The Fake Daughter – Part Two

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‘Going to my mother’s, Belle is home, she is sick,’ Natalie texted.‘Just fuck off,’ Greg thought. He drove home and saw the gift Belle left him. It was a watch. He took it out and turned it over and read the inscription.“To my only dad, I love you.” He smiled and walked up to her room.“Make love to me Greg, before we go to dinner,” Belle greeted him, lying naked on her bed, her legs slightly parted and Greg saw the moisture of her pussy. He stripped and then dove into her pussy with his mouth, and she moaned loudly as she came almost instantaneously, then he rose over her and pushed into her tightness.Greg felt her whole body welcome him, feeling safe for the first time in his life. He slowly started to fuck her, using his full length and making sure each thrust touched her clit. Greg realized that he was absolutely focused on making Belle have the best sex he could offer, and her convulsing body under him confirmed he was getting it done. Greg did not need an orgasm as much as he needed to satisfy her.She bit his neck as she came hard, then attacked his mouth with hers as her sensations stabilized, only to squeal into his mouth as he started moving in her again. They made love through two of his orgasms, and she rode wave after wave, the last one she scratched his back as her orgasm slammed into her so hard that she almost lost consciousness, then she grinned evilly.“She will notice if she was still interested in seeing me naked,” Greg said, then smiled and kissed her. Then he pulled out of her and she got up, giving her absolutely perfect pussy a quick wipe. Greg smiled as he saw she was freshly groomed again. It struck him hard that she was just as desperate for his validation as he was for hers. He also saw that she was at peace with him.“When will you divorce her?” Belle asked as she let Greg dress her, loving that his mouth always found a spot of sensitive flesh to kiss.“The papers are ready, I have already filed,” he answered and loved the approval she gave him..“Good. Can you take me to your lawyer in the morning, please? I will play sick.”“I will take leave, the office knows I am getting divorced and they are sympathetic,” Greg answered, wondering what her plan was for the lawyer.Belle dressed Greg for their evening at a five-star restaurant. Belle loved the car, loved the meaty roar as it pulled off, slamming them into their seats. But she unequivocally adored the look of pleasure on his face, the pure joy as she saw him making decisions for himself. Belle knew those plans had her from and center, that she was never going to be without his love again.Greg used the joint credit card for dinner, knowing Natalie would get the notification. It would also link the bill, so Natalie could go online to see what was ordered, and it would show dinner for two. Greg had started to turn Natalie’s world upside down.“I will tell her I stayed home, my love,” Belle smirked as he explained why he was doing what he did.After dinner, they drove to a hotel where Greg used the same card. He put his phone on silent and they made love as his phone blew up. This was different. Greg and Belle knew that they would fuck a lot, but even that would be within the foundation of true love from this moment on. Belle drank in his love as her body rippled with pleasure. He shocked her by pulling out after her orgasm and sucking her clit into his mouth. Her pussy was sopping wet with his cum, and yet he attacked it, and she almost snapped his neck as she came, this time screaming out. He crawled over her and pushed into her in one stroke.Belle’s phone was also getting texts, and she let her mother know she was still in bed, that Greg had gone out. Belle and Greg laughed as he pumped her whilst she tried to text. Her texts were almost incoherent and even the built-in spell checker had nothing on her orgasmic texting. Belle refused the notion of Greg stopping though, slapping his ass if he dared to slow down. Natalie called her eventually. Belle put it on speaker.“Mom, I am not well. I want to sleep,” She muttered, and Greg stopped, bahis siteleri his cock fully immersed in her.“He is at a hotel Belle, after having dinner for two,” Natalie was frantic.“Mom, he said he was taking a colleague, and that they would have drinks at the hotel.”“He said that?”“Yes, mom.”“He booked a room, Belle, so he is not having drinks.”“Jesus, mom isn’t that a bit hypocritical? I am sure you have fucked Logan four times by now.”“I cannot stand the idea of Greg cheating.””He won’t mom, he does not have it in him. You know he is a closet cuck.” Greg stabbed her hard for that comment, then kissed her gently.“But… fuck, Belle. I hate this, and I cannot go home, because not enough time has passed. He will know if he checks the timeline.”“Mom, how the fuck is this, okay? You panicking over him sleeping around whilst you have Logan’s cum in you?”“Because of who he is.”“I don’t want to talk about this mom, it is just sick.”“Don’t judge me, I always wanted your father in your life.”“Greg is my dad, mom, and I will never see him as anything else. I have no idea what your gig with Logan is, but he has never been to one of my track meets. Maybe if he steps up I will change my mind about him.”“Will you choose Greg?”“As a dad, yes.”“I will talk to Logan, maybe he will step up.”“Greg cried when he saw my gift, mom. That is a massive issue, knowing we used his money to buy gifts he never got.”“I will get him something too.”“Mom, don’t. You should have already. He will not take kindly to it. I saw a very dark cloud in his eyes when he left.”“I will do something. Just let me know what time he comes home.”“Oh, wait, I just remembered, he said he would stay the night,” Belle grinned at Greg as Natalie blew up. Greg heard her rant and swear.“What in holy fucking shit!. He did?”“Yes, he does not want to drive with booze in his bloo…” Belle grinned, “Wait, mom, he just texted me that he is sending a cab for me to join him. I will quickly pack a bag.”“So you will be with him?” Natalie sounded relieved, “Since I found those panties that belong to neither of us, I have been so worried.”“Yeah, I know. Have you received anything back from the lab?”“It is his cum.”“Perhaps he jerks off in panties?” Belle flexed her hips and Greg slowly started pumping her again, her breathing getting labored.“Why are you breathing so hard?” Natalie asked.“I am just sick, and packing the bag is effort,” Belle felt an orgasm coming and she moaned through her teeth as it hit.“Belle?”“I just picked the bag up mom. My body is aching.”“Okay baby, just let me know if anything is suspicious.”They hung up, and for the first time Greg started to pound into Belle, and her orgasms were loud and perfect, both of them undeniably turned on by the phone call. She pulled her knees to her chest as he pushed in hard, and his tip opened her womb. She felt him spurt in her womb, and Belle hated that she was on birth control. She was going to give him his own child, their child. He deserved it.They quickly dressed and rushed down, where Greg ordered a cab and paid for it with the credit card. The driver was very confused that he just had to drive to an address, wait five minutes then come back, but he did it. They returned to the room and stripped again. There was still a ton of love to be made.“Greg my love, I will give you what the bitch never did want to give you,” Belle said as she pushed him down on the bed.“What?” Greg asked.“Your own child. Your blood, ours. I wished tonight that I was not on birth control, just for that.”“Thanks, Belle,” Greg swallowed hard as he comprehended.‘Are you with him?’ Natalie texted.‘Yes mom, fuck. He is rather pickled and very funny. You should get him drunk more often.’‘Is there another woman?’‘Yes, mom’.Her phone rang and she put it on speaker.“Who the fuck is she?”“Fucksakes mom, I am with him, I am the other woman.” Belle snapped, and Greg wondered if Natalie would recognize the confession.“Stop fucking around Belle, this is so stressful.”Belle rolled her eyes as she grinned, seeing Greg get hard again. She knew canlı bahis siteleri that it was her, the way he looked at her as she saw his raw desire for her. She felt like a woman, a desirable woman.“I am sorry for dragging you into this,” Natalie softened her tone, “Please rest well, I hope you feel better in the morning.”“Okay, mom.”“Is he pissed at me?” Natalie asked.“Yes mom, very. I will try to cool him off, but he showed me his phone. Thirty-five messages, ten missed calls. Fuck, mom.”“I was just worried.”“Well, he is with me now, and we are lying on his bed chatting. He quickly went and bought me a chocolate, mom. He is just pissed, and being very funny about it.”“I am sorry, Greg,” Natalie said.“Yeah, whatever. Not in the mood for drama,” Greg answered and he killed the phone. Then he pulled Belle over him and she sank down on him, his cock buried in her again.“I love you so much, Greg.” Belle lay down on his chest and they fell asleep. They laughed at each other’s haggard faces when they woke up the next morning, but Belle coaxed two more orgasms out of him in any case. They showered and checked out.Natalie was home when they got there and saw that they were both worn. She felt bad for her reactions as she saw it probably did not make Belle feel any better. Greg just tried to hide the fact that his cock was sore, and saw Belle also walked around gingerly.“How was your birthday, honey?” Natalie asked.“Better, after Belle joined me, Thanks, Belle. I am so sorry to drag you out when you are sick.”“That is fine daddy, I appreciated it. You thought of me.”“I always do.”“I will be better at being your daughter, dad. Last night I saw how much you need me to be your girl.”“Yes, thanks for the promise, Belle.”Belle looked at Natalie, “I am staying home again, mom, between your calls and everything else I still feel sick.”“Sure, baby,” Natalie walked to Greg and hugged him, then kissed him gently. “Happy birthday, my love. Can I still get you something?”“Sure, Nats. Thanks for thinking about me,” He answered. “I have taken a personal day Natalie, so Belle will be fine,” Greg said and Natalie nodded, wondering if she shouldn’t also stay.She decided against it and left, only to blast back into the door.“Did you buy a fucking Porsche?” She screamed.“Oh, yeah. My birthday present,” Greg grinned, “I love it, so does Belle.”“I do mom, the color is perfect,” Belle perked up a little, “And dad promised me a little convertible for my birthday.”“Where the fuck did you get the money?” Natalie fumed.“I had something from before we were married,” Greg shrugged.“That could go to Belle’s college fund.”“She has a healthy balance, Natalie. I would not take that from my baby,” Greg decided she would find out on her own that the college fund was gone.“I there anything left of the money you used for the car?”“A couple of thousand, so I will use it on Belle for her birthday. My girl only turns eighteen once.”“Okay, just. Why not talk to me?”“This last week that seemed to not be possible, and I was in a funk. The car was nice, but Belle with me last night was the ultimate. Thanks, Belle.”“I loved it, dad, just lying on the bed talking about silly things. I will make it my mission to get you drunk again, dad. I have never laughed as much.”“Yeah, Belle told me, Logan, you remember him, does not like chocolate,” Greg watched Natalie closely and saw her face drain of color.“Yeah, I remember him. We had lunch a while ago, one Saturday. Belle and I thought it was weird,” Natalie tried, and Greg saw there was no way she was going to be antagonistic now. Her lover’s name just came up. She walked with Belle to her room.“You spoke about Logan?” Natalie whispered.“No mom, it just popped out as we spoke about our tastes in chocolate, and he did not really take note of it.”“Are you sure?”“Yes, he was struggling to get the movie to play in the room, so he was not paying attention.”“Okay, please do not even say his name again. Greg is busy spinning out, the car is a big red flag.”“He was so happy when he showed me, mom. I have canlı bahis never seen him that happy.”“I have seen it, long ago. That was when he thought he was going to be a dad. He wasn’t scared, he was so happy.”“Why do I not have more siblings, mom.”“I did not want more, the drama surrounding you scared me. But I am so glad we have you.”“Not Logan, mom. I seem to be a nuisance, or maybe now that I am getting to the fuckable age. He will try to fuck me mom, daughter, or not. I have seen him look at my body. You need to talk to him because that is a dealbreaker.”“You are wrong, but I will mention it. Now stay in bed, my angel. I know Greg will take good care of you.”“He will, mom. I do love him. Please stop hurting him.”“Okay baby, I will try. But I just don’t love him like that, I never have.”“Okay mom, please try.”Natalie walked out and thought about it. She decided that maybe Greg should be treated better for a bit. Then she grinned, she would take his car, and then she and Logan would fuck in it.“No Natalie, you are not on the insurance. Your two fender benders made it prohibitively expensive,” Greg told her when she reached for the keys as she joined him in the kitchen.“That is not fucking fair,” Natalie snapped. Greg had denied her, something he has rarely done before.“In a year they will review. I did ask. Just don’t crash your car anymore.”“Fuck, I really wanted to drive it.”“You can if I am with you, Nats. We can go out for dinner tonight, a belated birthday dinner with my wife?”“That would be nice. I am sorry for the way I was last night.”“Okay.”She kissed him and left.Greg watched her drive away and then felt a small hand slip into his pants. Belle dragged him to the master bedroom by his sore cock, and they made love for a while, not caring for the sensitivity of his sore cock, then they left to run their errands. Greg drove to his lawyer and Belle chased him out. He sat outside, rather apprehensive until they came out.“So basically it is a formality now, the filing will take two weeks,” the lawyer told Belle.“Thanks.” Belle turned to Greg. “You serve her in two weeks, Greg.”“What just happened?” Greg asked.“Overkill. I will have a choice of where I live, but I want to make sure, also for other reasons.” The lawyer called Greg in, and he pushed a document over the table.“That girl loves you like nothing I have ever seen Mr. White,” he said, and Greg looked at the document. It was an emancipation order.“I love her more, bud. She is my everything, and she came back to me.” Greg signed. It meant that Belle would become an adult. That was in two weeks, but Greg also saw an affidavit from Belle, and he pointed to it.The lawyer explained, “That’s her saying she will not move during the separation, she will stay with you. In it, she outlines the ways her mother’s affair has impacted her negatively, and it was quite bad, Greg. She also told me that the last few weeks since she made a one-eighty has changed her, she feels so much more of a human.”“You see this a lot. Do cheaters ever acknowledge the pain they caused?”“Rarely, they desperately try to justify themselves though.”“I love my baby, and this is just so overwhelming. I know she loves me, but this just cements it.”Greg started to cry, and Belle came in and wrapped herself around him.“It’s okay, daddy. I know we will need to build trust again, but this is not that. This is for me, I choose the one I will be safe with, dad.”“I promise you, Belle. You will never feel like I don’t want you. I have separated the two of you in my mind. I love you with everything in me,” Greg sniffed and kissed her cheek, “You make me so proud, always have. I just realized I was not allowed to say it for a while.”“And that will never happen again. You are my hero, dad.”Greg and Belle said goodbye and walked out holding hands. They went for lunch and spent almost the whole day just having physical contact, and both commented that it was amazing to just hold hands. Then they screwed for an hour after getting home, which both decided was also fun. Greg could not believe that his love for Belle could change so much after a morning at a lawyer’s office, and he realized he was terrified of her even after the fact. Now that she had legally bonded herself to him, that fear vanished.They finished…