The Endless Night Ch. 04

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I held my clothes against my naked body as Bruno crossed the hall again to the room next door to Michael’s and knocked. While we waited I glanced over at Michael’s door. There was no light on under it; I figured he had gone to bed. I was pulled back in front of me when the door opened. This man reminded me of a cross between my father and grandfather.

His salt and pepper hair was brushed neatly back away from his face. His upper lip was covered by a bushy mustache the same color of his hair. His eyes a soft green color looked over me. Like the others, he was dressed in nothing but a male thong covering his hard cock. He had a spattering of hair sprinkling down his broad chest. I was pulled from looking at him when my clothes were suddenly pulled from my arms. I looked at the man in shock as he handed them to Bruno. “No reason for her to carry those around all night.” He said with a deep voice. “Take care of them Bruno.”

Bruno nodded then turned back towards the stairs. I watched Bruno head downstairs carrying my clothes when I felt a hand touch my breast. In shock I turned back to the man standing in the doorway. “Come on pigeon, let’s have some fun.” Then before I could say a word, he gripped my hand, pulling me into the room.

I glared at the man as he closed the door behind us, leaning back against it. “I am not a bird.”

He chuckled. “Relax pigeon, it’s only a name.” He moved slowly towards me, his eyes dark with desire. I stood motionless as once again his hand touched my breast, this time giving it a gentle squeeze. “Nice. I always did like women who were big busted.”

I closed my eyes as he lowered his head to my chest. His mouth moved seductively over it, tickling the flesh. I moaned as he nipped at me gently with his teeth, resting my hands lightly on his shoulders. Suddenly I gave a low squeak as I was suddenly thrown over his shoulder. I hung down his back with a perfect view of his naked butt cheeks. “Come on pigeon.” He said slapping my ass. “The bed is this way.”

I growled as he carried me to the bed then dropped me lightly as the bed bounced, before covering my body with his. His mouth claimed mine in a passionate kiss that made my toes curl. I moaned against his mouth as I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

He ground himself against me as the kiss went on. I moaned into his mouth, louder this time as my juices started flowing. “Oh yea, nice and hot.” He purred moving his way down my body until his face was between my legs. “Let’s see what treasure you’ve got for me pigeon.” He said right before he buried his face in my pussy licking and sucking like a mad man.

“Oh god.” I cried shoving my body hard against his face as I tangled my hands in his hair, pulling him closer. He growled against me but didn’t stop the movement of his tongue whipping all over my tender flesh.

When he bit down on my clit, I cried out, flooding the blanket below me. He wrapped his tongue around my clit as he shoved 2 fingers hard into my hole, sliding them quickly in and out, my juices squirting around them.

“Oh eat me.” I cried humping against his face. He growled but continued to attack my pussy with his mouth and hand. Before I knew it, I was coating his hand with my juices as I came hard against him. I expected him to lower his mouth to my pussy and drink my juices as Tommy had done; instead he shoved his fingers further into me. It was like he was trying to coat them with my juices. He kept his tongue on my clit as he finger fucked me through my orgasm.

When I relaxed he smiled at me as he lifted his face. “Lift your legs against your chest pigeon.”

I wasn’t sure why he wanted me to do this but I figured he was the master so I obeyed. I lifted my legs tightly against my chest, holding them down with my hands. When I felt him push his cum soaked fingers into my ass, ankara escort I gasped. “What are you doing?” I asked as he slowly fingered my ass.

He was sitting cross-legged in front of me, watching his fingers move slowly in and out of my chute. His eyes lifted to mine. “I’m greasing up your ass pigeon.” I felt his fingers dig deep inside me and moaned.

“Why would you do that?” I asked as my breathing hardened as he continued to dig into my virgin hole.

He kept his fingers inside me as he lay over me, kissing me gently. “So you will be ready when I fuck your ass pigeon.”

I looked at him in shock. He had pulled his fingers from my bum hole and shoved it back into my pussy, coating it with my juices. “You’re gonna fuck me up the ass?” I asked with a tremor in my voice.

He pushed his finger against my virgin hole again, when it slid in easily, he pulled out then I felt a stretching sensation as he slid the two coated fingers into me. I moaned in discomfort squirming my ass around as he continued to push into me. “Yes pigeon. Master Paul told us he wanted you taught in all forms of sex tonight. Since I’m the only one who really gets off on shoving my hard cock into a woman’s bum hole, he decided I would take that cherry.”

He pulled his fingers from me, wiping his fingers on the bed, he moved over to his nightstand, he pulled out a small bottle then moved between my spread legs again.

“I don’t know…” I said fearfully. “I’ve heard it hurts to be fucked up the butt.”

He stopped opening the bottle to look at me. Something in my eyes must have bothered him because he smiled tenderly. He leaned over me again, kissing me softly. “Don’t worry pigeon. I’ll grease you up really well and stretch you out. It will feel good when you feel my heat inside you.”

I dug my fingers into my legs, fear still filled my eyes. “Do you promise?”

He nodded slowly. “I promise. I won’t hurt you if I can avoid it.” He kissed me again, this time harder and longer until I felt my body relax again, then he moved back between my legs. “Hold your legs tight pigeon.” He ordered as he lay down between my legs.

I gripped my legs tight, closing my eyes as I waited to see what he would do. I whimpered when he ran his tongue over the outside of my tight virgin hole. When he pushed his tongue inside me, I cried out in surprise and pleasure. “Oh my…”

He chuckled but continued to push his tongue inside me. He moved it over the sensitive flesh, making my pussy leak as I moaned deep in my throat. “Oh that feels so good.”

He shoved his tongue as far into me as he could then slowly pulled it back out, only to push into me again until he was tonguefucking my ass while he shoved two fingers into my neglected pussy. “Oh god…Feels so good.” I cried bouncing my body against his face. “Tongue my ass mister. Oh please tongue my ass.”

He did just that, pushing his tongue as far into me as he could before pulling it out only to impale me with it again. I felt my orgasm rising rapidly as he slammed his fingers in and out of my pussy while his tongue dove into my tender asshole. “I’m gonna cum.” I cried digging my nails into the flesh of my legs.

He just went at me harder with his hand and mouth until I was screaming once again as I came.

He dug his fingers in my spasming pussy then pulled them out as he pulled his tongue from my body. I cried in dismay until I felt him once again slide two fingers up my butt. “Does that hurt pigeon?” He asked lifting his eyes to mine as he slowly fingerfucked my ass with his two fingers.

“No…Not like before.” I breathed tentatively pushing against his hand.

He smiled tenderly as he continued to work his fingers in my hole. When I whimpered in pain as he stretched the muscles, he flicked his free hand over my clit. I instantly relaxed and he went back ankara escort bayan to work.

By the time he had three fingers moving easily in and out of me, I was practically begging him to fuck me. I was so hot, I had cum three times but wanted more. “Please mister.” I begged as he fingerfucked my ass hard. “Fuck me.”

He chuckled. “My name is Mitch pigeon.”

I felt his fingers leave my body and felt emptiness inside me. I squealed as something warm but wet slid into my ass. “What is that?” I asked looking down between my spread legs.

He finished squirting into my ass, and then held up the bottle he had pulled out of his nightstand. “This is what is going to help you take me inside you pigeon.” I saw he was holding a bottle of lube. I had seen advertisements for it on TV and billboards.

I gripped my legs harder as he closed the bottle then moved to his knees, pressing close until I felt his cock against the hole he had so expertly loosened. “How is that going to help?”

He smiled as he pushed forward with his hips, sliding part of his cock into me. I moaned, closing my eyes. “Its lube baby, it greases up your hole to make my entrance slick so it don’t hurt you.”

My eyes opened when I felt his arms pressing against my legs. I watched as he lowered himself down over me. “I’m gonna fuck you now pigeon. I’m gonna make your ass sing just like I made your pussy sing with my mouth.”

I nodded trying to keep my body relaxed even as I felt a shiver of fear. “It’s okay pigeon.” He whispered against my lips. Mitch won’t hurt you.” He kept his lips on mine, nibbling and teasing as he slowly pushed into my virgin ass.

I felt a bit of stretching but no pain. Even as well as he had loosened me up with his fingers, his cock was still bigger. I felt him sliding slowly into me. Inch by inch. He deepened the kiss, keeping my concentration on it and not his cock sliding into my body.

I ran my hands lightly over his shoulders as I tried to get used to him inside me. It felt good at first; he would slide in some then pull back only to push back in deeper. Then he hit bare skin where the lube hadn’t hit.

It felt like he was splitting my ass in two. I cried out against his mouth as I dug my nails into his shoulders.

“Easy pigeon.” He said softly against my lips as he held himself buried inside me; you almost have all of me now. You don’t want to stop until you have me completely.”

Tears streamed down my cheeks. “Mitch, it hurts.”

He kissed away my tears. “I know baby. I’ll make it better.” He pulled partially out of me, and then moved his hips around so he was touching my entire ass at once. I moaned as I felt something sliding deeper into my shute. Then he pushed further into me again. This time when the pain hit, it didn’t matter, I had all of him. His balls were resting against my ass. “I feel so full.”I said when he let me come up for air.

He chuckled making his cock expand a bit inside me. “You are pigeon. You’re full of me. Ready for the ride of your life?”

I tightened my grip on his shoulders as my legs shivered under his arms. I took a deep breath, letting it out through my nose, and then nodded.

He smiled. He pulled about halfway out of me, I felt like he was trying to take my insides with him. Then suddenly he slammed hard back into me. I nearly lost my breath at the force of his thrust. I looked at him wide eyed but he just grinned harder then started fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow.

My body bounced under him as he gave me the hardest fuck I had ever had. His balls were beating against my ass as he pressed me into the mattress with his hard thrusts. His hips were flying as he buried himself repeatedly inside me.

Did I mind? Hell no, I loved every minute of it. I cried out when he thrust into me and whimpered when he escort ankara pulled out. My hands were clinging to his shoulders like he was a life preserver. He kissed me forcefully, slamming his tongue into my mouth as he slammed his cock in my ass. Nothing was touching my pussy but it was leaking juices like crazy, helping to lube his cock as it slid into my body.

My breathing was ragged and I felt like was going to explode any minute. “Cum for me pigeon.” He grunted raggedly against my ear as he pummeled my ass. “Cum for me baby. Show me how much you love me fucking you up the ass.”

“I do…Oh god I do…” I cried shoving myself against him whenever he thrust into me. “I’m gonna cum Mitch. Oh…I’m gonna cum…Fuck me…” I screamed as my orgasm washed over me, my muscles tightening around his cock. He buried himself completely inside me as I came. I felt him throbbing in my guts but all I cared about was the pleasure coursing through my body.

When I came back to earth, he pulled out of me so fast I couldn’t react. “Um…Wh…?” I cried.

He sat back on his heels, his cock covered in my ass juices, his precum and the lube, making it sparkle. “Turn over on your hands and knees pigeon. I ain’t done with you yet.”

I grinned then rolled over onto my hands and knees shoving my ass up in the air. He moved behind me, spreading my cheeks, he slid easily back into my depths. I shouted my joy as he once again filled me with his heat. His hands rested lightly on my hips. “Hang on baby.” He growled right before he started plunging deep inside me. I cried out as he reamed my ass with his cock. It felt like he was going deeper inside me then before.

I clenched my fingers around the pillow, as I shoved my ass back against him. “Fuck me Mitch.” I cried slamming my ass against his body. “Fuck my ass with your wonderful cock.”

He growled as his hands left my hips, I felt him lean over me, gripping my breasts tightly as he continued to pump himself into me. “You like that you little slut? You like me reaming your tight little ass?”

My head was shaking all over the place, my hair flying behind me as I impaled myself on his pummeling meat. “Oh yes. Fuck yes. I am a slut and I love having my ass reamed. Fuck me.”

He gripped my breasts tightly, using them to slam my body violently against him as he fucked me. The bed was shaking under our moving bodies as he took me hard.

He kept pushing my body forward as I pushed back against him. The room was full of our animal cries as we rutted like animals. I felt my orgasm wash over me again and screamed. This time he joined me in release and I was surprised to feel him let go deep inside me.

Mitch pulled me hard against him, burying his cock all the way inside me as he shot his load. “Oh fuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk….” he cried.

I held myself still until he finished cumming then slumped against the bed, breathing hard. I wasn’t surprise when he slumped down over me. I felt his soft cock leave my ass, then his cum leaking out of my well fucked hole. “Damn that was great.” He growled kissing my ear, before he wrapped his arm around me, pulling us down to the bed as he spooned himself behind me.

I ran my hand absently over his arm as I rested my head against his chest. “Why did you cum inside me?”

He chuckled. “Well you see pigeon, when a man comes in her pussy. He can get her pregnant.”

I nodded, I already knew this. “But when a man comes in her ass, he can’t.”

I turned my head, and he kissed my cheek. “He can’t?”

I felt him rub his chin against my head as he shook his head. “Nope.”

I felt his jism sliding out of my hole, soaking the bed beneath us. “Thank you Mitch.”

“For what pigeon?”

I turned over in his arms until my face was resting against his chest. I kissed one of his nipples, feeling him shiver then looked up into his eyes. “I don’t know. I just wanted to say thank you.”

He wrapped his arms around me, hugging me close as he kissed the top of my head. “Anytime pigeon, anytime.”