The Naturist 4 – New Life Begins

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Have you ever gotten to that point in life where you just had to ask yourself, how the hell did I get from there to here? Divorce, twenty-two years of my life, and that day as I signed my final divorce papers, I just couldn’t understand how I ended up at that point. I was Jeff Dixon, a forty-two-year-old divorced electrical engineer with little to show for it.Oh, I know how the divorce happened. Mr. Five-forty-five, as my wife, now ex-wife so affectionately referred to me, came home one day at three-twenty-six and caught her being ass fucked by our twenty-eight-year-old yardman. I was unlucky enough to walk in just the guy pulled his massive cock out of Amy’s ass, giving me the porn view of her gaping hole, and watched him spin her around as spew his seed all over her face. The look on her face was priceless as she caught view of me just as the first spurt flew across her cheek.After the last couple of years, I can look back at that moment and chuckle. Amy wouldn’t so much as allow me to run a pinky over her taint. Yet there she had been, letting some young guy fuck her in the ass like there was no tomorrow.I met Amy during our Junior year of college. I was on my way to becoming an electrical engineer and had dreams of one day working for NASA. I had not been a bad student, but the fact of the matter was, I just never stood out. I sent resumes to NASA, and any company the worked with NASA. I didn’t get one interview.Amy got pregnant a couple of months before we graduated. I would have a family to support, so I lowered my expectations and sent more resume’s to any engineering firm I could find. I ended up working for a company that designs electrical systems for logistic centers. In a nutshell, I help get your package from a warehouse shelf onto the back of a truck somewhere. It wasn’t NASA, but it does pay well.Yeah, I know, it sounds depressing, but it’s necessary work, and it pays well. Well, it was good pay until I divorced my no-good cheating wife. My lawyer sucked, and even though my wife cheated on me in the bed we shared, the judge awarded her forty percent of my paycheck for ten years or until she remarried. I’m rooting for some unlucky bastard to marry her quick.The most significant benefit at that time was with Amy gone and my kids away at college; I finally got to be the nudist I had always wanted to be. Except for weekends when my kids were home, I was naked the minute I walked in the door until I left for work the next day.I had planned to start dating after the divorce was final, but the timing of our divorce couldn’t have been worse; January 14th, 2020. I’ve got one word for you, COVID. Two weeks after my divorce was finalized, the world blew up with the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918. So now, not only was I alone, there weren’t any prospects either. Everything was shut down except the grocery stores. And even if there were women there, they all had a mask covering most of their faces and looked at me like I was the Grim Reaper if I dared come closer than six feet.For all my ex-wife’s faults, including being a no-good cheating slut. She at least had sex with me once or twice a week until I caught her in June of 2019.The only thing that kept me sane were my two adult children. Cory, my twenty-one-year-old son, and Christy, my twenty-year-old daughter. They were both college sophomores when the pandemic struck. The college shut down and sent them home in March of 2020, but it was only going to be for a couple of weeks, they said. Hah! A year later, they were still living and attending classes at home.Now, as I said, they kept me sane, and we really did get along. At the very least, I had someone outside of work I could talk to. However, I still wigged out on them about six months into our imprisonment. They were in my space arguing over something trivial when I just exploded at them. bahis siteleri I yelled something about them always being in my space and not being able to walk around naked like I wanted to. They both just stared at me, then at each other for a moment. Then Christy surprised the hell out of me; she quickly stripped naked, she gave Cory a look, he shrugged his shoulders and promptly stripped as well.I sat in my chair flabbergasted and just stared at my two naked children. Christy looked at me a moment, then let out an impatient sigh before she finally spoke. “Well, strip daddy, you want to be a nudist, don’t let us stop you. I love being naked, and so does Cory.”Nothing seemed to be registering in my brain except the vision of my beautiful children standing naked before me. Cory is very fit; he stands six feet one inch of lean muscle, a six-pack, and made me a very proud father. Christy is also very fit; she stands five feet eight inches of lean muscle, she also has a six-pack and a beautiful pair of C-cup breasts like her mothers. And, both of them were utterly devoid of body hair.My tongue still couldn’t seem to find the words. Being generally an impatient person, Christy finally walked over to me, grabbed the bottom of my tee-shirt, and started pulling it up.“Lift,” she commanded.I lifted my arms up, and she pulled my shirt off. Then she dropped to her knees and hooked her thumbs in my shorts, and started to pull them down.“Wait,” I started to protest as I finally found my voice.“Shut up, and lift daddy,” she commanded again.I lifted my butt up, and she removed my shorts and underwear in one swift motion. To my embarrassment my cock was hard and slapped against my stomach as it was released from the confines of my shorts.Christy giggled at my predicament as she stood up. “Nice daddy, but I took care of your naked issue; you’ll have to take care of your hard cock by yourself.”I finally came to my senses and spoke up. “I’m sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to blow up at you. I’ve just been under a lot of stress, and being cooped up at home for the past six months isn’t helping. I love you guys and would not want you to be uncomfortable in your own home. You don’t need to be naked if you don’t want to be. I just… I… I don’t know what I was saying. Just forgive me, and forget I said anything.”“Daddy, Cory, and I have been going to the nude beach since we were fifteen. We’ve both been despondent since the beach closed down. We both love being naked, so if you really want to be a naturist, it solves our problem as well. Just…” Christy giggles, “Don’t make the same mistake Cory made last month.”“You’re never going to let me live that down,” Cory spoke up.“No, bro, it was epic; what was there, like fifty people on that’s zoom call?” Christy said. Christy looked over at me and explained, “Cory stood up to get something in the middle of our biology class last month; he forgot he wasn’t wearing anything except his shirt.”“Wait!” I exclaimed, “you two have been going naked around each other since you were fifteen. Do you have…”Christy cut me off, “Oooh, no, daddy, we don’t have sex. That would be gross.”“We’re just naturists, Dad,” Cory injected. “And we kind of taught each other to kiss when we were younger,” said Cory. “But, yeah, I’m with Christy; sex would be gross.”“And anyway, Cory has Jade now, and I have Ron and Jessie to play with, so sex isn’t an issue for us.”“Wait!” I exclaimed, “you and your best friend Jessie have sex?”Christy giggled, “Yes, daddy, your little girl is bi.”“Oh… well, that’s fine, I guess… I mean, it doesn’t bother me. I just didn’t know, is all,” I retorted.“Oh no, daddy, I just thought of something. You haven’t had anyone over since mom left. No wonder you got a hard-on seeing me naked. You know Jessie would have sex with you if you want.”“What, no, why would she want to have sex with an old canlı bahis siteleri man. And, I’ve known Jessie since she was two years old. She’s like another daughter to me. Anyway, wouldn’t that be weird having sex with the same person as your dad?”“Daddy, you’re not old, and anyway, Jessie is kind of a slut, and anyway, she likes older men. AAAND, don’t tell her I told you, but she’s kind of had a crush on you for years. Jessie was so excited when you and mom divorced. She even asked me if I thought she had a chance with you. She teases me all the time about how she’s going to come in here one night and jump you.” Christy giggled.“You should go for it, dad,” Cory said. “Jessie really loves sex, and maybe if you have sex with her, she’ll stop teasing me every time she’s over.”“I have a class in a few minutes,” Christy said as she turned and left the room. “Let me know, daddy; I know Jessie will jump at the chance,” she yelled over her shoulder.The next few days took me a bit of getting used to. Cory and Christy pranced around the house naked except during their online classes. While I had always enjoyed sex, I had been fine without it after my wife left. I had needed to masturbate on occasion over my past year of celibacy; it really wasn’t that often.While I tried not to think about my daughter that way, she is a beautiful young woman, and she was causing the lack of sex in my life to, let’s say, have a biological effect on me. I would occasionally have to make a quick exit to take care of my needs before returning.Then on Friday evening, Christy was sitting next to me watching TV; she snuggled up and put her head on my shoulder like she has done hundreds of times. It wasn’t lost on me that this was the first time she had done it when both of us were naked, and my body reacted instantly. I went from entirely soft to completely hard in two or three seconds.I began to get up, but the movement at my crotch had already caught Christy’s eye. She placed a hand on my chest to stop me and looked up at me.“Daddy, it’s okay, you don’t have to leave. It used to happen to both Cory and me when we first started getting naked in front of each other. If you just ignore it will go down in a few minutes.”“But, baby, I shouldn’t be getting hard when you’re around,” I replied.“Daddy, if were to lay back on this couch right now, spread my legs, and ask you to have sex with me, would you?”“What! Good heavens no!” I exclaimed.Christy laid back on the couch, spread her legs, and started running her fingers over her sex. “Come on, daddy, don’t you love me? No one will know; let me take care of you.”“Baby, no, I can’t do that. I love you more than life. I can’t do that to you; it could destroy our relationship.”Christy sat back up. “Look at your cock, dad.”I looked down, and my cock was flaccid again.“See, your arousal comes from your senses at the base of your brain. It tells our body there is a fertile young woman next to you, prepare to make babies. But your higher brain says, wait, this is my beautiful daughter; I need to protect her, not breed her,” she admonished me.“How’d you get to be so smart?” I asked.“Well, if you had asked me yesterday, I would have said, from my dad, but now you’ve got me wondering,” she retorted with a giggle.I pulled her into a hug, she went back to her cuddle position, and we finished watching our movie.On Saturday morning, I came down to make breakfast, and Christy was already there standing at the stove in nothing but an apron. She turned and looked at me; I was wearing a pair of shorts; with raised eyebrows, she pointed the spatula at my shorts and motioned them down.“What,” I protested, “You and Cory typically have your friends here Saturday morning, and I don’t want to gross anyone out.”“You’re not going to gross anyone out, and you don’t have to worry about our friends. Now off with canlı bahis those or no breakfast,” she responded.I let out a sigh and just pulled my shorts down and tossed them in the laundry room. “Happy!” Christy just smiled and returned to her cooking. I had just sat down at the counter with my cup of coffee. I started to read some sports news on my tablet when the familiar voice of Jessie piped up behind me.“Good Morning Chris, Goooood morning, Jeff.”I spit the coffee in my mouth across the counter. Looked over my shoulder to see Jessie standing there in all her glory. “Jesus, Christy, I thought you said your friends weren’t here.”“I never said that; I told you you didn’t have to worry about our friends. As you can see, Jessie is a nudist too. So… no worries.”I look back over my shoulder, and Jessie throws her arms in the air and saunters over to me.“See anything you like, Jeff? I bet I can find something I like on you,” Jessie says in a very sultry voice.Jessie embraced me and planted a sensual kiss on my lips while her hands roamed down my chest. I was awestruck at the feeling of her soft hands as she caressed my chest and abdomen. I hadn’t been touched by a woman in over a year. I loved Jessie like she was one of my own children, but she was quickly breaking down my resolve.Jessie’s hand reached my now-steal-hard cock and ran her fingers lightly over its length. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Ooh, I know I’m gonna like this.” As she now began to stroke my cock.My trance was momentarily broken by Christy. “Alright, you two take it to the bedroom. I do not want to see my dad fucked in the kitchen.”“Would you rather come watch us fuck in the bedroom?” came Jessie’s snide retort.“That’s not what I meant, Jessie, and you know it. Now take it upstairs,” Christy replied.The trance had been broken, and while the girls played their little game, I was coming to my senses. “Jessie, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I really can’t take advantage of you like this.”“Take advantage of me,” Jessie responded with mock rage, “I’ve only been dreaming of this moment for years.”“Daddy, you have been walking around the house for months looking like a man on the edge. You snap at Cory and me for the tiniest little things. Now, take her upstairs and fuck her senseless, or I’m going to do her on the counter right in front of you!”I was so stunned by the force of Christy’s statement that I didn’t even realize Jessie was pulling me out of the kitchen until my eye contact with Christy was broken. Jessie continued to pull me up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. We had just made it to the bathroom door as Cory came out and looked at us.“Way to go, dad!” exclaimed Cory.I forced myself to stop. I wanted to explain myself to Cory, but Jessie was having none of it. I opened my mouth to speak, and it was suddenly filled with Jessie’s tongue. After a moment of making out in front of Cory, Jessie stopped and looked at him. “You shut up,” she then looked at me, “You come with me.” She pulled me into my bedroom without further ado.Jessie was not gentle; as soon as the door closed, she spun us around and shoved me onto the bed. She was built like Christy. A very tight, athletic body, but maybe an inch taller and smaller boobs than Christy. Still close enough that they often shared clothing. But she was fit and strong, and no one was going to manhandle her if she didn’t want them to.I was still reluctant to let this happen. I had watched this young woman grow up next to my daughter. She probably had spent as much time at our house growing up as she did her own. Even teasingly calling me daddy whenever she and Christy wanted something. The only problem was, I didn’t seem to have the willpower to stop it.The question was answered for me before I had time to think. Jessie hopped from the floor to the bed and planted a passionate, wet, tongue-filled kiss on me. Her hand slid between our bodies and slid my now throbbing cock into her very wet, very hot, and very tight pussy. We both cried out at the same time, “Oh my GODDDD!” as my cock bottomed out.