The Posh Hotel

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I ran my fingertip around the edge of my expensive wine glass at the hotel bar, enjoying the pure high-pitched hum the balloon made as it vibrated. It blended with the Miles Davis floating down from the overhead speakers. From my vantage point along the wall, the room was shadowy, with small pools of light from bright but focused bulbs recessed into the ceiling. Dark wood, plush carpeting, and granite were everywhere. Shadowy forms occupied club chairs and cushioned alcoves across the room. My wine looked black in the faint light.

I was a little self-conscious as I adjusted my sleeveless dress, pulling my silk wrap around my bare arms. I had been sitting alone for about twenty minutes. Just as I was reaching for my phone, a figure materialized from the darkness several feet away and prowled over to the barstool next to me. He slid soundlessly onto the smooth leather.

His presence was overpowering. His sheer physical size was intimidating, at well over six feet tall and broad, muscular shoulders. A tailored suit jacket stretched across his broad back, which tapered to a trim waist. His hands, now resting on the bar, were roughly the size of small hams.

Then…his face.

He stole my breath away as I watched the light fall into the sharp relief lines of his cheekbones and square jaw. It was impossible to see the color of his eyes; they looked dark and bottomless. White-blond hair curled around his ears and fell over his forehead. I wanted to reach out and touch it. When he smiled, his lush lips curving upward, my heart actually skipped a beat.

“Alone?” he asked in a rich baritone.

My throat clicked as I tried to answer. It had suddenly gone dry. Mute, I nodded.

“What a shame,” he said smoothly. “Or, I should say, how fortunate for me.”

My pulse pounded in my ears as he reached for my hand, still on the wine glass. It was dwarfed by his, which covered it completely. He leaned into me. His scent, leather and sandalwood, rose around us. His lips on my ear: “You’re coming with me.”

I gave him a smile of my own. “Am I? Where are we going?” It came out little more than a soft rasp.

“Does it matter?” Then the man actually winked at me, capturing my other hand and drawing me off the barstool.

All rational thought fled as I let him lead me away into the shadows. A short elevator ride away, we were in one of the suites above, luxe and lavishly appointed.

Wasting no time, he gently pulled me into him, his hand wrapping around the back of my neck, drawing me upward into a deep kiss. His mouth covered mine, his tongue sliding in as his other hand pressed flat along my back and ran downward. I let out a moan into his kiss as he cupped my ass, kneading gently.

Whispering in my ear again, he said, “I’m Jack, and I intend to have you.”

“I’m Rachel.” I could do little else but close my eyes, tip my head back, and murmur assent. My body had awakened, heat spreading through my core and winding its way downward.

“I should warn you, Rachel…” His voice flowed over me like melted chocolate. “With me, it starts slow but won’t stay that way.”

My body tingled, raising light goosebumps at his words. I could feel his smile against my throat as he wrapped both arms around me and began to explore my body.

He licked lightly down my neck over my shoulder, slipping the thin strap of my dress güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri off, taking the bra with it, leaving my shoulder bare. Kissing lightly, he traced my collarbone with his finger. Splaying his hand open, he reached down and engulfed my right breast, covering it entirely. He palmed my nipple through my clothes, murmuring with approval as it instantly hardened at his touch.

His other hand went to my zipper, pulling slowly down. I could feel the cool air on my back as the dress came undone. Another swipe with his hand and the dress had fallen from my shoulders, catching briefly at my hips and then landing in a silken heap on the floor.

“Come here,” he said, leading me to a nearby table with chairs. He seated himself and settled me onto his lap in one motion; I found myself straddling his muscular legs, wearing only my bra, panties, and heels. I could feel him growing hard beneath my thigh, his soft flannel dress pants tenting upward. It gave me a thrilling rush to know that I was affecting him.

My balconette bra had my breasts elevated, pushed upward on offer to him. Taking his time, he unfastened it, stripping it away. Bending downward, he took my nipple in his mouth and began sucking, swirling his tongue over the sensitive skin. I cried out, my hand going to the back of his head, feeling the mass of blond curls around my fingers. He was playing with my other nipple, pinching and rolling, flicking it rapidly as it puckered into a hard nub. Switching, he massaged the breast he had just sucked and licked.

Looking straight up into my eyes, he said deliberately, “You have incredible tits.”

A hot rush went straight to my pussy, which was only covered by a thin layer of lace. I felt my panties soaking through as he pushed my breasts together and continued his ministrations with his tongue. The scent of my arousal bloomed in the air. I might have been embarrassed if I weren’t so turned on.

A lazy look of triumph crossed his face. “I thought you might like that,” he chuckled. “But you’ll like this more.”

His hand moved into the gap formed by the curve of my hip bone and my panties, fingers easily finding my dripping folds. I bit back a scream as he pressed directly on my clit, stroking upward in short, sure movements. He quickly found a fast rhythm.

My breath was coming in shallow bursts as my insides turned into liquid, radiating outward. Through half-open eyes, I could see him watching me, watching my face as he rubbed my pleasure bud. A moan welled up in my throat as I could feel climax approaching. The fabric of his shirt bunched in my hands on his shoulders as I began to shudder.

Then suddenly, his hand was gone. I whimpered in surprise, the pleasure subsiding, leaving hollow need in its place. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long. One of his enormous fingers slipped into my hungry, wet sex.

Curving his finger forward, he expertly found my g-spot, massaging it furiously with just the right amount of pressure. I came within seconds.

I forgot to breathe as I came apart in his hands, clenching around his finger in long, fluttering movements, my body spasming in his lap. I could feel him smiling again as I sank into his chest, hands light and motionless on his shoulders.

“That was just the beginning,” he whispered. “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

He güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stood up, carrying me with my legs still straddling him, to the bed. Gently setting me down, he stripped quickly as I relaxed into the cloud-like bed. He pulled my heels off and hooked my panties with his fingers. Drawing them downward over my hips, he smiled. “I’ve been waiting to see you naked. Especially…” He planted both hands on the bed on either side of me, leaning down. “…that sweet pussy of yours.”

What was it about the things he said? Maybe naughty things in his voice, like warm honey, had a unique power over me. I was weak and totally his. He knew it, too.

He was looking, with the air of a wild animal setting on its prey. Enunciating every word, he began speaking.

“Your pussy is swollen, glistening. It’s opened like a flower for me. Your clit is engorged, so big that I can see it poking out between your folds. How did you know I’d love your pussy bare? It’s all on display for me. I can’t wait to feel what you’re like inside. I’ll bet you’re so nice and tight, too. I could feel it when I fingered you. Yes…you’re going to be just what I want. But first…”

He bent and licked my pussy as if it were an ice cream cone on a summer day, tasting my juices as I spread my legs wide. I let out a choked cry as his tongue delved into my hot canal. I felt his low rumble of satisfaction. He pushed my legs even farther apart, his hands wrapped around the backs of my thighs, demanding the greatest access to me. My juices flowed out into his waiting mouth as he devoured me.

Before I came again, he stopped and stood. I took in his powerful body, all strength and masculinity. And his cock. Oh, his magnificent cock.

Eight inches, the head the shape and size of a small plum. It curved a little, veins wrapped around it, a large ball sack hanging underneath. I wanted nothing more than to suck him, to taste the perfect male specimen in front of me.

Reading my mind, he grinned. “I know you want it, baby. Go ahead.”

He stepped up to the edge of the bed, and I crawled over to him, my hands tentatively reaching around, resting on his ass for a little bit of leverage. Lying on my stomach, I took his cock head into my mouth, letting my cheeks hollow, sliding my lips over. Turning my eyes upward, I saw him staring at me, his teasing veneer fading, overshadowed by need.

I drew him further into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his shaft. I had learned the trick in college: if my man stood by the bed and I was lying on it on my stomach, my head and neck formed exactly the right shape for painless deep-throating. I relaxed and drew him further, breathing in right before his cock slipped down my throat.

He let out a loud, strangled groan. I worked my throat around him as he expelled his breath in a rapid burst. Almost involuntarily, he started pumping in and out. I purred my encouragement around him, reaching up and massaging his balls.

I felt him hardening and tightening, and knew he was close. With a shout, he withdrew, panting, precum trickling in his wake. I smiled innocently at him. I had recovered a little bit of my dignity.

“Fuck,” he panted, looking at me wide-eyed.

“That’s the idea,” I nodded.

He laughed, a deep belly laugh. “Rachel. I love it,” he proclaimed güvenilir bahis şirketleri as he pushed me backward.

Dragging me to the edge of the bed, me flat on my back, he spread my legs once again. “Are you ready, baby?” His eyes twinkled mischievously.

“The question is, are you?” I grinned.

His answer was to drive his thick meat into my pussy in one swift stroke. I screamed in pleasure, my back arching off the bed. He filled every inch of me, stretching me in a deep, aching thrill. Grabbing my hands, he laced his fingers through mine and began pounding me.

He was right. It felt incredible. His hips banged against mine as he drove into me over and over. My soaking pussy easily accommodated him as I continued screaming, all my focus on Jack’s huge cock and what it was doing to me. I felt delightfully slutty, having fantastic sex with a guy that looked like a Greek god.

Without warning he picked me up, still impaled on him, and carried me back over to the chair we had been in. Sitting back down, he looked up at me. “You know what I want,” he winked.

Wanting that delicious feeling back, I started to ride him hard. I rubbed my clit up against him, leaning backward so he could see me. “You like this?” I breathed as I planted my hands on his shoulders, his arms twining around my body, holding me up.

“I like fucking you,” he said, a sly look on his face. I shivered, my pussy flaring with a burst of extra pleasure.

He definitely liked talking dirty. Okay, I could do it too.

“Well, it’s a good thing I like to fuck,” I whispered in his ear as I kept riding him. “Do you like my tits bouncing right in your face? Am I nice and tight for you? Are you going to be ready to flood my pussy soon?”

“Your cunt is as tight as a fucking virgin’s,” he growled, roughly sucking on my nipple, biting it lightly. “And I’m going to enjoy it as it milks my cock for every last drop of cum, because you’re going to take it all.”

I felt the orgasm building, coming toward me like a freight train. It was going to be a good one.

A light sheen of sweat had broken out on his forehead. He grasped my hips and started meeting me with thrusts of his own, fucking me hard. Our bodies slapped together audibly, mingling with my moans and screams. My clit rubbed tantalizingly against his pubic bone. It was like the fuck of the century. I had never known such pleasure.

Then it was consuming me, exploding in my core and filling my body with heat. Dimly, I could feel my pussy seizing up around his shaft, clamping down to trigger his orgasm.

With a gasp, he trembled underneath me. I could feel his cock pulsing and twitching, emptying spurt after spurt of cum into me as I screamed his name.

I don’t know how much time passed; when I could think again, I was resting in a little heap against him. Jack was stroking my back in gentle, steady movements. He was solid and warm.

“That was maybe the hottest thing we’ve ever done,” he said softly. I felt his low voice vibrate through my body, my ear on his chest.

“Yeah… the stranger-in-a-bar routine. Seems so corny, but I had an incredible time,” I murmured. As I shifted, my eyes fell on the nightstand. My wedding ring rested there atop his, the diamond flashing in the lamplight.

“I think I’m the luckiest man in the world. That thing you did with your throat.”

“Are you kidding?” I laughed, still weak from my earth-shattering orgasm. “I can’t even move. But,” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Give me a few minutes. I’ll be ready for Round 2.”

My husband rumbled his approval, crushing me to his chest in a massive bear hug. “We’ve got all weekend.”