The sissy experiment

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The sissy experimentI was one of the many young teen waiting for one of the lady to come pick us upthe 3 assistant all mature motherly figures with a very calm voicei was number 9 and when she call me stood up and followed her to a one of the exam room in the back i was ask to undress in my boxer and i just did, her leaving for a minute back with a suitcase box”good lay down on your back ”she touch my body and looked around rubbing the small hair on me looking with her hands it felt goodshe took her notepad and noted something getting back and i a swift move got my boxer down ”dont be shy i am just examining you boy you dont have to hide anything”removing my hand watching my little balls and cock feeling observed and shy the lady taking measurementlifting my little prick in her hand smillingnotting down my size”you are have very very small body its nice and mostly smooth too”turning me around touchig my back and lifting my ass up measuring my waist size and little ass i felt so weird letting her touch me and do her exami let her do her thing notting stuff on her pad ”ahhhh what waitttt”too late her thing was in me and it went all the wayuntil she move her hand off and it stayed in”fuck what is this what you doing””taking measurement, this one a big small”and she pulled it outfeeling relieveduntil it went right back indeeper bigger”shit what the hell ahhhhhh my god ahhhhhh wait wait im not ahhhhhhhh dammit madam ””ok just relax its close to get in place””yes like that good boy ”ass up a bigger dildo blueu thing in meher notting down on her pad rubbing slowly on my ass”good boy stay there , like that dont move ”sit on the exam table the thing deep in me making me feel lost and weak i just look at her get back with the skimpy little pink skirt and camisolehelping it on me smiling at me the whole processuntil i was help out into another roomin front of another boy a bit older and black someone i saw in the waiting room earlier, on the exam table his cock all hard and in a cock ringshe walked to him and used lube to stroke him offi watch in silence dress up and plugged, the lady stroking him all wet both looking at me ”never be shy of your big black cock, you deserve pleasure and love , you have a big cock and it needs to be served”she left and we were both alone i was so freaking shy he waited for me to do something i was sur of it”iam really not sure what is going on here but my cock all hard and look it smell like cherry”he walk to me sit on the couch and even a foot away i smelled iti look up and open my mouth , he didnt move back , no both my head and his bbc met like it was magnet he was coated in cherry candy gell lubei sucked the fat cock having fun at him moaning in my mouth getting pendik escort it deeper ”damn you suck good she dress you up for me you thik?”i did and didnt care, i was sucking my candy cock nowshe came back when i was on my knees slurping him like a girl hungry for cum”good boys , here its important to always have rubber on you . you van have so much fun when you start helping your friend in codoms ”she gave me a pouch of golden condom packsand left leaving me on my knews my knew friend waiting his cock so happy with me”oh shit im not sure i want to fuck a guy you know””show it to me ”helping me ass up doggy on the couchmy skirt lift and he made a surprised noise”oh what you had this in you the whole time”getting the blue plug dildo out slowly”omg you have a nice ass ””maybe i could just try”and he waited for me to get him in a rubber”you know what she said, get me in a condom”and i open one taking it to his bbc and moving it down all around his fat nice powerfull cock looking at him all hard and horny for me made me horny toohe just went indeep and out , then deep and out”my god this is really nice””ahhh ahhhhh ””you moan sexy too i like making you moan”each pumping made me weaker and sounding more like a bitch ”oh yes my fuckig god take this big cock slut, you feel like a girl you know””ahhh ahh ahh ahhh””yes thats it moan , im loving this hole””you love my bbc in there? yes you doo good fucking girl””yes i love how you moan take it baby, maybe we could be friend and i fuck you all the time like this”he cum in me sounding like a crazy cunt hungry boypourring it all in the condom feeling sad i coudnt feel him more when he slide outthe lady got back just in timeto congratulate us ”you both did such a good job , now here you dont need this anymore”my new friend watch her lock me in a cage making my cock disapear in a very tiny pink plastic cage i was recovering from getting fuck and felt weak both of em looking at me locked up ”this is your girlfriend key , you should stop at la senza or something to buy her a present she was a very good girl ””fuck ok yes yes i agree thank you thank you”i was given my cloth back and dress in silence him doing the same her opening the door to let us goi was in the parking lot looking down him telling me to leave my car here and follow himminute later we were at wallmart my basket filled with packs of cute cheap girl panty and other cute lingery ”this , you like this? showing me strings and cute panty until my basket was full”the mature lady at the cashier just look at me and my black friend smilling wide buying his new gf lots of cute underwear”you okay boy?”the lady talking to me”yes yes just kartal escort tired”her face full of kindnessmaking him pay , he look at me while paying ”are you happy this is costing me money baby ?”the clerk lady watching us little boy couple and was liking us”thanks you””be a good girl kiss my crotch as i pay”she watch the little head go down and kiss the cock over the sweat pants ”you boys so cute , have a good day”we left my beg full of cute undie once at his place he smoked and had me parade in all of itcommenting on how good i looked and how i shook my lil assdancing on music from the porn music video he started on his big tvmy lil cage flapping around inside tight panty infront of my top bf who stroke and smoke watching me i endup bouncing on his cock and switching panty every time he bounce me off and not allowed to sit back until i tried all of them , thanking him with every one of the cute panty he bought mescissor i hand cutting a perfect lil hole i each of the panty to slide inside my cunt wanting me staying in cute panty, upgrading all my panty with the fuck hole , feeling him cute a hole and pulling me on his bbcin every single panty , sitting back and jumping on his nice cock in my new panty thanking him some of em really cute and smooth making me hot ass up getting it cut and ready to sit backi noticed i also feel nicer my cage not swinging around so much , cutier bulging my cute panty as i fuck on him looking girlyi was found a proper girl name setting on cindy after he saw me smile calling me cindy walking back in new panty to serve him”your a good girl cindy but iam a bit tired and the game i play with my buddy is about to start”i watch him play video games sit close in cute white string with polka dots in pink hearth shapecheering for him, he was good and i kinda liked watching twitch so i didnt mind staying close girly he didnt talk alot he just pointed at his floor after a round , rolling his computer chair back showing me the close space under his deski hesitate a second but crawled him telling me to be quick the next round going to strartunder his desk in a very tight space face over his crotch my head close to his under tablei help his cock out , knowing he wanted this , mouth open sucking him all hard in my warm mouth loving big cock of himhe never cum, i ear him being angry at loosing he curse this stupid game roll his chair away taking me up on my knees on his computer chair pussy up and fucked hard in my panty gole”just a fucking stupid hame i hate it”hard pounding learning how im jut a hole for him to unstress at his will”ahhhh ahhhh mmmmm yeahhh my god ahhhhh your so big ahhhhh””yes cindy , yes slut iam and your holes maltepe escort are so good, stay like that taking my big cock ”i was giggling full of cum on the bed behind hima pillow under me tied up to my ankle and he quick fuck me between his round sliding out to go back playing until he was dead and back fucking his bitch waiting head on the side toward him playing and smiling when he died”you like when i die bitch? so i can be back fucking you up ”nodding”oh is that so , well its time to play sea of thieves”he sat me down on the floor to his side petting on my hair”alright time to go sail little girl be a ice little princess and get in bikini ”i look at him and he was serious , he had bought me two and i eagerly came back dress in my blueue aqua bikinihe played until we stop at an island and literally went to fetch a dildo in his room”look baby i found this for you left drifting to the shore by the sea””must be a captain wore drowned wit it in her cunt ”and i was help to sit on it on a pillow next to him sailing away”oh no a storm baby hold to something its gonna get bumpy”slapping on my ass until i understand and bounce up and down ”ahh ahhh ahhh daddy ””hold on baby its only a little storm hold on”bouncing looking at his big screen him sailing in the storm the boat rocking and me jumping at the rythm of it on my dildo bbc toy ”fuck look at you loving to play , keep the acting up its nice ”the storm stoped after 5 minute and i just rest on his lap hair rubbed looking at the calm see now, bird singing ”its so calm and nice now we made it baby mermaid , we made it”opening his pants again feeding me his bbc as he sail to misionson a small island he had me ass up looking at the screen a small boat was parked at the deckmoaning fucked doggy on the floor looking at his screen”shit dude you ear that what the fuck””what yes what is that i dont know get back on the boat someone approaching making weird noise”i tried not to but he fucked me deep and slow getting his boat next to the dockinfront of his deck on the tip fucking his mermaid no one but him knew was here”dude listen its this guy over there””hoy hoy sailors dont mind my mermaid she been taking my fat cock all voyage long””ahhh ahh ahhh””shit you fucking someome now?””my mermaid yes dont mind her wanna see how pirate fuck mermaid up”i coudnt believe he would put me the head set and tied me up on his bed them listeing to it all inside the boat lookig at the bed like i was in the game”dude this is sick , listen to that bitch”i made only girky noises trying not to be caught as a sissy fuck toy for his bbcthey left after having fun listening for a while telling him he was luckyand i was back at his side sit on the toy”lets sail again baby girl, with you around im ever gonna be attacked ”moaning and everyone around his boat could ear me, i knew it now feeling part of his game , a mermaid cptured by Blackbeard the sissy merchant he laught hard his bbc back in my mouthin bikini playing video games with my young daddy