The Most Savory Sin: My sister In-Law part 1

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The Most Savory Sin: My sister In-Law part 1For privacy purposes I will withhold all names.This is a story of a fantasy I have kept to myself for some time and I hope it’s as exciting to read as it is for me to daydream about…I’m not what you’d call far from your plain vanilla norm. I’m 27 with a slim build that I sustain by going to the gym three times a week. I work a brutal desk job and as I got older I found it’s getting harder and harder to sit all day and still look fit. I thank every god that soon i’ll have some reprieve with an upcoming getaway with my girlfriend and her family up to their lake house. She was the best and my heart could burst with the love I feel for her. She was a plump 5’2 with delightful swollen round ass and perfect proportioned breasts to match. My favorite thing was to wrap my arms around her perfect curvy waist and squeeze her softness all over. She was a doll. That weekend her mother and her sister would tag along for the trip. After all it was her moms cabin, and her sister was a single mom that needed a rest from her two k**s. My girlfriends s*s was proof that the genes in this pack were good! They shared the same upturned Irish nose and perfect round face. Their skin was the perfect moonlike pale. Her sister had blue eyes unlike my lady’s hazel though. Her sister also had curves and you could tell ass ran strong in their bloodline. Her breasts were petite and as you traced down her curves the outline bowed out for her perfect wide c***d bearing hips. Her thighs were thick and strong and traveling down it was all supported by strong thick ankles. These ladies weren’t fat mind you. They were thick strong and meaty. My girlfriend could make me hard for days and although it was wrong I couldn’t help but fixate on the thought of rattling her sisters sturdy frame either. It was perfect. I was surrounded by beautiful women. This get away was going to be perfect.The trip up was quick the lake house was only 2 hrs away and when we got up our first instinct was to unpack and wind down. It was a cool fall evening and after we unpacked we got straight to relaxing. Her mother had retired early for the night. It was just the three of us. My lady sat down next to me on the floor and her sister on the couch. She was the dress-down attire of yoga pants and a comfy hoody. Her curvaceous thighs swelled under her own weight as she sat with her legs crossed under her. Her cute milky feet peeked out from under her. Her thick ankles exposed. I tried not to stare but I soaked up her image with frequent glances over. My cock swelled with thoughts of how firm and juicy her fruit was. In one instance I thought she had spotted my gawking but I looked away. I was sure she didn’t second think it. The three of us laughed and conversed in the den with some wine and before we knew it night fell and we were quite tipsy. The more I drank the more I thought sensual thoughts and while I had full intention to fuck my woman senseless that night I still glanced over to her older sister. My mind still fantasized about those wide birthing hips damp with desire, and as the night went on I caught her staring as well. I was heightened and the more loose we got I became more aware of her interactions with me. She became more comfortable. we all ended up on the couch and every opportunity she got I noticed she would press firmly into me or touch my arm and back in communication. My cock ached and her small touches made my sensitive state tesettürlü escort throb as if to say “kiss me already”. We knocked off two and a half bottles and when I offered to grab another my lady groaned and protested. She had gotten way too drunk and rested her head on the couch arm. “Why dont we take you to bed, you dont look so good” her sister suggested. And off they wet to wisk her to bed. I was really tipsy, but I wasn’t ready to call it a night and worst of all I wasn’t getting lucky after all. I pushed my hips up to adjust the hard on in my pants. It pushed against the fabric and felt good as it slid into a less obvious position. 15 minutes passed and the thumping of bare footsteps came back towards the den. It was my girlfriends sister. “She’ll be ok. she just needs to s leep it off” she said as she rolled her eyes. She made her way to the couch and sad down hard as if diving into a pool. She was closely wedged between me and the couch arm. she put her hand on my shoulder again “I’m not ready to go to bed wanna drink more?” Her female breath wofted over to me I breathed in deep and agreed. I was horny as hell and I just needed to get drunk jerk it and go to bed. “Ill get it” she popped up excited again and ran off. soon she had another new bottle of wine and eagerly poured us glasses. This was the glass that sent us over the edge. From there on we were slurring giggling and getting along like jolly best friends.It got awfully touchy from there we were on the couch together supporting each others drunken jello postures and as we conversed and laughed with our glasses in one hand our other hands were constantly stroking each others thigh or shoulder in communication. when she talked to me I focused deeply on her eyes (half of the reason was the room was starting to spin) and when her eyes met mine she stumbled on her words. She wasn’t wearing a fragrance but her scent was so feminine and lulled me into a comfort zone. so I kept close to keep it in noses range. I was still in sexual need but this was simply bonding and I thought nothing of it until a short while later. As if It hadn’t knocked on my minds door already, The thought of tasting this juicy peach would soon break the damn thing down.It started with her simply complaining about the k**s and how hard it was being a 28 year old single parent. it was apparent she didn’t get to talk to folks much about her concerns. As she yammered on in a slur I listened intently. she was now laying with her legs accros me and her feet brushed my hand and in my boredom I half heartedly blinked at the perverted thought of cumming all over them. My dick swelled again. Under her thick calf it grew. She stumbled over her words again but continued to speak never breaking eye contact, but it was more than obvious. her leg shifted as if to stroke it several times then ceased. I rested my hand on her thigh in an un-said response and rubbed up and down. It was a bad thing to even entertain but I could see her lust clearly now like a flower blossoming for the sun. She cleared her throat and perked up interrupting our interaction and claimed the necessity for a bathroom visit. My heart was swollen with excitement and so was my dick but I tried my best during her absence to quell any further lewdness. When she returned lewdness would be an understatement. She walked back to the room still unsteady from the wine with her scrumptious feet slapping the floor tesettürlü escort bayan and swung her fat luscious ass left and right as she made way and stopped at the couch. She was always a bold outspoken Irish girl and what she spoke next shattered the sudden tension and brought back the swell. “we both need something” she said and I knew just what she meant. “I catch you looking at me strangely all the time, and now I get it. The truth is I really get it.” she bit her lip. I’ve never seen her so unsure I tried to interject but she spoke first “I can go into my room and masturbate like a motherfucker or …” she turned her back to me and lowered her perfect plump round ass in my lap. Her ass cheeks hugged my cock and she gently rocked back and forth cradling it and dry humping it in between her buns. She gasped “Lets just use each other for tonight. we need it” I didn’t protest she stood up and her scent trailed up. The a****l in me could smell her needs. all of them. I put my hands on her ass and found the tight waste-band of her yoga pants. I pulled down and her ass spilled out like it was trapped. She wore some fancy underwear that she obviously used more than often and I pulled them down too. She smelled raw and sexy and i kissed her ass gently as I cupped the the cheek. This was happening. I turned her around to see she had no bush. This girl didn’t let herself go. I wanted to please her. and so I stood up. lowered her onto the couch and got on my knees. “I want to ‘help’ you first” and with that I slid off her bottoms and spread her thick thighs. her figure was beautiful and the way her thick thighs connected to her thick ankles and then her feet drove me wild. I lowered my head and inspected her pink snatch. She was so pale and it was suck a marvelous mauve. I spread her damp lips and took the first taste of my sister-inlaw. It was so wrong but it got my dick so hard. She tasted rich with a deep aroma that rounded the saltiness of her sweet pussy. Her lips were thick and deep and alot of my foreplay involved the manipulation of my tongue so not to suffocate in her snatch. She layed still with her eyes shut tight and her mouth held open. She rocked with waves of pleasure and squeeked little noises at every peak. She mouthed unheard words when I found her flesh buried clit and I could here her whisper profanity when it became too much. After a few minutes it became too much for myself and I picked up my head. I looked at her. Beautiful sex-starved and dazed. Her lips were amazing, but I thought about what this was and refrained from kissing her. I needed her hips. They called to me. My cock needed to meet her thick fleshy lips. “are you ready” I asked and she nodded. Her pussy was practically a river of glistening clear and white love butter. I almost laughed at how stupid the question was. She was ready. Her pussy screamed “Ready”, and now I was ready to cheat on my woman 100%. With her sister no less. It all made my head spin and turned me on at the same time. The genes in her family were strong and my primal necessity to gather that genetic material and fuck it was now apparent. I was going to make my si ster-inlaw cum. I was going to fill her snatch tonight with all I had. she lowered her legs and I guided her on her knees and bent her over the sofa. I wanted to hit it doggy style and I wanted to hit it hard. she parted her legs slightly and giggled in embarrassment. escort tesettürlü I positioned myself, and slid in. It was tight and as I entered the tight band of muscle scanned my entire length. Her meaty lips were amazing and as I made my first motion her juices coated me and collected at the bottom. She let out one quiet deep moan and I throbbed inside her with excitement. as if her voice commanded me to cum. I motioned in and out again making sure the machine that was our parts were oiled well. Her pussy was good. So fucking good, And as I started a rhythm I got to know her parts well. I motioned in and out feeling for the sweet spots that would send her over the edge. I wanted to here her deep vulger moan cry out for my filthy cock again. I pressed into her and I could fee the slick inside of what would be the top of her love cavern. I pushed in feeling the resistance of that wall as I fucked her like a raw a****l. I pushed in again and again wearing that surface out, and observing her reactions. She was panting and grabbing on to a sofa pillow for dear life and every time I fucked her she let out a deep gutteral “oh”. She would swing her head back with pleasure-filled and half shut eyes and I could see her face shimmer with sweat. Her upper lip a collection of dewdrops and her forehead wet as if she’d had a hard days work. I worked her pussy harder. By now I could hear the sloppiness or sex juice and sweat between our legs. I could hear it, I could smell it, and when I looked down oh I could see it. As I continued to go she had a wonderful reserve of creamy frothy pussy juice collecting. I looked down to admire it as I thrusted and she looked back and said stuttering and out of breath “I get reeeeally wet” before turning back around to continue receiving my bone. I fucked her hard and steadily inching her towards climax. I needed to make her cum. My dick massaged the swollen muscles of her insides and as she got there she seemed to cry in relief as if I was giving her breath. I knew something big was coming. Her legs trembled sending waves up her big ass and she dug her nails into the sofa fabric for dear life. she lowered her head and exhaled sweet nothings interrupted by the frantic whispers of “fuckfuckfuck” or “yesyesyes”. I fucked my perfect si ster-inlaw until the rhythm was disturbed by the abrupt jerking of her hips. Good god she was cumming. It was calm, subtle, chaos and I kept my fucking as she jerked and convulsed. She made a****l noises as I forced my cock into her contracting pussy and I too was now at my edge. I heard again the now musical whispers “fuckfuckfuck” and then a groan. I was surprised by a gentle warmth coating my balls. Her overworked pussy overflowed with a small finale’ of love juice and it ran down both our legs. I was covered in this girls pussy and I couldnt hold out another minute. I stuttered “do you want it now” and she nodded and I gave it to her. Pump after pump of my cum deep inside her deep pink abyss and as I came I grabbed her shoulder and her chunky rib. I wanted it in her as deep as possible. I was blinded by the need to be apart of her. I throbbed uncontrollably and I held us there. paused in pleasure and dripping our passions onto the wood floor of the cabin. we both stood up and I asked “did we put each other to good use?” she nodded in a fucked haze with stray sex hair about and raised her pants to contain the wonderful batter I mixed in her pussy. that night we cleaned up and sat back down on the couch for some TV and more chats. For each of us the sex was fucking perfect and in a way we fell in love with the bond we made. We both loved her sister very much and because of that it made it easier to cope with the sinful nature of that night. We had a night that was never repeated but always remembered.