The Maine Events Ch. 03

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Chapter 03: To Serve and Protect

After a couple of days at the vacation cabin in the back woods of Maine (see the first two stories in “The Maine Events”), and plenty of titillation and hi-jinx with my new friends from the neighboring cottage, I had run out of groceries. Wild sex burns so many calories! I drove to the market in the village for fresh supplies. On the way back, I was really enjoying the wild and free feeling that comes from zipping down that gravel road in my Miata convertible. It was a warm, sunny day, and the wind flowed through my long blond hair, which streamed out behind me.

My thin silk blouse was pressed against my chest, and I could even feel the pressure of the wind buffeting against the super-sensitive nerve endings in my nipples. They were becoming quite erect, and looking down, I could see all the detailed topography of my nipples and areolae: the swells and bumps and even a hint of the pink color showing through the sheer material. My attention to the road was tenuous at best, and my arousal led me to mentally relive some of the moments I had spent during the past few days here in Maine. That first day especially: watching my clean-shaven neighbors through squinted eyes as they played each other’s bodies like finely tuned instruments. Mmmm.

As those images cavorted around in my mind, I was feeling sexier and sexier. I just had to play with my breasts for a minute. The silk was plastered to me like a second skin, and it felt unbelievably sensuous as used my left hand to massage the firm and plump flesh of first one, and then the other breast. My nipples got some needed attention, being prodded and pinched and tweaked. I could feel tickles of muted sexual energy radiating down into the depths of my belly, and eventually I let my hand slide down from my breasts, and my fingers threaded themselves between the blouse buttons and poked gently into my navel, stirring up more passion.

I was struggling to keep some small portion of my attention on the road, and I let my speed drop to a more controllable rate. But I couldn’t resist letting my hand continue to slide further “south” until it hooked around the hem of my short skirt, and turn upward toward my moistening target. My thighs parted as much as they could under the cramped circumstances, and the edge of my skirt blew up in the wind so that I had free access to the crotch of my panties. Even before my fingers reached all the way up to my satin-covered cunt, I knew that they would be greeted by a spreading wet spot. That certainly turned out to be the case. If it wasn’t for the wind, I surely would have been inhaling the sultry aromas of my juices.

I started by sliding my index finger up and down through the separating outer labia. The combination of moisture and the red satin created an incredibly friction-free lubricant. And I discovered that I could hook my finger down and in so that the tip of my finger could trace all the way from where my asshole pressed against the seat, up into the entrance to my vagina, over my urethra, and finally popping over my clitoris. Repeating this motion several times, I found my entire body twitching each time that my fingertip bobbled my clitoris, and this resulted in a little swerve of the car. Fortunately, that road from the village to my cabin was deserted and fairly wide, for I was straddling and swerving around the imaginary center line of the gravel road.

“Jeez, that feels so good,” I thought. I was tempted to just pull over to the roadside so that I could really masturbate with vigor, maybe using both hands, one on my cunt and the other massaging and twisting my tingling nipples. I knew that if I did, my clitoris and my breasts would feel connected to one another in a triangular vortex. The raw sexual energy would echo back and forth among these erogenous zones, strengthening with each reverberation until I reached the crest of my orgasm.

“Yes. Oh yes! That’s what feels good,” I thought. “And I need it, a I deserve it. This is my vacation, after all.” As these thoughts flitted, trancelike, through my mind, I continued to teasingly pluck at my clitoris as if it was the string of a standup bass. Suddenly my trance was broken as I noticed that I was coming up on the driveway to the cabin. I needed to pull my left hand quickly up from my crotch to the steering wheel so that I could swerve my little sports car into the driveway.

I made the turn without mishap, and once I had my car about 30 feet away from the road, I turned off the ignition. Tilting my head back on the headrest, I stared up though the thick branches of the birches around me. The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, and the birds chirping away, was both relaxing and mesmerizing. I was just about to fulfill my preconceived notion of masturbating when I heard another car rumbling down the gravel road. I was unconcerned, knowing that I was hidden away in my driveway. I was surprised when the sound of car on gravel let me know canlı bahis instinctively that the oncoming car had pulled into my driveway, right behind me. I whipped my head around, simultaneously pulling down my skirt, and looked to see who had intruded on my space, and on my intended auto-erotic plan.

It was a state police car.

“What the hell is happening?” I questioned myself silently. “I know that I wasn’t paying very close attention to all of my surroundings while I was driving, but surely I was not speeding.” It then dawned on me that the cop must have been following me, and was probably upset at my erratic driving skills.

Several minutes passed, and I knew from having gotten speeding tickets that he was probably checking my plate number through his computer. But it made me feel tense and fidgety to just sit there waiting, especially as I had been so abruptly interrupted in my self-loving lust. I tried to relax by gazing down my driveway, wishing I was safe in my cabin where I could continue my plan in peace and quiet.

Finally I heard the car door open and close. When I slowly turned my head to the left, I was staring right into the black shiny belt of the cop, and then I let my gaze scan upward to his face way above me. These little sports cars are low, and he was a magnificently tall and well-built specimen of a law enforcement officer.

When my eyes found his, I could see that they were not locked on my eyes, but were instead wandering downward to my chest and my breasts which were straining against the white silk as my head tilted back. Surely my nipples were jutting out and clear to his sight. Then his eyes swept further down and he must have been looking at my skirt.

When I too glanced down at myself, I could see that my attempt to pull down my skirt had been only partly successful. My panties were not visible, but most of the rest of my thighs were. I was startled to see streaks of moisture tracing down on the surface of my skin, reflecting the bright sunlight. These were obviously painted onto my thighs by my fingertips as they were hurriedly pulled away from my cunt. “Is that what he’s looking at? I wondered. I began blushing as this chain of mental inquiry continued. “Does he know where that liquid originated? Is he imagining where those tracks of moisture lead as they disappear up under my hem?”

“License and registration, please,” he said, and I thought I detected a little catch in his voice. Perhaps this situation made him nervous too. I leaned over to the glove compartment, and I was sure that he could see from the smoothness of the silk stretched over my back that I was not wearing a bra. Men notice these things.

I pulled the required items out of the glove compartment, and reached upwards with my left hand to give them to him. As he gripped the papers, I could see him take a deep breath, and it seemed likely that he could smell the strong odor of my cunt on my fingers. “Am I imagining it, or are his eyes twinkling with his insights about my behavior of a few moments ago?” raced through my mind, making my pulse accelerate. After all, it was only 3 or 4 minutes ago that I was firmly stoking my entire cunt, and now it appeared I was giving strong hints to a perfect stranger that I was recently masturbating.

Handing my papers back to me, he proceeded to give me a lecture about my poor driving, and he explained that this could be very dangerous. But his tone of voice was not harsh, or scolding, or condescending. He was actually very gentle and compassionate, and his words sounded like sweet honey as they dripped off his tongue. I was also becoming certain that he was going to let me off without a ticket, which was a relief since I already had too many other tickets.

But I was surprised when he told me that he suspected that I had been drinking, and that it was his responsibility to check that out. I felt like telling him that I was intoxicated by wild sexual fantasies; not by alcoholic beverages. But I bit my tongue. He asked me to step out of the car so that he could check for open containers of booze.

He stepped aside as I opened the car door, and there was no way to avoid giving him a big flash of my wet red panties as I swung my legs out onto the driveway. When I pulled myself up into a standing position, he was so close to me that I couldn’t help but brush my breasts against his arm. My nipples were still hard little nubbins, and they shot little jolts of sexual charge back into my tummy as they popped over his sleeve one by one.

As I stood over to the side leaning languorously against one of the big white birch trees, I watched him slowly circle the car, and when he got around to the passenger door, he opened it and bent down and picked up a stack of papers from the floor of the car. As he flipped through the pages, I was trying frantically to remember what those papers were about.I remembered!! “Oh no! Those are the printouts of all of the erotic fantasies that I’ve posted to Literotica bahis siteleri on the Internet,” I mentally wailed. “Is he reading closely enough to get the drift of the narrative?”

He cleared his throat. “Ma’am, I’m sure that this is your writing, since your name ‘Sue’ is on each of these stories as well on your driver’s license,” he stated.

I was trying to come up with a response, when he continued. “I need to tell you that your stories are terrific,” he said with a grin. “I have been an enthusiastic admirer of your stories. I’ve been reading them on the Literotica ever since your started posting them. I never dreamt I would get to meet you in person.”

I was not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud, but it certainly brought more of a hot flush to my cheeks. Before I had a chance to figure out how to respond to this revelation, he started asking more questions about my bad driving. “Do you have any explanation for why you seemed to lack control of your vehicle just now, or do you always drive like that?” he questioned.

“Well, officer, I know I’m a good driver, but my mind was preoccupied today,” I explained.

“That’s not very convincing, Sue,” he rebutted. “Most people have a lot on their minds when they are driving. That still doesn’t explain what I observed when following you — the sudden little jerks of the car that appeared almost rhythmic.”

God! I was becoming more certain that he knew what I was doing, for he had had plenty of hints: the smell of my fingers…, my hard nipples…, my raised skirt…, the streaks of my cunt juices on my thighs…, the stack of stories that reveal my fascination with wild and erotic sex…, and of course the details of how badly I was driving. Of course he knew — cops aren’t stupid, are they? He knew, but I realized that he wanted me to admit it out loud. He was not going to let me just slink away to my cabin. “What the hell,” I thought. “I’ll give him what he wants, and maybe more than he knows!”

So I told him.

Walking close to him, so I could look him directly in his face, I said, “My mind was fixated on some wild sexual escapades that I have experienced recently. The wind and sun pouring into the convertible today made me feel so aroused. I fondled my own breasts and pinched my nipples. I also reached under my skirt and caressed my cunt through my panties. I was so wet. The strums of my fingertip over my clitoris caused me to jerk the steering wheel around. I finally reached my driveway, and I stopped my car right here expecting to have the chance to complete my masturbation. I was so turned on, I could not even wait until I reached my cabin.”

“I’m sorry that I interrupted you,” he said with a kindly grin on his face.

“Of course you should be sorry,” I thought. “And now, officer, I’m feeling thoroughly frustrated and impatient with what has happened.”

“Well,” he continued, “it is my sworn duty to the state of Maine and all of the people therein to serve in whatever ways are needed. So please let me serve you so that your frustration can be relieved.”

“It’s about time you offered,” I said with a dawning smile. With that, I reached out to him and gave him a deep-throating French kiss, wrapping my arms and one leg around him. Everywhere that I touched him he was all muscles and equipment. Gun, badge, belt, nightstick, handcuffs,… and underneath, there was obviously a wonderful hunk of a man. Trim and strong, clean-cut and young. Just the way that I like them (or at least half the time. Sometimes I like the wild and scruffy looking. But that is another story).

When he started to slide his hands down my back and into the top edge of my skirt, I pulled away and walked over to the front of the car. Facing him, I hitched up my skirt and tucked it into the waist band. Now he could finally see my red satin panties. I grasped both sides of the front of my blouse and pulled it open, popping open all of the buttons. One or two flew off, but I did not care.

My breasts flashed into view and bobbled around as I began repeating the caresses that I had started in the car earlier. First my breasts and nipples. Then my crotch from asshole to clitoris. I was staring hard into his eyes, which fluctuated back and forth from my face to my cunt. After a dozen or so strokes, I reached both hands to one of my hips and grasped the elastic top of my panties and pulled the material hard. This pulled the crotch up hard into my cunt, which both hurt and tingled.

Pulling harder, the satin of the panties gave and shredded in my hands. Instantly I turned to face the windshield and leaned forward, walking my hands up the shiny white hood, and then up the windshield. This forced my torso to drop forward and my nipples came into contact with the metallic hood. Warmth from the engine radiated out and up into my nipples. I slid my shoulders side to side, dragging my nipples around on the hood. My face rested on the clean windshield glass, which I kissed and licked suggestively.

Reaching bahis şirketleri behind me, I flipped up the back of my skirt to reveal my torn panties and my smooth, tight rear. As I let my body down further onto the hood and reached back up to the top of the windshield, I asked, “So, officer, are you ready to fulfill your promise to serve the public good?” I tried to use my most sultry, gravelly voice, and I slowly wagged my ass in the air.

He walked over, and got down on his knees behind me and slowly pulled my shredded panties halfway down the one leg which was still inserted into the torn garment. I could feel the wetness of the satin dragging down my inner thigh. He placed his hands on the rounded curves of my ass. A few seconds of a deep massage, and then his thumbs maneuvered further into the crack of my ass and lightly over my asshole.

To give him even more access, I pulled my knees up onto the hood off to the sides near each headlight. Arching my back more caused my ass to thrust even higher into the air. I could feel his breath on my open wet tissues. He repositioned his hands so that he could use the fingertips of both his hands to rake up through my cunt, sliding between the inner and outer lips and rattling over my distended clitoris. He used the thumb and forefinger of each hand to grip each of my outer labia and pull them apart from one another. As he did this, he gently rolled and pinched the flesh between his fingers. That felt so good, and I could feel my breath becoming shorter as I started to really get into this attention. With my lips pulled so wide apart, I knew that every fold and recess of my inner cunt was completely revealed to him.

His hot breath blowing over my cunt was letting me know that his face was getting closer and closer. My hormones now raging, my mind reverberated with: “When is he going to kiss me? When is he going to really start the work of serving my needs?”


I felt just the very tip of his tongue make contact with the very tip of my hard clitoris. It sent a jolt up through my cunt and it made me involuntarily push my ass back into his mouth. He didn’t back away at all. It felt like his neck and back were fixed in place, so that I could push my cunt against his face without any recoil on his part. He kept his tongue pointed and long, and I began to shimmy my hips around. His nose was now prodding into the rosebud of my asshole, which felt good too.

I rotated around so that his immobile tongue flicked over my clitoris, and into my cunt, and back and forth, again and again. Occasionally, I maneuvered my asshole onto his tongue, and he seemed to not object to this forbidden area. I was getting so hot, I was no longer sure if the engine heat is radiating into me, or visa versa. My breasts were squashed into the metal, and my squirming around was giving my nipples a good workout. My cheeks were sliding on the windshield glass, lubricated by my sweat.

Since he was not moving, thereby letting me control the tempo of things, I tried my best to prolong the wonderful feeling of the buildup to my orgasm. But eventually, I couldn’t resist the temptation, and increased the speed and the hardness of my thrusts, and the cop got the message and began to lap his tongue up over my clit with short, rapid flicks.

Instantly I was roused into a smashing orgasm!

It was the kind of orgasm that I only get if I’ve been stimulated and unfulfilled for a long time. Against all logic, I was sure that it was more than an hour ago that I started playing with myself. Finally my time had come. I was grunting — even emitting a rising scream of pure bliss that echoed through the forest. I’d stopped all movement of my lower body, and he was now gradually slowing the pace of his lapping. This was a man who knew how to read the needs of a woman. His timing was perfect.

Just as I was starting to calm down, he let go of my labia and grasped my hips, gently maneuvering me around so that I was sitting on the hood of the car. Leaning back onto my hands, with my feet spread on either side of his shoes, I watched as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his array of hardware to the ground. Then he unzipped his fly and pushed his pants and boxer shorts down to his knees. Up popped his cock, which was completely erect. It was beautifully shaped, like a perfect Greek sculpture. And it was big. As big as any I had seen before, maybe 9 or even 10 inches long curving upwards like a sword. It twitched and throbbed, only a few inches below my face. The head glistened with a sheen of precum, and as I watched, a large drop of crystal clear cum formed at the open tip.

I leaned forward and licked all around the purple head, leaving my hands behind me for support. The slightly salty precum was eagerly lapped up and savored on my tongue. I knew that there was no way that I was going to be able to take that whole cock into my mouth, but I sucked around on the head for a while. Then I lifted my head and pulled my hands up to grasp and squeeze this magnificent tool. I couldn’t reach my fingers around its girth. “With a cock this big, what need does he have for a night stick?!” I wondered silently, a smile playing on my lips.