The Pizza Hook Up…(conclusion???)

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The Pizza Hook Up…(conclusion???)Dean collapsed down on my back and gripped my shoulders somewhat awkwardly as he plowed in to my prostrate body. Dean hunched angrily into my anus and I could tell that he was about to shot his load of spunk. I started to say something but Dean pushed my head down with both his hands and raised his upper body up for more leverage. With a number of sharp thrust Dean deposited his load of baby making fluid into my anal canal.I reached up to try and remove his hands from my head so that my airway was clear. Dean pushed more meaningfully down on my head till he had emptied his entire load of spunk into my anal cavity. Slowly Dean laid down on to my back and whispered into my ear ‘bitch, I hope you liked that, cause we have just begun…’Dean was laying with his full weight on my body as he breath deeply in and out his face resting just behind my ear, his dick throbbing hard in my anal canal and my anal muscle reciprocating ultrabet yeni giriş with tiny clinches of it’s own.When I awoke Dean was looking out the window by the door, I turned and looked at him he had a towel wrapped around his midsection and looked some what annoyed that I was awoke. I soon found out why, Dean moved quickly to the door and opened it, just as I turned and found the sheets to cover my nakedness two of Deans friends entered the room.’David, this is Paul and Howard, they like boi pussy also and you are gonna let them have yours.’ I looked angrily at Dean and wrapped up in the sheet, I moved towards the bathroom door saying ‘I ain’t letting no body else fuck me.’ I wasn’t prepared for what happened next although I should have been.Before I could move another inch Paul and Howard charged me at once and tossed me to the bed. Dean closed the door and dropped his towel and was on me almost at once. Straddling my head his ultrabet giriş dick hanging down by my face his knees on my shoulders, I could not see what Paul and Howard was doing.One of them was between my legs pulling me to the edge of the bed, Dean still straddling my head and shoulders moved with my body. My legs were hanging off the bed when one of the entered my spunk lube anal opening and rode me hard.I was begging for mercy, trying to make a plea that if they would let me get comfortable I would let them have sex. The reply was ‘we gonna fuck you anyway the way we want it and than you gonna give it to us your way…’My anus was being ripped open and there was nothing I could do, I could tell that Paul and Howard was much bigger than Dean and more brutal. As soon as one flooded my anus with his substance the other would enter and be twice as b rough.Dean finally got off my head and stood at the other side of the bed. He told Howard to ultrabet güvenilirmi let me suck his dick as he fucked me. Howard said ‘grab his arms and pull the bitch over to you, I ain’t about to get out of this ass.’Dean and Paul pulled me across the bed, Howard adjusted his body till he was straddling my buttocks and his huge dick was ramming in and out of my anal opening. Paul and Dean both got hold of my head and stuck there smelly cocks into my face causing me to alternately suck both their cocks at one and separately.Fear entered my mind as the three of them continued to take my body irrespectively of my pleading and begging them to allow me to rest between their assaults. Even in high school during my first time I was not scared of what would happen to me.It was late that night that the three of them had their full of me and dressed and left my motel room I double bolted the door and staggered to the shower the cum of all three of them running down my thighs and calves.After I cleaned myself up I quickly left the motel and tried to drive back to the security of my dorm room My anal cavity and rectum was so full of their come that it started to leak out from my deeper parts andwet my under wear and pants….