the electric crab

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the electric crabInterrogation One: The Electric CrabThe air inside the underground room was hot and sticky, overlaid with the smellsof excitement, sweat and fear. The edges of the torture chamber were shroudedin darkness but, as she was dragged through the door, the terrified girl couldsee the gleam of white wall tiles and a jumble of nameless equipment on a benchagainst one wall.The guards forced her forwards, laughing at her futile attempts toresist. Still dressed in an expensive blouse and jeans, it was obvious from thebruises, and the disarray of her clothes, that the soldiers had taken everyopportunity to fondle her well-developed body in the short period since herarrest. Maria Jimenez, still shocked by being seized, cuffed and driven to thisdetention centre, fought to control her breathing and her rising terror of whatunspeakable things were about to happen to her. With her wrists cuffed in front of her and arms held in the iron grip ofthe two brutal guards, she couldn’t see past the Colonel’s back, but was awarethat the only illumination was coming from four bright spotlights that werefocused beyond him, onto an area in the middle of the floor. Abruptly, theColonel turned, signalling the guards to drag the young Brazilian studentforward until she could see what was happening in the hot glare of the lamps.Maria Jimenez nearly fainted in horror as she stared at the familiarfigure displayed in the harsh blaze of the lights. Her best friend, Juanita,had been stripped of her dress and panties that now lay discarded to one side. Completely naked, she had been mounted on what looked like a small leathersaddle, set about three feet off the floor on a thick steel shaft. Her legswere stretched painfully wide apart. Each ankle was lashed tightly to a ringboltset in the concrete floor, so that she was forced down in an obscene squattingposition, hard against the damp leather. Juanita’s hands were behind her back. Broad straps, the leather darkwith sweat, had been cinched tight round her upper arms, dragging her elbowstogether and forcing her shoulders back whilst a single nylon tie bit viciouslyinto her wrists. A single rope, leading from the wrist tie to a hook in theceiling, was holding her up. The rope had obviously been deliberately overtightened, lifting Juanita’s arms agonisingly up and away from her back, forcingher to bend forwards so her large, round breasts now dangled away from her body.The watching girl saw immediately that such cruel bondage opened andpresented her friend’s most intimate places to the cruel attentions of hercaptors. In particular, Maria saw how Juanita was unable to shield hersensitive breasts from the hands of her tormentors. The diabolical torturesaddle was also designed to leave the core of a woman’s body vulnerable andopen. The front was cut away and Maria could see the plump hairless purse ofJuanita’s cunt jutting into thin air, completely unobstructed and exposedbetween her widely parted thighs.Maria Jimenez started towards her friend, but the guards twisted herarms viciously, holding her fast. Before she could resist, a ceiling rope wasthreaded through her own cuffs and her hands were jerked up above her head. They stopped hauling on the rope just as Maria reached tiptoe. She was left,stretched and helpless, staring into the pitiless glare that bathed thesweat-streaked body of her friend and the white-coated figure bending over her.The young Brazilian’s eyes widened in horror when she realised that theperson standing by Juanita was not a man, as she automatically assumed, but ayoung woman in her twenties. Dressed in a short white doctor’s coat, her barelegs hinted that she was naked beneath the starched cotton. As she looked up,Maria saw the young woman’s calm, confident face, almost devoid of makeup butwith strong bones and deep set, black eyes. Her black hair was cut so short itwas almost a crew cut. Talking quietly with the Colonel, one hand continuedstroking the slope of Juanita’s sweat-beaded breast where it dangled invitinglybeside her.The Colonel turned back to the terrified student. ‘You may wonder whyyour friend doesn’t slip off our little toy,’ he murmured, looking at thestraddled figure before them. ‘You can’t see it at the moment, but she is alsoenjoying the feel of one of these.’ He walked back to the dangling figureholding a thick, familiar shape. Colonel Marcos lifted the fat, curving dildo sothat Maria could see it more clearly. At first she couldn’t understand why itlooked so odd then, with increasing horror, she understood. kayseri escort The black shaft wascovered with blunt spikes and sharp, swirling ridges. The colonel stroked thefiendish device down the girl’s cheek, watching her shudder as it sc****d acrossher skin.He let his hand drop and looked back at the girl in the lights. ‘Ofcourse, now she’s riding it fully, she doesn’t feel it too much… as long asshe doesn’t try and move. She’s found that out quite quickly…’ He chuckled tohimself, enjoying the shivering fear of the girl stretched out beside him. ‘Butif she does wriggle a bit… well, I’m told the effect becomes increasinglypainful after a little while.’ He paused, ‘such a pity for her that thelieutenant has so many ways of making her move…’ The Colonel looked across at Juanita. ‘It’s so very silly. All this showof silence and bravery.’ He raised his voice slightly, ‘your friend will tell useverything, absolutely everything … in the end.’ The colonel stroked Maria’scheek very gently, ‘just as you will too, my dear.’ He smiled as the youngstudent twisted her head away, her lips tightly shut. ‘Oh, please don’t thinkyou can choose to keep silent; Lieutenant Perez here is one of my very specialexperts in these matters. As a woman, she knows exactly how to provide quiteunbearable stimulation to all those delightful little places that a man might soeasily overlook. Pretty young students with rebel friends are a particularfavourite for both of us. So much delightful and responsive flesh to playwith…’He paused, watching Maria wriggling madly on the end of the rope. ‘Itwas Lieutenant Perez who designed that dildo I showed you.’ His hand closedround the girl’s jaw and his voice became a low, calm whisper. ‘Now, watch thelieutenant and see what she does to your friend this time. Then you will talk tome… or very soon it will be your turn in the spotlight!’He turned again to the woman who was still stroking Juanita’s breast andtalking softly into her ear. ‘Lieutenant, what progress so far?’ The woman took two steps to stand, almost at attention, in front of theColonel. Her eyes took in Maria Jimenez’s stretched figure with interest. ‘We’veonly just started Colonel; I’ve been using the crab on her tits. When we startagain, she’ll know what’s coming and the effect will be that much better. She’sgot plenty of stamina left yet.’ She smiled, ‘despite all the screams andprotests. But, sir I’m afraid I don’t think she really knows anything…’The Colonel looked at her with obvious understanding, then noddedtowards the dangling figure next to him. ‘This young lady has just arrived.She’s unwise enough to be little Juanita’s roommate and Carlos’s girlfriend, theone we are so anxious to talk to, is her cousin. I thought she should first havea chance to see how you are playing with her friend.’ The lieutenant smiled at the girl with sudden, hot expectation, andlooked at the watch on her left wrist. ‘Of course, Colonel, young Juanita hashad plenty of time to rest since the last session. I’ll go on working on hernipples for now; she seems particularly sensitive there. Then, if we need to, wecan try something later on.’ The Colonel waved his hand in agreement. Thelieutenant smiled in anticipation as she turned her attention back to the oliveskinned beauty pinned astride the torture saddle. Juanita looked up, saw her torturer coming, and began pullingfrantically at her bonds in a vain effort to escape. Suddenly, she bit her lipand gasped, holding herself unnaturally still. Maria winced, realising thatJuanita had lifted slightly on the saddle so that the vicious rubber spikes hadsc****d and rasped against the tender insides of her cunt. Lieutenant AnnaPerez, also knowing exactly what had happened, reached out and stroked the dampstrands of Juanita’s hair.Juanita’s head jerked up at the caress. She began pleading urgentlybetween her gasps of pain. ‘No, not so soon. Ah! More time! You said I couldrest. Uh, Please I need to rest. Oh God, don’t touch me again… Please don’tmake me m-m-m-move… I’ve told you, I don’t know anything. Aaah, you mustbelieve me!’ The lieutenant, smiling serenely at Juanita’s sudden babblingoutburst, looked to where Maria and the Colonel were hidden in the darkness. Speaking mainly for Maria’s benefit, she replied in a soft, voice… ‘Ohdear, did you feel that? Its gets so sensitive inside there after a bit theytell me… and you’re going to wriggle so much more in a moment. How on earthwill you stand it?’ The hand continued stroking the wet straggled hair. ‘And allI want is the girl’s address. After all… it’s her we really want to talk toisn’t it…?’ She paused, ‘still nothing to say… ah well.’ She turned,standing close between Juanita’s painfully stretched legs. ‘Then perhaps I’dbetter see if you’re all nice and ready for me again?’Almost tenderly, she reached down to cup the dangling breasts of theshivering eighteen year old student before her. Lieutenant Anna Perez gentlystroked and smoothed the heavy globes in her upturned hands for a few momentsbefore concentrating on twisting and pinching the unwillingly offered nipples.Nipples that Maria Jimenez could now see were already swollen and red, painfullysore and raw-looking from whatever torment had been applied to them before shehad been brought into the chamber. Juanita was wriggling her shoulders madly ina useless effort to protect herself from the pitiless fingers. Maria could hearher crying out in agony as the expert hands abused her most sensitive flesh oncemore.The lieutenant smiled down at Juanita as she looked at the two hard,swollen peaks gripped fiercely between her fingers. The girl’s body had made itsinevitable response to her intimate caresses. Juanita continued to scream aloudinto the darkness beyond the blinding lights. ‘No, no, no more, not againplease, pleeeease no, not again. I’ve told you I can’t, not again, not so soon!’Feeling that the woman had stopped fingering her now-rigid nipples, the girlstopped babbling and began to pant even harder in awful anticipation of theagony she knew was coming.’Now, now,’ the lieutenant continued, digging her nails into the hardtips. ‘You lied to me. These little ones are saying you’re all ready for meagain.’ She chuckled as she flicked the tender stubs with her nails. ‘I thinkyou should try our little silver crabs just once more, all right?’Juanita’s desperate scream of protest echoed in the chamber. MariaJimenez, puzzled as to what the ‘silver crabs’ were and why Juanita was sopanic-stricken by the name, saw the lieutenant reach across to the little tablebeside the saddle. She picked up some wires; at the end of each one, a silver,saw-toothed crocodile clip winked and glittered as it swung to and fro in thelights. Maria stifled a cry of panic, burying her face in her arms as sherealised what the lieutenant had meant, and what they were about to do to herfriend.’She can’t see us because of the lights,’ the Colonel said, and then henoticed that the girl had turned her head away. One hand smashed casuallyagainst her cheek, the impact bringing a trickle of blood from her mouth. ‘Itold you to watch her, my silent little bitch. You want to be fully prepared forwhat’s coming, don’t you?’ The Colonel knew from experience that anticipation ofthe pain to come would heighten the young Brazilian’s reactions. He smiled asshe reluctantly obeyed his command, looking back to where Juanita’s torture wasbeginning once again.Cupping one full globe the lieutenant leaned down and sucked on thetender, swollen nipple for a moment before positioning the open jaws of thefirst clip on either side of the fleshy peak of Juanita’s left breast. ‘Ready?’Her fingers opened, allowing the teeth to sink into the soft crinkled flesh.Hearing Juanita’s hiss of pain and anticipation, Anna Perez pressed on the jaws,forcing the teeth together. A tiny row of red beads across the swollen nippleshowed how cruelly the little clip was being used. As she pressed harder, afurther wailing scream of agony was wrenched from the strutted girl.Allowing time for the effects to develop fully, lieutenant Perez waiteda full twenty seconds before lifting Juanita’s right breast, again sucking thenipple into glistening erection before applying the second clip. Once again shewaited, asked the tormenting question, then pressed the clip closed so the jawsstabbed deep into the delicate flesh. Another wailing scream burst from the girlbefore her head fell forward.To her friend, concealed in the darkness and heat of the torturechamber, it looked exactly as though Juanita was intent on studying the silvercrabs now gripping each nipple in a steel vice. The lieutenant picked up a box from the table. ‘Oh God no, notelectricity, not there, she can’t. Oh Juanita my love!’ Maria Jimenez had heardthe stories round the university, stories of how the authorities used torture,especially electrical torture, to extract information; but had dismissed them asthe usual hysterical left wing propaganda. Now, in this hot dark cellar, it wasall too horribly real. The pain in her wrists, the ghastly scene before her andthe gnawing terror of what was going to happen to friend, and then to her, madeMaria Jimenez pant harshly with fearPart of the horror was that the device the lieutenant was holding lookedso domestic and ordinary, just a small, plain box with a single black plasticknob and a red button set into the top face. The thin wires hung down, curvingfrom two little jack plugs in one side across to the clips on Juanita’s nipples.A thicker, black cable curled away from the back to the transformer on thefloor. The colonel heard Maria’s outburst, and the sudden panting breaths, andsmiled to himself. These girls, they had no idea, no idea at all of what could,and would, be done to them here in the underground rooms of the Ministry, hethought. This was a world of carefully created pain and agony. His world, aworld they would soon discover inch by screaming inch.Preparations complete, the lieutenant yanked Juanita’s head up by thehair, forcing her to look at the little box as she turned the knob on the frontto a new setting. She waited for Juanita to react, watching eagerly as the girlbegan to gabble, crying out more loudly in obvious knowledge of what was aboutto happen to her. The lieutenant smiled, shook her head, and stepped back as herthumb pressed the red button. Silence fell in the chamber, broken only by the soft humming of thetransformer and, at first, it seemed as though nothing had happened at all. Alow buzzing came from the clips. Then, Juanita seemed to arch backwards, thetendons of her neck and arms standing out like cords as her mouth opened in agrimace of agony. Suddenly, she screamed! A wild tormented wail that went on andon. Heedless of the torturing dildo within her, she began to buck up and down onthe leather pad as the current blazed agony through her nipples. Maria Jimenezcould see drops of sweat flicking off her friend’s dangling breasts as theyflailed and bounced madly as Juanita shuddered and shook in pain.The lieutenant’s thumb lifted, the buzzing ceased and Juanita collapsedlike a rag doll, as far as her bonds would allow. ‘Anything to tell me yet, orshall we try again?’Arrrggghhh! I d-d-d-don’t know what you w-w-w-ant. P-p-p-leas-s-s-estop. Oh God, I don’t know…”No no, you must try a little harder.’ The thumb pressed down again andJuanita was jerked into another screaming frenzy as the current surged throughher tits.In the darkness, Maria Jimenez watched in horror, as well as a sort ofguilty excitement, as the sadistic lieutenant took her friend into a world ofscreaming agony. For ten long minutes she kept her young victim writhing andyelling before allowing Juanita to sag forwards against her bonds.After watching the limp figure for a few moments, Anna Perez brought herround by simply tearing the clips free of her nipples. Juanita jolted upright,pop-eyed and open-mouthed as the little steel teeth ripped across the delicatetissues. ‘Time to talk… or would you like to try something else? Simplequestion… where is Maria’s cousin hiding now?”Arrrrgh, I don’t, know. Told you, p-p-please, don’t. Oh God my breasts,what have you done to me?’ Juanita wailed. She sagged forwards again trying toease the pressure on her arms and thighs, crying out as the deeply buried dildoraked and flayed her vagina right up to her cervix.Lieutenant Perez put the controller down and lifted the moaningstudent’s chin, looking into the pain-wracked eyes. ‘Talk you cow, or shall westart with something else…?’ Her finger and thumb reached up to grasp one ofJuanita’s bloodied teats. ‘Talk…now!’ Anna Perez suddenly clenched her hand,twisting and pressing to make her nails claw into the swollen stub.’AAAAAAHH! Oh God, I DON’T KNOW! P-p-p-please…’ Without warning,Juanita fainted again.The lieutenant flicked the tortured nipple contemptuously and walked tothe colonel’s side. ‘Sir, I suggest we switch… This one can wait. In a coupleof hours the swelling in her tits will double the effect of the electricity andshe’ll talk soon enough. In that time we can hear what Maria here might want totell us?’ The colonel nodded, signalling to the guards.Maria watched in dread as the two guards freed the ropes and leg strapsbefore pulling Juanita off the saddle. Her friend managed to scream just oncemore, a long wail of agony as they wrenched her free of the impaling rod. Then,her arms still bound behind her, they dragged her out.’Now, my dear,’ the colonel said gently, his hand just caressing Maria’sleft buttock. ‘How is your memory for names…?’Maria’s story is continued in ‘The Copper Cup’CortezCortezThe Electric Crab2