The Joy Hole

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The Joy HoleThe Joy HoleBy: Londebaaz Chohan The convent of Jesus and Mary had the strictest discipline in the school. They made sure the boys were kept separate in a different campus and the girls were kept separate elsewhere. I do not know what the motive was but for the boys like me; there was no explanation of any sexual query at home or at school and by the 10th grade when the students were to be shifted to the public High Schools; they had to be shifted far from homes because this little town only had this convent school for educating them. My parents were glad with my progress and grades, so they did not hesitate to send me to a city for High School classes. As this school catered to the students both from the local areas as well as from the far flung towns, they had very basic beat up dorm facilities where small cabin types rooms were available for those who could afford to pay for it or who were offered financial aid and dorm facilities reliant on their previous education records. I was lucky to get the both. The dorm was a beat up building of 3 stories with community type toilets and shower room facilities on each floor and the laundry facilities in the basement with a few of the washing machines and dryers plus a large table on the side for folding the cleaned clothes. I had been coming in the basement for over 5 months from the 3rd floor for doing my laundry and it was only the first time that I kind of took a look around in the basement to see what else was there. As I mentioned before; this was an old and beat up building, I did not discover anything of worth except broken items stored in couple of rooms and a tiny bathroom.I did not need to but just being there and being a bit curious as well; I got in the bathroom to find a sink to wash the hands, one urinal and two toilet stalls, separated by a wooden wall. The wooden panel had a kind of message written on it; I read couple of times but could not comprehend it. It read, “If you want the best of a surprise, just open your mouth here”, and then there was a line or an arrow drawn; pointing to a hole about 2 feet away with a line under the hole, “for better results, keep your eyes closed”. I just peeked through the hole to find nothing but the other empty toilet stall there. As I had just filled a washing machine with my dirty clothes and had to be down here to wait till it was done, I thought to use the toilet here instead of walking up to the top floor all the way.As I sat facing the wall which was behind me; I discovered it filled with the lots of vulgar messages. ‘If you like to suck a long ten-inch cock, call Dan for an appointment and then there was a phone number also. Feed me your seed – For best fucks call’ but then someone had scratched the phone numbers or it was not readable. There were so many other such ads there, for a young man like me to get an erection in response and only hope for a cock that I could suck. For all these months here, there was nothing but the teen boys all around me and dirty talk all the times and the porn videos hushed up by the same teen boys who had them. I had pulled down my shorts to my knees and was working my very stiff cock already. canlı bahis I had always been here for my laundry at the same time; around 2:00 AM, but had never seen another soul around; meaning no action seen. I had met a few guys on the internet chatrooms and some through the personal ads only for very discrete sexing outside but nothing here at the dorm at all. I jerked myself imagining that I was jerking someone else for about 5 minutes or may be a bit longer and was almost close to burst the lava out of my balls, when the outer door of the bathroom was heard open, surely startling me. I tried to hide my dick but it was too hard to bend; leaving me no choice but to pull my t-shirt over my center bamboo of the tent. I did not hear any noise in the next stall to mine and I could only guess that the unknown guy who came in; either be at the sink or the urinal but there was no sound of water from the faucet or him peeing in the urinal. I was hoping that he would go away soon, so I could finish my whacking but the next second, I heard him walk in the next stall to mine.I settled back on the toilet seat because I did not want him to think that I was stealing a look or something through the hole. I do not know why my erection became twice as hard and pre cum started to seep through the t-shirt. I heard the neighbor; coughing quite loudly couple of times but as nobody had left any directions for how to respond, I looked through the hole to draw his attention but as I could only see in a fixed direction; I did not see him there but a line in bold print: ‘I WANT TO SUCK YOU NOW’. I have no clue who was in the next stall and what he wanted but by now my mouth was surely watering for a hard cock. Suddenly I saw the feet of the guy in the next stall from under the separating wall; raised only couple of inches from the floor to show his bare feet in slippers. Then I heard a kind of musical taping on the wall. I waited for a few seconds and did not know how to respond because no one had left any instructions about initiating an action; so I also taped the wall on my side. It was quiet for a while and then I heard the taping sound again and it immediately followed by a fingertip coming to my side. Holy fuck!!!! My cock was so stiff that I actually worried of its breaking off as I could see him naked with his horrendous cock out and he was beating it slowly. I have no clue if the guy saw my eyes at the holes or not but as I moved away quickly, my fingers not only touched his finger but almost pulled on it. Maybe this was the clue because he slowly slid his finger back and forth on the lower edge of the hole for a second and then he turned to face the wall and I took a step back seeing the most awesome cock appearing on my side through the hole inch by inch. It was obviously a model cock for the beauty and the health of a male extension, in my view. The helmet knob upfront was a bit dark and glistening wet with the oozing pre cum. The shaft was extremely long and thick with swollen veins on the top side like a river and its tributaries. Once he had shoved it all through to my side; I guessed it to be easily 2—3 inches longer than my 8 inches, surely thicker bahis siteleri than my beer can girth. I reached and wrapped my one hand near the fat base, cherishing the shining head and pushed the tip of my tongue against the slit tasting the pre cum and moaning loud. I lapped up all the wetness with my whirling tongue from the cock head, making sure the grip; so he could pull back. I could tell that it was driving him insane already because he was moaning, cursing and even trying to stuff more of his cock over to my side through the snug hole.With my flattened tongue, I began swallowing him whole; lifting his cock to plant my tongue against the base of his bone, wet painting all of his shaft very slowly towards the top tip. I could only guess that there were some bars bolted to the other side of the wall because the guy was surely gripping something and almost pulled down the dividing wall as I sucked his beef shaft. “Do you like that”, I spoke loud into his fat cock, “Fucking Christ man, fucking suck my cock. You have worked awesome babe”. I was not expecting such a sweet compliment making me go berserk on his cock to swallow his whole thick muscle with renewed zest; making him moan and growl while uttering every obscenity in his vocabulary.With my lips being crushed against the wall to swallow him all; part of me wished to invite him over to my stall so I could do him deeper to his balls but it was very risky, if you know what I mean plus it shall be a total loss of the eroticism in this encounter. It was hot as hell sucking the guy through the hole and even hotter not to know who he was. May be it was some guy on my floor or the one who always marched around in his brief exhibiting his junk or may be the very cute nerd in my math class. I had many images in my mind and did not want to spoil the thought by seeing any more than his cock. Feeling his cock swell up in my mouth and ready to canon out his juices in my mouth, brought me out of my thoughts and I slid back on his prick giving him some time to catch his breath and calm down because I wanted to suck him more before getting the reward of his sperm. The hole was totally jammed with his thick meat shaft and a zero chance for me to lick suck his balls, as he panted a little but came out of his urgency. Having no other chance; I pushed the tip of my tongue right under his swollen knob and began tickling the sensitive spot, slowly. He responded with thrusting in and out of the hole, making me swallow him whole once again.No way, I could not let him get off this easily. Soon as his sperm gun came all the way back in my mouth; I gripped him at the base again. He whined and tried to pull back but I had him good. Now his cock was mine once again for teasing and tormenting him with soft and delicate licks under his mushroom. This was going to take him much longer to cum this way and I also knew the ultimate intensity of the resulting shoot out. Now he was going absolutely nuts, banging on the wall and even begging to suck him off but I ignored him while staying resolute to keep licking him slowly. His pre cum was flowing rapidly on my tongue as I worked his only one sensitive spot.“AaahLord!! bahis şirketleri I need to get off now”. He was heard gasping and muttering those words, “Please suck me hard to make me cum and swallow me”. I continued to slow tease him making him smash all of his body against the wall, making his cock rub harder against my tongue. I kept my part up as long as I could, until he made an extremely high pitched sound and I gave him the one last lick, letting my lips open a bit to take the knob in and he erupted. I had never witnessed such a huge load ever ejaculated before. I do not want to be wrong but I counted 14 hard contractions with squirts of hot cum over my tonsils before he let me suck him back in my throat to drain him completely and he took a quick seat on the toilet; wheezing and totally spent while I struggled not to let a single drop go waste.“That was fucking extreme”. His voice was very hoarse and shaky but I heard him; suddenly noticing my cock needing relief and I began hard rubbing it but then suddenly stopping with a thought in my mind. My cock was aching for release. I swear as I looked at the hole to slide my finger, back and forth like he did earlier; I saw his finger but this time signaling me to put my cock through to him. I took a step closer and aimed, letting my cock slide to the other side, holding the upper edge of the wooden wall between the two of us men. This guy was a real a gem of the sport of cock sucking and not a tease like me. He was something beyond a true maestro; far better than a champion; I found out as he gave me the best of the best cock sucking of my life so far.His mouth was warm like an oven and felt velvety as he accommodated my monstrous length comfortably for sucking. Although it hurt but I also enjoyed when he forcefully pulled my balls one at a time to his side with his long fingers. Of course he had the greater girth than mine and length too as I already said. Now we were even and I also could not pull back because the hole fitted me so much like a cock ring and my balls were dangling on the other side. Now he gave my balls a nice tongue bath while holding them tight and licking sucking my length; ordering me to cum in his mouth. All his expert moves were making me teeter on the edge as my urgency built quickly and he gave me no break to recover. He suddenly went all the way down on my shaft and I could not even shudder before unloading myself in his gulping throat; swallowing fast. I could feel the cold air on my warm long shaft feeling that he had taken me out of his mouth and I tried to pull back but the fucking stiffness was still holding very strong and I was not able to pull back at all.I had heard the guy ruffling with his pants to pull it up and leave in a hurry before I could ask him to push my balls back towards me. I remember the mother fucking panic of at least 4—5 minutes that it took me to get soft and hoping that nobody else showed up; until I got free from the joy hole and all of me on the one side again. I quickly yanked up my shorts and reached for the door knob. Just before I stepped out a naughty thought came to my mind and I pulled the pen out of my pocket; looked for a clean spot and wrote: SUCKED THE HOTTEST, LONGEST, THICKEST COCK AND GOT A GALLON OF THE FRESH LOAD AND THEN GOT ME SUCKED ALSO. NEED MANY MORE REPEATS.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Jan. 23/ 2019