The Four Sluts Pt. 04

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Elizabeth finally got out of class Friday. She had spent the entire day bored out of her mind, and she was just waiting for practice. The day was made longer because Sam, her boyfriend, had been distracting her all day long. Sam had been pushing her about sex for a few weeks now but she wanted to wait until she was older, even though she’d been crazy horny for weeks now.

Elizabeth was a petite dirty blond with striking blue eyes and perky B-cup tits, but what she lacked on her chest she made up for in a perfect bubble butt. And what made her so nervous about Sam was that even though he didn’t say it, she knew her ass made him want to stick in her back hole. But she had to admit that the idea tickled her deeply inside.

The two of them had been dating for the past few weeks without telling anybody. Sam was eighteen but she still had a whole day and she didn’t want people spreading rumors that they were breaking any laws. Which they weren’t, they hadn’t done anything, only gone on a few dates and held hands.

After soccer practice Rachel, Lauren, and Elizabeth were stretching and talking about the weekend. They had decided to wait at Elizabeth’s place for Sarah to celebrate her birthday. “But I have to leave early for work.” Lauren said before making a shot pas the goalie.

“What did you want to do for you’re birthday Elizabeth” Rachel asked.

That was difficult to answer for Elizabeth. She still hadn’t told her closest friends about her boyfriend because she knew they would start gossiping to the entire school about it. But she was definitely going to spend time with Sam. She only shrugged and said, “Nothing major, maybe dinner or something, I know my dad wanted to take me into the city with my bro. So they agreed to keep it open, and nothing crazy.

Lauren had been flirting and flaunting herself all practice long so when they finally finished stretching Danny and Henry quickly grabbed her and made their way home.

On the way to Rachel’s car some of the lacrosse players were passing by. Among them was Drew, a senior who’d been after Elizabeth for a long time. She liked the attention to be sure, but she always turned him down.

“Hey Lizi,” Drew and a few of his friends crossed the street to Rachel’s car. “I heard your birthday’s tomorrow. You’ll finally be legal huh?”

“Yep!” She said simply.

“Maybe you’ll finally let me take you out?” Drew said, touching Lizi’s bare thigh. It was silky smooth and soft. Elizabeth let him touch her a while and some of his friends got close to watch.

Elizabeth was getting warm inside and was enjoying the attention and didn’t plan on making them stop. Luckily Rachel pulled herself away from the grabbing hands of eighteen-year-old boys and spoke up. “Come on Elizabeth we’ve got to go, remember.

Elizabeth snapped out of it, a little disappointed. “Sorry Drew, maybe next time.” She said softly, winking.

Both girls slowly got in the car, and Rachel pointedly bent over, showing off her ass when she put their things in the back. She blew a kiss to the guys and they drove off.

“You’re such a slut.” Elizabeth chided.

“Me!” Rachel laughed. “What about you, practically letting them undress you right there in the parking lot.”

Elizabeth laughed, but turned bright red. There was a moment where she thought she would actually let them.

Rachel and Elizabeth rode together to Elizabeth’s place to hang out until Lauren and Sarah showed up. At first Lauren took awhile, so by the time they showed up they were surprised that Sarah hadn’t gotten back to them. It was already dark out and they didn’t want to have to wait for a reservation. So they called her but without an answer. They called her house but only her uncle picked up, and he simply said she was busy and hung up. So they spent the rest of the night just watching TV in the living room.

Eventually Elizabeth’s dad, Christopher, came home from work. Her dad worked at a law firm as a consultant and spent a lot of time at work. Because of that her mom left when she was very little. But Elizabeth didn’t mind. She got a lot of time to herself, and her dad made time for her and her brother when he could.

“Hey daddy!” Elizabeth greeted brightly from the couch.

“Hi girls, how was school?” He asked.

Elizabeth shrugged. “Eh, not too exciting.”

“Ok, well I’m just going to do some work in my office if you need me.”

“When’s Tim getting home?”

“He’s on a trip for the weekend, he said he’d be back Monday.” Tim was Elizabeth’s brother, and the same age as Lauren’s brothers, although they had never met. Tim spent a lot of his weekends partying at his friend’s places so he wasn’t usually home.

Christopher left the girls in the living room. As soon as he left Lauren turned on Elizabeth. “You know I never told you but I think your dad is so hot.”

“What? Ugh! I don’t want to think about that.” Elizabeth said.

“Come on, he is. ” Lauren insisted. “Rachel what do you think?”

Rachel grinned. “She’s right Elizabeth, I’ve always kind cebeci escort of had a thing for your dad.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, “Just cause you fucked your dad doesn’t mean everyone has to.” She tried to leave it at that. So instead Lauren and Rachel started chatting about Elizabeth’s dad.

Elizabeth was left in her own thoughts, but now she couldn’t help but think about her dad’s physique. She had to admit her dad had a pretty good body. He was slim but pretty cut, and he had just the right amount of scruff on his strong jaw. And she found his grey hair to be very distinguishing. He was tall and she knew he had soft hair from feeling it before.

And like earlier at practice she started to fantasize, but this time about her dad. And like before she was snapped out of it, but this time from something Lauren said.

“What did you say?” Elizabeth asked curiously.

Lauren looked uncomfortable, but answered truthfully. “I said… that I would totally screw your dad.”

“Oh my god,” Elizabeth said exasperated. “You’re such a whore. Please don’t, that would be so, so weird.” But deep down Elizabeth was just jealous at the thought. He was her dad; if anyone was going to sleep with him it would be her. No… wait, that’s not right, she didn’t want have sex with her dad.

Lauren bit her lip, “Ok, I’ll try to hold back, but it’ll be hard for me.” Lauren got up. “Might as well go then. I have work anyway.”

“Ok, try not to have sex with too many of your relatives while you’re gone.” Elizabeth giggled.

Lauren smiled. “I can’t make any promises, my dad’s visiting me at work.” With that Lauren headed out. Rachel left soon after, leaving Elizabeth to her fantasies. That night she masturbated furiously to the thought of her father.

The next morning she was still horny from dreams about her dad and Tim. She was too restless to masturbate again, so she got out of bed to get dressed. She usually wore shorts and a t-shirt in the morning, but not being able to help herself she instead only put on a large tank top that came down past her butt, and panties. If she stood straight it looked innocent enough, but if she bent over it would be easy to see down her shirt, and anyone behind her would be getting a special show of her bubble butt.

She went downstairs to be met by her dad making a big breakfast for her birthday. He was dressed in boxers and a t-shirt like usual.

“Morning my new eighteen year old.” He greeted happily, but clearly tired. He usually stayed up late to work so he was probably still half asleep.

“Hey dad. Need any help with breakfast?” She asked hoping to get close to him.

“Sure no problem.” Elizabeth made her way into the kitchen and attempted to make an omelet. But the condiments were up in the cabinet that she was too short to reach, so she used it as an excuse to for him to get up near her and she asked her dad to help.

What happened next she had no idea would happen. He obliged and went up behind her innocently enough to grab the condiments. But since he had socks on and was pretty tired he slipped as he was reaching and fell forward. So through the thin fabric of his boxers his semi-morning wood slipped between Elizabeth’s ass cheeks, that were only protected by thin panties. He only stayed there for a two second out of total shock, but it felt like an eternity for both of them, one that Elizabeth didn’t want to end.

He quickly removed himself and made to grab the condiments before he realized he dropped the salt and pepper on the ground after slipping.

“I’ll get it.” Lizi said quickly, with her face burning.

And instead of bending at the knees like she’d usually do she bent at her hips, so that her ass stuck right out, and her tank top slipped down. The view her dad had was perfect to see everything from the edges of her asshole and pussy, to her stiff nipples and flowing blond hair then fell to the ground. And Chris was mesmerized to see that his daughter was in fact an unbelievably sexy eighteen year old.

She took her time to bend over and get up, giving her dad the full show. But after that her dad took care of everything in the kitchen.

The day went pretty normally afterwards, but completely awkward between the two of them. They had breakfast, talking less then they usually did, and Elizabeth waited a bit for her friends to show up. Eventually they made it and they spent the day together. To their surprise though Sarah still didn’t show up. But they didn’t think too much about it. And Elizabeth didn’t tell them about thee kitchen incident.

But Elizabeth was just waiting until she got to spend time with Sam, because her entire day was spent getting distracted, fantasizing about her dad and brother. And she hoped spending some time with Sam would satisfy her needs.

So when her friends finally left she immediately texted Sam and he made his way over. Sam was a tan, brown haired kid who used to play lacrosse with Drew. “Hey, baby.” They kissed and quickly made their way to her room.

They cebeci escort bayan were making out and he was pushing her to go further but she knew she couldn’t do anything with her dad home. “My dad’s leaving soon, I promise once he leaves.”

But to their dismay he came upstairs, explaining that his buddies couldn’t go out drinking so he was staying for the night. After that Sam was visibly annoyed, and left soon after.

Elizabeth was burning with need, so she decided to ask her dad to watch a movie with her. Even though she was angry with him she decided to use it as an excuse to cuddle up with him. But he made the excuse of having a lot of work to do, so he watched the movie as he was on his computer.

Afterwards she thought about calling her friends to see if they wanted to hang out but they were all busy, except for Sarah who still wouldn’t respond. Great eighteenth for Elizabeth.

So by Monday morning she was waking to vivid dreams of Chris and Tim railing her. But instead it was just her dad gently shaking her awake for school. Because of he horniness she dressed even more provocatively then she usually did. She put on her shortest jean shorts, which let half of her ass hang out shamelessly, flats with laces, and a red tank top that exposed her midriff. It was a little cold for the outfit, but that only meant her nipples would be peeking through the fabric.

She was making her way to their usual spot when Drew stopped her in the hallway waving her over, “Hey, I need to talk to you.” He took a moment to look up and down her body, checking out her bare skin, but he didn’t say anything.

Drew led her into a side hallway where his usual posse was waiting. “Sam was bragging to us how you begged him to fuck you.”


“Yeah, said he really gave you the time. Which got me wondering.” Suddenly, a guy wrapped his arms around Elizabeth, grabbed her neck, and started to lick it. Immediately she resisted, but her legs quickly went weak. “Why don’t we get to stick it in you, but he does, when you guys aren’t even dating.”

As if in a trance from the strangers tongue, Elizabeth bit her lip, dropped to her knees, and stared right into Drew’s eyes. Drew whipped out his dick. It was long and thick, and at first she was nervous because she’d never done anything like this before, but she’d watched enough porn to get the gist.

She began with a light lick to his tip, quickly followed by her barely putting the tip in her mouth. She immediately fell in love with the pungent taste of his meat. After a few prods she put a little more in her mouth. Drew groaned loudly and grabbed a fistful of her hair. Other guys started to whip out their dicks and stroke them slowly. A few took out phones and started taking pictures. Elizabeth’s pussy started to flood.

Elizabeth was putting it deeper and deeper, but Drew couldn’t take it anymore, so he slammed her beautiful face into his groin, and simultaneously thrust his hips, forcing his rod straight into her throat. She gagged, tears forming in her stunning blue eyes. It took the little bit of mascara on her face and started carrying it down her smooth cheeks.

“Ho, shit. This girl’s mouth is so warm. I don’t know how I haven’t exploded yet.” Drew continued to deep throat Elizabeth’s tight throat. She was hungrily wrapping her tongue around his cock and taking as much of it in as she could, relaxing her throat and shoving her face into Drew’s groin.

“Let me have a turn.” A deep voice said. Drew pulled out and Elizabeth gasped for air. Someone pulled her tank top off to expose her braless breasts. Her nipples were poking right out. A big black guy that Elizabeth only recognized as one of the linebackers for the football team offered his dick to her. It was a monster, and as soon as she opened her mouth for it he grabbed her head and shoved his meat in.

At first it was impossible for her to even take half of it in. The thing stretched her mouth and hit the back of her throat, making her gag and choke on it constantly. But then she angled her head up more and inch-by-inch the meat made its way into her throat, until her nose was just barely brushing up against his pelvis

After a few minutes he started to grunt, “Ugh, this slut is a fucking natural. Holy shit I can’t hold back.” Right there, Elizabeth got her first ever load of sperm, shot right down her throat.

Elizabeth swallowed greedily and panting like a dog she only said two words, “Please, more.”

Two guys took her hands and had her beat them off. Drew took his place back but this time with another guy. Both of them stuck their rods between her full red lips and she took as much in as she could, slobbering all over both of them without using her hands.

The next half hour of her life was spent giving blowjobs to a group of a little over ten guys she never met before. At one point they had her completely butt naked and after each load they would take a bunch of photos of her posing with cum plastered on her golden hair, cute face, escort cebeci and perky tits. She made kissing faces, she winked at the camera, shifted her hair all around, and stuck her fingers in her soaking pussy so to get every sexy pose they could think off.

The bell had already rung by the time Elizabeth was servicing the last guy. He was getting close and she was ready to swallow his load. But right before it happened…

“What the hell is going on here?” right at that moment Elizabeth’s mouth flooded with cum and the guy roared out carelessly.

After swallowing Elizabeth turned to see her English teacher Mr. McLaren staring in shock at the scene before him. A group of eighteen-year-old boys surrounded a butt naked eighteen-year-old girl with their dicks in their hands, while one of them shot a load down her throat.

His face was red with anger. “Elizabeth stay there, the rest of you out! Right now!” The guys put their dicks back in their pants and ran off without a word. Mr. McLaren marched up to cum soaked Elizabeth. “Grab your things and come with me. Elizabeth quickly put her tank top and jeans back on, grabbed her shoes and backpack and trailed behind Mr. McLaren.

What was he going to do to her? How much trouble was she in? Even though she was terrified of what he might do she was ecstatic that he caught them. It turned her on so much to know that her teacher saw her naked and drinking cum like it was lifesaving water.

He led her into his classroom. He didn’t have a class in the morning so no one was inside, and turned to look at her. “Why do you have your clothes on whore?” He wasn’t a very attractive man. He had a thick mustache and a lot of greying hair and kind of skinny. But as soon as he called her a whore, Elizabeth’s pants flooded again.

She looked at him in wonder, “Because I didn’t think you wanted more people to see me naked.”

“Take it all off.” He commanded. With excitement she bit her lip and tore all of her clothes off. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her fiercely, messaging her body all over and fondling her ass, even sticking a few of his fingers in her ass and pussy. She yelped and squealed at his touch, loving every bit of it.

They stood there by the windowed door kissing for almost ten minutes before he pulled away. “Now put your backpack in the cabinet so people don’t see it.” She did as she was told. As she was doing that he turned the TV on in the room and put in a tape. “Good, now take this, go under my desk and stay there” he gave her a sweatshirt.

Elizabeth took it and went under his desk, which was just small enough for her to kneel down under. She put the sweatshirt under her knees and waited.

“You’re going to spend the entire day sucking my cock since my wife won’t do it. In return I’ll write you all of you’re teacher’s and get you an excused absence, ok?”

Lizi licked her lips. “Yes Mr. McLaren.” She said sultrily. “I can’t wait to swallow all of that sticky white cum you have inside you.”

He fondled her tits, and pinched and twisted her nipples. “I don’t know how good you are at sucking cock so I’m going to tell you exactly what I want. You need to be deep throating me and licking all over my shaft and sucking hard on it. I want it fast and hard, and don’t you dare forget to service my balls.”

Elizabeth nodded. “Now take it so I can gobble up that dick.”

Mr. McLaren took off his pants and boxers and let his rock hard cock spring out. It wasn’t as big as some of the other guys from before, but still enough to satiate her desires.

The way the room was set up was that his desk was opposite the door and angled so all of the student’s desks were facing away from him. The TV was in front of all of the desks in a top corner right above the door.

He sat down and Elizabeth immediately swallowed his meat. In almost no time at all the bell rang for the next class and students began trickling in to the room. Elizabeth had never been so turned on in her entire life. There she was sucking on her unattractive, greying, English teachers rock hard cock while the rest of her class was sitting mere feet away, totally unawares.

“We’re going to be watching a video today in class, everyone.” Nobody cheered or said anything, they almost always watched a video so it wasn’t a surprise, but Elizabeth was ecstatic about it. “I forgot to bring the worksheets so I’ll email them all to you tonight. That being said I want you all paying very close attention so you can answer the questions correctly.”

If anybody noticed how shallow and inconsistent his voice was then they didn’t say anything. But Elizabeth decided to make in her mission to try and get people to notice the differences today. So she worked hard to deeply swallow and slobber all over McLaren’s prick. And she didn’t forget to lick and suck on his balls.

Mr. McLaren played the video and raised the volume a little higher than usual. It was about some old thing in history but Elizabeth didn’t pay it any mind, she was to busy drinking up the old man’s pre-cum.

If the video hadn’t been playing everyone would have been able to hear the slobbering, sucking, and gagging sounds of Lizi deepthroating Mr. McLaren. There were even moments when the video got quieter where she thought they could hear her, but that only turned her on.