The Divorce Lawyer

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The Divorce LawyerNick’s divorce was immanent as he was standing in front of a window on the sixth floor of an office building listening to Craig, his lawyer go over details contained in his wife’s divorce papers. He was glad it was almost over, but not about how greedy she was being about things. He hated having to be mean. But she was getting terrible advice from her lawyer. They were upping the demands after every meeting. She sued for the divorce and thought he would just give her everything she wanted. On Craig‘s advice he was taking a stand and fighting back. He had a more than solid case for cutting her out totally.“it says here Nick” Craig said looking up and seeing him staring out the window. “that you and your wife had no sexual intercourse for a year prior to your separation, were you having an affair?”“no I was not having an affair, she was. But I cannot prove it. I just could not get into being with her anymore, Craig, I. I. I just did not desire sex with a cheating whore anymore” Nick sighed. “she had a couple of fuck buddies I think. Totally ruined her for me.”Craig got up from his desk and approached Nick, slowly. “can I ask you something Nick?”“sure” he said looking back at his lawyer.“you say you no longer desired your wife, what about women in general?” He put his hand on Nick’s shoulder. “Were you sleeping with other men?” He stood next to Nick. “You said you were Bi”“tell you the truth I never liked women all that much, just kind of did it because I was always taught that men belong with women, you know” The lawyer nodded. He knew exactly what his client meant.“ever been with a man Nick, and if so was it during your marriage?”“yes one man, while in college, it only lasted a month, after that I met my wife and never looked at anyone else. istanbul escort And no. Nothing during my marriage, when I am with someone I am with them no one else. I never cheat.”“I see. Very admirable” Craig said as his hand was now feeling up Nick’s ass. “I like you Nick ” he said putting both hands on Nick’s hips and leaning in and kissing his neck “you now realize you’re a mans man don’t you, and I want to unleash that raging fag inside you Nick”Nick turned and kissed him full on the lips and they both knew the truth was out and he no longer fought the urge to be with a man. Craig undid his soon to be new lovers pants and they fell to the floor exposing the bottom half of Nick who was a stone mason and very fit and muscular, as his shirt was unbuttoned it exposed a ripped chest and abs. Craig felt his cock thrust to attention as he backed Nick up and sat him on the edge of the office couch. “undo my pants Nick” he commanded, he knew it had been a while so he would need direction. Nick did as he was ordered, he undid the belt then the button and let fall the trousers. Nick was taken back by the size, he was staring at eight inches and at least double the thickness of any thing he’d seen before. Craig began undoing his tie and shirt he was fit but not overly muscular and had a chest of hair that excited Nick. “suck my cock stud”. Nick needed no further invitation, he knew he could not swallow it all so he wrapped a hand around the base and licked his way down the shaft as far as he could. He started slowly at first getting reacquainted with the feel, and after spiting on the tip of the penis for lubrication he began devouring the first cock he had had in years.“oh fuck Nick that’s avcılar escort amazing, you can really suck a cock, oh my sweet god!” Craig just stood with his hands at his side as Nick sucked him like a starving man having his first meal in weeks. He put his hands on Nicks head and grabbed a hand full of hair as he came into Nicks mouth. Nick cleaned up the come as best he could and sat back on the sofa pushing some of the white love into his mouth with his finger.“your turn lover on your knees and suck me till I blow” he demanded, and it turned Craig on to know Nick was into it so much. He dropped to his knees and spread his legs Nick wasn’t the biggest he’d ever had six and half and normal girth, but he was cut and it had an interesting curve. He went right to work as Nick threw his head back to rest on the back of the sofa and put one hand on his lawyers bobbing head and the other played with his own nipple. It didn’t take long for him to feel the burn and for the first time in years he had a mind blowing orgasm the bulk of which Craig swallowed. Craig kissed his way up the Adonis like chest and they kissed . “okay lover” Craig panted, time to get serious” he stood up and walked to his desk, Nick watched him bend over as he pulled a tube of lube from his bottom drawer. Nick smiled “I see you have men here a lot” “a few. You would be surprised how many men are divorcing to explore alternative lifestyles” he winked as he applied lube to his still hard cock. He knelt in front of Nick again and put his feet up on the couch spurting some lube to his thumb he massaged it into Nick starfish. “mmmmmmmmm please put you cock in me Lawyer Man” “just what I planned” he took and held Nicks legs under the knee as he positioned şirinevler escort himself at the opening and slowly entered him a little at a time. He got all the way in and stopped for a few seconds as he moved Nicks knees to hang them over his shoulders and used his hands to play with Nicks nipples. He slowly began thrusting deep and then pulling shallow and thrusting back deep. He slowly straightened his legs and leaned on his hands so he was pushing with his toes and fucking Nick hard and moderately fast. Nick could not believe he had been denying himself this for so long, no wonder he could not get up for his wife, she had no cock. His thoughts soon turned orgasmic as the full force of the cock inside him against his p spot made him come again, and shortly after he felt the hot white love from another man flow into him like water. Craig groaned through gritted teeth as he came hard, and after his muscles relaxed he fell back on the floor on his back, leaving Nick on the couch panting.After a minute Nick caught his breath and moved to his knees between Craig’s legs and began massaging lubricant onto his crooked manhood. He rolled Craig onto his stomach and pulled him onto all fours, positioning himself so that when he did he entered his ass. His pleasure was unbelievable as he put his hands on Craig’s shoulders and pushed him down so his forehead was in the floor and proceeded to pound him with everything he had left. Nick’s enthusiasm made Craig feel an orgasm of his own from within, which had only happened once before. “Come inside me please I need to feel it!” Nick more than obliged as he came for the third time in an hour.They both sat back against the couch on the floor, Nick pulled cigarettes from his pants and they shared a smoke. “wow Craig, that was hot”“oh man was it ever, and we can do it again tomorrow at my place”“you know this could be the beginning of a beautiful and dirty partnership”Later that week Craig found evidence that Nick’s wife was having several affairs around town negating her claim to anything, making the divorce still very bitter but less costly for his new lover.