The New Sexual Awakening: Part 2

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The New Sexual Awakening: Part 2Trevor opened his eyes as the first rays of the Morning sun streamed through the open blinds. “Did that really happen?” he asked himself. A quick glance at the bed next to him revealed Brad’s lady friend Mandy, nude lying facedown in the bed. Trevor placed his hand on the small of her back and as he felt the warmth of her soft skin the events of the previous night came flooding back. He noted that she couldn’t have been less interested in him, and that it wasn’t until he removed his glasses and looked at her with his naked eyes that she became sexually aroused. Perhaps the Crystallized compound reflected light at such a wavelength that caused an increased production of Oxytocin leading to a synthetic Romantic Bonding. Trevor slid out of the bed and slipped on his Boxers. He threw open his closet and fished out a fresh College Ruled Notebook, with Sharpie in hand he Scribbled “Formula N74 Human Variant Study”. “Subject X exposed to N74 Compound variant has shown increased Libido, stamina, Penile size and girth as well as an almost Ultra Normal ability to elicit a staggering emotional response in complete strangers.” “Partner A: A first year Medical Student became Sexually Aroused after an Eye exam. The Effect hereto referred as ‘The N Catalyst’ took hold in no time celtabet giriş and Sexual intercourse lasted Fifteen minutes with Both parties reaching Climax” “Partner B: A Sorority Girl looking for a rendezvous with Subject X’s Roommate was exposed to occular Stimulus and became malleable in seconds. Sexual Intercourse lasted 2 Hours with both partners achieving Climax. Longevity seems to increase with each partner. More Sexual Congress in needed to be sure but theory dictates that Subject X’s Stamina may increase Exponentially.” Trevor closed his notebook and slid it into his Paige Bag. A glance at his watch revealed to him that his Economics Class was fast approaching. “Mandy dear I’m afraid I must leave you. You can stay as long as you like, I will see you later.” Trevor Sat in the back of the Econ class barely listening to the Professor’s lecture, he kept studying the subtle variations of his own skin. As his fellow students scribbled notes he found himself scanning the class looking for his next subject. “I wonder.” He said to himself.”Is this effect Gender specific or does it work on Men as well?” He scanned the Male students and found his next Subject Steve Moore, the school’s star Quarterback. “Potential Partner C: Straight Football star with no history of Homosexual celtabet yeni giriş Behavior. Will make initial contact and see if Exposure achieves a positive result.” As the bell rang Steve got up to leave and Trevor followed him.”Hey Steve you got a minute?” Trevor asked. “Yeah but make it quick I gotta meet my Girl.” “I saw that you were having problems in Chem class and wanted to offer myself as a tutor.” Trevor slipped off his glasses and held Steve’s gaze. “Umm…yeah. In fact maybe we can go somewhere and do that right now?” “Ok but what about your Girlfriend?” Trevor asked. “She can wait, this can’t.” Steve followed Trevor to the Temporary lab and they entered. Trevor locked the door then sat down on a work stool. “Now what?” Steve asked.Trey cautiously opened his fly and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to his ankles. He stood there anticipating Steve’s next move. Trevor was shocked as Steve dropped to his knees and pulled the Boxers down. He seemed hypnotised by Trevor’s Cock, the thick member d****d over two hefty balls. He reached out his powerful hand and took hold. As he began to gently stroke it Trevor leaned back and ran his fingers through his hair. The Jock looked up at his and opened his mouth wide taking the now erect penis into his mouth. Trevor celtabet güvenilirmi found himself enjoying this new sensation and by the glee in his eyes perhaps Steve did as well. Steve stood up and undid his Khakis just as Trevor did. Steve pulled his briefs off and bent over a nearby counter. Trevor thought for a minute and decided to continue…for science. As he slid his Dong into Steve’s ass he couldn’t believe the odd turn his life had taken. A few weeks ago he was a Virgin and now not only had he fucked to complete female strangers but he was also having his first Gay experience…and he was enjoying it. Steve’s tight asshole squeezes Trevor’s hard Cock like nothing else. The very sensation caused him to cum much harder then ever before. As he pulled his now limp Cock from Steve’s ass a stream of Cum followed it. “I have to meet Wendy, she’s probably wondering where I am.” Steve said. “Perhaps we can do this again sometime?” he added. “Yeah, I’d like that.” Trevor said Unphased Steve kissed Trevor, got dressed and slipped out the Door.” “Partner C (Male) lost all inhabitation in close proximity to Subject X. Sexual activities included Oral and Anal with rapid conclusion due to the Tightness of Partner C’s Anus. Subject X Enjoyed the Male on Male test as much as Female Congress. Subject X now realises that Bi-Sexuality is a more prudent course of action.” “What are you doing here Mr. Smalls, you don’t have this Lab this period.” Trevor look up to see the Organo-Chemistry teacher Mrs. Philips at the door. “I believe Subject D has just arrived.” he wrote in his Journal.