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Subject: The New Neighborhood – Chapter 19 Hi All – I apologize for the delay in getting this chapter out. I hit a bit of a writer’s block. I hope I’m back in the swing of it and that you enjoy this chapter. This chapter takes place right after Chapter 17 ended. Chapter 18 was about the some adventures at a resort that took place much earlier than the bulk of this story. Thanks to all who write. I love hearing from you, so my email ail Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author JLarsen. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but cannot be reposted. If reading about sexual relations between men and boys offends you or is illegal where you are, please stop reading. If you like the writing style, I have another series of stories called “Becoming a Spartan”. It’s in the bisexual/college section. Don’t worry, there is very little bi stuff and lots of action with the guys! I hope you enjoy both of them. If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, please consider making a donation so that we can continue to enjoy sharing and reading these stories. You can donate at fty/donate.html The New Neighborhood – Chapter 19 “So, we gather back here tomorrow evening?” I asked. “I will have Cooper staying with me. Is it okay to bring him over?” “I don’t see any reason not to,” answered Jordan. “And yes, come over anytime.” “Is Cooper spending the whole weekend with you?” asked Noah. There was an element of hurt in his voice. I hadn’t been able to spend much time with him in the last couple of days and was still aware of his school boy crush on me. “He is staying through Tuesday, actually,” I answered, “but I would really appreciate it if you would come over and spend time with us. I’m not sure I can keep him occupied all of the time and I would hate for him to get bored.” “Yea, old guys like you can only fuck so much before you tire out, huh?” said Noah smiling, obviously glad that he would be able to keep Cooper from spending too much alone time with me. “I think this old guy could wear you out any time,” I responded, pulling him into a hug and slapping his tight, skinny butt. He returned my hug with a tight grasp around my chest. “If you really want to, you can get up and go have breakfast with us in the morning. It’s going to be Cooper, Coach Drew and me,” I said without really thinking of the consequences. “Can I Dad? Please?” begged Noah. “What time are you going?” asked Jordan. “Cooper will be dropped off at 7 am, so we’ll leave shortly after that. I’m not going to have a hungry boy on my hands for longer than I need to,” I answered. “Well, you will have to set your own alarm,” said Jordan. “I’m going to try to sleep in tomorrow.” “Cool! I’ll be there at 7!” said a confident Noah. I had no doubt he would be there slightly before 7. The party began to break up as the different families started to put their clothes back on. “Thanks for helping,” said Aiden. He was still hanging very close to his dad and his brother, but he came over and gave me a hug before he got dressed. His cock rubbed against my leg. I thought that at some point soon, I need to have this boy return the favor and give me a good fucking. “If you hadn’t egged me on, I don’t know that I would have taken the plunge, so thanks,” said Liam quietly. “This evening has opened up a whole new way of looking at things. I think my boys and I are going to be closer than ever.” As the other neighbors were starting to leave, Drew and I began to help straighten things up. “Can Logan come over after breakfast and play video games with Cooper and me?” asked Noah. “Of course he can. You two are always welcome to come over,” I replied. As we passed through the gate into my yard, Drew began to giggle a bit. “What’s that about?” I asked. “I’m just imagining the blast of shit we are going to get from Ethan and Cody tomorrow morning when we walk in with Noah and Cooper,” he said still chuckling. “I didn’t even think of that,” I said, laughing along with him. “Oh well, too late to turn back now.” One good thing about being naked all the time, is that getting ready for bed is certainly easier. I did wash myself off a bit, brush my teeth, but was ready for sleep. Drew and I snuggled, but both drifted off quickly. I was up and showered by 6:30, just in case Cooper’s mom arrived early. Not surprisingly, Noah came through the sliding glass door at 6:45. Thankfully, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He had barely arrived when the doorbell range. Cooper and his mom were on the doorstep. She was dressed in a business casual outfit and Cooper was in boardshorts and a tank top. “Again, I can’t thank you enough,” said Brenda. “I hope he won’t be a problem.” “I’m sure we will be fine,” I said, trying to hide a smile. “Besides, I brought in re-enforcements.” I was indicating Noah who waved his hand at Cooper’s mom. Cooper grinned at seeing Noah and immediately walked over to him and began whispering. The boys took Cooper’s bag and headed for guestroom. “In all seriousness,” I said. “It’s not going to be a problem at all. This neighborhood is filled with boys around Cooper’s age. And I have started to work from home, as opposed to going into the office, so that isn’t an issue.” “Okay, it’s just that this is the first time I’ve left him with someone since my divorce,” she said. “I’m sorry, you don’t need to hear all of this.” “It’s okay,” I said, trying to comfort her. “I’m not sure if this will help or hurt, but it’s probably going to be harder on you than it will be on him.” Brenda laughed a bit and said, “Well, you are probably right there. Okay, I need to put my big girl pants on and head out. Cooper! Come and give your mom a hug.” Cooper and Noah reappeared grinning from ear to ear. I think they had been discussing plans for the morning and afternoon. Cooper reached out to his mom and gave her a warm embrace, saying “Bye mom!” “Bye honey!” she said. “I’m going to miss you so much. You behave and mind Mr. Jenkins. I’ll call you later.” All of this was said as she clutched poor Cooper in a python worthy embrace. Finally, she released her son and with a quick, “Okay, bye,” she was gone. “Hey! Where is Coach Drew? I thought he was going to eat with us to?” said Cooper, obviously not even a little bit broken up about his mom leaving.” “He is still in the shower, but should be down shortly,” I answered. “Aren’t even a little sad that you won’t see your mom for several days?” “Well, she just left, so not right now,” said Cooper, a little mystified over the fuss. “Maybe by like Monday or Tuesday, I’ll probably miss her.” Ah, this wisdom of youth. “Did I miss the big goodbye?” said Drew coming down the steps, hair still wet, but dressed and ready to go. “Yep, I think it’s time we see how much these two can put away in one sitting,” I said, grabbing the car keys. “Besides, if we stay around here much longer, the boys will probably start taking off their clothes and then who knows where that would lead?” “I know, where I want it to lead,” said Noah, smiling. “With your cock sliding into my skinny little butt.” “Oh, my god! The language on this boy,” I said, swatting his skinny little butt, my cock twinging slightly at the thought of sliding into it. “Where would they get the idea that you would ever consider such a thing?” said Drew in mock horror. “Oh, I don’t know, I’m thinking he might have thought about it after he popped Aiden’s butt cherry last night and compared it to when he sort of popped my butt cherry,” said Noah, getting into the sarcasm game. “Or maybe when his was the second cock ever in my butt,” added Cooper joining the game. “You two make it sound like all I do is put my penis in young boy’s butts,” I said defensively. “Um, that would be cuz you kind of have been doing it a lot,” said Noah. “I think I’m with the boys on this one,” said Drew. “You have been kind of a boy slut lately.” “Oh, look who’s talking,” I said in mock horror. “It’s Miss Runner Up in the having his cock in boys’ butts pageant. And I somehow think if you lived closer, I would have to relinquish my crown.” “I just don’t know what you are referring to,” said Drew, feigning ignorance. “Are you going to be here all weekend Coach Drew?” asked Noah hopefully. “I very likely am,” replied Drew. “Lance and I have some actual work to do, but I’m sure we will have time for at least a little bit of fun.” “I wish I didn’t have that stupid party the moms are throwing for Aiden tonight. It’s going to be so lame,” said a sad Noah. “All we are going to do is eat pizza someplace. Maybe I can give someone a blow job in the bathroom at the pizza place.” “Am I going to that party or staying with you Coach Lance?” asked Cooper, obviously hoping to avoid the party Noah was describing. “You will be staying with me,” I said. “He gets to hang out with all of the dads, Coach Drew and you?” said Noah, obvious disappointed at what he would be missing. “Will they want to fuck me?” asked Cooper with obvious glee at the prospect. “Well, some of them might think you are too young, but we’ll see,” I said. “What a man thinks he won’t do often changes when his cock gets hard.” “And even more so when he sees another guy already doing it,” added Drew. “Okay, here we are,” I said, pulling into the diner. “Let’s try and behave at least a little bit.” “You mean, we shouldn’t tell people that Cooper and I love it when your cocks are in our butts?” asked Noah, playing dumb. “Yea, that would probably be a good idea,” I said, smacking his ass. But I couldn’t resist holding my hand there for a minute and squeezing his little cheeks. “I thought you said we need to behave,” said Noah as we walked through the front door. “Well look who it is! Top and Bottom! Table for 2?” said Ethan brightly, not noticing the boys were with us. “Ah…, for 4 please,” I said, gathering Noah and Cooper closer to Drew and me. “Oh! Ooops!,” said hatay escort Ethan, grinning. “I mean, good morning sir. Right this way.” “Why did he call you and Coach Top and Bottom?” asked Noah as we followed Ethan to a table toward the back. “It’s his nicknames for us,” I whispered. “He thinks Coach Drew is my top.” I said that a bit louder than I thought and I think Ethan heard me. “So, what brings us all in this morning? Early morning ssssseeeee….soccer practice?” said Ethan grinning ear to ear. It was obvious, he already guessed there was something up with the four of us. “My mom just dropped me off at Coach Lance’s house,” said Cooper, not suspecting anything. “I get to stay at his house until Tuesday.” “Oh my! Well, that does sound fun!” said Ethan barely able to contain himself. “I’ll be back with drinks. Hot chocolate for the boys?” Cooper and Noah nodded and Ethan immediately darted across the room and whispered to Cody. They both looked in our direction and grinned. “Does he know you two have sex?” asked Noah, putting things together pretty quickly. “Yes, he does,” I said quickly, wondering just how big of a mistake it was to have brought the boys to the diner. “Does he know that you have sex with us to?” ask Noah, trying to get the lay of the land. “No, I don’t think he does,” I said hopefully. “Here we are,” said Cody putting the hot chocolate in front of the boys. “I figured the boys wanted an extra shot of cream.” The cups had a massive amount of whip cream topping them off. “And here’s coffee for the big boys,” said Ethan joining Cody at the table. “Would either of you like me to put a shot of cream in yours?” “I think we are good for now,” said Drew, blushing a bit. “Suit yourself, but let me know when you change your mind,” said Ethan as he left for another table. “So, it sounds like a boy’s weekend at the Coach’s house,” said Cody, containing his smile relatively well. “Are you going to be practicing……soccer while you are at the Coach’s?” He emphasized the word “Coach” giving it a special meaning. “Probably some of the time,” said Cooper, unware of Cody’s interest in finding out exactly what was going to happen this weekend. “Ethan and I play “soccer” with his little brother,” said Cody. “He is about your age. He is pretty good about penetrating what little defense Ethan has. And he can handle shot after shot from me. ” “Cool!” said Cooper, all of the double meaning flying over his still somewhat innocent head. “Maybe you guys could come over and we could all play.” “Oh, that sounds like it would be just a blast of fun,” said Cody looking me straight in the eyes. “I’ll leave you to decide what you want……….to eat.” “Did he just sort of say that him and the other waiter are having sex with the other waiter’s little brother?” asked Noah, piecing things together. “It certainly sounded like it,” said Drew. “How did you figure that out?” asked Cooper somewhat mystified that Noah had decoded the message. “Have you guys fucked them before?” asked Noah. I was bit surprised at the directness of the question, but then, on the other hand, I guess I really shouldn’t have been. “No, we haven’t,” I answered. “We tease each other a lot, but haven’t actually done anything.” “So, they’ve been talking about sex ever since we got here?” asked Cooper, finally catching on. “Yea, pretty much,” I said. “We should probably decide what we want.” I was thinking, the quicker we could get either Ethan or Cody away from the table, the better our chances of them not finding out the whole situation. It was one thing for them to know Drew and I were sexual. It was obviously quite another to know that we were having sex with young boys. “They are both really cute,” said Noah. “And they really want to fuck the two of you…….and I think maybe Cooper and me as well.” “Well, I would rather not come right out and admit that we have all had sex with each other,” I said, nervously. “So, has everyone decided who or what they want?” said Ethan, arriving back at our table, again smiling ear to ear. Cooper giggled, now in on the back and forth banter. “Can I have whatever I want?” Cooper asked. “As far as I’m concerned, you just ask away. I would never turn down a good looking boy like you,” said Ethan, putting his arm on Cooper’s shoulder. “Let’s stick with things actually on the menu,” I said, nipping this in the bud. “Is he always this much of a buzz kill?” asked Ethan. “No! He is usually up for anything,” said Noah. “So, your brother plays……soccer…..with you and the other waiter?” I had forgotten how brazen Noah could be. This was reminding me of the health club when he began playing with a stranger’s cock in the whirlpool. “I’m Ethan the other waiter is Cody, and yes, my brother loves to play with us, but I think lacrosse might be more his game, he really has a big stick, especially for a guy his age,” said Ethan. “You mean his stick is bigger than yours or Cody’s?” asked Cooper, barely able to keep from giggling. “Yea, it hardly seems fair that a boy 4 years younger than me should have a bigger stick, but since he lets me play with it, I don’t mind,” said Ethan. “I think I will have a ham and cheese omlet, with hash browns,” I said, changing the subject. “I’ll have the waffles with a side of sausage,” said Drew helping to put the focus back on the food. “And what can I do for the young men?” asked Ethan. “I bet you could do a lot for me, but for breakfast, I’ll have pancakes with a side of bacon,” said Noah, smiling. “I’ll have pancakes too, but I want sausage with it,” said Cooper. “Will you be having Coach Drew’s sausage or would you like your own?” asked Ethan. “I’ll have my own for now,” answered Cooper, “but I think I’ll be having Coach Drew’s later on.” Cooper was deadpan when he said this and for an instant, I thought maybe he hadn’t realized what he said. But, then he couldn’t contain himself and burst out laughing. “I bet you will,” said Ethan as he chuckled and left the table. “Tell, me again why you thought this would end well?” said Drew “Their funny,” said Cooper. I wasn’t sure how much Cooper had been exposed to the gentle banter of both boys and men. So I guess even if it revealed that I was breaking any number of laws, it would be a good experience for the boy. “When we get home, Coach Drew and have some work things we need to do, so you guys will have to play video games or something while we do that,” I said trying to steer the conversation back to something that didn’t involve the size of our sticks, sausages, and who could do what for whom. “Cool. Logan still wants to come over too,” said Noah. “Then, maybe later we can practice “soccer”. “Yea, I want to try handling some big balls,” chimed in Cooper. “I really need to work on going in and out,” said Noah. “Yea, I need-” began Cooper. “Okay boys, that’s enough,” I said. “We get it. Yes, I’m sure we will have time to have some other fun this afternoon. Let’s try to keep things a little bit clean for a bit.” Both boys giggled a bit, but until the food came we did manage to talk of things that actually were related to soccer and video games, not sex. “Here we are,” announced Cody, as he began to set the food down in front of each of us. “Do you boys have a big day planned?” asked Cody and he set each plate in front of us. Even given the shit they give us, Cody and Ethan were actually great servers. Ethan hadn’t written our orders down, but as Cody laid them out, each of us had exactly what we had asked for. “Coach Lance and Coach Drew have to do some work, so Noah and I will just play video games or something,” said Cooper. “My brother Logan will probably play with us,” said Noah. “He is older than me, but I bet his stick is even bigger than Ethan’s brother’s.” And we were back into it. “Well, that almost sounds like a challenge,” said Cody grinning. “Yea, when we have all played, Logan’s is even a little bigger than Coach Lance,” said Noah. “And that’s pretty good size.” “Boys -” I said. “Damn, that means I probably lost,” said Cody with a frown. “Lost what?” asked Cooper. “I was betting on Coach Drew,” said Cody. “Okay, I’ll check back in with you guys in a bit.” Cody went over to Ethan and again whispered something. Ethan’s face brightened considerably while Cody had a bit of a scowl. Ethan immediately came over to the table. “Did everyone get what they ordered?” he asked. “Yea, is something wrong with Cody,” asked Cooper, genuinely concerned. “Oh, he will be fine,” said Ethan smiling. “We had a little bet on stick size. And let’s just say that it sounds like I came out on top, so Cody the top boy, owes me a little something. Okay, we are starting to get a little busy, so I won’t be quite so attentive.” As I looked around, the diner had filled up. “What did he mean by all of that?” asked Cooper wondering what has just happened. “I am thinking that the boys had a little bet on who had the larger penis,” said Drew. “And that would mean that whoever bet on Drew lost,” I said, “as we all know well.” I couldn’t resist giving Drew shit for being just that little bit smaller than me in the dick department. “Yea, yea,” said Drew. “I don’t get any complaints.” “I think you are plenty big,” said Cooper, ever the peacemaker. The boys did indeed leave us alone, filling up our coffee several times as they raced by doing other things. “Well, it was pleasure meeting you fine young men,” said Ethan as he brought our check. “I only hope that I will be able to see more of you.” “Well, if you came to our house, you would see more of us, because we are always nak-” started Noah. “Yes, maybe we will bring the boys in again sometime,” I interrupted. But it was too late. Ethan knew full well how that sentence was going to be finished. “In my family, we are “nak” around the pool as well,” said Ethan, using the cut off word that Noah had just used. “No tan lines hurma escort for us.” I pulled out my credit card and gave it to Ethan, hoping he would quickly leave the table. “Can we invite them over?” asked Cooper as Ethan walked away. “There funny. And besides it sounds like they do the kinds of things we like to do.” “Well, I think they are a lot more talk than action,” I said. “And, no, we are not going to invite them over. It would just be too much of a risk.” The boys got the message and didn’t push it. Cody brought the bill and my credit card back. “It was wonderful meeting you boys this morning,” said Cody. “Remember Coach Drew owes you his sausage later.” Cooper burst out laughing, but thankfully, didn’t say anything. The ride home was uneventful as the boys sat in the back and discussed what video games they would play when we got back to the house. Noah and Cooper went into the guest room where Cooper would be sleeping and quickly emerged with no clothes on. I almost said something, but realized how silly that would be. The boys headed toward the big screen in the basement and Drew and I went into the study. “I know we have work to do, but I don’t see any reason to stay in these,” said Drew as he began to shed his clothes. I followed suit. Drew’s undergrad degree was accounting, so in addition to the corporate things we set up for my consulting business, we began setting up a bookkeeping system for both of my new ventures. I had pretty much lost track of time, but when I heard the doorbell ring, I looked at the clock and realized we had been in there for over 2 hours. I heard Noah’s voice ring out. “Just come in, why did you ring the doorbell?” I decided I should see who it was that Noah had apparently invited to my house. In one of those instances where people come from 4 different places at once and all stop short, not knowing exactly what to say or do next. Cooper and Nathan emerged from the basement, naked with their cocks erect, Logan had come in through the back door, his big cock sticking out over his low hanging ball sack. Drew and I were standing in the hallway that led to the bedrooms. And there right inside the front door, dressed in shorts and t-shirts were Ethan, Cody, and third boy, who I assumed was Ethan’s younger brother. The younger boy was a mini version of Ethan, tall, slender, wavy black hair. “Oh, I thought you were going to be Jayce,” said Noah. Not finding it the least bit odd that five of us were stark naked while the three people who had just been invited in were still clothed. Taking it all in stride like this was the most natural thing in the world, Noah said, “Ethan and Cody, this is my brother Logan. Logan, these are the funny waiters I told you about.” “So….I wasn’t really expecting you guys to drop by…….” I stammered. “I remember being specifically invited over “any time” last time you were in the diner,” said Ethan. “And you did give me your address. And couldn’t you have told your brother we are hot waiters you told him about?” “Actually, he did,” said Logan. “He really wanted to see you both naked.” Cody and Ethan exchanged a quick look and Cody said, “Well, we would hate to disappoint you.” In a flash they were as naked as the rest of us, leaving only the younger of the trio in is clothes. Ethan’s cock was cut, and matched his body. It looked average size, but a bit on the slender side. He had a small dark treasure trail leading down to a neatly trimmed black bush of hair. Cody’s cock was still soft, but looked like it would be thick when it got hard. He still had a full bush of a pubic hair, obviously not one for man-scaping. “Oh, this is my little brother Austin,” said Ethan. “Don’t be a dork Austin, take your clothes off.” “Um, you can hold on a bit Austin,” I said, surveying a room full of naked boys, one of whom I had just now been introduced to. “I think this is moving a bit too fast here.” Austin ignored me and took off his clothes. “Seriously?” asked Ethan. “It’s obvious that you and Top there wanted to get Cody and me naked. It’s also obvious that you two mess around with these boys, which we were pretty sure of at the diner and seeing them naked in your house pretty much seals the deal. Austin, tell Mr Bottom here why you wanted to cum along.” “Cody and my brother and me have been messing around for a year,” said the boy, not the least bit shy about having just got naked in a room full of strangers. “I love getting fucked and when Ethan told me about you two, I said I really wanted to move up to a man cock and have you fuck me.” His cock was standing straight up, showing that what he had just said was true. His cock looked like his brother’s. It was going to be about 6″ and on the slender side. It was an inch bigger than his older brother’s cock. “So, there you are, let’s not pretend that any of us is shocked that the others like to put their cocks in tight little boy holes and that the little boys love it when we do,” said Ethan. “I think I found my next lawyer,” I said, turning to Drew. “So, what do you think?” Drew’s cock was already at half staff. He was even more into the boys than I was, so I knew he wasn’t about to be objective and put a halt to this. “I think he makes several valid points,” said Drew. “And I think it would be a damn shame to not give this young man what he wants.” Drew walked over to Austin and began fondling the boy’s cock. “But -” I started. Ethan’s mouth was on my prick and my sentence turned into a moan of pleasure. My dick immediately rose to full hard and any thought of not fucking these boys went out the window. “Let’s at least go to the bedroom,” I managed to say. Ethan rose off my dick, leaving it hard and shiny from his quick blow job. Noah and Cooper led the way into the bedroom. I was following Ethan and knew that I had to have my cock in that skinny little ass of his. After today, he would think twice before he referred to me as “bottom” again. “Before we get going, we have to settle a bet,” said Ethan grinning. “Top and Bottom, would you please come here.” I would give him this last time with the nickname. “Well, Cody, it looks to me like Bottom definitely has the bigger cock, so you lose the bet,” he said, stroking both Drew’s and my cocks. “Or would you like to try and make them harder and see if anything changes.” Drew was still stroking Austin’s cock. “You can do whatever you want to them, but Lance is just a bit longer,” admitted Drew. “And thicker,” I said. “What was the bet?” “Well, for some reason, Mr I Only Top Guys, lost his head a bit and bet me that he would bottom if he was wrong about the cocks,” said Ethan with a devilish grin. “Yea, but I didn’t say who I would bottom for,” said Cody, looking for some type of escape. “Well, it has to be a cock with hair around it,” said Ethan, a bit testily, seeing that Cody was playing with Cooper’s little cock. “I’ll pop his cherry!” volunteered Noah, his cock hitting his full hardness at the thought about sticking it in this sexy athlete. I swear this kid’s cock had grown in the short time I had known him. Maybe he was closer to 5″ now. “You’re such a bottom anyway,” said Cody, glad that it would the smallest cock belonging to someone who had been through puberty. “It’s not like you would be the one fucking me.” With that settled, we divided into small groups. Cooper and Noah were with Cody. Drew was all over Austin. That left me with Logan and Ethan. Ethan began stroking Logan’s and my cocks. He dropped to his knees and took Logan as far into his mouth as it would go. Maybe it was a bit about my ego, but I wanted my cock in Ethan and I wanted it now. “Lay on the floor Logan. Start sucking his cock again,” I said with a tone of voice that both boys knew meant they should obey immediately. I pulled Ethan’s ass up in the air and pushed his legs apart. I thought briefly about just lubing my cock and fucking the boy hard, but decided that would be a bit too rough. Instead, I delivered a quick hard slap to the skinny little ass sticking up in the air. Ethan yelped, but waved his ass in the air, inviting more. My hand came down hard on his left cheek and then my other hand smacked the right cheek just as hard. I knew it had to hurt, but Ethan’s ass was still wiggling in the air. He spread his legs apart a bit more, exposing his little hairless pucker. I dove in with my tongue, sending it as far into his hole as it would go. Ethan squealed as he continued to suck on the long black cock in his mouth. I grabbed his cheeks, feeling the warmth of where my hands had left a print on each one, and pulled them apart, opening him up even further. I used my tongue rapid fire, going in and out of his hole, then pushing it all the way in and licking again. Ethan’s head was bobbing on Logan’s cock, but he pushed his ass back to me. I pulled my mouth out of his hole and Ethan moaned at the loss of sensation. I grabbed the lube and smeared some around and just into his hole. I only used one finger to make sure some of the liquid made its way in his ass. I purposely didn’t want to open him up to much. I then lubed my raging hard on and got in position. Pointing my cock right at his hole, I teased his ass pushing in ever so slightly. Ethan pushed back, wanting more. I pulled out and quickly slapped first one cheek and then the other. If his mouth hadn’t been full of cock, the boy’s scream would have been a lot louder. I again put my cock at the entrance to his boy pussy. I pushed slightly, getting maybe half an inch in. I wanted to be sure I was lined up perfectly. Ethan knew better than to push back hard, but I could feel slight pressure pushing against my dick. He wanted it as badly as I wanted to give it to him. Now was the time. I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me as I pushed my cock into his ass. In an instant, I was balls deep in the slender boy, his ass barely ığdır escort opening enough to let my big dick slide in. “Oh MyFucking God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Wait! Please Wait!” Ethan screamed, letting Logan’s cock fall from his mouth. The boy was breathing hard, but didn’t pull away from dick. Logan’s legs were sticking out under Ethan, but he was using his arms to support himself in a sitting position. He grinned at me, knowing what I had done and I think some of why. “Shit white boy, I can take that cock all in one stroke,” said Logan grinning. “Can’t you handle a mancock?” Spurred on by the mocking, Ethan started to move back and forth on my dick. I decided to let him drive and kept my hips still while he slowly began to move. I looked next to me and Drew had Austin on his back, the boy’s legs on the older man’s shoulders. Drew was very slowly sliding his cock into the tight little asshole. “That’s it son, take my daddy dick. Oh baby, you feel so nice,” cooed Drew. “Oh, your ass makes this big dick feel soooooo good.” Cooper was on his back with Cody kneeling over him, the two of them sucking each other’s cocks. Noah was behind Cody and as I started watching them, he was pulling his face from the older boy’s ass, obviously having just given him a good rimming. I grabbed Ethan by his long hair and pulled his head up. “Your boy is about to get his ass fucked,” I said. As if on cue, Noah moved closer and pointed his boy cock between the stud’s muscular butt cheeks. In one slow motion, Noah’s cock disappeared into the virgin hole. Cody stopped sucking Cooper’s little dick as he focused on getting his ass to let its first cock in. Noah knew exactly what he was doing and slowly began actually fucking the boy. He might pretend later that he didn’t like it, but the look of pleasure on Cody’s face made me think the boy would at least be versatile from now on. Ethan was turned on seeing his buddy take a cock, however small in his ass. He began to pick up his pace, but I decided it was time for me to drive again. I pulled my dick all the way out of his butt and gave each of his cheeks a quick slap and then pulled his hips back onto my cock, going to the hilt again. “Oohhhhh shiiiit” moaned Ethan. I kept holding his hips and began a steady pounding his tight little ass. The feeling of control and his tight hole were sending waves of pleasure from my cock all through my body. It felt like my cock was swelling even bigger as I pumped the boy. I caught Noah’s eye and he had a look of pride on his face. He had popped the cherry of a very studly older boy and he was enjoying it. I made a spanking motion with my hand. Noah’s eyes got wide and then he got a devilish grin on his face. I wasn’t sure if he saw what I had done just before, but Noah repeated the motion, pulling his boycock from Cody’s ass, giving two quick, but hard smacks and then driving his 4″, or maybe it was 5″ now, back into ass in front of him and resumed pounding. Cody’s eyes got wide when his ass was slapped, but he started moaning as soon as Noah’s cock returned to his hole. Drew appeared lost in his own little world, but the pace of his thrusts had picked up as well. Logan moved so he was kneeling in front Ethan and guided his mouth toward his long cock. With the tightness surrounding my cock and the sights in front of me, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I could feel my orgasm starting to build as my thrusts got harder, pulling him toward me as I pushed forward. Ethan was panting and moaning, while still trying to suck Logan’s cock. Noah was first, yelling “Oh yea, filling your ass with cum!! Oh yea!!” I could see him pushing as hard and fast as his young body would go, breeding that ass for its first time. That set me off. I could feel my cock blasting once, twice, three, and then four times. I kept fucking, not feeling my cock getting at all soft. I hadn’t even noticed that Drew must have cum, as he was laying beside Austin. However Austin was intently watching his older brother. “Wow! He’s fucking the hell out of you Eth,” said Austin watching me still pound his older brother. “I wish I could have some of that.” “You….couldn’t…..handle…….this…..cock……” said Ethan. Still grunting and moaning as my cock continued to pound his tight ass, my cum leaking out each time I thrust all the way in. “Bet I could! I just took the other guy” he said as only little brother will do when their older brother tells them they aren’t big enough to do something. “Will you please fuck me?” pleaded Austin. Partly because he was a sexy young boy and partly just to mess with Ethan, I pulled out and started to move over. “He’s all yours Logan,” I said as my cock left Ethan’s hole open and leaking cum. I gave him one more quick slap on his ass as I moved. I laid on my back and said, “Climb on and go for a ride.” My cock must have had a mind of its own and known it was about to enter an ass even tighter than the one it was just in. It was as hard as when we started. Austin was about to climb on, but I said, “Hold on little stud, even with Drew’s load in your little butt, I think this will go easier if we lube up a bit. As I was grabbing the bottle of lube, Logan laid down next to me holding is long cock so it was pointing straight in the air. “You and your brother can ride side by side,” said Logan as he stroked his big cock. Ethan took the lube and got his ass and Logan’s dick ready. The two brothers each straddled their targets. I love watching the face of someone as they slide down onto my cock. Austin was leaning forward, his hands on my chest as slowly took me in. Certainly Drew had opened the boy up, but his ass was still fitting like a glove as he slid onto me. His face had a look that was a combination of slight pain, determination, pleasure, and lust. He got the first couple of inches in and then my dick must have hit his spot, as a moan of pleasure rose from him. He closed his eyes and slid down the rest of the way and rested there for a moment. “You’ve got it baby,” said Logan as I looked over and saw Ethan resting on the black boy’s hips. “Now fuck me like you know what you’re doing. Way up and then back down.” Ethan responded almost as if in a trance. He rose up, exposing almost the whole length of the 9″ cock, then sliding down, moaning in pleasure as Logan’s length easily hit his prostate, with room to spare. The brothers looked at each other and smiled, matching each other’s pace. “You okay little bro?” asked Ethan softly, somewhat lost in the pleasure of the biggest cock he had ever even thought of taking in his ass. “Yea. I told you I could take it,” responded Austin, as his pace picked up. “Holy shit little dude, slow down a bit!” I looked to my other side and Cody was also on his back with little Cooper bouncing on his fat young cock. At some point, I would have to teach Cooper the art of the slow fuck, but it was obvious that he was in the mood to have his young little ass pounded hard and fast. “But….it…..feels……so…..good,” Cooper panted as he slowed a little bit, but was still moving a rapid up and down pace. I loved seeing Logan’s long cock sliding in and out of Ethan’s slender body. Ethan leaned back and was stroking his own cock as he rode the huge rod. Austin started to do the same, but I pushed his hand out of the way and began to stroke the young boy as he moved up and down on my dick. After a couple of minutes of stroking and pumping, I could tell that he was getting close. I knew I wouldn’t be far behind him. “This kid is so fucking tight, I’m gonna blow!” it was Cody, whose cock had been feeling the youngest ass in the room ride up and down on his thick member. If he hadn’t grabbed Cooper by the hips and thrust him down onto his cock as he pushed his hips into the air, I’m sure Cooper would have been bucked off the boy. As it was, Cooper shook with his dry orgasm as Cody’s body involuntarily pushed up again and again sending his cum deep into the little boy’s ass. “Next…….” Was all Austin managed to say as rope after rope of his cum spewed from his slender 5″ cock. As he blasted shot after show onto my chest, his ass squeezed even harder, sending me over the top. I wasn’t as bad as Cody, but my hips definitely were pushing my dick into places in the young boy’s ass where I was sure a cock had never touched. I expected Logan to follow suit, but instead, he sat up and pushed a surprised Ethan onto his back. Logan pulled the other boy’s legs into the air and he began to fuck him hard. “I know you want it Coach Drew,” said Logan as he pulled his monster dick all the way out and then stuck it back in with one fluid motion. “Get some lube and get back there.” Logan had a lot of experience topping his dad, but he definitely loved to bottom and he was about to get the best of both worlds. I had lost track of Drew, but he quickly got in back of the boy, his hard cock shining with lube. Drew sort of squatted in back of the black teen and pointed his cock toward the boy’s hole. Very quickly, Logan was the black middle in a white bread sandwich. Drew held his hips steady as Logan set the pace, sliding back and impaling himself on Drew’s over 7″ of dick. Then thrusting his own 9″ into the slender boy under him. They kept the pace up for a while and then Logan began to pant, “Soon……gonna breed your butt……it’s coming.” Ethan grabbed his own cock and began to stroke. Logan’s hips thrust forward hard, but Drew moved with him, punching the boy’s prostate right as Logan was about to cum, causing a gusher of cum to flood Ethan’s ass. Drew and Logan each pushed into the ass surrounding their cocks, draining every ounce of cum from their balls. With Logan’s last thrust, Ethan’s cock fired its fist volley of the day, hitting the boy’s own face with his first shot, the second his chin, and the third and fourth, his chest and stomach. The three of them collapsed into pile of flesh, trying to regain their breath. “I think we have someone else who has earned the “Bottom” nickname,” I said, looking over at Ethan, while I stroked Austin’s long hair with one hand and his butt, that still was holding my cock inside of it, with the other.