The Further Adventures of Mina , Suzy

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The two sisters, Mina and Suzy, have been committed to serving the sadistic lesbian Rachel Harper, who, having discovered the girls were born of the same mother, blackmailed them into submitting to all kinds of sexual activities.There was respite when the sisters, Mina and Suzy, travelled to meet their aunt in Ohio, and they felt that salvation was close at hand.But the door to their freedom slammed shut. Rachel Harper re-appeared and laid claim to the girls, and Mina and Suzy were shipped back to London, and once again, they were obliged to entertain Ms Harper’s paying guests.The incestuous aspect of the girls’ escort bayan performances was the main attraction. From time to time, there was a special performance in which Mina and Suzy’s own mother participated.On these occasions, Ms Harper’s huge house was packed with guests, and the erotic performances were legendary.Orgasm after orgasm was extracted from their young bodies as their mother penetrated their every orifice.Once the girls were utterly spent, the guests were invited to perform oral sex on their vulvas and anuses until they could extract yet another climax.Just when this degradation seemed intolerable, kocaeli escort bayan a supernatural intervention took place.And THAT is what this story is REALLY about!These days, Mina and Suzy’s mother is becoming more prominent in the girl’s sexual abuse. She is now taking a more active role in controlling and enjoying her daughters’ bodies.Mina seems to be her choice to receive degrading humiliation. The girl’s slim, beautiful body and long blonde hair seemed to attract abuse, and Mina’s own pleasure on these occasions was obvious.For Suzy, maybe it’s her boyish body with its kocaeli escort narrow hips, cropped hair, and flat chest, leading her mother to abuse her daughter anally, and little Suzy always begged for more.The occasions where the girls’ mother is the principal participant are the most popular with the guests. The sheer eroticism of witnessing these acts of incestuous sex leads the guests to masturbate both themselves and one another openly.But the most significant change in these more recent days is the mother’s desire to invite her daughters into her own bed. Here an altogether gentler experience takes place. The girls are caressed and handled with something approaching loving devotion.On these occasions, the girls are often invited to perform intimate sex acts together while their mother watches, sitting naked and crossed-legged at the end of the enormous bed.