The doctor part four

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The doctor part fourso here i was whith this sweet smelling warm young lady, again the mixure of the musk she had been wearing meant to morning i was semi erect, mymind was in overdrive as to the possible outcomes this day, as we cuddled each other she reached down to my cock and slowly , ever so slowly began to wank me, without any prompting from me she got astride on top of me, she fed my now erect cock slowly up into cunt !!now with her having said to me the previous evening that was not what she wanted i was a liitle confused but said nothing, slowly she took it right to the hilt , then easing up and down ever so slowly, my now rock hard cock up inside this young womans cunt, feeling her internal muscules grip my cock in such a way as to try and milk me, as she began to ride me harder i reached up and sqeezed both her nipples with my fingers , HARDER she cried out , HARDER , i dug my nails in to her tits as hard as i could, she riding me for all she was worth, suddlendly arching her back and using her own fingers and nails to pinch her tits, exploding on to my cock, that wonderful intense moment of seeing her orgasm, feeling her moisture as she came, her own personal lube , that almost magical moment where she’s lost in her own little world , muttering to herself i don’t no what , but enjoying the sight before me , on releashing her tits , now with deep red marks of the nails on them, FUCK she bursa escort exclaimed , i needed that so badly, my pleasure i said , we kissed intently as she lifted herself of my cock , again she whispered in my ear ” thank you ” as she held me tight, so i happened to say seems you like a bit of pain with your sex ? well err yes if you must know, strickly vanilla does not work for me she said, always happy to please i said to her, as we were now both in need of a shower we shared the walk in one, washing each other ensuring no hole etc went untouched, as we towel dryed our selfs i noticed the tattoo she had across her crotch, standing as i was i could not read it, she suggested i kneel down to read it , so doing as i was told i read the words ” I love pussies ” with an emblem of a cat at the end, thats cute i said, Have you had it long ? about six months ago … my lover treated me !!!! ” lover ” ? i said , what does he think your doing this weekend ? , ‘ My lover if you must know is a ” she ” what does she think of you being away with a bloke ? oh it’s alright said amy we have an open relationship – variety is the spice of life she quipped , again my mind went into overdrive thinking of what possible outcomes may come of this ? but putting all that to one side for a moment i began to stoke and kiss the tops of her slender thighs, again what i was doing was not unwelcome , that wonderful dare i say it womanly bursa escort bayan aroma from her cunt/snatch /called it what you like was a pure delight, i let my toungue do the talking ‘ exploring her crease, flicking her clit gently with the tip of my toungue , feeling little shudders from her as i did so , but also noticed her hand gripping the hair on my head as a set to work on the cunt, clearly she was getting very aroused , her legs beginning to tremble almost raising her self up on tip toe gripping my hair very hard now and pulling my head as far as she could into her crotch, suddendly a cry from her lips as her climax crashed through her, my face awash with her cum , i barely had time to recover when she simply said FUCK me , i don’t care where , just fuck me, i had her kneel on the edge of the bed and i force my nor rock hard cock up into her tight little cunt, with her having just come herself she seemed just that bit tighter, but by now i was so fucking horny i was not bothered, i snarled at her saying i was going to fuck to arse off her , yeah fuck me hard she said , harder the better, its my favorite postion any way and as i penetrated her i grabbed her hair as if it was a pair of reins and began to fuck her, in doing so i slapped her across the arse cheeks hard and fast, YES came her breathless gasps, HARDER, HARDER – hurt me , all this pushed me over the edge and i exploded inside escort bursa her, as my own orgasm started to subside i stay up in side her, i was still semi hard but just slowly fucked her in such a way that she knew i was still ready, she moaned in a sort of way that she’d had enough, but i retorted , i’am not finished with you yet SLUT , i noticed the moment i uttered that word it sent a message to her cunt as if to tighten herself around my cock, slowly i began to pump in and out of her , building up a steady rhythm , again she moaned as if to stay she could not take anymore , but i snarled at her in saying ” this is how you serve me “understand ? i got no reply , i slapped her arse a few times , ” yes sir i understand ” with that i just fucked her for all i was worth , standing almost on tip toe to get a better postion to get as deep as i could into her, her panting got more and more urgent, as i came deep inside her pulling on her hair hard forcing her head back hearing her gasp for breath was music to my ears , slowly ever so slowly we both calmed down falling on to the bed , totally shattered we kissed each other intently , saying things like this is better than going to church or such like, yeah fuck what away to stay the day, by now we were both quite hungry so we quickly showered again and went down for breakfast, so while we where in the dining room i asked her how long had she been with her partner ? about a year give or take, we house share – shes a hair dresser by trade and its more affordable that way, without any prompting from me amy said would i like to meet her ? …… more of that to follow.