The Family Tree Ch. 05

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“You have some explaining to do, young lady,” I said in a sober tone.

“Okay, but let me go from start to finish without interruptions. Okay?” she pleaded snuggling up to my shoulder.

“That’s fine. Go.”

“When I was around sixteen,” she began taking a deep breath as though this was going to be quite a yarn, “I started getting these strange but compelling desires that I didn’t understand. I was afraid to go to Mom with my problem for fear I would get a lecture. I was sure my problem was sexual in nature so my second choice was Aunt Jen. We were actually much closer than Mom and me, and we had even been moderately intimate on a couple of occasions.” She paused for a brief moment while rearranging her position next to me and taking another deep breath.

“Aunt Jen knew what my problem was immediately. She took time to explain to me what a young woman experienced as she matured into womanhood. She told me she and Mom both had gone through the same thing when they were about my age. Then, as always, Aunt Jen assured me she had a solution. She told me one woman could give another woman pleasure almost in the same way a man and woman satisfied each other. I had no idea what she was talking, but this was Aunt Jen. If anyone could help me, she could. One thing led to another and before I left her that day I was very familiar with woman to woman oral sex. I liked it, and I decided that was going to be my specialty when it came to sex.”

“Of course, as time went on I became curious about boys and why their thing got so hard all the time. When I went away to college and no longer had to worry about Mom and such, I got braver. I still did not want to lose my virginity, and I definitely did not want to get pregnant. My roommate came to my rescue. She told me that she had the same fears until her boyfriend convinced her to try oral sex. At that time I didn’t know boys did that. So, she invited me to watch her and her boyfriend perform the ritual that evening. I watched as she gave her boyfriend a blowjob, and then let him eat her pussy. Then she turned around and let him fuck her in the ass. I was shocked, but they were both extremely satisfied. Then my roommate turned to me and asked if I wanted to try. I was terrified. I instantly refused, but the two of them kept after me until I finally gave in. I was in college, and I wanted to be like all the other co-eds.”

“I had already experienced the eating pussy phase, but my roomy convinced me I should let her boyfriend do it to get us both in the mood. I sucked my first cock that night, and I had my pussy eaten for the first time by a member of the opposite sex. The unpleasant part of that evening was when he fucked my ass. A lot of it was due to a lack of experience on both of our parts, and as I learned later, that part of the sexual act just took getting used to.”

“After that, I was determined to fit in so I experimented with lots of guys as well as my roommate on a regular basis. Before long I was crazy about someone eating my pussy, and I found that I could keep my boyfriends content without risking the dreaded pregnancy scene by offering them anal sex. Before I knew it, I was getting to like that part as well. That’s it.”

“But you let me . . .” I stuttered.

“That was different. I wanted you to take my cherry.”

“Do you think I got it all, Sis?” I asked with a crooked smile on my face.

“Danny,” etimesgut escort she cried when she looked down at his growing cock. “Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Probably someday,” I mused, “but I just met your pussy, and I like it a lot.”

“That big lizard of yours is pretty nice also,” Christi said almost timidly.

“Well then,” I boldly suggested, “since everybody else fucks you in the ass, I would like to consider your pussy my private stock.”

“That’ll work,” Christi said. “How do you want to do this?”

“You get on top of me. Okay?” I said. “I want to watch you and those big tits as you pound my cock.”

“We’re writing a new book,” Christi said. “Let’s make it read to our liking.”

I stretched out on the bed, and Christi cautiously crawled on top of me just behind my flagpole.

“Like this?” Christi asked.

“Perfect. Now rise up and slide down on this,” I said holding my pulsating cock straight and steady.

She did as she was told, and we both sighed heavily as her ripe pussy slid down my shaft. She rocked back and forth a couple of times and then ground her pussy against the base of my cock.


“Ride ‘em cowboy,” Christi cried gleefully as she pretended to ride a horse with my cock securely imbedded in her. “Giddy-up,” she yelled as she intensified her movements.

My sister’s enthusiasm caught me off guard for a moment, but I regained my composure quickly and joined in on the role play. “This is a bucking horse,” I grunted and hunched my body up to meet Christi’s onslaught.

“Is that a fact?” Christi grunted through the gasping and heavy breathing. “Feels to me more like a fucking horse.”

I reached out and grasped both of her flopping tits. “Hold on tight, girl, we’re going for a rough ride.”

It had not occurred to me that this was actually only her second experience with a cock in her pussy. Considering she was a rank amateur she was doing marvelously well, but her body had not quite become accustomed to a hot, pulsating hard cock stretching and stroking the wall of her vaginal chute with such passion. She could feel an orgasm building within her body.

I assumed she took the rough ride I mentioned seriously. Her butt was slapping against my thighs almost with a vengeance as she drove her pussy up and down the length of my shaft. I did my best to match her vigor and her rhythm.

Then she froze in her tracks.

“Wh . . . what’s the matter?” I gasped.

“Someone just drove up in the driveway,” she said almost in a whisper. Then nature took charge. Her pussy continued to throb, and she was unconsciously moving her body in a grinding motion on my cock as she concentrated on the activity in the driveway. We both heard a car door slam, and the clicking of high heels on the concrete surface of the drive.

Christi’s body was oblivious to this outside event. I felt the spasms of her pussy as it answered nature’s call. Even with the distraction I could hear her muted whimpers as she climaxed with gusto. Then suddenly . . .

“Oh my God,” she cried, “That’s got to be Mom.” Her pussy made a popping sound as she abruptly pulled free of my cock and rose to a standing position. “Cover for me,” she said in a pleading voice as she dashed for the bathroom. I don’t guess she thought about my embarrassment in this situation.

My survival etimesgut escort bayan instincts kicked in almost as fast as Christi’s. I rolled and rose at the same time, and without hesitation I headed for my bedroom. I grabbed a pair of jeans, and struggled into them as fast as I could. I could hear the key rattling in the lock at the back door so I scrambled down the stairs toward the rear entrance. My erection was almost under control even though I was cheated out of an orgasm by this surprise visit.

The door swung open, and I froze in my tracks.

“Hi, Jenny,” I stuttered in genuine surprise. “It’s good to see you here. Come on in and sit a spell.” I knew I was babbling, but I couldn’t get my thoughts together that quickly. “Looking for Mom?” I asked.

“Not necessarily,” she said flashing her best wicked smile. “Besides, I thought she was out of town.”

“She is,” I agreed. “We thought maybe she had come home early.”

“We?” Jenny asked.

“I decided to come home this weekend,” Christi said from the top of the stairs. “It’s good to see you, Aunt Jen.” She continued down the stairs wearing a beautiful smile and a terry cloth bath robe. I’m sure that was all she was wearing.

“Hi, college girl,” Jenny said gaily. “You’re looking good. Rather flushed I’d say.” There was a twinkle in her eyes.

I missed the implication, but Christi picked up on it right away. She looked at me and then back at Jenny.

“My little brother stole my cherry this morning,” she said proudly, and then as if she had to explain her rosy cheeks to her aunt, “and we just re-examined my box to make sure it was empty. There’s no doubt now. It’s gone.”

There was silence briefly, and then Jenny burst out laughing. Next Christi burst into laughter with me chiming in immediately behind her.

“So, young man,” Jenny said whimsically, “you have two women in your life now. Think you can handle us?” Both women were beaming from ear to ear like charter members of a very exclusive and secret club.

“Uh . . . we’ll just have to see,”

“Is anyone going to offer me some coffee?” Jenny pouted. She headed for the breakfast nook as if nothing had happened.

Christi and I joined her. Christi turned on the coffee maker and sat next to me.

I have never seen a Cheshire cat grin before, but I am sure the expression on Jenny’s face would be a perfect facsimile. The twinkle in her eyes was very obvious, but Christi had to ask anyway.

“What are you thinking, you wicked woman?”

“I was just thinking how quickly plans can change kids. I was having a very dull day so I came over here, thinking no one was home, to retrieve a video tape I left with your mother the last time we alone together here in this house.”

“What video tape?” Christi and I asked almost simultaneously.

“I’ll tell you later,” Jenny said realizing she had stirred our curiosity. “But, for the time being . . .” she continued, “now that we are becoming more closely bonded, we need to regroup. Don’t you think?” Again, the wicked glint in her eyes.

“Regroup?” I echoed. “What do you mean, exactly?” I asked.

“It’s simple, Danny,” Christi answered. “Aunt Jen wants to be a part of our newly formed relationship. And, I agree. After all, she introduced both of us to this world of pleasure so it’s only natural now that she is included escort etimesgut in future events.”

“Well said, Christi,” Jenny said enthusiastically. Looking directly at me she continued. “See what a college education can do for you, Danny?”

“It’s all new to me, and I must admit a little odd, but I like the fact that I have two remarkably alluring women willing to help me satisfy my sexual needs. What more could a guy ask for?” My mind was filling with ideas and possibilities.

“You might want to wish for the strength and stamina required to maintain the cravings and needs of two horny women,” Jenny offered. Christi nodded her head in complete agreement.

“That works both ways,” I said impishly. “Christi, you cheated me out of an orgasm before Jenny arrived. When do you plan to pay up?”

“How about right now?” she said looking at Aunt Jen to see if she had any objections. The wise aunt picked up on her niece’s intentions.

“I think that’s a great idea,” she cheerfully added, “but I want to be a part of the action. I am a piss-poor spectator.”

“Done,” Christi cried. I simply stood from the table, and dropped my jeans. My cock showed no signs of an erection, but my body told me all necessary sensors were on and ready.

The girls followed suit. Christi casually let her terry cloth robe drop to the floor while Jenny had to peel off her street clothes. First her slacks, then her blouse revealing the fact that she was braless, and then her skimpy panties. The nudist colony was in uniform.

“I have an idea,” Jenny said. “If I remember correctly, our favorite male humper has never seen two women have sex; therefore, I think Christi and I should get a little action going in hopes of getting Danny’s flaccid tool to come to life. Deal?” She was smiling at her last remark. She had grown to worship her young nephew’s manhood.

“It’s been at least three weeks since I gave your pussy a good licking,” Christi reflected, “so I guess you are due, and I can hardly wait.”

We moved to the living room, and I watched as the two women prepared for the event. Jenny got on her hands and knees on the couch with her head resting on a pillow and her ass high in the air. Christi stood behind the arm at the end of the couch facing Jenny’s rear end. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth against her aunt’s unobstructed pussy.

Before she become too deeply involved in satisfying Jenny she motion with her hand for me to take her on from the rear. When I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy she waved me off, and motioned for me to enter her ass. I didn’t argue, but a man has to do what a man has to do. I pressed my mouth against her asshole and forced my stiff tongue into the tight opening. I pumped my tongue into her tight ass several times before I moved the magical mouth muscle around the rim of her rectum several times.

Coming from me at least, this was an unexpected and pleasurable thrill for Christi. She attacked Jenny’s pussy with renewed passion, and the arousal caused her to lubricate her pussy as well. I backed away from her asshole, and before penetrating her with my now rigid shaft, I ran it up and down the wet slit of her crotch. Entry was without incident.

Christi moaned sensuously, and pushed against my tool inviting more action. Jenny was squirming and moaning and humping and groaning to the pleasure of Christi’s tongue and fingers. Christi had without ceremony been massaging her clitoris the whole time, as was Jenny toying with her little man in the boat. Both girls were rapidly approaching their climaxes while Christi’s tight ass was demanding that I respond with a load of my happiness.

No one was disappointed.