few days by getting too drunk at friends’ places and “needing” to crash on their couch. Yet the sight of Buck’s splooge dripping from his muscular body stayed in my mind. Eventually, I had to stop mooching of my friends and go home. The afternoon I returned, Buck was naked in the living room, leaning over to grab something from the coffee table. The action gave me a particular good view of his ass, which was just breathtaking, carved as if from marble, yet supple and covered in a fine dusting of fur. Buck’s legs were open in an upside-down ‘V’ shape, allowing his enormous ballsac to hang free. A momentary thought in my brain wondered what it would be like to run my tongue over those massive nuts, traveling upward in the direction of his asshole. Buck stood and smiled, clutching a joint he’d just finished rolling. “Hey, man,” he said. I watched his perfect pink tongue lick the rolling paper to seal it. “Hey,” I said, and hurried to my room. I took to jacking off a lot. Not sure exactly why. I’d always been a pretty normal horndog college dude before, hitting my mitten maybe once or twice a day. But now I was flogging my hog every few hours, coming to a quick release that always somehow left me unsatisfied and needing more. I began to wonder about dude sex. What was it like to make out with another guy while pressing my dong against his? Full-blown anal seemed even crazier to me. A dick just wasn’t supposed to go into a butthole. So why did that fact turn me on more every time I thought about it? For his part, Buck went on with his life like nothing had happened. He never mentioned his stroke sesh or what had been going on with those stag’s horns. He continued to offer me weed, which I started reluctantly accepting again. At least getting stoned helped calm some of the anxieties spinning in my head. Buck would often act laid-back and dispassionate, but I was coming to realize that nothing ever got past his wolf-like senses. Even as he’d expertly roll a doobie with one hand, he would stare at me, nostrils flaring, as if taking in my scent. His own armpits stank to high heaven. A part of me was beginning to enjoy the grapefruit-like smell of his sweat. I tried to do some research at the school library, typing ‘gay sex magic’ into Google to see if it would return any results. Obviously, there was a lot of dumb porn sites, but also some stuff about ancient practices. I found a book by a Greek historian who had visited the Celts and recorded how they “abandon themselves to a strange passion for other men. They usually sleep on the ground on skins of wild animals and tumble about with a bedfellow on either side.” For some reason, gaziantep escort the sentence caused a stirring in my pants. * * * * “I still don’t trust the guy,” I said to Jack, frowning. The two of us were drinking beers on his couch again. It was a hot night and we’d both come from the gym, so were sitting in sweat shorts with our shirts off. For the first time ever, I noticed just how ripped Jack was. He could have easily made some side cash on Onlyfans if he wanted. “Cause you think he’s using spells to make his dick longer?” Jack asked. I stared at my friend, flabbergasted. “What?” he said. “You’re the one always going on about how huge his piece is. It’s honestly getting kind of weird, bro.” “Pssh…” I said, unable to think of a more clever comeback. Jack looked at me with a mischievous grin. “Just let me know when you start sucking cock, dude. I could always close my eyes and pretend you’re a girl.” * * * * Buck continued to invade my dreams. Night after night, he was there, standing over me with his satyr-like figure, his legs and ass and groin furry beyond belief. His enormous erection was always wet with anticipation, a constant stream of dong juice that would drip, drip, drip onto my face. He’d send his pocket monster down my throat while laughing and throwing back his horn-crowned head. But every time, just before he’d cum, I’d wake up and find my sheets sticky with sweat and desire. Waking hours in the house turned into a daze. I’d catch myself staring at Buck’s incredibly hairy body–his thick and luscious beard, those long locks, the amazing bush growing from his armpits, his virile chest, his luxurious crotch. The dude was feral, a total wild man of the woods who smelled of tree pollen and wet earth, a completely intoxicating musk that sent my head spinning. I began to believe that his pheromones were inebriants affecting me like a drug. “That’s very air of you,” Buck said, smiling. My mind snapped to attention. Buck and I were lying side by side on his bed. I realized that I was stoned out of my gourd. “What do you mean?” I asked, trying to remember how I had gotten here. Buck was naked as usual; I was wearing a pair of extremely skimpy jogging shorts and nothing else. He took a long drag from the joint he was holding, letting the smoke curl slowly from his nostrils. The tendrils framed his brightly-glowing emerald eyes. “Your comment about pheromones suggests your overriding element is probably air. You view the world using logic and reason.” I couldn’t believe I’d said that part out loud. Or was Buck now reading my thoughts? “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” I asked, still trying to process this whole situation. Buck shrugged his muscular shoulders. “The elements suriyeli escort are tools. It’s up to each of us to find a way to bring them into balance within ourselves.” He handed me the joint and I brought it to my lips. The heat of it in my lungs plus the head rush that followed sent me into the sky. “Rational air is fine,” Buck went on, “but it should be tempered by the passions of water, which is free-flowing and deep. Each should also encounter the pragmatism of earth, which is capable and fruitful.” As he spoke, his fingers pointed to various tattoo designs on his brawny pecs. I realized he was giving me a lecture. There was one element he’d left out, but the THC in my bloodstream was making my thoughts slippery and time difficult to keep track of. “You’re like a Wiccan or something, right?” I asked. Buck’s mouth curled into a grin. He seemed to be holding back a private thought. “I worship some of their gods, yes. But it’s more about being open to certain energies.” My eyes glanced over to the stag horns hanging from Buck’s altar. A voice in my head yelled at me to get out of there. But his smells pinned me in place and I felt overwhelmed by the weed. I took in each of his words with interest, unsure of exactly what he was telling me or how to proceed. Looking down at Buck’s insane cock, I saw it glistening with a copious covering of precum. “If anyone’s free-flowing, dude, I think it might be you,” I said. Buck gave a low chuckle, letting his hand travel down to caress his enormous balls. He tickled his taint and then scooped a thin sheen of dick sauce onto his fingers. Spellbound, I watched as he pressed a finger to his forehead, as if anointing himself. A tickle of apprehension crept into my stomach. “What’s going on, man?” I asked. No response came from my handsome companion, who seemed to be moving into a different state of mind. Buck started to rub himself all over, writhing as he groaned erotically on the bed. His colossal dong was now at three-quarters mast, looking fuller and more girthy than any cock I’d seen in a porn. He ran his hands through his body fur and over his hairy balls, tugging at his pouch to make his long schlong twitch enticingly. From his mouth poured strange words. “God of green, Lord of the forest, I offer you my sacrifice, I ask for your blessing.” All the while, Buck was pulling on his foreskin, making his huge dickhead flare as precum ran steadily from its tip. I didn’t remember shucking my shorts but, suddenly, I was completely naked and outrageously hard next to my mesmerizing roommate. Without explanation, I knew Buck wanted me to jack off as well and so I spit on my hand and began playing with my own substantial uncut cock. Being rus escort in the presence of Buck’s gigantic rod was making me feel supercharged with sex and I was amazed at the amount of boner milk leaking from my dick. We beat our meats side by side, each fully absorbed in the action of the five knuckle shuffle. Every once in a while, Buck’s arm would brush up against my side, sending a rush of erotic energy through my body. Our nuts bounced up and down in a similar rhythm as the pace of our fapping increased. In my mind, I wanted nothing more than to roll over and mount my gorgeous god of a roommate, to feel that man-sized fuck stick slide ever so expertly into my tight, pink puck and then bang away at my insides until I couldn’t remember my name anymore. But I was frozen, unable to even push myself closer to the stunning creature at my side. As my hand went to town on my dong, I imagined wrapping my fingers around Buck’s elephantine erection, feeling its pulsating thickness and super-slick shaft. The stench of guy stank and pre-jizz was so heavy in the air that I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t bathed in such ambrosial fragrances. At that moment, Buck turned and locked his glowing green eyes directly on me. “You ready?” I realized I was right there, just at the edge of the most mind-expanding orgasm in creation. “Aim it this way,” Buck commanded. I tipped the end of my supremely-hard dick in his direction. Buck did the same, orienting his prodigious organ at me. I scrunched my face as an explosion went off in my brain and my body was wracked with waves of pleasure. At the exact same moment, Buck and I began firing insane ropes of natural cream, crazy geysers of cock chalk right at one another. I felt my entire being go into that ejaculation, my every muscle straining to propel heaping helpings of nut butter into the air. As my emanations splashed down on Buck’s hairy hide, my own frame became doused in the sticky discharge fired from his cannon-sized schlong. A massive dollop hit me right in the face, spilling over my lips and cheeks and giving me a taste of that salty extract. Other splurges buffeted my neck and chest, my abs and crotch, and a small splash even smacked my thighs. Pretty soon, we were both positively drenched in each other’s spunk, which dripped into every crevice of our college jock figures. In my post-orgasmic daze, I stared at my stoner roommate, who had an enormous smile plastered over his cum-blasted face. Buck’s expression told me I’d done a good job, and that there was far more to this mysterious stranger than I could have ever guessed. Somehow, I knew I was being initiated into something, though exactly what remained impossible to determine. As his breath slowed, Buck leaned over and rubbed his splooge-slick body against mine. Bringing his beautiful face close to me, he planted the softest and most affectionate kiss I’d ever experienced. * * * * Thanks everyone for the nice encouragement. More comments always welcome hoo. Support Nifty at fty/