The Chronicles of Bobby Pt. 02

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All actors are over 18 years of age in this story.


After their wedding, Jeb and Bonnie went on a romantic two week cruise that took them through the Panama Canal. As with most newly married couples they fucked each other all the time. But to Bonnie, that wasn’t enough. She loved to screw, but for some reason she was never really satisfied by Jeb. She had both of her girls at a very young age, Sissy when she was 19 and Susie when she was 20. So, she was still young and seeing Sissy pregnant made her extremely jealous. She decided to ask Jeb for a baby.

“Hey baby, I want to talk with you about something.”

“Sure thing honey, what’s on your mind?”

“You know, we’re both still relatively young and we both got started on a family while we were in our late teens, so our kids are essentially grown. But I want to have your baby, I want us to raise our child. What do you think?”

“Not only no, but fuck no! There’s no way in hell I want to have another baby; period! It’s bad enough that Sissy is pregnant, but that’s on her. So far as us, like I said, no fucking way.”

Bonnie was dejected, she felt horrible. The ache in her to feel life growing inside of her again was overwhelming. She wanted a fat swelling pregnant belly and milk filled tits. She knew that Bobby impregnated Sissy, because she told her (they are very close), so she hatched a plan.

A few days later Jeb and Bonnie arrived home from their honeymoon and the kids came out illegal bahis to meet them and help carry in the luggage. Bonnie looked at Sissy’s 6.5 month pregnant belly and she knew what she had to do. Looking at Bobby’s crotch instantly made her wet with anticipation.

Bonnie told Sissy about what happened on the cruise, making Sissy really mad. And then she told her mom, “Look, sneak into Bobby’s room tonight in place of me. Believe me, he’s really easy to seduce and mom you’re sexy as hell and I know he’ll fuck you like the stud he is.”

Later that night Bobby, while waiting for Sissy and being really tired from working out, feel asleep. Not much later he awakened by a really wet, sloppy, and skillful blowjob. Because she likes to watch herself getting fucked, Sissy always turned on the nigh but not tonight.

“Shit Sissy, that feels fucking amazing, where did you learn that?”

He received no response, oh well, so long as she didn’t stop blowing him; who cares if the light is on. He reached under her to play with her pregnant swollen breasts and he got a surprise.

He reached to the bedside and turned on his lamp, “What the hell! Bonnie what are you doing? I thought you were Sissy.”

“Shut the fuck up, don’t tell me you weren’t enjoying that sloppy blowjob. My daughters may be younger and tighter than me, but I have experience, lots of experience. So lay back, be quiet, and enjoy what is about to happen to you.”

She went right back to professionally illegal bahis siteleri sucking his dick and it was driving him crazy. She went from simply sucking his dick to full on throating him, she had his entire dick down her throat. He now knew what sword swallower meant!

Less than a minute later his cum was flowing into her belly and she was greedily swallowing and squeezing his balls persuading every drop of his seed down her throat. When he was finally drained she slid his dick out of her mouth.

“Holy shit that was amazing!”

“Now you know one of the reasons why your father married me. But, that’s not why I’m here.”

“Oh yeah, so let me try and guess why you’re here. I bet, you want a baby?”

Bonnie went into full on slut mode. His dick was starting to go soft “Oh no you don’t, you’re not going soft on me until you fuck a baby into me.”

She latched her mouth on his cock and started blowing him until his dick was rock solid. Then she climbed on top and slipped him inside her throbbing and wet pussy. Taking the full length of his 10″ cock with full ease. Rocking her hips back and forth, squeezing her vagina around his baby maker she could tell he was really getting into it. She locked her feet under his legs and turned him on top of her.

“Fuck me like a real woman. I need your seed, get your step mommy pregnant Bobby.”

He pumped her pussy really good, nice and slow sliding his full length in and out. She was canlı bahis siteleri enjoying the shit out of this, savoring every moment. It had been a long time since she’d had a dick this big in her. But enough was enough, she needed him to cum inside her.

She took control, arching her back and changing the angle of her cervix, she thrust her hips deep into his cock. Squeezing her vagina on him, while slowly increasing her rhythm she could tell he was getting close.

“That’s it Bobby, fuck your step mommy. Your dick feels so good in me, that’s it Bobby a little harder now. Treat me like a woman Bobby, dump your seed inside my womb. I want my belly to swell with your brother or sister. I want my tits to fill with the milk you put inside of them. Oh shit Bobby, I can feel your dick getting bigger, getting ready to spill your baby batter all inside me.”

“Shit you know how to fuck!” And all of his hot and sticky sperm flowed into her eager womb. He soaked her womb with his sperm, spraying his load all inside her while her pussy squeezed every drop out of his cock.

“That was good Bobby, it’s no wonder Sissy likes fucking you. Good night sweetie, see you in the morning.” She said as she left his room, closing the door behind her.

Bobby fucked Bonnie night after night for several weeks, there was no way she wasn’t pregnant. And sure enough 3 months later, her baby bump was starting to show.

Needless to say breakfast was always interesting, to the right of him sat his 9 month pregnant step sister, balancing her breakfast plate on her protruding pregnant tummy. And to his left, sat his 3 month pregnant step mother. Both babies belonging to him. Now, all he needed to do was impregnate Susie.