The Initiate

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It all began because of a parental concern for Alan.

“You know, he worries me, that boy,” said Dan, his father.

“What worries you?” asked Delilah his mother.

“He’s nineteen and as far as we know he’s never had a girl friend.”

“Why are you worried about that? He’s got plenty of time.”

“Yes, but as far as I can tell all the other boys his age have been screwing…I mean, they’ve been sexually active for years.”

“I suppose he’s not in a hurry. Not everyone wants to start their sex life young. I think it’s disgusting the way they just…just…you know…so young. When we were young we…”

Delilah closed her mouth as she recalled that she had only been seventeen when Dan took her to the altar pregnant with Alan.

Dan gave her a meaningful look as he recalled the gorgeous girl he had impregnated in the back of his car.

“My God,” he thought, “She’s still a beauty at thirty seven. I’ll have to remember to fu…to remember to let her know I still fancy her tonight.”

“Del, you don’t think there’s anything wrong with him, do you?”

“Like what?”

“Well, you know, he can’t get it…he’s not interested in girls?”

“Of course not, he’s just…do you think there’s something wrong?”

“I don’t know…but by the time I was his age I was…”

“Married,” interrupted Del.

“Yes, well, we’ve never regretted it, have we?”

“Of course not, darling. But just let him find his own way, he’ll be all right.”

“If you say so. Shall we have an early night?”

“I’m not tired, but if you want to…”

“Yes, I want to.”

“Lovely, lets have a shower and go to bed.”

For all Del’s confidence about Frank, Dan’s words troubled her. “Suppose Frank really is…you know,” she thought. “True Frank has his studies, but other young men with studies seemed to be able to enjoy intimate relationships with girls, so why not Frank?”

Del’s younger unmarried sister Anna was worldly wise when it came to matters of male and female relationships, and moreover, she was Del’s confidant. “I really must talk this matter of Frank over with her,” thought Del.

Anna usually dropped in for a talk with Del on Thursday evenings. On the Thursday evening following Del’s talk with Dan, she consulted her sister.

“Anna, he’s nineteen and as far as we can tell he’s never fu…been…er…intimate with a girl, and the way things are these days…”

“The way things were when you got married,” interrupted Anna.

“There’s no need to be nasty,” said Del, “Dan and I were in love; it wasn’t just casual sex.”

“Humph,” grunted the cynical Anna. “If he hasn’t been with girls, perhaps he’s been with boys.”

“Anna!” exclaimed Del, “that’s a terrible thing to say.”

“Don’t see why; but anyway, why are you asking me?”

“I just want your opinion. Do you think Alan is normal?”

“Well, may a bit unusual for these days, but perhaps he’s got religion…wants to be a Buddhist monk or something; there’s a lot of it going round these days and it can be very catching.”

“I haven’t noticed anything; you know…no incense or yellow robes, all he does is study and listen to classical music.”

“Classical music! That’s a bad sign Del. I’ve heard that during the Second World War prisoners of war used to take to classical music just before they went mad or tried to commit suicide.”

“My God, you don’t think he’s going crazy, do you?”

“Well, not yet, but it’s worth watching out for. Does he masturbate?”

“I think so; I’ve found handkerchiefs and tissues in his room that look as if they’re got…got stuff…”

“Cum,” corrected Anna.

“On them,” finished Del.

“That’s a good sign then, at least it shows his equipment is in working order.”

“Yes, I suppose it is a good sign, but it’s a bit like a soldier who trains and trains with his gun, but never gets sent to fight.”

“Mmm,” meditated Anna, “I don’t think there’s much you can do about it; sorry I can’t be of more help.”

“Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to await developments.”

That ended the sister’s discussion of Alan. They went on to talk about their mother’s arthritis and what should be done about it.

During the following couple of months nothing further was said about the state of Alan’s libido. Del continued to find sticky handkerchiefs and tissues in Alan’s bedroom, and this consoled her to some extent.

Then during one of their Thursday confabs Anna complained about the number of house break-ins that were taking place.

“I’m doing this evening course on computer graphics and I really don’t like leaving the place unoccupied.”

“Aren’t there people who do house sitting?”

“Yes, I suppose I could get on to one of the agencies and see what they have to offer; I might do that.”

“Anna,” said Del thoughtfully, “What about Alan?”

“What about him?”

“Well, he could house sit for you. He only stays home and studies in the evening except when he goes to the gym. If you wouldn’t mind paying him something escort ataşehir it’d help him out financially. He’s only got his study allowance and what Dan and I can spare.”

“Good idea Del, I think I’d trust Alan more than a stranger. Will you ask him or shall I.”

“I’ll ask him,” replied Del.

On being asked Alan agreed readily enough. Of all his aunts Anna was his favourite. He admired her for her independence, her free spirit, and despite the doubts concerning his sexuality, he was sufficiently aware of females to note that Anna was rather pretty. “Besides,” he said, “she’s got a computer I can work on.”

So began Alan’s weekly task of guarding Anna’s house from the depredations of the criminal classes. I add that it would have been a sad day for any housebreaker who tried to gain entry while Alan was there. He is a sturdy lad and well versed in martial arts.

He took with him to Anna’s house any work he had to complete, together with a couple of CD’s of classical music. Thus Anna’s house reverberated to the sound of Bach and Mozart while Alan plugged away on the computer.

All continued in orderly fashion as arranged for four weeks. Alan arrived at 7 p.m., Anna departed some fifteen minutes later. Several Bach Chorales or Mozart Symphonies later, say around 10 p.m., Anna returned and Alan departed, slightly wealthier than when he arrived.

It was in the fifth week that things changed a little. Being a reliable fellow Alan arrived at the usual time. Anna departed at her usual time. The change came about when, only half way through a second Mozart Symphony, Anna arrived home.

“Lecturer’s off sick,” she announced. “That’s sexy music,” she went on.

“Ah…yes…well, I’d better go then,” said Alan, and he went to remove the CD, but Anna stopped him.

“No leave it, sweetheart. I don’t usually listen to that sort of stuff, but it sounds good, it makes me feel sort of tender inside. You can stay a bit longer can’t you? We can have a drink.”

Not averse to being in Aunt Anna’s presence Alan agreed he could stay for a while.

“I’ll just go and change then,” said Anna, and departed in the direction of her bedroom.

Alan returned to the computer and continued working. He was tapping away on the keyboard when he heard Anna say just behind him, “Vodka and orange be all right?”

Along with the lack of exchanging bodily fluids with females, Alan’s experience was also limited when it came to experiencing alcoholic fluids. Vodka and orange sounded okay to him, so he grunted, “Fine.”

Now here we should examine Alan and his lifestyle a little more closely. It is true he was much enamoured of his studies in archaeology and anthropology, but this alone does not account for his lack of social, not to say sexual, contact. It was also true he was inclined to be shy and this did not help, but the real cause of his problem, if it was a problem, lay in a slightly different direction.

To put it briefly, Alan was a voyeur. Now here I must be careful to define what I mean. He was not a voyeur in the sense of wanting to peep at people’s sexual activities and sex organs. Perhaps I should say he was an observer. He was somewhat like people who viewed a stage play, seeing and hearing the actors move and speak, but not themselves participating.

He watched the people and world move around him as if he was watching people act out their lives. He noted and even made notes on what he saw, yet never him self stepped on to the stage to play a role. That might well account for his interest in anthropology.

If I might be permitted another piece of imagery, Alan was like one who stood in a doorway looking out at the world as it passed by. Behind him were the old safeties and securities of childhood. He could turn back to those things of the past and hide himself from the passing parade with all its good and evil, all its loyalties and betrayals. On the other hand he could fling himself into the cavalcade that is life.

Some will fling themselves into the parade and be carried with it for good or ill. Others will make tentative moves, testing out the experience and often fleeing back to safety for a while, until one day they join the throng never to flee again.

There are others like our young man who needs someone in the passing throng to extend a hand and say, “Come with me, join us in this dance of existence.” So far no such hand had been extended, or at least, Alan had not seen such a hand.

Now he sat at the computer, and after all, can that not be an escape in itself?

Anna said, “Here’s your drink, Alan.”

Alan turned to take the drink and his eyes nearly shot out of his head. Anna stood there holding the glasses of drink clad in what I suppose is called a “negligee”. It was of black material that was to say the least pellucid. Beneath this flimsy attire Anna was still wearing panties and bra, but even these were somewhat translucent and one might have thought it something of a miracle that the bras could support the ripe fruits that resided within the fragile kadıköy escort bayan cups.

It was not that Alan had never seen a woman dressed like this before. His mother tended to wear similar garments during times of relaxation. It was seeing Aunt Anna dressed like this that shocked him. He had always thought her pretty, but in typical Alan style, it was an objective view of her having little or nothing to do with carnal thoughts.

For once he was shaken out of objectivity and into subjectivity. Not, of course, that the objective reality before him lacked any of the female enchantments, far from it. Her breasts as I have implied, were succulent examples of female mammary glands, with nipples ripe for tasting. Her sexual organ was of course not visible, but viewing the long shapely legs one might fantasise what delights might lie at the top of those thighs.

Facially Alan’s view that she was pretty was about correct. She was no great beauty but neither was she ugly. A face perhaps a trifle too long and nose inclined to the Roman style. Her eyes green and hair black, naturally curly and worn short; her lips might have been described as soft and giving the impression of warmth, except that they tended to be a trifle serious. This in fact might describe her overall facial appearance, she had a serious aspect.

Perhaps I have been too critical for her face might not have been devastatingly beautiful, but what was beneath that face fully compensated for any defect the more critical males might have detected. In short, she had a body that would harden the penis of even the most world and sex weary man.

This was what Alan was seeing and was now experiencing those subjective thoughts and feelings that he had hitherto been a stranger to.

With a shaking hand he took his drink from Anna. He tried to turn back to the computer but Anna said, “For goodness sake Alan, stop playing with that computer and come and sit with me. We can enjoy our drinks and listen to the music.”

“Er…ah…awright,” gasped our confused and discomforted youth.

Not quite knowing how he got there Alan found himself sitting on the divan with Anna’s thigh pressed up against his and her hand laid over laid over his.

They sat for a while like that listening to the music and sipping their drinks. Well, Anna was sipping hers, but Alan, unfamiliar as he was with the subtle ways of vodka and tasting only the orange juice, tended to gulp rather than sip.

Seeing his empty glass Anna refilled it for him. Alan got about half way through this refill when he felt glowing warmth spreading throughout his body. Anna had re-seated herself beside him and the thigh pressure was even firmer. He felt tender little pressures on his hand that sent via his brain urgent messages to his genital region. These messages were translated into physical responses that embarrassed him somewhat, but as the vodka did its evil work he relaxed a trifle.

Anna was on the sharp lookout for any signs of a response to her mild stimulation, and emboldened by the sight of a lump in Alan’s groin, she began to stroke his hair and placed a soft kiss on his lips, briefly flicking her tongue over his lips.

She could feel Alan trembling so took the further step of addressing him.

“Alan, your mother tells me that you’ve never had a girlfriend. Is that true?”

“Awk…ah…yaes,” mumbled the disorientated Alan.

“Don’t you like girls?”

“D-d-don’t know much about them.”

Anna raised one of Alan’s hands to her breast and said, “Darling, don’t you think it’s about time you found out about them?”

She pressed his hand over her breast, then taking her hand away was pleased to note that Alan’s hand remained, still pressing. She rested her hand on his groin declaring, “I’d like to find out what you’re made of, Alan.”

“W-w-would you…h-how?”

Anna kissed him again, but this time forcing his lips apart to insert a soft exploring tongue. Alan vibrated violently.

“We could start by you’re looking at a woman.”


“I mean, darling, a naked woman.” “Aaaark!”

Anna rose, removed her negligee and then her bras and panties.

Alan stared, spellbound.

“There, that’s a start, isn’t it?”


“Now you can touch me properly, can’t you,” said Anna once more placing Alan’s hand on her breast. “Stroke upward like this,” she instructed, placing his hand at the base of her breast and slowly moving it up to finish with a little pinch on its pink nipple.

Anna pulled his face to hers and began kissing him again and this time she got some response. Alan it seemed was a quick learner once you got him started. His tongue slipped into her mouth and he began to do his own exploring.

When Alan became too breathless to continue the kissing Anna said, “Darling, men often like to lick and suck ladies nipples, and the ladies like having it done to them. Without awaiting any reply from Alan she put a hand under one breast, lifted it up to elevate its nipple, and pulling down Alan’s escort bostancı head she pushed the nipple against his mouth.

Alan seemed to need no further prompting and sucked in the nipple.

For a while an air of contentment seemed to hang over them, and Anna stroked Alan’s hair while he took pleasure in the pink little mound. But Anna was not the sort to waver in her instruction, and after a few minutes of this sensual bliss she decided the time was ripe for them to move on.

She gently removed her nipple from Alan’s mouth and said, “Darling, there’s something you ought to look at.”

She sat up for a moment and placed a cushion under her buttocks and then lay back. She opened her legs in order to display her genitals to Alan.

“Do you like that, darling?” she asked.

Alan stared at the display somewhat unimpressed. What he saw was a wedge of pubic hair and a long slit between two plump lips. He hardly knew how to answer his aunt’s question since what he had to say might not please her.

Then the transformation scene began. Anna’s hands came down to her vulva and placing her fingers on its lips she parted them. Alan gasped with amazement as he looked upon that complex doorway to paradise that is woman.

He saw two little pink lips, shining with moisture. They seemed to flicker across the entrance to a dark tunnel. Above those lips he saw what looked like a fleshly cover, and as he watched, Anna raised the cover to reveal her clitoris.

Now it so happened that Anna had a larger than average sized clitoris, and it gave the distinct impression that it was a tiny penis. She touched it with her finger and said, “That’s very sensitive, darling and ladies often like to be kissed there.”

In tentative fashion Alan leaned forward and pressed his lips to the little nerve centre. As he did this he inhaled the aroma that is peculiar to women’s genitals. The musky odour assailed his nostrils and he had an urgent desire to do more than just kiss the indicated spot. As a consequence he began to lick it fervently and then began a frantic licking of the whole region. He tasted the salty flavour of female lubricant and this spurred him on to even more frantic endeavours, and pushed his tongue between the little lips to enter the depths of vaginal delight.

To this point only Anna was naked, and having had her fill of oral stimulation, she decided the moment had come to unbare Alan. She removed herself from Alan’s now wild oral assault on her organ of delight and said sternly, “Come on Alan, let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Eh?” Expostulated Alan.

“Darling, get your clothes off, it’s not fair me being naked and you still fully dressed.”

A reluctant Alan stood up and very slowly began to unzip and unbutton things. Anna, impatient to view what might be available jumped up from the couch and hastened the disrobing process.

They had got jumper and shirt removed and trousers and underpants were half way off, when Anna drew in a sharp breath. “My God,” she gasped, “you…you…oh my God…”

“Wasermader?” pleaded a troubled Alan, thinking his aunt had detected some deformity in his person.

Anna, realising she had caused Alan some alarm, hastened to amend the situation. “It’s all right darling, you just took me by surprise. I didn’t expect…well, it’s so…did you know you’ve got a rather large penis?”

Alan, who had never been one to observe the penises of other boys, had no idea of relative sizes. Anna had a current lover with a 150 centimetre organ, and with this she had been very contented. Now she was gazing at an approximately 230 centimetre projection. Its girth balanced well with its length and the long light brown shaft was capped by a crown that gave the impression of being a purple plum.

In addition to this impressive organ there was suspended beneath it massive testicles. Anna reached down and tentatively touched them. They felt swollen with semen. She followed this by an exploration of his shaft as if making sure that what she was seeing was real.

“Yes, darling, you are rather large, aren’t you?”

Alan had no idea that his organ was large, it having been that size since his days of puberty. “Er…am I?” he queried a trifle plaintively.

On behalf of other members of her gender Anna felt a little annoyed that this fine organ had been hidden away from them, so with great determination she finished the process of getting Alan and naked and said firmly. “Lay down.”

She gave Alan a shove and he sat down on the divan. By dint of further prodding Anna got him in a prone position and came over him to straddle the tower of gratification.

She poised her sex organ carefully over it and lowered herself slowly. She felt it touch her inner lips, and taking in a deep breath she let her self drop to allow the crown of the penis to enter her vaginal channel.

As it slid in she gave a whimper of ecstasy that was matched by a groan from Alan. He felt his length slowly being immersed in a soft, moist promised land. His imagination had never been able to conjure the true sensation of being swallowed up in a vagina.

Anna felt her vaginal wall filled by his penis and then it was hard up against the end of the tunnel. She remained unmoving for a few moments except for gripping Alan’s shaft with her vaginal muscle.