The Only Cure Possible

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Mia was standing in front of the dresser, checking her reflection in the large mirror that gave me such a wonderful view of her beautiful face and upper body. I could see her glance to the side and knew she caught me staring at her ass and legs. Her smile was warm and genuine, and I knew she didn’t mind the lasciviousness in my countenance. If anything she considered it a complement, or at least a confirmation that the outfit she had chosen to wear tonight was having its desired effect on me. She smoothed back her black hair, touched the bridge of her nose with the tip of her middle finger to smooth in her make-up, and looked at other details of her face to make sure they were just so. You know, the little things that girls do when they know everything is fine but they want you to recognize the time and effort they have put in for you. She turned slowly towards me and took a few slow steps, placing one foot directly in front of the other so that her hips rotated in that provocative sway that mesmerizes men. The distance at which she stopped brought her back from her shoulders to her knees bahis şirketleri into view in the mirror. Her hands came to rest on her hips as she posed there, one knee pointing slightly across her body, letting me take in the vision of feminine beauty and asked “Do you like my outfit?” Anyone who said no to that would have been lying! Mia had on real silk stockings that shimmered in the light of the bedroom. Black suede ankle boots with open toes encased her feet. Their five inch heels defined her calves and tightened her ass into well rounded globes of flesh encased in black silky panties with what appeared to be a lace butterfly covering an emerald inset in the front of her mound. The stockings were being held up by a black satin waist cincher, which highlighted her hips and framed the creamy white flesh of her ass in the mirror. A matching bra, black with emerald cup liners under black lace, was the only other thing she was wearing. Her eyes were wide and almond shaped with her make-up designed to place them in a smoldering, smoky backdrop of black. A feint hint of emerald on her eyelids bahis firmaları tied the colors of her outfit to her face. High cheekbones and a wisp of blush gave her an almost innocent look that belayed the presentation of her body. I walked to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I pulled her tight against me and let the hardness of my cock pressed into her belly answer her question. My hands slid down to cup her cheeks while she put her arms around my neck. Our lips met. I could feel the smooth, waxy texture of her lipstick. The eroticism of our bodies pressed together caused my breathing become deeper, ragged, and I pressed my tongue forward to penetrate her lips. She deftly pulled her tongue to the back of her mouth to force me to push deeper, then tickled the tip of my tongue with hers. I hooked my thumbs into the waist of her panties to slide them off but she stopped me. With a sultry voice she said “Leave them on, for now.” She then dropped to her knees in front of me. I stood there and watched this vision of loveliness kiss the head of my erect cock. When she pulled away kaçak bahis siteleri a thin line of pre-cum connected her lips to my cock. Her tongue darted out to catch the bridge of fluid that connected us. A soft moan escaped her lips and betrayed her pleasure. A louder groan from mine answered hers as the vision and feel of her lips and tongue overpowered my senses. Pressing forward, I begged to be taken into the warmth of her mouth. Her lips parted, and the head of my cock pressed between those full, red lips. I sighed as she bobbed back and forth. Each forward movement I would feel her tongue slide along the bottom of my cock, each journey back she would tighten her lips around me and suck. I could feel the cum churning in my balls, ready to explode. I was torn between the need to release the pressure that was building in me and the wish to enjoy her oral talents forever. All too soon Mia took that choice away from me. Mia stood up and kissed me passionately. The taste of my cock on her mouth and the smeared lipstick betrayed what she had so recently done. I was prepared to beg her to finish what she had started, to offer her whatever she desired just to satisfy my desires. But as I gathered my wits she leaned in and whispered “I need you inside me!” She turned and walked towards the bed, but I caught her from behind.