The doctor is in

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The doctor is inIt starts with you going to the doctors to check your prostate. I work as the doctor, wearing a short white dress and under it my red bra and nickers. As I lean over you can see the top of my boobs. I shake your hand and asks you to take of your clothes and bend over.You feel how I put some cold lubricate on your ass and some runs down on your balls. Then you feel how I separate your cheeks and puts in first one then a second finger inside you not wearing any glove. You moan a bit and I lean over you and asks if you like it. You nodd. I then find the prostate and start pressing-milking it and asks again if you like it. I notice that you´re having a hardon by now. You moan louder that it feel so nice. I then take the other hand and tease-ceressing first your balls then the shaft. You moan even louder and I continue to both milk the prostate and rub that dick until you come screaming Batıkent travesti on the floor. It´s a big white puddle of cum. You look at me and smile and I smile back. I wonder if you want to continue and make it good for me as well and you lean over and kisses me. You ceresses my boobs and tells me to take off my clothes as well. I remove the dress and my bra and pants-standing infront of you naked as you are.I then take you by the hand and leads you to another room were a big gynocologist chair stands. I climb it and places my legs there. You have my pussy wide open for you to see and use as you like. You raise the chair and my pussy close to your mouth and starts to taste it. Licking my pussy lips and clit and the entrance. I´m so wet and juices runs down and you lick them up really good. It doesn´t take long for me to come in your mouth moaning loud.You then lower the chair and start Çankaya travesti kissing and licking your way up my body. When comming to my boobs you take one in each of your hands and plays with the stiff nipples. you then take turns in kissing,licking and suck them. After a while you continue up and kisses me a long time letting me taste how my pussy and nipples taste like. I can feel that errect penis of yours against my belly.You then lower yourself into position and with a single thrust you dive into me all your length. I grasp for air and you moan feeling that warm moist pussy wrapping the hole dick. You stand still for a bit so we both can experience how the cock twiches and moves inside me. Then you take me by my hips and slowly at first withdraw and fall back into me. You do that over and over faster and faster fucking my pussy as good you can. You then raises your hands and squeeses Cebeci travesti my boobs and picges my nipples. It feels so good and my pussy contracts as you do that. Making it even tighter.You start to sweat and continues with fucking me. Your balls firmes up and gets ready to blow cum inside me but you try with all your strenght to hold it. You touches my clit and I start moaning more and more louder and louder and you do too. When you fell me comming you relese a really big flood of sperme deep inside my soaking wet pussy and fall down exausted on top of me. We lay there a while until I can fell the stiff cock get weak again. Cum runs down my ass as you withdraw it. I then beg you to clean my pussy and you stand on your knees and licks all mixt of your sperme and my pussyjuice given me another intence orgasm.You then stands up with youe entire face covered in juice from us and smiles at me.Telling me you´re looking forward to next doctors appointment!When you walk into the waitingroom you hear some wispear about the noise we made in the examroom. A guy asks you if the doctors was to rough and hard on you.You just smile and walk away!