The Explorers–Chapter 3

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CHAPTER FOUR—Daffodils and AdventuresSally woke up hearing the birds singing outside her window. She took a shower, put on hot water for coffee, and watered her plants. She sat down in front of the window when her coffee was ready and gazed out at what looked to be a beautiful spring day. She remembered, cheerfully, that it was a drawing class day. She also knew that she had plans to meet Barbara and a couple of other friends at the diner for breakfast in about twenty minutes.As she walked through her front doorway to the outside, she noticed the smell and touch on her face of the cool, humid morning air. The sun would be heating things up soon, though. She glanced over to a flower bed managed by the real estate company at the side of the front stoop and noticed that the daffodils there were up. Too intertwined, close together and tied up, they hadn’t bloomed last year. She wondered about this year.She walked quickly down to the diner five blocks away, with her book bag slung over her shoulder. The 1950s-style diner was set back from the road, with a parking lot in front which was already full. As she crossed the lot, she saw through the large front windows that Barbara and Gennie were already sitting at a table. She waved to Laura, who was also heading across the lot towards the front steps of the diner. Sally and Laura sat down with the others, exchanging “good mornings.” Barbara looked like she was still waking up and Laura seemed most interested in a coffee as well. Gennie looked down at her menu. The waiter, a handsome young man, came up to take their orders. After he left, both Barbara and Laura made remarks and made Sally laugh. They chatted on about nothing important.After their orders came, Sally and Barbara could see that Gennie was not sleepy— instead, she looked down in the dumps.“What’s up, girl?” Barbara asked.“Ruddy dumped me,” she let out, unable to stop a few tears from welling up in her eyes. Gennie was a quiet, introverted young woman. A month or so ago, she had become close friends with a senior named Ruddy, who they all thought was a good guy. Sally knew they had been sleeping together. Gennie had been so happy the last time she had seen her, talking enthusiastically about the fun times they’d had.“What?!” Barbara blurted out. They all listened as Gennie explained. It seemed that Ruddy had not been around at all during the last week, and hadn’t even called her. Yesterday evening, she had gone looking for him, and found him leaving the gym. They had had a long talk. The upshot of it was that Ruddy didn’t think that she was the right girl for him. She was totally surprised and upset—she hadn’t seen this coming at all— she’d thought everything was fine.“Has he been seeing someone else?” Laura asked. Gennie replied that it didn’t seem so. She didn’t understand.They all felt hurt. It seemed so unfair. The mood at the table dampened and they fell to finishing their breakfasts. Barbara told Gennie that things would look up in due course. Laura and Gennie made plans to talk more after morning classes. They paid their checks and headed out for the day, with Laura, Barbara and Sally each a bit more somber than when they had come in.As Sally walked to the art building for her advanced sculpture class, she thought in an abstract way that she had not known much misfortune in her life. Had she just been lucky?The lecture at sculpture class took her mind happily into another world and as she left class, she had that bounce in her step again. She headed home for some chores, a little studying, and some lunch. She talked to an old friend in Kansas City on the phone who happened to call.As she walked back to the art building for drawing class, she looked forward to seeing Peter, but she also wondered what kind of spirits he would be in. What had he really thought of yesterday? She realized a bit anxiously that she had no idea, other than the nice remark he had made as he had left.She was early once again. She waited to watch him come in. He was coming, wasn’t he? Finally, he walked through the doorway. But he shuffled over to his desk and sat down without looking at her. He didn’t look back.“Oh my gosh!” she thought to herself with dismay. Something was wrong. It seemed similar to that other day in class when he avoided her. Her stomach was tied in knots all through the lesson. She had acted like a fool yesterday and now Peter didn’t want anything to do with her. How could she have behaved so weird? She felt her face flush. She felt like she wanted to cry—which was something she didn’t do often. Rats!But she was wrong. After class, Peter walked back to her desk with a smile on his face.“How are you today?” he asked merrily. She greeted him back with one the warmest smiles he had seen from her, telling him how glad she was to see him in front of her.“Just fine!” she replied as she stood up, still looking at him. She felt like giving him a hug, but didn’t. They decided to buy some cold drinks before Peter needed to leave for swim practice. They didn’t talk about the day before. Peter noticed that now-familiar bounce in Sally’s step. She looked so fresh and cheerful. Peter told her a story about a silly escapade he had in high school which made her laugh hard. He loved watching her laugh!Peter told her he would be swimming in another meet this Saturday. It would be at home.“Are spectators allowed?” Sally asked. He tilted his head and nodded.“Can I come?” she asked, impulsively.“Sure!” he replied enthusiastically. He told her it would start at nine and where to go. He told her what races he would be in. They also agreed it would be fun to meet up afterwards at the rec pool.As they said goodbye, Sally instinctively put her arm around Peter’s waist, pulling him close to her. His arm naturally fit over her shoulder, which he gave a squeeze with his hand as he told her he’d look forward to seeing her Saturday.********************Peter was happy as he walked into the pool building. He had felt flustered and somehow uncomfortable when he had left Sally’s the day izmit escort before, thinking in a vague way that he had somehow made a mess of things. Her bright look after class had changed that. He had a good practice and Coach Tunney even remarked that he seemed more inspired.As he woke up Saturday and got ready for his meet, he thought of seeing Sally. Hopefully, she would come, otherwise, he would be very disappointed! But when he came out of the locker room with the other guys he saw her in the stands. She waved brightly to him. What a girl! he thought to himself. While some of the other guys had friends routing for them sometimes, this was new for him. He felt a little self-conscious but happy and excited.Sally watched Peter closely most of the time, even though it was a long meet— about two and a half hours. She smiled at the “Peterish” way he walked around the pool, hints of which somehow remained even as he stood at the starting block for his first race. He swam gracefully, but also powerfully. He won second prize twice and she cheered mightily both times, making him laugh from afar. They had no chance to talk during the meet. When it was over, Sally walked down to the women’s locker room to change into her bathing suit and meet up with Peter at the rec pool. She was looking forward to teasing him about how he had almost fallen in the pool at one point because he had not been paying attention to where he was going.The women’s locker room was empty, as it was still quite early for recreational swimmers and only the men had a meet that day, apparently. When she had taken off her clothes, she stood in front of the locker naked for an extra moment. She could feel alertness in her body. She ran her hands over her breasts, feeling her nipples, and noticing how good it felt to be touched there. She sighed, put on her bathing suit, and walked out to the rec pool.Peter had not come out yet. She selected a good spot with two chairs. Looking up to the sky through the glass-paneled ceiling, she noticed it was overcast and decided not to use any sun tan lotion.She didn’t wait long. Peter came bounding up, grinning. They laughed and carried on, especially as Sally teased him. When they had calmed down, Peter told her about the Olympic pool where they did their practices. He stood next to her as she leaned against the table, pointing out various things. As he talked, Sally glanced at his bare chest and tummy, which she had enjoyed touching the other day. She particularly noticed his tight Speedo swim-meet trunks. Sally looked at how his tight trunks were filled up with a big bundle in front. She saw the contours of a lump there which she guessed must be the tip of his ‘boyhood.’ The blonde wisps of hair on his tummy followed down directly into the exciting bundle in his Speedo. She had never seen such bold indications of this sexy part of him before, or, for that matter, so close up on any guy. This caused excitement, but she didn’t want to stare, and she looked up at his face while he continued to talk.They went to get some cold drinks. While they stood in line, Sally, always on the lookout for ideas for her sculpture project, studied Peter’s now familiar bare back again. She glanced further down, also noticing how his tight Speedo revealed the shape of his rear end. He had small, rounded, and appealing buns. She also noticed that, different from her, his hips basically had no shape—his waist ran straight down through to his legs. But she felt embarrassed to be secretly checking him out once again and joined him at the counter.They went for a swim and horsed around in the water. They sat at the rim of the pool and talked. They went back to their chairs and reclined for a while. It was getting on in the day but they fell silent and content to just enjoy the warmth of the sun through the clouds. Sally lay back and closed her eyes—she especially liked to lie lazily in the sun.Peter drank from his Coke. He watched Sally as she lay there. Her face looked so peaceful—she looked like she might even be asleep. Her lovely full lips were slightly parted. He thought excitedly of how those beautiful lips had so tenderly kissed him earlier this week. He studied her feminine neck and delicate collarbones. He noticed the blonde, light hair on her arms. He saw how the soft-looking skin of her side under her arms became the fleshy round little mounds of her breasts and how her breasts gently rose and fell as she breathed. Her nipples pressed faintly against her bikini top. Her tummy looked cute and girlish with the little bit of baby fat she had there. He noticed how the downward curve of the top of her bikini bottoms revealed a naked flatness well below her belly button and he watched how her hips created the hints of two lines which disappeared into the triangle of her bikini bottom. Her blue bikini bottoms rose up gently, covering a little hill underneath. Similar to Sally’s lack of experience, Peter had never observed these parts of any girl close up, in real life, even if under a bathing suit. With the inevitable consequence of action in his Speedo, he got up for a visit to the men’s room, carrying his towel discretely in front.When he got back, Sally was sitting on the edge of her chair, collecting her things. They agreed that they’d try for a bike ride tomorrow afternoon if the weather was nice. Peter told Sally how to find his dorm and they arranged to meet up in front.Sunday was still a largely overcast day, but the sun did find ways through the clouds at times. It also was warmer. As Sally set forth in the morning for the library, she was especially pleased to notice that the daffodils in front were blooming. She laughed out loud.Peter was waiting for her at his dorm later at the appointed hour. He watched Sally as she rode up, smiling. Sally wore a halter top and pair of shorts. She looked ready for spring to turn into summer. Peter once again admired how charming she looked, and the attractive lines of her girlish figure. He called out as she pulled yahya kaptan escort up on her bike.“You look great this morning, Miss Sally!”“Flattery so early?” she replied. But she was pleased by his remark and smiled back.They went for a long ride, talking energetically at times, but also having some quiet time, just riding together. The river was high now with water from the melting snow up north. They stopped at Brawley’s for an iced coffee on the way home. As they said goodbye out front afterwards, they exchanged a long, silent, close look. Sally looked closely at Peter’s face—his blondish eyebrows, his slightly freckled cheeks, and his gentle-looking lips. Peter felt overcome with a feeling of affection as he gazed back into Sally’s honest and revealing face. He lightly put his arms around her shoulders, pulled her close, and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. She hugged him around the waist, looked up at his face, and kissed him on the lips. Peter returned her kiss enthusiastically, parting her lovely full lips slightly, enjoying the taste of her mouth, and feeling her tongue lightly with his. It was so wonderful kissing her! Peter held her face in his hands and they exchanged happy, animated close looks silently. He kissed her again softly, and they said goodbye a little awkwardly. Sally got on her bike and rode off, looking back and waving.*********************Over the next week, Peter and Sally somehow seemed to find a variety of occasions to spend time together—talking after drawing class, or having coffee at Brawley’s. They walked into town and enjoyed a silly supper eating Chinese food while Peter told jokes. Each was getting to know more about the other, including the little quirks and mannerisms which make up a personality. They became more natural touching each other in little ways. This included an affectionate kiss once in a while, but also more passionate wet kisses a couple of times. Sally loved the soft, tender feeling of Peter’s lips against hers, and how he sometimes gently explored her mouth when he kissed her. Peter found that his “friend downstairs” continued to arise inconveniently at such times, but so far he had escaped any obvious embarrassment with Sally.Peter also found his mind and imagination wandering more often when he was alone. He knew his own body fairly well and had often practiced straightforward means to let off steam. But lately had been somehow different—he found that he enjoyed wondering more explicitly about what it would be like to explore with a girl intimately. It was exciting to think about.He had had no experience and actually no real foundation to build his imagination on. He had never seen a woman without clothes before. Sure, he had looked at pictures in various magazines and had some ideas from them. But he found those pictures generally unattractive and sometimes bordering on the grotesque. So the images that often were drawn up in his new daydreaming were somehow mixtures of his clear memories of Sally in her bathing suit and vague images drawn from pictures and pop art. However he definitely did not want to allow any fantasizing specifically about Sally—this he found crude and unworthy of the visions he wanted to keep of her.During that week, Peter had a unique experience. It was late and he was dreamily trying to sleep. He had visions in his mind of a young woman in a bathing suit. As he focused on the image, he was sure that she had brown hair, and was darkly tan, unlike Sally. He imagined gently running his fingers over her lips, arms, and sides. He put his hand lightly on her tummy. He lightly touched around her navel, and below, near the top of her bikini bottoms. He felt himself hardening.Peter tried a different approach than usual. Other times, he moved quickly to please himself—aiming to reach the conclusion basically as fast as possible. This time, he teased himself only lightly, taking the time to notice how electric this felt.He let his imagination continue. He gently fondled the young women’s breasts. He imagined that her bathing suit top was removed, but the image of the lady’s nakedness was unclear. They were just modest, unlike what he’d seen in some magazines He imagined playing with his fingertips along the top of the curve of the girl’s bikini bottoms, and then lightly touching the rounded hill of her triangle. As his urgency increased, he imagined gently removing the bikini bottoms, yielding an imagination of a soft, pretty spot, fuzzy with pubic hair. In his fantasy, his fingers moved on to lightly rub this beautiful area….and then he came. His hands had continued playing, gently, but insistently, and increasingly up and down. He came, not in a fury of speed and hard work, but in a gentle, full way. This was marvelous!***************The weekend approached and Peter was going out of town for another swim meet. Sally spent much of the weekend alone, although she did meet up with a bunch of friends on Saturday night. She was largely busy with schoolwork. On Sunday, she also went for a long walk, down the path towards the river.As she walked along, Sally thought of how nice it had been the last two weeks spending time with Peter. This new entrance into her life was very welcome and it was now important to her—time with Peter, or even thinking about him, was now one of the high points of her day. She smiled as she thought of his smile, his blonde hair tousled by the wind, and his enthusiastic walk when he was in good spirits.The greater alertness in her body, and her interest in sexual things, especially certain bundles and lumps, also was exciting. She continued her daydreams. She had gone through her little book more than once. She found she was more easily aroused. She found she had a certain yearning. Where was all that headed?As she walked, she revisited her earlier conclusion that it may not be best to mix her growing sexual interest and her interest in Peter. She clearly did not want to do anything that might jeopardize their gebze escort growing affectionate friendship. She remembered that awful feeling at her apartment previously when she had thought that her loss of self-restraint might have totally freaked him out. But she also longed for the intimate and flushed excitement and sparks generated the same afternoon. That was now some two and a half weeks ago. She had thought of asking Peter to come by to help her again in her efforts to perfect her sculpture project. The thought of touching Peter like before was so thrilling! True, her project was actually coming along quite well, and, although Peter might be somewhat helpful, she probably didn’t really need much more help figuring it out. Was her desire to ask Peter for help just a ruse to create a situation where opportunities might develop? Was she seeking to manipulate him, or what? She really, really liked this boy! Weird behavior was unacceptable!She turned around in the middle of the trail and began to head back to campus. She concluded that she might make some mild suggestion about possible assistance on her sculpture project a second time if the subject came up. She did still need some help capturing movement. But she also resolved to be fully and totally honest with him at all times.The subject did come up, after drawing class on Tuesday. Peter asked her how her sculpture project was coming along.“OK, I guess,” she replied. “Interested in doing another pose or two?” she asked him directly, but also in a light tone, which didn’t require too serious of an answer.“Sure. I could do that,” he said simply. Sally felt adrenaline run. Well, it never hurts to ask, she thought! She told him how the sculpture was coming along—she had made some wet clay models already and she thought she could make a pretty good go at it before the deadline in two weeks. But it could definitely improve, she told him. Peter nodded and smiled back at her. They made plans to meet at Sally’s the next afternoon.Although the discussion had seemed so casual, the excitement which Sally felt as she walked home alone was not. She thought of how it might feel to run her hands over Peter’s warm back and tummy as she had before. Her body tingled. As she walked up the front steps to her apartment building, she told herself: No, no, no, Sally! You absolutely will not get carried away! But all evening long her thoughts returned to tomorrow afternoon —and it seemed like a long evening. The next morning, she picked up her apartment cheerfully—Peter was coming over!After Peter had parted with Sally, he had felt some excitement building too. He remembered how wonderful it had felt when Sally had touched him with his shirt off.That night, Peter deliberately relieved the sexual pressure which had built up, to perhaps help avoid too much embarrassment the next day. He didn’t want her to think he was some kind of crude, “thinking of only one thing” kind of guy. Sally was too important to him. On the other hand, his friend below had risen up many times around Sally before and somehow things had worked out.After lunch on Wednesday, he showered quickly, put on a pair of thick denim jeans and a polo shirt, and headed over to Sally’s.***************When a knock sounded close to two o’clock, Sally opened her door and smiled broadly when she saw Peter. Peter took in the sight of her, wearing a small green tee-shirt and baggy white cotton pants, tied with a drawstring. Her pretty bare feet touched the hardwood floor. She asked him in and closed the door softly. Peter took in the sight of the pretty, high-spirited girl and noticed the girlish smell of her place again, as well as the pleasant scent of her freshly washed hair, which was still just a little wet.“Just a few sec’s, while I finish watering the flowers,” Sally told him.Peter sat down on the edge of her bed. He felt a slight wetness on his palms, from excitement, and he unconsciously blew on them. He quietly watched Sally watering her plants. She was so beautiful, he thought. He loved the way that she had her hair tucked behind her cute ears and how she absentmindedly put it back when it fell down as she moved around. He also loved the contrast of her blonde hair when it fell against her soft, fair but lightly flushed, cheeks. When she leaned over a group of African violets with her back turned to him, he admired her waist and the gentle bumps of her lower backbone where her shirt had pulled up a little. He felt a rise below the belt. Perhaps last night was irrelevant. Whatever.Sally picked up several sketchbooks and drawing pencils and threw them on the bed. She stood in front of Peter, gently grabbed both of his hands and helped pull him to his feet. He laughed softly. She put one arm lightly around his waist and gave him a friendly little hug. “Do you think you could take off your shirt once again, young man?” she asked.Peter pulled his polo shirt over his head and straightened himself up as he stood in front of her. His bare chest felt alive with anticipation. Sally gently ran her fingers along each of his collarbones and then examined the bumps made by his shoulder bones. She then sat for a minute on the bed, drawing a sketch to remember. When she stood up again, she kissed him quickly but affectionately on the lips, and thanked him for being a good sport. “I’m enjoying this,” he replied.Sally stood very close to his bare chest. She could smell Peter’s warm skin. She lightly ran the back of her hand over his chest and across his nipples. She could tell he liked that. She let one set of fingers lightly run up and down the side of his tummy briefly. She sat down and sketched again for some 30 seconds. Peter watched her, quiet and happy. Sally then bounded up once again and walked behind him. She examined his back and ran her thumbs slowly, with pressure, from the top of his neck, straight down his backbone.“Does that feel good?” she asked, stepping around to look at him. He nodded spiritedly. So she repeated that several times and then took the liberty to run her two outstretched hands back and forth across the warm skin of his back. She ran several fingertips along Peter’s belt above his rear. He was wearing his jeans low and she felt the beginning of the wonderful soft tissues of his buns. Her breath became a little heavier.