The Gay Nuru Massage Dare

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The Gay Nuru Massage DareMark “Sandy” Sands didn’t take his gay friend’s heed too seriously when he warned that these house parties had a tendency to get out of control. Also when he said that he was “generally up for anything”, he didn’t seem to realise the full extent of what that meant to the people interested in him for more than his personality. Sandy couldn’t say that Josh hadn’t warned him! Taking an invitation to a gay house party; what on earth was he thinking?Josh’s friends were not in Sandy’s social circle. Just like anybody other broad minded and free spirited person, Josh had several circles he spent his time between, and Sandy was happy to go where his friend went when he had nothing else planned, so Josh’s friends knew a little about him and he wasn’t entirely a fish out of water. He was just, shall we say, a little fish swimming with sharks…Great big flamboyant pink sharks who could seriously handle their drink! But all cheap shots aside – and flaming sambucas and tequila slammers – they knew how to party and Sandy had no doubt about that. So long as he stayed firmly in the game long enough then maybe he’d be just about sober enough to laugh off their questions and their advances, should they get drunk enough not to notice the blurred lines they were crossing.Not surprisingly, Sandy was having a “fucking awesome time” (his words), getting to know Josh’s friends a bit better, despite Josh himself getting drunk pretty quickly himself. The hosts, Richie and Graham, did more to make him feel welcome than most of his actual friends ever did. Well, they were just buttering him up, of course, because later that night they decided to play a sneaky one-sided game for a laugh, because why not?! While Sandy was in the kitchen downing more shots with his new friends, somebody decided it would be funny to put his name in a hat for a game they called Lucky Dip. Well he was about to be the luckiest guy on earth because his was the only name in the one hat – written on about thirty pieces of paper – while somebody else’s name and a dare was in another hat, fixed in exactly the same way.Everybody gathered round in the living room, chuckling under their breaths and falsely making jokes about what could possibly happen. Sandy came in, asking what they were playing when they explained to him the idea that in one hat were a bunch of names and in the other were dares that went from silly little pranks to the absurdly inappropriate.’Are you in?’ party a****l Andy asked with the widest grin.’Ummm..”DO IT!’ everybody cried out.’Do I actually have to go through with the dare if it’s… you’re not gonna make me take one up the ass are you?’ They all laughed and exchanged awkward glances, then put his mind at ease, promising that if it was too inappropriate for him. Reluctantly, Sandy agreed, simply to prove that he was game for a laugh. They applauded him for that, knowing what he didn’t.The game began. Andy took a name out of the hat. ‘SAM!!!’ And then a dare out of the other and another name out of the first. ‘Dry hump Jamie in your favourite sex position.’OH WHAT???’ Sam made Jamie reverse cowboy him in the middle of the living room floor, to the cheers of the crowd. No big deal, Sandy assured himself and laughed along. Next-‘ANNA!!!’ I dare you to suck Graham’s tongue. That was hot, but now Sandy was apprehensive. Next-‘HELEN!!!’ The fake-breasted Barbie blonde who looked like she could suck a sausage through a straw. Please let it me my name, Sandy wished. ‘I dare you to make out with… LAURA!!! For two minutes…’The girls didn’t seem to reluctant at that dare. Soon they were at it like professionals, putting on a show for everybody. The room got so quiet, the girls’ breathing so heavy, they all turned to Sandy when he audibly gulped. Still, now he was nervous.Next-‘CHRIS!!! I dare you, for sixty seconds… to suck Richie’s cock…”No, I’m not doing that,’ Chris said outright, seconded by Richie and Graham. Thank fuck for that, Sandy thought, eyes glazing over. This is getting way out of hand!’Oh wow, look at this one. This is just verging on the erotic, now,’ Andy laughed and then looked to Adam, the blonde Greek demi-god sat quietly in the corner. ‘Adam?”Yes, Andy,’ Adam squirmed, yet at the same time he couldn’t hide his anticipation. ‘This is a wet dream to you, isn’t it?’ The room erupted into nervous laughter.’I don’t know, Andy, you tell iskenderun rus escort me…”I dare you… to give SANDY- OH NO NO NO NO NO, NOT ME-‘A sixty minute Nuru Massage!’ The crowd went wild, erupted into cheers and dares.’Whats a Nuru Massage? That sounds Asian!’ Sandy piped up, his heart racing.’Adam is actually a physical trainer so he should be good at this. You should go for it,’ Jamie approved, ‘they’re really relaxing.”It’s not sexual in the slightest, you don’t have to worry about that,’ Sam lied. Huh, Sandy shrugged, well I do have a stiff lower back from running…’So?’ Andy asked.’I actually could do that for you tomorrow if you’re not busy,’ Adam offered. Sandy shrugged some more.’DO IT NOW!!!’ Andy demanded, to which Jamie teased, ‘with what, Sambuca? Olive Oil?”Thanks guys,’ Sandy toasted them with the beer bottle in his hand, ‘but I’ll pass on that suggestion right there…’The party went on until the early hours. Sandy left earlier with Josh at around 2am because his friend was almost passed out drunk. He wasn’t wrong, though. Those guys held wild parties. He might go back again next time if there wasn’t any of those dare games. That scared him for while, back there!—–Sandy awoke at 11am Sunday with a hell of a sore head. After a hot shower and expelling the effects of the night before, he slowly powered up with coffee and breakfast and spent the early afternoon playing videogames with no plans for the day other than vegetating and recovering. But at 3pm the doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting anybody. Maybe it was Josh?!When he opened the door to Adam he was stunned. How did he find out where sandy lived? What was he doing here? Why was there an inflatable mattress under one arm and a sports bag hung over his shoulder?’Hi, Adam, what’s up?”Hey Sandy. You good for your massage?’ Adam winked. Oh shit, did he really forget that he hadn’t actually declined the dare?’Wow! Oh wow!’ Sandy cringed and cupped his hands over his mouth, laughing. ‘Really?’Adam walked by and into the house. Sandy didn’t stop him, but he wasn’t going to be rude and kick him out, so he closed the door and offered him a coffee. Ten minutes later, sitting on the couch in the living room, Sandy was failing to talk himself out of it and Adam was slowly talking him into it.’Are you uncomfortable getting a massage from a guy?’ he asked.’Well, I don’t know, not really,’ Sandy skipped back and forth over his own words. ‘But what kind of massage is this that needs a rubber dinghy?”Well it’s very wet, you see? You use this special gel that makes everything more slippery than your usual massage oil, so the bed is more or less to prevent mess. Is there anywhere you’d prefer to put it?’There was the gym room Sandy had converted one of the bedrooms into. Just as the last chance to decline came and went, Adam disappeared up the stairs and started to set everything up. Sandy was still sitting in the living room when he could hear Adam frantically blowing up the bed with the pump.No backing out now then, he thought.’Strip off and lie face down,’ Adam said, ‘I’m just going to use your bathroom for a sec!’Sandy complied, folding his clothes over the radiator, and got as comfortable as he could. Shortly after, Adam’s bare feet were right in front of him. He snuck a peek a little higher and saw bare ankles and calves. He’s wearing swimming shorts or something, it’s cool, Sandy assured himself.’Obviously, I’ll start with a bit of a traditional massage to warm you up,’ Adam said and filled a metal bowl with the nuru magic gel. He began pouring handfuls of it all over Sandy’s bare back, butt and legs, complimenting him on his body and the work he put into it. ‘So how did you get to know Josh?’ he asked, beginning to work on Sandy’s shoulders.It felt so good with that slippery gel that it was easy to dismiss the fact that a man was massaging him. Meanwhile Adam stretched into position to work at the harder muscles.’Oh I’ve known Josh since college. I noticed k**s were always picking on him in the canteen so, yeah, I made sure it didn’t continue and we’ve been good friends ever since,’ Sandy recalled nonchalantly. ‘How about you?”Well, we work together. He actually says a lot of good things about you?”Oh he does?’ Sandy perked up. Damn, his hands knew what they were doing. ‘Well that’s… good! Like what?”Err… Like you’re iskenderun rus escort bayan really supportive of him and don’t let your friends talk shit; that’s awesome. He also told us you’re really cute…’Sandy laughed, nervously, and didn’t know what to say. Should he have gotten up and put his pants back on at that? He didn’t want to be mistaken for homophobic. No! So he just laughed it off and appreciated the comment.’Well if a guy says it then I guess it must be true,’ Sandy replied, enjoying the feel of Adam’s hands now working down to his lower back.’This is pretty tense here,’ Adam observed. ‘I think it’s time to get to the actual nuru massage…”Oh, yes, the “dare”,’ Sandy recalled and laughed again, less nervously.’Well you know why it was a dare,’ Adam assumed. Who in the right mind and with a cock didn’t know what a Nuru Massage was? Sandy, apparently…’Umm, no, enlighten me by all means.’Adam went quiet. All of a sudden, Sandy felt more of the nuru gel being poured over his body – a hell of a lot more. The words “liberally applied” were now an understatement. Adam then straightened out Sandy’s legs, placing his ankles together and began to apply the gel to his own chest, his arms, legs, and then to his own genitals.’Umm… it’s gone really quiet in here,’ Sandy remarked, apprehensively, before Adam mounted the air bed and made body contact. Sandy could sense straight away that his hands were no longer in play and before he could say anything else, the undeniable sensation of his new friend’s warm and slippery naked body sliding up against the back of his thighs and butt engulfed his senses and attacked his consciousness.’Oh my god,’ Sandy panicked, lying rigid on his stomach. The unmistakeable sensation of Adam’s cock sliding soft but suggestively along the slippery wet crack of his ass and then across his lower back sent electric shocks through his body. He hid his face in his forearms suddenly, only for Adam to pull them away and place them by his sides.’Trust me, it’s okay, it’s weird at first but you’ll fall into it!’Sandy lay with his head to the side as Adam now slid up against his body, 100% full naked contact. sandy didn’t want to think about what he was doing but there was no denying the strangely enjoyable feeling of wet skin on skin, and consistent sliding up and down.Yes, it was suggestive in so many ways, but Sandy felt as though he were being massaged from head to toe by one giant gentle hand. Just that it had a penis that was possibly semi-erect. Adam flipped around effortlessly and began doing the same from the top of his spine and down to his thighs, massaging his calves and heels with his hands when he wasn’t using the bed for leverage and pull.’Dude, I can feel your cock and balls all over me,’ Sandy cringed. All the while, he just wanted to forget the fact that his own cock was now growing underneath him.’Fixated, huh?’ Adam quipped. ‘Fuck you’ was the responseand he laughed a little. ‘How long do we have left before the dare’s over?”Oh about fifty minutes,’ Adam guessed, now riding the small of Sandy’s back and applying more gel, just so that his cock and balls could really work themselves in.’Bullshit, liar, it’s already been about half an hour!”Most of that was just the warm up for the dare,’ Adam explained, flipping around again so that Sandy’s toes were inches from his face. He lifted one leg and slid one of his own underneath so that they were in the scissor position, and couldn’t help but notice Sandy’s growing excitement. He just smirked and slid down so that their crotches kissed together and began to ride his inner thighs. ‘Just relax and go with it. Think of a pretty young lady or something…”A PRETTY YOUNG LADYBOY?!!! WITH A COCK IN MY CRACK?!!’Sliding back and forth, Adam used the one free foot to massage Sandy’s back and butt, then began the most absurdly filthy grinding motion with his pelvis, sliding their balls together. That cock was getting larger, just what he wanted, and boy was he impressed.’Think of a porn star!”I can’t. I really can’t right now with what you’re doing,’ Sandy swore, biting on his own lower lip. This was so wrong. He could not allow himself to enjoy it. Now after another five or ten minutes, Adam was sliding around from his butt to his shoulders again and embracing him in such a way that undeniably simulated sex. rus escort iskenderun And his cock was now rock hard and riding the groove of his spine like a train, back and forth along its track.’I’d offer you a blindfold for when I do your front but that might be too kinky,’ Adam said mischievously.’Oh god, you have to do my front as well?”Yup, turn around, honey,’ he affirmed, ‘no time like the halfway mark!’Half an hour left? Sandy was going out of his mind. His heart hit a steady THUMP-THUMP-THUMP rhythm in his chest, hard enough to nearly hear it with his own ears. Then as he flipped, he found true shame. Adam didn’t physically react when he saw Sandy’s erect uncut 8″ cock spring up facing the ceiling. On the inside he was suddenly dry and thirsty. Maybe, he thought, justy maybe he could sway Sandy with his smooth, slippery moves…’Oh my fucking god, I am so sorry!’ Sandy said, hiding his face under his forearms again. And again Adam removed them and placed them at his sides.’It’s okay, nothing I haven’t seen before-‘But it’s not like that-‘It’s perfectly natural considering the nature of the massage. Like I said, don’t be embarrassed, just enjoy it!’ Adam assured. ‘Okay?”But you have a boner too,’ Sandy stressed. Then Adam grinned and looked down.’Well it’s not every day I get to lube up and straddle a hunk!”Oh fuck me…”Pardon?’ Adam responded, clicking his jaw.’No! Just get on with it and I’ll try to get un-hard somehow…’Adam poured out the rest of the nuru magic gel onto Sandy’s full frontal nudity, from chest to toe, hoping that Sandy would notice how much he drizzled all over the head and shaft of his swollen cock. Abracadabra, once softening and relaxing, his cock sprang back to life and Adam once again began the process, working up from the toes.Only moments later was his inches away from Sandy’s cock, his hands sliding up his thighs and hips and deliberately working the circulation around his genital area. He was so close that Sandy could feel his breath and then so close that he could see the veins straining out of his shaft – such a wonderful feat of biological engineering.’I’m not going to be able to slide over you at this rate,’ he teased and then purposely ran one slick hand so briefly up the shaft. Sandy moaned.’Please don’t do that,’ he begged and stifled an anxious laugh.’My hand slipped-‘Bullsh-And again.’Oh fuck!”Sorry,’ Adam chuckled, but that thing is clearly seeking attention right now…”Please, just ignore it then,’ Sandy begged again and all of a sudden one hard cock was sliding up against the other, squelching and squirming, as they lay face to face, their slippery torsos sliding back and forth.’How long left now?’ Sandy pleaded, noticing that his cock had escaped and was now sliding up against Adam’s butthole.’As long as you want,’ Adam invited and planted a kiss on his lips. Surprisingly, Sandy had nothing to say. Everything went deadly quiet and so their bodies stopped rocking together. Adam looked him in the eyes then and searched for a reaction, only to find elusive calm. ‘Just… tell me to stop if you really want me to, okay?”Okay,’ Sandy agreed and accepted another kiss on his lips. The next after that, he began to come around. the next after that, he started to give in. The next kiss after that, he reciprocated. Now Adam proceeded to ride his hips and abdomen as their tongues teased each other, but then suddenly backed off, sliding back between Sandy’s legs to scissor with him a second time.Sandy’s breathing was becoming ragged, feeling Adam gyrating between his thighs, their slick balls mashing together erotically. All of a sudden their cocks were twinned and sliding together in Adam’s wet hands. Pretty soon, it was both of Adam’s hands gripping his shaft and sliding up and down expertly and then his mouth, sucking him all in and jacking up and down.They were tribbing intensively then, Sandy writhing up against Adam mutually, when he suddenly lost control and began to pump thick ropes of hot white semen all over himself, the least accidental happy ending in the history of happy endings.’Can I come on you too?’ Adam asked, panting and hard as a rock. Sandy just nodded and lay there watching him pump furiously until he too was blowing his load. He lay there, covered in massage gel and hot come, now cooling down on his chest and abdomen, not knowing what to make of it all. What the fuck had just happened? He gazed at the ceiling, arms uselessly at his sides and waited for the whole erotic encounter to subside in its own time. Seductively, Adam slid up his body until they were face to face again and kissed him on the cheek, saying: ‘you took that dare like a champ, straight boy.”Oh good,’ Sandy remarked, ‘I’m still straight, well that’s something!’