The Mr. Stinky Menace

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Oh, the sun! It seems I have not seen it forever. Now, you have opened the drawer and the morning sun spills over me and the socks. I pause for a moment to pray to the vibrator Gods that you have opened to door to retrieve me and not a pair of socks. The fates could not be so cruel.

And then your hand brushes against me and I shiver in my sock sleeping bag. It has been far too long since I have felt your touch. I need your touch. I really do.

When I feel your fingers curl around me and begin to lift me from this sorrowful bed of socks, I nearly begin to weep. And then you are peeling the socks off of me and soon I am naked to your gaze. Your fingers begin to slide softly along my plastic exterior as you sigh. I sigh. I am in heaven when you hold me.

I knew all along that Mr. Right would not be able to keep you satisfied for long. You have such needs, my love. Unquenchable needs that make you burn with longing deep into the night. I am the one that can help. I am the one.

I knew eventually you would grow tired of him. He has too many needs. I have no needs. None at all. All I Ankara escort need to do is please you.

And here we are. Your fingers move over me possessively and I would cry if I could. You drop the socks forgotten upon the dresser as you take me to your bed. Yes.

A fresh pack of batteries rest in your other hand as you lay down; thighs spread, and begin to rub me against your wet and heated sex.

This is what I was meant for, to bring you joy and pleasure. I can hear your soft sweet moans of pleasure as you slide me along your pussy lips. I wait patiently to slip within them. It is my destiny.

Let me take you. Or take me. It does not matter as long as I can feel myself inside you. As long as you let me fill you with my warm plastic life. Feel the molded veins along my sides. I feel nearly real, don’t I? So please, oh please, slip me inside.

And then I am. Buried inside your soft wet sex canal. You push me even deeper before your long lean fingers switch me on. That’s it, darling. Mr. Stinky is home.

He could never do you like this. Feel me vibrating inside you. Feel your Ankara escort bayan warmth penetrating me, making me warm from the inside out. Feel me sliding in and out without pausing. He doesn’t have my staying power. He will never be me.

You pause to take your nipples between your fingers and pinch. I know how you love that. I wish I could play with your nipples for you but you have left me here, inside you. This is better. Much better. I continue to purr with pleasure inside your plush pussy as your nipples harden, ripen, like cherries on the top of mounds of vanilla ice cream. I want to bury myself inside those mounds. I really do.

Then your fingers move back down to my base. Then you are again sliding me in and out of your succulent sheath. Then again I am vibrating and shaking inside you, making you more and more aroused by the minute.

Yes, baby. Use Mr. Stinky to reach the peak of your pleasure. Mr. Stinky is here for you. Morning noon and night. And he is never too tired or too drunk. He just wants to fuck you. Again and again. Never stopping.

Oh let me fuck you, baby. Escort Ankara I can feel you pushing me in and out harder, faster, and deeper. I can hear your soft sighs of pleasure turning into sobs that grow louder and longer in intensity. You are a needy slut today, aren’t you? I guess Mr. Right hasn’t been fulfilling his duties. Doesn’t matter. Mr. Stinky is ready, willing and able.

I’m going to fuck you good, baby. Yes I am. Turn that vibrator on to high and lay back. Time to let me earn my keep. Time to let Mr. Stinky drive you over the top.

Those fingers of yours move me faster. I can hear the change in your breathing. You are getting closer. Mr. Stinky wants to hear it. Give it to Mr. Stinky. Loud and long, baby. Give it to me.

And then, there it is. You cry out loudly as you cum. I feel your juices sliding along my length, getting me so wet. I moan myself with pleasure. Your hips lift off the mattress as you ride me to the top. You get every bit you can out of me. Your groans and moans slowly begin to fade. And then you are quiet.

After a while, you slip me out. You carry me into the bathroom where you clean me off. And after you dry me, you slide me back inside my sock sleeping bag. And then you stick me back in the drawer amongst the socks. And then you close it, leaving me in the dark once more.