The new girl at work

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The new girl at workJust a few weeks ago, I met the most amazing woman. She was a new hire and I was designated as her trainer. When we met, she was very quite, reserved and exceedingly shy. All of these I find to be endearing qualities. She was a bit taller than me, at about 5 foot 6 inches. With dark hair, a trim frame, gorgeous gray eyes and surprisingly natural red lips, she caught my attention immediately. So, as I do with any trainee, I asked a few mildly personal questions about her to break the ice. I learned that she was married, but only had been for a short time. Her husband worked a different department. She had no c***dren and didn’t want any. But I also discovered that we had a lot of things in common. Over the next few days, I notice that she stays to herself when we go to break. So I find her on a social media site and send her a message letting her know where we are in the cafeteria and offering to make room for her if she was alone. Little did I know that this message would start a whirlwind of fire and passion. As the days progressed, our text conversations got deeper, feeling each other out. We started skipping breaks with the crew just to sit alone in our production area. Then one day, while we were on break, she asked me via text “Truth or Dare?”. Initially, I chose truth and she asked a question, I answered, then responded with canlı bahis a similar question. I then told her I was going to return to our production area. Shortly after, she arrived. We were standing in a fairly concealed location when she again asked truth or dare. This time, feeling adventurous, I said “Dare!”. The words barely squeaked out of her mouth. “Kiss me”, she said. I couldn’t hear, so I asked what she had said. “Kiss me”, she said again, but with a bit more confidence. Kiss her, I did. A long passionate kiss, the likes of which I hadn’t seen in my marriage for years. From her reaction, it seemed she hadn’t had that sort of kiss in some time, either. For the next several minutes we continued to make out until someone arrived, triggering our rapid separation. We giggled fondly, knowing what had just happened but hiding it from anyone else.A few days passed, and we would touch each other, find random hiding places to kiss and cuddle. Finally, I brought up some sexual commentary about how nice it would be to have her. Our shift ended that day, so we went home, me to my spouse, and her to hers. But we continued to send messages. We were both pretty sure that something involving sex was going to happen at some point in the future. I asked her what would happen if I were to cum inside of her. She said that she was scared of c***d birth, but she would bahis siteleri be more than willing to get a plan B pill. Then, talking along those lines, I made a comment to which she replied “Breed me” which I found so arousing that I immediately got a rock hard erection. This woman who was afraid to have a c***d trusted me so much as to potentially risk a pregnancy.The next day at work, I was on alert for any sign of heightened sexual attraction. Finally, at about 4 in the morning, break time came for the crew and we went to a well hidden area in a dark hallway away from cameras. We started making out, embraced, caressing each other. She then stopped me and removed a shoe. I thought this was rather curious, but didn’t think much more of it. Until she said “I want you inside me”. This was an immediate rock hard monster erection. She could barely get her pants down and off the one leg before my cock was about to pop out. I slowly dropped my pants and as my underwear neared the tip of my cock, it sprang out at full attention. Her eyes widened and she pulled me down on to her. A few moments of kissing later, I pulled back. I had to admire what was before me. The most perfect pussy I had seen in my life was right there. It was mine for the taking. Her beautifully marked stomach was writhing as she breathed with anticipation. Our eyes locked as I entered bahis şirketleri her. She gasped, stretched and filled, and experiencing genital piercings for the first time. We made love, right there on the floor. Her muffled squeals and gasping pushing me further and further. Ever movement her body made increased my pleasure until I finally said “I’m going to cum”. She opened her eyes wide, smiled, gripped me tightly and said “Fill me up”. No sooner than she said that did I let flow a river of semen. As I ejaculated, she whispered in my ear, “I feel you. I feel you!”. Then as I finished she giggled a little bit. I sat up and again admired what was in front of me. Legs spread, a smile on her face, she sat up and wiped the floor with her fingers. She noted the amount of moisture and thanked me. She then excused herself to the restroom to clean up.When she returned we embraced one another for several minutes. We knew what had just happened. We broke more rules than we could count. We had both betrayed our spouses. But in those moments, no matter what we did, it was the most right thing either of us could think of. After that encounter, I asked her for permission to share this story. I was so elated, and so pleased with what had happened that I had to tell someone, so here it is, for all of you. It isn’t a raunchy story, with a ton of sex. But it is real. It was a legitimate, unexpected sexual experience between two damaged adults. The next encounter (which happened yesterday) is worthy of its own story, but I don’t have time right now to type it out. Thank you for reading!