The girlfriend

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Cheating Wife

The girlfriendMy girlfriend and I have been perfect lately but their was something odd going on but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I played it cool though and went on like nothing seemed suspicious. My girl is 5’5″ 140lbs and has 34C tits and a nice big bubble butt with a flat stomach. And we have done many things and talked about many things. One thing we have talked about was having foursomes or inviting another person in the mix but we have never gone through with it. We have talked about a foursome with one of her friends and her friends boyfriend but didnt go through with it because she saw a pic of her friends boyfriends cock and was afraid he would hurt him. And we have been offered by one of my friends and his girl but we didn’t. Now my girl likes to go on social networking sites on her phone and when I try to look she turns or gets up like she had to do something but she did tell me her password so i could adiosbet yeni giriş go on hers. So one day I did and I went into messages to find her talking to a guy. One part of the messages the guy says I have lost some weight gained some muscle and something else got bigger to. and she asked him to show her. So then I read farther down they are making a date for a day that I will have to go to class. So the day comes and i pretend to go to class as usual and I wait about 45 minutes and then park away from the house and sneak in. The bedroom door was wide open so I peeked in and saw my girl jerking a massive 18 year old cock. She is 20. Her hand looked so small griping around it. Then I see her open wide a start sucking the head of his cock. Then she tried deep throating it but gagged and couldnt. She sucked him for awhile I could her him moaning and see her rubbing her dripping pussy. By now adiosbet giriş I am rock hard rubbing my cock through my pants. Then I see him pull her head off his cock throw her on her back and he started fingering her and licking her sweet pussy he kept putting more fingers in her until he had 4 in her. Then while doing that he put 2 in her ass she was moaning and rolling all over the bed. Then I see her look down at him he smirked back and he put his whole fist in her pulling it in and out shes was orgasming and going crazy. He pulled his hand out and got on top of her and jammed his enormous cock in her. He was fucking her so hard ripples went through her sweet bubble butt. She was screaming and scratching at his back as he fucked her harder and harder. He pulled out got her on her hands and knees and started the pussy punishment all over again. I didnt what was wrong with me I was mad at all I was adiosbet güvenilirmi so turned on by it I pulled out my cock and started jerking then all of a sudden…. She looked up and saw me pulled his huge snake like cock out of her and looked at me. I walked in and she was shaking and asked how long I had been their. I told her I was their the entire time. The guy tried sneaking out behind me but I caught him and told him to come back in here and lay on the bed. His cock was even bigger up close I am 7.5″ he had to be 9″ I could see why she was with him. I then told her to set her pussy on his face and suck my cock at the same time. She did she sucked me so good it was unbeleivable. Then i told her to get on top of him and ride him she did and she was moaning uncontrollably then I got behind her and put my cock in her ass and me and the guy doubled her for a long time then I came in her ass went and sat on the bed and watched her keep fucking him. He fucked her for a good half hour then filled her pussy with cum. She was leaking cum so bad she would catch it with her hand and then lick it off. we all showered together after and had more fun then he went home. This is a true story.