The Doctor is In. – part 2

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The Doctor is In. – part 2Freeda was waiting outside of my office at 1:30 promptly. She looked ravishing and the smile she had left with that morning, was still plastered to lovely her face.She immediately undressed and put her feet in the stirrups before I had time to say “How was lunch ?”.”Before we begin.” I said while starring at her cute pussy, “I want you to relax and close your eyes. I need to finish my examination.”I reached into my bag and pulled out a small speculum ( I have all the gear mate ! I ran into a hard-up doctor in London and purchased all his equipment and his medical certificate). I applied some grease and slipped it into her little slot. When I opened it up I was rewarded with a view of the pinkest smoothest hymen I had ever seen (to be honest, it was in fact the first hymen I had actually seen). The tiny opening at the back was weeping a little clear liquid which began to trickle out and run downwards.”Freeda, does it feel good sometimes when you play with your nipples and breasts ?” I asked not taking my eyes off the wonderful view in front of me.”Sometimes.” She replied.”Well I want you to do that now please.” I requested and she quickly complied. She began by lightly running her finger over her areola then she started to pinch her nipples and twist them.The trickle down her hymen had become a dribble and she was beginning to moan and move her hips. I took the speculum out and her pussy lips snapped tightly closed. I took my hand vibrator out of the case and plugged it in. “Freeda,” I said, “I want to put this on your hand.”She opened her eyes and gave me her hand. I strapped the vibrator to the back of it and turned it on. She immediately started giggling but soon it had her nipples standing alert as she fingered and pinched them with her vibrating fingers. I sat back and watched, stroking my dick under my lab coat. She spent a long time playing with her nipples paying more attention to her left one than the right. Eventually her hand ended up between her legs and her finger was on her ‘button’.I could see the lips of her sweet pussy vibrating together as she pushed hard down on her clitoris. A drop of white liquid appeared at the bottom of slit. It was quickly reinforced with more love juices and they began to trickle down to her arsehole.I was mesmerized and could have ejaculated there and then. I held off I wanted to see how this ended !It took a full 10 minutes before she was overtaken by waves of orgasmic pleasure, leaving her spent and limp on my table. I turned the machine off for her and put it away.”Wow! canlı bahis I need one of those.” She said eventually.”Sears and Roebuck page 189.” I replied. “Turn over for me and get on your knees please.”She knelt face down on the examination table with her beautiful smooth round ass pointing skyward. Her asshole was pink and perfect. Her butt crack was still wet with her juices, so I dipped my finger in some and slipped it into her tight asshole.She gasped, “Doctor!””Relax Freeda, I am going to try and help your sex life. ” I said as I sunk my finger deep into that tight orifice and wiggled it around.”I would be correct in assuming your husband was also a virgin when you married. Yes?” I asked as I slide the middle finger of my other hand into the wet slot between her pussy lips and then deep into the pink tissue within. I pulled that finger out, it was shiny wet with her juices. I tasted it, yummy stuff. “Taste yourself Freeda.” I said as I held her pussy open.A finger came up from between her legs and slid into her muff. I felt her it slide in with the finger that was still in her ass. She pulled it out and licked it.”Mmmm… I do taste sweet.” She commented. “And to answer your question, my husband is clueless about sex and I had no interest in it….until now.”I put my digit back in her sweet lady-pie and pumped my fingers in and out of her ass and pussy at the same time. “How does that feel ?” I asked.”Sssgood.” She drooled.I kept both fingers in unison as I finger fucked her. Then after a while I pulled my finger out of her pussy and continued to with the one in her sweet tight poop shoot.”How about now, still feels good?” I inquired.”Yessh !” She confirmed.I took my finger out and opened her ass cheeks wide. This is what the gates of heaven must look like to a religious person. I was tempted to lick it from pussy to ass and back, but my professionalism got the best of me.”Did you know that male sperm is not just for reproduction?” “Indeed.” I continued in my best English accent. “In fact I have proven that male sperm introduced to the female either vaginally, anally or orally induces a hormone in the female which provides a feelings of contentment within said female. It can leave a woman feeling calm and satisfied for days after it has been deposited.””So you suggest I have regular sex with my husband ?” She commented.”Freeda,” I replied, ” I am a medical doctor, I care not who you have sex with, only that you have sex ! It is healthy, normal and your body needs it! Now I would suggest you consider your ass as a sexual orifice and bahis siteleri offer it to your partner as an option. You will get pleasure from it and the risk of pregnancy is zero.” “Is that legal ?” She asked.”As long as you don’t do it in public I don’t think anyone will mind.” I quipped.She giggled and blushed.”You told me this morning that you have never tasted sperm and I think you need to get past that so you can also offer oral sex to your partners as well. Again the pregnancy chances are zero and the satisfaction levels are high. Do you understand ?””I have no idea what you mean by oral sex.” She mumbled looking at me with big soft eyes.”Would you like me to teach you ?” I volunteered.She nodded demurely.I stood and indicated for her to kneel in front of me. I had her take out my prick which was still stood firmly at attention. ” Now cup the balls gently with one hand and grab the staff of the penis with the other.” I instructed.”It is customary when in the subservient position you are now in, that you play a submissive role even though you are in complete control.” I continued as she looked up at me with her pretty, pretty face so close to my johnson.”Think of yourself as a servant girl trying to please her master. Look him in the eye and say something like ‘May I suck you cock, Master ?’ and always complement him on his penis’s size or girth, even if it is nothing to brag about. You are offering your mouth as a replacement for your vagina… make it work for you.””Please may I suck your magnificent cock, Doctor ?.” She begged.She learned quick this girl !I said “OK.” and she put her wet hot mouth over the head of my prick.”Use your tongue to explore the cock while it is in your mouth…That’s it… gooood.” I said as my knees began to tremble. “Try to keep your hands working all the time. Now lick the staff of my cock…from the base to the tip…that’s it…slower…slower and again repeat. Gooood… now put it back in your mouth and see how much you can get in there.”She appeared to have no gag reflex as she swallowed the head of my cock. I could feel the small opening of her throat as she tried to force her head further down my shaft.. She was a good student … a very, very good student. I was about to cum so I pulled out of her mouth and began stroking my dick.”Now you must ask a man for his cum. It is precious to you and to him; you need it; you need it in your stomach; you want to taste it… you must beg for it..plead for it.” I thought I might have gone too far with the last instruction, but no….She was begging me bahis şirketleri to cum. She was squeezing her tits and looking up at me.”Open wide and put out your tongue.” I ordered.Her perfect pink licking muscle protruded from her lips and I could see the back of her throat where my dick had just been. I could hold back no more. I ejaculated into her mouth and all over her tongue. She threw her head back in surprise and before she could close her mouth my second load landed between her eyes, onto her nose and it too went into her mouth.She gulped both loads down then proceeded to vigorously suck my cock dry. I had to pat her on the head to tell her to stop. I was drained !I sat in my chair and tried to get my heart beat back under control. She was still knelt naked in front of me scooping the cum that had dripped onto her tits into her mouth. She was smiling as she concentrated on her work. When she looked up at me I indicated to her she had cum on her nose and chin. She eagerly herded that sperm to her mouth where it was scooped up by her hungry tongue.As she dressed she told me tomorrow night she would be returning to San Diego with her husband. She wanted to know if she could see me the next day for further instruction and to learn a little more about the anal sex I had mentioned.”See me after your morning calisthenics, and I will give you the benefit of my expertise.” I told her. This was my first week here and Freeda and Henrietta were the only women who had requested my services so far. So I looked forward to spending the whole morning with her. Alas that was not to be.The next morning as I ate breakfast in the staff canteen, I was stopped by the appointment secretary, Mrs Judith Hicks. She was a fine looking woman with a quick smile and a magnificent rack which she tried hard to hide but always failed.I made a note to try and get her to let me examine them…. I mean her.”Dr Jacobs.” She said with a big grin. “You are very popular today. I have had eight of our female guests requesting to see you. What is your schedule like for the day?””I will be free after 10:00 am. If you want to schedule a 30 minute interview for each of these ladies I will evaluate their needs.” I responded with my biggest smile. “Any idea why the sudden demand for my services ? Is it this diet of nuts and twigs you’re feeding everyone?””No.” she laughed, “It seems your two patients from yesterday have been singing your praises as a godsend to womanhood. Maybe I should sign up and see what all the fuss is about myself?” She said with a wink.”Please do. Please….please…it would be my honor and I think every woman can benefit from these healing hands.” I said wiggling my fingers at her.I just knew I would like working here. I wonder what adventures the rest of the week would bring?