The Lesson

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Dave had been hiking when he came home just after sunset. His wife Katie was sitting on the couch with a woman, probably around their age, with blond hair, wearing black slacks and a blue cashmere sweater. As usual on winter evenings, Katie had the place nice and warm. Katie looked gorgeous, lounging on the couch in tight jeans and a sexy black top that accentuated her full breasts.

Drinking wine with the attractive petite woman, Katie flashed her brilliant smile and said, “Hey, baby! This is my old friend Cayla, from back in the day. You two haven’t met, but I told you about her when we were in Europe.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Cayla.” He smiled and shook her hand. She reminded him of a slightly boyish looking Katie. He remembered being surprised when Katie told him she’d had a crush on Cayla many years earlier but hadn’t acted on it. Katie said she’d never had a sexual experience with a woman.

“Cayla and her husband, Bob, lived near us. She, Maggie, and I were pals way back in the day.”

“That’s great. Welcome, Cayla,” he said. “I hate to be rude, but I could really use a shower. But I’ll be back shortly.”

“No problem, honey,” Katie said. “We’ll just be here catching up.”

As Dave undressed in the bathroom, Katie poked her head in, looking mischievous.

“Remember Cayla was the friend Maggie and I got the sexy nightie for, in hopes it might encourage her husband to finally give her oral sex.”

“Oh, that Cayla. The one you had a girl crush on,” he teased. “Did the nightie work?”

“I don’t know yet. I was just going to ask her about that when you came home,” she said, grinning.

“Can I trust you two out there alone?” he joked.

“Of course,” she replied, then paused. “Unless you take too long, and we drink more wine.” She winked and hurried out the door.

Dave took a long, hot shower, so the old friends could have some privacy. Drying his body in the soft towels, it aroused him to think of the two women in the other room, talking about sex. Figuring they were out of sight in the living room, he hung up his towel in the bathroom and walked naked the few steps to the bedroom. He pulled on some loose pajama pants and shirt before walking back to them.

They weren’t talking when he got there. Exchanging quick glances and smiles, they looked like cats that had eaten a couple of canaries. The wine bottle on the table was drained.

“Honey?” Katie asked, followed by one of her signature long pauses.

“Yes, darling?” Dave finally responded.

“Well . . . Cayla and I have been talking about a situation she has at home with Bob. It’s kind of an intimate problem, that’s been going on for an awfully long time.”

Suspecting the general subject, Dave managed an, “Uh huh.”

After another long pause, Katie continued. “So, here’s the deal. Cayla, you’re sure it’s ok I share this with Dave?”

“Yes, it’s alright,” said Cayla, blushing.

“Cayla loves Bob very much,” Katie began. “They’ve been together forever, since they were kids, really. But sexually, Bob has no technique, he doesn’t do foreplay, just climbs on top now and then, does his thing quickly, rolls over, and falls asleep. Sometimes he gets her to do a little oral sex on him, but he’s never reciprocated or even told her if she’s doing what he likes. And in all these years he’s never given her a single orgasm.”

Cayla nodded slightly, blushing deeply.

Unsure what to say, Dave finally filled the silence. “I’m sorry to hear that. I know from my first marriage how hard it is to have an unsatisfying sex life with the person you love. Do you two talk about it?”

“No,” Cayla responded. “He can’t talk about anything important or sensitive. And I’ve been married to him since I was 19, so I don’t have any experience of my own to bring to a talk. He’s the only man I’ve ever had sex with. I’m not very interested in porn, and he’s opposed to it on religious grounds. So, I have no frame of reference to make suggestions to him.” She looked bewildered.

“Do you ever make yourself have an orgasm?” Katie asked, rather directly, Dave thought.

Cayla paused. “I grew up in a very conservative home and have issues with that. Thanks, Mom. I’ve hardly ever touched myself. But when I have, and from having even quick, bad sex with Bob, I think there’s more I could be experiencing. I’m afraid I’ll go my whole life never knowing what it can be like.”

“I understand that, for sure,” Dave replied.

“Cayla and I were talking about what might help them,” said Katie, pausing again. “Maybe what she needs is to know what a loving couple with a good sex life do with each other, so she can try to communicate that to Bob and encourage him to try new things and think about her needs.”

“That makes sense. But watching even good porn seems out of the question. Would he read how-to books on sex with you, or read erotica together, Cayla?” Dave asked.

“I’ve never seen him read a book other than the Bible,” said Cayla.

“How about working canlı bahis with a sex therapist?”

“I can’t even get him to go to a doctor when he’s sick, so no way,” Cayla replied.

“Cayla and I talked about another possibility,” Katie said, now blushing herself, though not as much as Cayla. A pregnant pause ensued.

“Maybe we could help her.”

Dave nearly fell off the couch. “Uh, I don’t think I understand,” he stammered. Eventually he said, “Honey, you know my feelings about including other people in our intimate lives.”

“I know and I agree with you, baby. But I’m talking about Cayla just watching as we give her some tips, not really participating with us. That way she’ll see what it can be like and take that home and maybe teach Bob a thing or two.”

The silence returned.

Dave smiled nervously, not really knowing what was being proposed. The two women stared at him as he thought about Katie’s less-than-modest proposal. Given his exhibitionist streak, the idea of having someone watching him and Katie do whatever was being proposed did appeal to him. And it was for a good cause – helping an old friend – so a worthy endeavor, he rationalized. Plus, Katie had told him she’d had a little crush on Cayla, making the whole thing even more charged.

“I guess as long as everyone’s in agreement . . . I suppose we could help like that,” he said eventually, blushing.

Katie and Cayla quickly hugged and said, in unison, “We agree!”

Katie turned to Cayla, “I love it when Dave gives me a massage. It relaxes me completely and always puts me in the mood to make love. I’m guessing Bob’s not big on giving massages?”

“He’s never given me one, ever. I’ve actually only had one massage in my life, many, many years ago.”

“Ok, then. Honey, why don’t you go get the massage oil so we can show Cayla how you do that. I’ll lay this blanket out,” motioning to the floor in front of the fireplace.

Walking back to the bedroom, Dave shook his head in disbelief, entirely surprised he was about to give a massage lesson. In the bedroom he picked up the lavender massage oil they kept on his nightstand. He gathered two pillows and their candle, too.

Returning to the living room, he saw Katie had laid out the soft green blanket on the carpet in front of the fireplace. She and Cayla were sitting closely together, next to it, with their shoes off.

“Our candle!” Katie said, smiling. “Ok, my loving masseur-husband, time to give your lesson.”

Dave lit the candle as Katie turned off the lights in the living room.

“We like to make a romantic setting, with candles and some nice music playing.” Katie came and stood next to Dave at the side of the blanket, Cayla kneeling nearby.

“Well, here goes,” he said, feeling self-conscious. Dave took Katie tightly in his arms, smiled at her as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes, then kissed her deeply. Her lips were incredibly soft. Their tongues met. He loved the way she smelled and the feeling of her soft, blond hair on his face and neck.

Dave pulled Katie’s blouse up over her beautiful shoulders and hair, handing it to Cayla. He leaned in and kissed Katie’s neck and behind her ear, reaching behind her to undo her bra. He lifted it from her shoulders, revealing her luscious breasts and pale nipples in the candlelight. He slid her jeans down to the floor and she stepped out of them, now only wearing sexy little panties.

“This is not how they do it at the massage places in Chinatown,” Katie joked to Cayla.

“Probably not,” Cayla responded, looking a little more relaxed.

Katie lay on the blanket face down, arranging the pillows under her head. Already warm from the heater, Dave pulled off his shirt, then sat astride Katie’s lower back. Katie had left her panties on, so he didn’t get completely naked, as he always did when he massaged her.

“Come close so you can see, Cayla” Katie directed. Cayla moved next to Dave, so close their legs touched.

“We love this lavender massage oil,” he said to Cayla, warming some between his hands. “See how great it smells?” He held out his palm to Cayla so she could lean in and smell it.

“That’s wonderful,” she said, smiling.

Placing his hands on Katie’s shoulders, he said, “I always start at her neck and shoulders, so she can enjoy the beautiful scent from the beginning.”

He worked the oil into her soft skin, moving his warm hands up and down her neck and across her shoulders and upper arms. Katie cooed little sounds of pleasure at his touch. He adored that. Dave worked the oil in across her upper back, spreading it out and increasing the pressure on her muscles.

“Cayla, my hands are oily. Can you help me by unfastening Katie’s little necklace here?” Cayla quickly undid the clasp of the gold chain holding the emerald around Katie’s neck and set it on the coffee table. Katie shivered slightly.

After a few minutes working Katie’s upper back, Dave turned to Cayla. “Maybe, rather than just watching me, bahis siteleri you should follow along on one side of her back as I do the other. A more hands-on experience, so to speak,” Dave said, smiling.

“That sounds good,” Katie said softly from amongst the pillows.

“Ok,” Cayla said as Dave moved over so he was straddling Katie’s right leg. Cayla moved next to Dave, so she was kneeling beside him, Katie’s left leg between hers. Katie’s lovely back was exposed to them in the warm, candlelit room.

Dave poured oil into Cayla’s outstretched hands. “Always rub it between your palms first to get it warm.”

Dave rubbed oil onto the right side of Katie’s back. Cayla did the same on the left. Katie cooed softly when she felt all four hands touching her skin with lavender oil. Dave slowly worked down, from Katie’s shoulders to her lower back. Cayla carefully followed his lead, kneading Katie’s skin and muscles with her delicate hands.

“Her skin is so soft,” Cayla noted as she caressed Katie’s back.

“It is,” he agreed. “I know this is relaxing and enjoyable for her, but it’s so erotic for me to touch her like this. I’m sure Bob will feel the same about massaging your lovely body.”

Cayla blushed, turned her head, and nodded at Dave. She glanced down momentarily, noticing his erection straining against his soft pajama bottoms. His movement had worked them down a little, so she saw a few wisps of hair showing above the waistband. Dave saw her looking out of the corner of his eye but kept massaging. It was especially arousing for him to have Cayla helping him touch Katie. He figured Katie must be loving it, too.

“Let’s move down to her feet and legs, Cayla.”

He and Cayla turned, so they were both facing Katie’s feet. Starting with Katie’s lovely toes and moving slowly up her shapely calves and thighs, Dave showed Cayla how he sensuously worked all her muscles. Cayla followed right along. Katie kept cooing, starting to get wet from feeling their hands on her.

When they reached Katie’s thighs, Dave spread her legs farther apart. His hands touched Cayla’s as they moved high up her thighs. Feeling more aroused than she had in her life, Cayla let her hands wander between Katie’s legs, across her panties, like Dave did. Katie sighed and squirmed, feeling their hands graze her pussy through the thin fabric.

“Let’s move back to where we started, Cayla,” Dave said softly. They turned around on Katie’s body.

No longer concerned with modesty, Dave started pulling Katie’s lacy panties down, very slowly. He looked at Cayla, whose eyes were wide. She helped him slide Katie’s panties down her sexy legs, and off. They each straddled one of Katie’s thighs, as she lay before them, now completely naked. Coating their hands with oil, they began massaging her gorgeous ass together.

“These muscles need a deeper, stronger touch,” he told her, demonstrating how he worked the muscles more powerfully. They kneaded her little ass, spreading her cheeks with each outward stroke. Cayla had never touched another woman like this before. She was surprised how much she loved the feel of Katie’s naked body.

Dave warmed a pool of oil in his hand, then let it run down between Katie’s cheeks. Starting at her tailbone, he showed Cayla how he massaged her with his thumb. Cayla matched him move for move, as their hands moved slowly lower between Katie’s cheeks, eventually massaging everywhere. The feeling of their hands made Katie gasp. Cayla’s heart pounded as she touched Katie, whose pubic hair brushed against Cayla’s fingers.

Dave thought he could come at the slightest touch. “That’s usually all I can take before I have to make love to her.” He smiled at Cayla.

Katie stirred and languidly got up on an elbow and looked into Cayla’s eyes. “Would you like to see that?”

Swallowing hard, Cayla said, “Yes,” glancing at Dave, who looked a little nervous again. But from the size of his erection, not too nervous.

Wearing only her wedding ring and the toe ring that drove Dave wild, Katie stood up languidly. She took Dave’s hand in her right hand, Cayla’s in her left, and led them down the hall toward the bedroom, turning off lights as they went.

Reaching the bedroom, Katie lit another candle on the dresser and closed the curtains. Dave and Cayla stood near each other at the side of the bed, unsure what to do with this naked woman.

Katie knew. She turned to Dave, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, standing on her toes. Her body against his, she could feel his rigid cock pressing against her through the soft flannel pajamas. She stepped back and slowly slid his pants down, over his full erection, and let them fall to the floor. Holding his cock, she leaned down and sucked each of his nipples softly, circling each with her tongue.

“Come close, Cayla, so you can see,” she said. Cayla moved just inches from them. It was warm, but she trembled slightly.

Stroking his cock with one hand, the other squeezing his bahis şirketleri butt, Katie said, “See how his cock twitches when I touch the tip? And this spot right here, on the underside, about an inch down. Those are super sensitive places.” Dave nodded, unable to speak. As Cayla got closer, Katie took Cayla’s hand and touched him with it, from the tip of his cock to the sensitive spot. It jumped at Cayla’s touch.

Running her hand down between his cheeks, Katie said, “See how I caress his ass? He likes that, especially when I slide my fingers down between his cheeks like this. Sometimes I put a slippery finger inside him. He likes that.” Katie licked one of her fingers. His cock twitched again as she pressed it slightly into his ass.

“Kneel down, Cayla, so you can see.” Cayla got on her knees, just inches from Dave’s cock as Katie massaged it and his balls with her soft hands.

“Go nice and slow, baby. We have a long way to go,” he said. Watching intently, Cayla’s face was so close he could feel her warm breath on his cock, her hair grazing his thigh.

“My turn,” he said. Dave leaned down and kissed one of Katie’s nipples lightly, then took it into his mouth, sucking then circling her areola with his tongue. “She likes her nipples touched gently,” he told Cayla.

“Uh huh,” Katie answered softly, her eyes half closed. Between Dave’s caresses and having Cayla inches away, she was getting very wet.

“Do you like that feeling on your breasts, Cayla?” Dave asked.

“I don’t really know. Bob only gives me a hard squeeze if anything.”

“Take off your top and touch your breasts to see what feels good to you,” Katie said.

Without hesitation, Cayla pulled off her sweater and black bra, revealing her perfect small breasts and nipples, which were already hard. Katie got wetter. Dave got harder.

“You have such beautiful breasts, Cayla. Hold them with your hands, like Dave’s holding mine.”

Cayla cupped a pert breast in each of her slightly shaking hands.

Dave licked his fingers and took one of Katie’s nipples between them, pinching slightly, then circled it as it got more and more erect.

“Try that with your own fingers, Cayla,” Dave said.

Cayla did and closed her eyes as she played with her nipple. She made a soft sound.

“Doesn’t that feel good? See how your nipple is responding? It’s getting hard,” said Katie as she reached over and touched Cayla’s nipple. Cayla – enjoying Katie’s touch – then touched her other nipple, surprised at how pleasurable the sensation was. “It feels so good.”

“Bob should take your pretty nipples in his mouth,” Katie suggested. “His tongue will feel great, like Dave’s tongue feels on me right now.” Standing close, Cayla watched Dave lick and suck Katie’s erect nipples, while she played with her own.

“Lean in, Cayla,” Katie directed. Then she moved Dave’s mouth from her to Cayla’s left nipple, where he lingered before turning his attention to the other nipple, then back to his wife. Dave loved the feeling of Cayla’s long, hard nipples in his mouth, and the sight of her small areolas.

Dave touched Katie’s belly, then slid his hand down. She moaned as his fingers moved through her golden hair to her pussy. Cayla kept caressing her own nipples as she watched.

Never having done anything like this, Katie and Dave were incredibly aroused by being naked and sexual in front of Cayla, whose attention was now on Dave’s hand as it softly stroked Katie’s pussy. Not waiting for encouragement, Cayla pulled off her own pants, then slid her black panties to the ground. Like Katie, her body was toned and fit. She dropped to her knees to watch.

“Bob never touches me there at all with his hands,” she said. Cayla’s face was just inches from Katie’s pussy as Dave stroked it.

“He needs to,” Katie whispered between soft oohs and ahhs.

After a few moments, Dave led Katie to their bed. Katie lay on her back as he kneeled between her spread legs. Taking Cayla’s hand, Katie pulled her in. “Come up here with us.” Cayla climbed up and kneeled so close her knee touched Katie’s hip.

As Katie squeezed one of her nipples, her eyes on Cayla, Dave held her hips. Moving his hands between her legs, he spread her lips apart and began stroking her with his wet thumb. “Do you see how wet she is, Cayla? And see how she gets hard from the excitement? Come close.”

“Yes, do,” Katie seconded.

Cayla leaned in closely, her face inches away as Dave’s thumb moved slowly up and down across Katie’s clit, her vagina glistening. Feeling Cayla’s soft hair resting on her thigh, Katie nearly came.

“She is wet,” Cayla agreed. “But I don’t know what you mean by getting hard.”

“Here,” Dave said, fully exposing Katie’s clit.

“It’s hard? I almost never touch myself, and Bob never does.”

Katie took Cayla’s index finger in her hand, pushed Dave’s thumb aside, and pressed Cayla’s finger against Katie’s engorged clit. Cayla’s eyes widened; Katie’s closed.

Struggling to keep his composure, Dave told Cayla, “You need to know what feels good to you. Then teach your husband.” He circled Katie’s swollen clit with his thumb, Cayla joining in, rubbing Katie’s pussy with her finger.