The Photo Shop Ch. 27

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The Photo shop by Candyman666©

Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters. All characters participating in sexual activity in the stories are 18 or over. This story is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 27: George and Janet’s daughter Dawn.

No rest for the wicked, or that’s how I felt when Sunday evening around 8 the bell rang. Who would dare to disturb me on my day off, especially after yesterday’s antics with Lance and Cathy? I saw a beautiful young blonde woman looking into the camera of my front door video system.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello Lew, I’m Dawn, George and Janet’s daughter, and I was wondering if you could spare me a minute?”

“Uh, I guess I can, but what’s it about?” I said, not yet ready to give up on my free Sunday evening.

“It’s about a photoshoot my mom said I should do with you.”

“Oh, that, and you want to talk about that now?”

“Yes please, I’ll be going to college in a few weeks and I won’t be around anymore but miles away.”

“OK, in that case, do come up.”

I buzzed her in. As she came up the stairs, I had ample opportunity to look her over, she was stunning. She wore a very vivid colored tube top. It left her shoulders bare, with elastic at the top and again just below her boobs; no bra straps insight and her blonde hair flowing over her bare shoulders. She looked like an angel except for the wings and that top. Coming to the top of the stairs, I could see a bare, sun-bronzed midriff with a pair of tiny white cutoff jeans below, barely 8 inches in length, and strap-on sandals with 5-inch heels. She extended her hand, which I grabbed, slightly stunned.

“Come in. So you’ll be leaving town soon and your mom told you to come and see me before?”

“Yes she did.”

I invited her to take a seat on the sofa and as she walked in I could see her back, and what I saw almost made my mouth drop open in surprise. Her long blond hair flowed all the way down, ending slightly past her bum. ‘Lady Godiva’ was the first thought that came to mind. When she was seated I asked if she’d like something to drink.

“Yes please, a white wine would be nice.”

“White wine it is, I’m having red; I’ve got white in the fridge – or would you prefer bubbly?”

“Oh that’s even better, thank you yes.”

I poured her a glass of champagne and sat down opposite her. Not only did she have stunning hair and a figure to match, but also the deepest blue-green eyes I’d ever seen.

“So what did George and Janet tell you about me?”

“They told me you photographed them in the nude and put them straight about their fake sex.”

“Wow, that’s a bold statement, you don’t seem to fool around. Do you always go straight for the jugular? To be honest, I’m really surprised you know about that: they seemed rather reluctant to speak about their sex life and not very experienced in such things!”

“That’s right, up until they visited you, talking about sex was strictly taboo at home, but ever since they came back from their ‘educational’ trip here, we talk of almost nothing else anymore. Sometimes it’s even embarrassing, I’m not used to it, and I’m not like them, I’ve known my way around cocks and cunts for several years now.”

“So it seems my advice to give their daughter a proper sex education was right, except that from what you tell me there was no real need.”

“No, I’m 24 and I lost my virginity at the age of 18 to my French teacher. I’ve enjoyed a very satisfying sex life ever since, so you can see I really didn’t need all this sex talk at home.”

“Yes I see, but what exactly brings you to me then?”

“Well, firstly I would like to experience a nude photoshoot, something I’ve never done before, and secondly to know what it would be like to have sex with someone more than twice my age.”

“Uh, excuse me, why do you think I would consider having sex with you?”

“My mom and dad left you high and dry after their antics in your photo studio, so to thank you for setting them straight and to tick a couple of things off my bucket list, I thought it would be a good idea to have sex with you.”

“Let me guess, your mom and dad don’t know about this, they think you came here only for a photoshoot?”

“Well yes they want me to have a nude photoshoot as they had, but they don’t know about me wanting to have sex with you – god as far as they know I’m still a virgin.”

“That’s all very nice, but why do you think I would want to sacrifice my free evening to have sex with you?”

Dawn got up, standing right in front of me, grabbed the hem of her blouse, and pulled it over her head showing me gorgeous eryaman escort boobs, as there was no bra in sight indeed.

“Can you honestly tell me you don’t want to play with these?” She said pointing at her firm, perky tits which she grabbed with both hands as if pushing them towards me. Although they were partly hidden by her long blond hair, they looked as if someone had stuck two small traffic cones on her chest. They had 21/2 inch puffy areolas, crowned by fat nipples, and despite the fact they were virtually the same color as her areolae they looked stunning. Her act surprised me completely, leaving me speechless. She solved the problem by straddling my legs, both hands behind my head, pulling it towards her chest, and wiggling her boobs in my face like a professional lap dancer.

“Oh yes now suck them, baby, I’d just love for you to suck on my boobs!”

Now honestly I ask you, what would you do if something like that happened to you? Yes indeed, you’d just open your mouth and start sucking, like you’ve been instructed to do.

As if on cue she started moaning, pulling me even closer. One of her hands ventured downwards grabbing my slowly hardening cock through my pants, and leaving absolutely no doubt in my mind what it was she had on hers. When she’d assured herself she was getting me aroused, she replaced her hand with her crotch, pushing and undulating over my cock – which responded as expected, making me harder still.

“OK, where is your bedroom,” she said, getting up and taking my hand in hers.

“Let’s get this show on the road, I want to see what all the fuss was about and how good you are in the sack.”

“Haven’t I got anything to say about this?”

“No, just take it like a man and fuck me, clear?”

By that time, she had figured out herself where the bedroom was, and dragged me there, almost throwing me on the bed. While she stood in front of me, she removed her tiny jeans short. She was prepared for her mission, nothing underneath, she had come commando. I got an immediate view of her hot pussy, a nicely trimmed blonde bush proving she was a real natural blonde, with the remaining curls slightly obscuring the view of her cunt lips. She immediately remedied my obstructed view by opening her pussy lips with her hands, giving me a now clear view of her innermost sanctum. Bending at the waist, she began to open my trousers and slide them off, quickly followed by my boxers. My dick sprang to attention saluting her beauty.

“Can you please remove your shirt? I want you in the same suit as me, your one and only birthday suit.” I quickly obliged and lay back again. She got on the bed on one knee, her hands next to my hips, then slowly crawled on the bed like a cat in heat. She kept going until her pussy was nicely positioned over my mouth with her hands cupping her tits, massaging them she looked straight into my eyes. I didn’t move, wondering what would happen now.

“What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? It won’t bite you, it tastes divine I can assure you, try it!”

Never in my life had I been ordered around like that by a woman. I was so surprised I automatically started to lick her pussy lips, trying to first find the valley between the top of her thigh and the outer lips, her blonde curls tickled my tongue and nose. She was right about the taste though, it was sublime, tangy but with a sweet undertone, enticing me to suck full force on her lips, drawing more of her juice onto my taste buds. The noises she was making confirmed I was doing the right thing. High time to find her little orgasm trigger, it was hiding under its hood, but under my attack it quickly found its way out, growing by the second. Once I got started on it, gasps emanated from her mouth accompanied by increased breathing, which in turn led to her pulling in her stomach, creating an extremely sexy hollow space around her navel. I love it when a woman pulls in their stomach hard when climbing towards an orgasm. It shows off their ribcage and tits very nicely.

“Oh yes, that’s exactly what I need, my mom was right, you are a pro, you know exactly how to pleasure a woman with your mouth, keep going.”

I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them open, my fingers sneaking towards her rosebud and perineum. The latter was already well lubricated by the combined juices of her pussy and my saliva, making it easy to spread the lube over her little star, facilitating the entry of an adventurous finger in her back passage. A little push on her sphincter allowed me access; sliding in up to the first knuckle resulted in a high-pitched yelp, combined with mousy little squeaks. There was no doubt anymore in my mind she liked ass play, so without any further invitation, I slid my finger in to the second knuckle and added a second and a third. Whimpers of pleasure erupted from her lips, and a firm push forward of her pussy, combined with her grabbing my head and pulling it towards her, almost suffocated me.

When I started to think escort ankara that my final dream of dying between a beautiful woman’s thighs was about to come true, she released my head, arching her back, her arms in the air while orgasming very loudly, allowing me to take a well-earned gulp of air.

“Yes! Ooooh yes! Fuck! Fuck! Cuuuuuming! Oh god YES, YES, AAAAAH!

Dawn fell on my chest, totally satisfied, recovering from her orgasm. While I’m normally Mr. Nice-Guy, I thought it was about time I showed this lady the dominant side of my character. Now it was my turn to boss her around. I rolled her off me, grabbed her ankles, and bent her double, with her ankles around her ears, giving me total access to her well-lubricated cunt.

“Hold your ankles, I want to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you hard baby.”

I positioned my cock in front of her blonde well-lubricated snatch with my hand and pushed, bottoming out in one single thrust. Holding on to her buttocks I began fucking hard – 5, 10 minutes going like a steam engine. The longer I pumped into her the bigger her eyes became. After another 5 minutes, I pulled completely out. Looking at her I said, “On your knees bitch, I want to fuck you doggy style.”

“Yes,” she whispered, slightly out of breath, but complying immediately, presenting her enticing behind to me. She held her pussy wide open with both hands, inviting me to start pounding her again, an invitation I was only too pleased to accept. After 10 minutes of hard fucking, I decided the time was ripe to invade her back passage. Her reaction to my fingering her butt hole quickly indicated she loved anal, and without her even realizing what was happening to her, I’d pulled out of her hot cunt, spit on her rosebud, and shoved my steel rod down her ass hole, my balls hitting her clit every time I bottomed out. After another 10 minutes, I felt her tight ass as it started contracting on my cock.

“Oh god I’m cumming again, this feels soo good, I love it, I love it, yes keep going, make me cum! AAAAAAAAAH cuuuuuming

She did, but I wasn’t done with her yet, she still had one fuck place I hadn’t sampled. Before she came fully back down to earth, still panting, I turned her around, and straddled her, moving up, my dick in the valley between her pointy tits.

“Press them together, I want a titty fuck, I want your beautiful tits wrapped around my dick while I fuck them.”

She was as good at following orders as she was at giving them, pressing her boobs against my cock. They felt soft and warm, enveloping my shaft; I immediately started fucking them. Every time my cock came out at the top, she tried to give it a lick with her tongue. This girl wants to suck my dick, excellent, I’ll oblige when I’m done with her tits, I thought.

I pulled her hands away from her fun bags, shoving my cock in her mouth, and from the look on her face, she loved it, sucking hard, hollowing her cheeks in the process.

“You like the taste of your own ass then?”

“Mmmmhh II loooee iiiieee,” was all she could say, my cock buried deep in her throat.”

When I pulled out to allow her to breathe, she looked at me with wide demanding but nervous eyes. My leg muscles and back were starting to complain, so high time to let her take a more active role.

“Get up babe, I want you to do some of the work now, so ride my cock cowgirl style.”

Following orders, she moved off the bed so I could make myself comfortable on my back. She climbed on top of me almost shoving her ass in my face, obviously going for a reverse cowgirl position.

“No, no, the other way around, I want to look at your face when you cum and I want to play with your tits while you ride me.”

She turned around to face me, grabbing my cock while taking up a position right over it. Holding it still she lowered herself, sliding her hot juicy cunt over my pole. This felt even better than her mouth, with no risk from her teeth. I just loved her tits, I’d never had sex with a woman with conical tits adorned with big puffy nipples. She noticed I was fascinated by them, and bending forward brought one toward my mouth to suck on. Irresistible, but if I was to keep the upper hand here, I needed to react differently. It hit me that we hadn’t gotten to the first part of her mission yet, so I grabbed her under her arms removing her from my cock. She looked very surprised.

“What are you doing? I want to cum and I want you to cum.”

“We need to take some photos, that was your initial reason to come here. You’ll have to wait for your orgasm pretty girl. Let’s go down and get the pictures; if you’re very good, I may let you cum later.”

I grabbed her hand and led her firmly towards the stairs down to the studio. She was a bit reluctant at first but changed her mind halfway down the stairs.

“OK, you win, I completely forgot, especially after two impressive orgasms and being on my way to a third, but I suppose you are sincan escort right, we need to take those pictures if only for my mom’s sake. It would look weird if I couldn’t show photos; she’d probably ask me what I’ve been doing here with you. Don’t we need clothes first?”

“I don’t see why, you came for nude pictures didn’t you?”

“Uh yes…you’re probably right, who needs clothes?”

“Are you flexible?”

“What do you mean by flexible?”

“I’m not asking if you are a contortionist, but can you bend your body in different ways, can you do the splits?”

“Yes I can, I used to be a cheerleader at school, so I hope I can still do some of the moves, let me try.”

The first thing she tried was the splits. That went very well. With her arms in the air, she looked very enticing, bringing out her boobs. I asked her to move her upper body sideways, so her boobs were in profile. They stuck out like a couple of traffic cones. Getting up she tried, successfully, to make a reverse bridge, this again showed her lithe body off very nicely, again with her boobs as the star attraction, but with her legs slightly opened her pussy was also a sight for sore eyes. Because of her position, the lips were slightly pulled open, still very wet from her orgasms. She was not as flexible as Linda, but I had a ball taking pictures of this beautiful girl during the next half hour.

“It’s a pity, we can’t take pictures outside, I would love to take you to one of the local stables and photograph you naked on horseback.”

“You mean like Lady Godiva?”

“That’s exactly what I mean, would you be up for it? We could go on a ride together and then find somewhere in the woods where there was little risk of being seen, especially on a Monday morning.”

“I’m certainly up for that? It’s something I’ve imagined doing for many years, ever since my hair has become this long.”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

“Yes, it’s still a few weeks before I have to go to college.”

“Fine, tomorrow is one of my off days and apparently, the weather is going to be good. So shall I book two horses? Uh…you do ride don’t you?”

“Don’t worry I’ve been riding since I was 8, it was my main hobby for many years.”

“Excellent, it’s a date, I’ll text you what time. Let’s wrap up here so you can go home.

“Fine, but I’m still waiting for the orgasm you stole when you made me come down here to pose. I’m not leaving until you make me cum again.”


I took her to one of the dressing rooms, or should I be saying fuck rooms, because they now seem to be used more for fucking than for dressing. Resuming my somewhat unaccustomed dominant role, I made her lay back and lift her legs above her shoulders, pulling her ankles back and apart. Watching her pussy lips spread wide, my cock stiffened immediately again, and I plunged it into her wet hole. After 15 minutes of hard fucking, her long-withheld orgasm exploded, and I came together with her. “Three orgasms for one of mine I was still going strong, I thought.”

Before leaving, I reminded her of our date the next day and asked if she could make her own way there. “No problem” she replied, after which she took her leave.

The next morning at 10, she was already waiting for me when I arrived at the local stables.

“I know which horses we can take and already got the saddles, headgear, and some brushes so we can prepare them immediately.”

I was impressed, not many young people took the time to brush and clean up the horse before riding it. I was always very annoyed when I saw people taking horses out to ride dirty, and then when they came back to dump them in the stable with the saddle still on and the cinch still tightened to go drinking at the bar. Clearly, Dawn was not one of them: concerned for the well-being of the horse she was going to ride. Once saddled, we took off. I knew a few very quiet areas in the military sector I always went riding in.

After riding for 15 minutes, part trot, part gallop, we arrived at a small clearing, perfect for our task. I stopped and attached my horse to some bushes, close to a patch of juicy grass. Dawn dismounted as well and began removing her saddle. We had agreed she would try to ride bareback, with just a rope around the horse’s neck, after all, that’s what Lady Godiva did, didn’t she? I took the rope, while she undressed. That done, I made a step with my hands for her to mount the horse.

“I presume this is the first time you’ve sat on a horse without a saddle?”

“No not really, when I started riding the first lessons were also bareback, so as to better get the feel of the horse; it’s the first time I’ve done it naked though.”

“How does it feel? Does it tickle your pussy?”

“Strange, but nice; I expected it to feel rougher, but it feels nice, a bit arousing even, not only my pussy against his back but the whole feeling of being naked on horseback outdoors. I’ve never done that before either.”

“You never had sex outdoors?”

“No. Hey maybe that’s another thing I could tick off my list today?”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We need to get these photos taken: please drape your hair all over your front.”

“You want me to hide my boobs?”