The late night

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The late nightMy girlfriend and I had argued slightly on a cold raining November evening as she was about to go out with friends from her new workplace.We have been together for 2 years, she is 24, with a petite 5 foot 4 inch figure and a nice c-cup chest. Her dark brown hair complimenting her innocent looking eyes and resting nicely against her shoulder. I am a little older at 30, athletic in build from various sports, with a rugged kinda stubble look.As the evening went on and I regretted my actions of having words over her not spending much time at home. However, I got lost in the trap that is Saturday evening TV and had sent a few idle texts to her to make up, telling her that I was now feeling a little hot and couldn’t wait to make it up to her when she got home. She would ask me how and I went into detail, resulting in türbanlı osmaniye escort her telling me that her panties were soaked and I was bad for getting her like this infront of her friends. My dare to her was to go to the ladies and remove them, leaving her in her mid thigh dress and heels.I woke from my sleep around 3am to find various texts from her telling me how hot she was, how wet she felt and so sure that people could tell. I replied and told her that she had made me hard and I was going to bed to wait for her ”will you be long?” I asked…… no replyIn bed I slowly teased my hardening cock as I read a few stories online and watched a couple of my favourite videos. Before I knew it, it was 5am and still not heard a word. I text again asking if she needed türbanlı osmaniye escort bayan a lift home….. no reply. By 6am I was worried and tried calling, it rang and then went to answer machine, I left a message.At 7:30am I heard the front door open and footsteps gingerly walking up the stairs. I lay in bed and watched her come in looking cold an still tipsy. I asked her why she didn’t reply and why she was so late? She mumbled some answer about taxi’s and then said she wanted to shower.I got up from the bed and walked into the en-suite as she turned the water on. Gripping her waist slightly. I turned her and kissed her, telling her how good she smelt and how much I needed to tease her. She said not to yet, but soon. I was too turned on. I noticed she still türbanlı escort osmaniye had her heels on and I reached down to lift her little dress. She gasped as I kissed her my hands working down to push her thighs apart.Slowly I kissed over her chest, moving her dress and bra to suck on her hard nipples. She said a faint no as I got to my knees pushing her dress up over her hips. I spread her thighs apart and could smell her soaked pussy, much wetter than I had ever expected. Her aroma got me more turned on than ever and I couldn’t help but lean in and slowly start to lick her swollen clit. ‘mmmmmmmm’ I moaned as I ate her, surprised trhat her juices were covering my mouth already. I reached up and slowly pushed two fingers easily into her drenched pussy. Again she said a faint no as I ate her all I could, her hips starting to betray her words as she ground against my face. Her body tensed and she started to moan louder and cum hard, squirting slightly and filling my mouth with her hot juices….. quite thick for a change but I told her how good she tasted as I drank them while her orgasm was subsiding.”I need to tell you something” she said as I lay on the bed………..To be contniued…