The Emerald Surprise

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Amanda and John were just putting the tinsel on the Christmas tree. She turned to John and said, “You know, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the glistening white snow that covers the ground, it gives it a sense of purity, hiding it’s imperfections. I can smell the aromatic scent of pine in the air while walking down the lane to the mailbox. However, when I go shopping, it is the people I meet and the colored lights and trees along main street that seem to say, “Merry Christmas. “

John replied, “You know what I love about this time of year don’t you? It is coming in from the cold, building a fire in the fireplace and sipping warm cider while watching the embers in the fireplace. That reminds me, I need to go buy some more eggnog for the party Saturday night.”

Amanda plugged the tree in and said, “Oh honey, isn’t the tree so beautiful? If you do not mind, pick up some things for me while you are at the store. That way, I can finish getting things ready for the party Saturday.”

He replied, “Sure thing, just write down what you need. I better get going. I do not want to be out after dark, the roads are kind of slippery.”

She walked over to John, snuggled up close to him and kissed him passionately. Then she said, “Okay, but you be careful sweetheart, I would not want to see anything happen to you.”

He went into the kitchen and started putting his boots and coat on while Amanda made him a list. He then placed the list in his pocket and kissed her goodbye saying, “I should not be gone for more then an hour dear. If I get delayed I will call you on the cell phone.”

She waved goodbye and went back to putting up the rest of the Christmas decorations. She wanted to make sure there was mistletoe in each doorway, with pine and holly wrapped up the stairway and a few more candles to add to the scene.

Amanda then looked serious, wiped a tear from her eyes, and said, “I wish Thomas would join us this year for Christmas.”

Thomas McKinney was John business partner. A couple of years back, he lost his wife due to a car wreck. They have no children, and Amanda knew he was probably feeling lonely, especially during the holiday season. She had sent a special invitation to come to the party Saturday, hoping it would lift his spirits. She knew if he came to the house and saw its Christmas postcard image and the scents of the holiday it would melt his heart. Then she smirked and told herself, “If that does not work, I will just have to try my emerald green surprise on him.”

She went about finishing the decorations and hoped John could find everything that was on the shopping list. She then glanced at her watch. It read 5pm. He should be home in about thirty minutes.

John just finished getting the last item on Amanda’s list. Then chuckled said, “You would think that woman is throwing a party for the whole town, not just ten of our closest friends. Oh well, Amanda does throw one hell of a party and she always looks sexy too.

He pulled his coat up around his ears and walked toward his car in the parking lot. He carefully put the items in the back seat, climbed into the driver’s seat, put his key in the ignition and turned it. Dead silence was all he heard. “Damn- it, bah humbug, just what I need a dead battery in this weather. I’d better call Amanda.”

He got out his cell phone, punched in her number, and waited for her to answer his call. He then said, “Sorry honey, looks like am stranded at the mall. I will call a tow truck and he home as soon as I can. Please try not to worry ok? I love you, goodbye.” He knew Amanda would worry. She always did. He hoped he could find someone at this hour to help him get the car started.

He then dialed his auto club. They assured him a tow truck would be there in about an hour and asked if he was inside where it was warm. John informed them he would head for the store as soon as they said goodbye.

He then walked back to the store, because it was warmer inside and that is where he wanted to be. When he got to the door, a man was putting the key in the lock and placing the closed sign in the window.

John wanted to shout damn-it again, but stayed calm. He then tried to explain things to the man locking the door, but all the man could do was shake his head no and turn the sign around saying, “sorry closed.”

Just as John was about to blow his stack, a woman tapped the man on the shoulder to be let out of the store. The man smiled and opened the door and when he did, John explained to her what had happened.

She immediately turned to the man and said, “Oh come on Ronald, its Christmas time. Don’t be a scrooge. Let the man in before he freezes his balls off.” She then introduced herself as Katrina saying she was manager for the store. She then told him the same thing happened to her a week ago. She invited him her office telling him that he could see the whole parking lot from there, adding she would stay with him until help arrived.

Katrina’s smile was bostancı escort so warm and sexy, it could melt the ice and snow for the whole valley. When she turned and walked in that direction, John could not help but take notice. She had shoulder length brown hair, a slim petite figure and a great looking ass. She showed John where to sit down and then asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee. He told her if she could find one that would sure warm him up. She left the office for a moment and returned with two cups of coffee. She handed him the coffee and said, “Do you want cream and sugar with that?”

John replied, “No, I prefer my coffee hot and black. You’re taking quite a chance letting a total stranger come in to your office with you alone like this.”

She looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Well, I am a pretty good judge of character. By the way your jeans fit you I can see you have a lot of character.”

John grinned and took a sip of his coffee then began talking to Katrina, passing the time while waiting for the tow truck.

To his surprise, he learned that Katrina had moved to the area to be close to her uncle. She was also living with him and helping him out since he lost his wife in a car accident a couple of years ago. John thought for a moment then wondered if the man she was referring to was Thomas.

He then said, “Katrina, if you do not mind me asking, what is your uncle’s name?”

She replied, “Thomas McKinney, why, do you know him?”

John then said, “Know him; he just happens to be my business partner. When you said you moved her because your uncle lost his wife, I was wondering if it was Thomas. If you do not mind me saying so, he has been down in the dumps lately. My wife Amanda invited him to a Christmas Party Saturday, in hopes it would cheer him up. I know she won’t mind me inviting you to the party. There is always room for one more.”

Katrina looked surprised and said, “Now that is a great idea. I tell you what leave it to me. I can get him to do just about anything. What time is the party?”

John laughed and said, “This coming Saturday, 7pm, adding that Thomas knew the way to his place.”

Katrina then said, “Well, I am glad I met you John. You have just made my day. I was wondering how I could help my uncle out of his doldrums. You can count on us being there Saturday.”

About that time, John glanced out the window and saw the tow truck drive into the parking lot. He then thanked Katrina for her time and said he needed to get going and that he was looking forward to seeing her again Saturday.

John put his jacket back on then walked out of the store and to his car. The mechanic asked him to pop the hood. When they looked, they discovered his battery was not dead. The cable was not making good contact. The mechanic repaired the cable and John was soon on his way home.

John had been gone over two hours now and Amanda was trying to stay calm about things. She repeatedly looked at her watch and then out the window. The last time she looked outside, it was snowing lightly. Oh god, she wished John was home and safe in her arms.

She was so nervous that nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard a car coming up the lane. She looked out the window once more and was relieved when she saw John pulling the car into the garage.

John hurried into the house and almost ran right into Amanda when he came through the back door. He threw his coat into the chair, pulled her into his arms and said, “Hey you sexy thing, I know you were worried about me, but I am home now and we both can relax.” He then kissed her deep and hard and ran his fingers up her spine.

Amanda literally melted into John’s arm oh god could that man kiss. She would often tell people his kiss was so strong it curled her toes. She walked over to the counter and poured him some coffee, then asked him if he had a lot of trouble with the car.

John told her what was wrong with the car and then went on to tell her about the encounter with the manager of the store. He then said, “You wont believe it honey, but the manager of the store, is Thomas’s niece. I hope you do not mind it, but I invited her to the party. She lives with him. She is concerned about him staying cooped up in the den from the time he gets home until he goes to bed. From what she tells me, he will do just about anything for her.”

Amanda replied, “That okay with me. You know I always cook for more people then are here and one more will not make a difference. What does she look like?”

John smirked and replied, “To me she appears to be a very confident woman. She stands about five feet tall. She has long brown hair and a good- looking ass. She looks to be about twenty-five years old.”

Amanda pinched John’s arm and said, “Well I know where your thoughts were and I bet there was a slight bulge in your pants. Prove me wrong and you can do anything you want to me in bed tonight. If I am right, you will be my sex slave ümraniye escort tonight.”

John then got up, walked over to her chair, leaned down, and kissed her. Then he said, “Sex slave huh? Your wish is my command mistress.”

Amanda smiled and said, “You turn off the lights and I will meet you in the bedroom slave.”

John rushed around the house to turn off the lights. Then on the way to the bedroom, he began discarding his clothing so that by the time he reached the room, he would be naked.

Amanda rushed to the bedroom and took everything off but her aqua blue teddy. She stood in front of her full-length mirror admiring herself. She loved the way her breasts strained the lacy top with her nipples poking through the fabric like hard pebbles. The high cut thighs of the garment accented her wide hips and ass. She considered herself a big beautiful woman with curves in all the right places. The color of the garment accented her long auburn hair.

She was still admiring herself when John came into the room. He came up behind her, put his arms around her, and said, “Hot damn baby, you are still as sexy as the day I married you. Oh fuck, look at what you are doing to my dick!”

She turned around looked down at his rock hard cock and with her right hand caressed his cock as she leaned into him. They kissed, her lips parted, and their tongues did the dance of lovers. She then stepped back placed her hand on her hips and said, “Ooooh slave what a big cock you have! However, I have orders for you. Eat my cunt! You must do that before you can even think of fucking me!”

John’s hand went to her crotch, searching for the snaps to release her from the teddy. As he touched her, he realized how wet she was and he said, “Oh my, you are really into this sex slave stuff aren’t you?”

She confessed that she was, but she was not into pain at all. To her a sex slave would fulfill her sexual needs without asking why.

John picked her up and carried her to the bed, kissing her as he laid her down. He then positioned himself between her legs and spread her hot wanting pussy lips. He then ran his tongue from her clit to her asshole and back. Ooooh god, did John know how to eat pussy and push all her buttons!

Amanda arched her back and purred like a kitten. She uttered, “Yessssssss, oh god, that feels so damn good. Do not stop, make me cum slave.”

John then shoved one, then two fingers inside her hot pussy hole as his tongue tantalized her swollen sensitive clit. When he had three fingers inside her, he began finger fucking her hard as he continued sucking and biting her clit.

Amanda threw her head back and screamed, “Ooooh fuck I am cumming!” She then shook so hard that John had to hold on to her hips to keep his balance. God he loved the way Amanda climaxed, and he eagerly drank her sweet nectar.

When Amanda came back down to earth from her climax she said, “Fuck me darling, I need to feel your cock deep inside my cunt. “

John moved up, placed his cock at the entrance to her love tunnel, and entered her dripping pussy, sliding into it like a hand in a glove. Amanda met his thrust with her hips and moaned loudly. While fucking her, he looked up and gasped. There was Amanda sucking and biting her own nipples and John almost blew his load.

He then said, “Oh fuck, Amanda you know that drives me crazy! I am going to cum soon if you keep this up!”

Amanda stopped sucking her nipple to say, “Fill me with cum, slave!”

Now how can he not obey a delicious order like that, John thrust his cock deep inside her and filled every crevice of her vaginal orifice as its walls milked his cock dry. He lay atop her for a while kissing her deep, until his limp cock slid from her pussy.

Amanda then said, “Lay on your back slave, I want to lick you clean. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for round two. The fun is just beginning.” Amanda placed her lips around his cock and savored the mixture of their juices on his cock. His cock began to swell and get hard again.

Since it was snowing outside, John had no intention of going into work tomorrow. He was ready to meet his mistress’s every demand.

Part two:

Amanda and John had invited Thomas over to their Christmas party. He has been so depressed and lonely since his wife’s death that Amanda thought this might lift his spirits a little.

As usual, John declined. He still was reluctant to go out anywhere especially to a party since he lost his wife. However, recently his 25 yr old niece Katrina had moved in with him.

His niece, Katrina who worked at the local department store, had met John one day and he invited to their Christmas party. She made up her mind that she would do something to get her uncle out of the doldrums. She knew she could get Uncle Thomas to go with her.

Amanda sat in the kitchen with John and they were talking about Thomas. She said, “You know John, maybe I should find a woman to invite to the party, ümraniye escort sort of a blind date for Thomas. I think he needs one and in my opinion, I think he is very sexy.”

John replied, “So you think he is sexy huh? Well, if anyone can get him interested in another woman, it is you. By the way, his niece is a knockout and I would not mind trying a piece of her ass myself.”

Amanda smirked and said, “You ole dog, and I thought I was the only one you thought was a knockout.”

“You know, I cannot resist an opportunity to pick on you. Tell you what I’ll make a bet with you that I can get Thomas, sexually excited before you get to first base with his niece.”

John smiled and said, “That my dear is a bet you will loose, you’re on!”

Before they knew it, Saturday was here. Amanda was dressing for the party. She was wearing a floor length red velvet gown, with a sexy emerald green teddy with matching nylons and heels. John wore a black suit along with his favorite Santa tie along with his red silk boxers and red socks.

He looked at her and whistled then said, “You look sexy as hell honey!”

Amanda replied, “You don’t look so bad yourself handsome!” Just then, the doorbell rang and guests started to arrive.

John greeted them as Amanda took their coats to the spare bedroom. At first, they though maybe Thomas would not show up. However, fifteen minutes later, Thomas rang the doorbell with Katrina accompanying him.

John opened the door and said, “Hello Thomas, hi Katrina, I am so glad you two decided to come tonight.”

Katrina winked and said, “Thanks you for inviting us.”

John then handed there coats to Amanda. It was apparent they were dressed to go partying. Thomas was dressed in a dark blue suit and maroon tie. Katrina was breathtaking in her sexy bulky cowl-neck red sweater with pants that accented her slim figure and tight ass.

John drooled at the mouth and said, “Let me get the two of you some eggnog.”

The party was going very well and it looked like everyone was having a wonderful time. Amanda made her round and discovered that Thomas was not among them. When she went to look for him, Amanda found him sitting all alone on the couch near the fireplace.

Thomas seemed relaxed enough watching the warm embers of the fire and sipping at a cup of eggnog. Amanda sat down next to him, put her arm around him, and said, “What wrong Thomas?”

He looked at her with tear-filled eyes and said, “Oh, I was just remembering the last Christmas I spent with Sandy. It is hard not having her around. Seeing you and John together only reminds me of how alone I really am.”

Amanda looked into his face, took her hand, and brushed the tear from his check. She then said, “Thomas, I know it hurts, but dwelling on the past is not good for you, it’s time you must move on. You are a very handsome and sexy man I bet any women would give their right arm to be with you.”

Thomas’s eyes lit up and he said, “You really think I am sexy?”

Amanda turned his face to hers, kissed him full on the lips, and then said, “Does that answer your question?”

Thomas gave Amanda a devilish grin and said, “If you do not mind me being blunt, you know what I miss the most? Sex, I never thought I would miss it this much but it’s been eons since I made love to a woman or had a blowjob.” The memories of sex made his cock stir in his pants and hoped Amanda would not notice it.

Amanda felt her pussy dampen when she realized that she could help Thomas out. She then said, “Thomas, why don’t you stay here after everyone goes home. I think it’s time you lived a little.”

Thomas replied, “Let me think about it, ok. What would I tell Katrina?”

Amanda replied, “Well, I think I can talk to Katrina, she is welcome to stay for awhile too. After all I would like to get to know her.”

Just then, John and Katrina walked into the room. Katrina said, “Hey you guy, why are you sitting there all alone, come join the party.”

Thomas said, “We will, Amanda and I were just talking. What would you say to us staying after the party and you getting to know my friends a little better?”

Katrina almost fainted, that was unusual for Thomas was asking her to stay out longer. She gave him the once over and was about to wonder what he had up his sleeve when she seen a bulge in his pants. She then said, “I think that is a marvelous idea. I was just talking to John and he was asking how long we planned to stay.”

John then said, “That settles it, you two can stay as long as you like.”

They all went back to the party. John then poured everyone some brandy and raised his glass to toast the Christmas Holiday.

One of the other guest came over to John and told him her and her husband were leaving early because it had started to know outside. Sure enough, when John looked out the window a light snow had began to fall. Soon the party was winding down and the remainder of the guest bid them adieu.

When they were out of earshot of Thomas and Katrina, John walked over to Amanda and asked, “How’s the bet going dear?”

Amanda replied, “Well I definitely got him aroused, we were talking about sex earlier and he was getting a hardon. How are things going with Katrina?”