The last time Chris came home

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The last time Chris came homeThe last time Chris was home, he came in the house and surprised me. I was doing the cleaning in just a hipster pair of cotton trunks. The legs of the shorts only come down to my fanny and the waist is cut so low, you can see my pubes in front and plenty of my arse crack round back.He crept up behind me and gently grabbed my waist. I jumped, he laughed and squeezed me tight to his lovely abs and cock. He had stripped naked behind me before he came to grab me and I could feel his wonderful trunk of a cock pressing half way up my back.I leaned back into his chest, put my hand down between us, grabbed his cock and put it between my legs. It jutted out so far in front of me that it looked for all the world as if I had a cock all of my own.My trunks by this time were soaking and juices were oozing from his pee hole and dripping on the floor.He bent me over the sofa and ripped my trunks away from my body. I could feel his cock bahis siteleri rubbing up and down my crack. He lifted my legs off the floor and held me like a wheelbarrow. My holes were now at his mercy, he seemed to hesitate for a moment deciding which one to fuck first.My pussy took the brunt of his lust as he slowly wiggled me on to his huge purple helmet. Suddenly it disappeared and he pushed more and more savage cock up my tight sleeve.My muscles gripped him as shivers ran through me, I could feel my cervix kiss his large head, that was all I could take in this position but he seemed to still had about half his cock outside my tiny body.“Oh Chris, fuck me, please fuck me” was about all I got out before he ploughed in and out of my dripping cunt. Our juices were flowing out of me and hanging from my pubes.Without pulling out, he spun me around so that I was now laying on the arm of the sofa with my knees up to my chest. He pulled out and sank canlı bahis to the floor. I heard him moan as his face met my crotch and he slurped up my juices.His nose was on my clit, his long tongue was up my fanny and his finger was pressing at my arse. I had to relax, I want that finger, I want more than a finger. He spat on my arse and rubbed it up inside my brown chute. He stood, put his cock at my back door and pushed.I saw stars, I screamed, I couldn’t breath – he was in. That delicious feeling of being totally full, totally overpowered by something so big, it had no right going anywhere near something so small – but it was in and it was going further and further up my shit hole.Bubbles were escaping my fanny, with one hand he forced two fingers up inside my gaping hole whilst with the other hand he strummed my clit.I was going, I was heading for that wonderful edge of ecstasy. Still he pumped me full of his cock and fingers, still his huge balls güvenilir bahis slapped the small of my back, soon they would be empty, soon cum would be covering me.That was it, I was gone, everything went black, stars flew, my fanny gabbed his fingers, my arse crushed his cock.He pulled out and gushed all over my gapping holes, the blasts were so hard, his cum blew back up deep inside me. He washed my tits with it, it dripped from them onto my face, he blew the next one in my hair, the next in my mouth, the next back up inside my arse.I want him back up inside there, before he finishes, I want to feel that torture just one more time.“Put it back in Chris” I screamed. He looked down at his exploding cock and forced the head back against my brown splattered hole. His warm seed was everywhere.He shuddered five more times before he pulled out, shook his head and smiled down at me.He sank to the floor again and slipped his tongue from my bruised arse to my battered cunt, pulling long ropes of cum into his mouth.He leaned forward and spat a long rope of his cum and saliva into my mouth, smiled again and said.“Hi s*s, I hope you didn’t mind me getting home early”.