the fun had just begun

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I walked down the stairs with only one thing on my mind, my brothers’ dick. I wanted him so badly and I knew all his weaknesses. I walked into the living room where John was sitting on the couch watching TV. I stood in front of my brother in my small towel I took from a hotel. It was just long enough to cover my body. He stood up and just looked at me with his sexy eyes. His hand slowly crept up on my waist and pulled me close. John leaned down and gave me a soft kiss. I giggled before turning around and running down the hall. With every step I took I knew the towel showed peeks of my ass. We stood 4 or 5 meters away from each other, his eyes scanned şişli escort bayan my body from head to toe. My long dark hair, curvy body but, what he couldn’t see was the exciting part, my c cup boobs and shaved pussy was just waiting for him.“What do I look like?” I asked with a childish tone.“Like the sexist sister ever” John replied with a grin.I blushed and said, “I look like a girl who wants to be chased.”I ran up the stairs and could feel the cold air on my skin. The towel flew up and I knew John could see my ass as he ran behind me. Just as I got to the bathroom door, he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and nibbled mecidiyeköy escort bayan at my neck. With the strength my brother had, he had no problem roughly turning me around, and pinning me to the bathroom wall. He grabbed my hands and lifted them high enough to let the towel fall to the ground. He brushed one hand over my pussy as he leaned his forehead on mine. He bit my lower lip just enough for it to hurt; just the way I like it.He lifted me on to the counter and spread my legs. My pussy was already dripping for him. John leaned in and kissed me as his stomach touched my pussy gently. Our lips met and quickly escort şişli so did our tongues. I wrapped my arms around his neck to stop him from pulling away. His mouth detached itself from mine and found its way to my neck where he decided to bite into my collar bone roughly. My pussy pounded gently as his hand swiped over it. He was teasing me and I liked it so much. I love a little tease before things get too heated.My hands ran through his hair as he made his way down my body. John gently touched my clit and my body shuddered under his soft touch. His finger slowly ran down my pussy and slipped inside me. I took a huge deep breath as his fingers brought me so much closer to an orgasm. One finger to start… then another… now I was sure I couldn’t last long. The look in his eyes and his fingers inside me made my mind go crazy. I started breathing deeply and it just encouraged him because before I knew it his mouth was on my clit.