The Stag Party – Part 3

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The Stag Party – Part 3The Stag Party – Part 3I smelled his cock then for the first time; a faint trace of soap from when he’d showered earlier mixed with an earthy manly aroma. Now I knew it was only inches from my mouth. I swallowed hard and licked my lips trying to get some feeling back. “I can see you want it boy” he said. “Well” …… “Beg”. I licked my lips again and started:“Please Sir can I suck your cock, please please let me taste your cock Master. I want your heavy balls in my mouth; I want to run my tongue all over your cock before kissing the head and taking it into my mouth”. “Carry on” he said “I love the way you beg and I prefer the Master to Sir”. I was into my stride now… “Please Master, fuck my mouth, make me gag, shove your gorgeous cock to the back of my throat, force me to swallow your come I want to taste it filling my mouth while you hold my head to stop me escaping”. As the last words left my mouth I felt his cock slap the side of my face, first the left then the right. “Put your tongue out” he ordered and as I did so my tongue came into contact with his balls. He was holding his cock, which he then let go so it slapped against my face. I groaned with pleasure as I licked his balls taking them into my hungry mouth, all the time feeling his huge cock resting against my face. I wanted to taste it so bad but as I released his balls from my mouth he pulled away. “Not yet you don’t” he said and slapped his cock against my cheek again. “Stick your tongue back out and don’t put it away until I tell you”. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and was rewarded with a series of rapid slaps as he beat his cock down onto my tongue before pulling away again. I waited patiently for his permission to close my mouth but he didn’t speak, instead he once again slapped my tongue firmly with his cock. “Put it away slut and find my cock”. I moved forward as far as my bonds would allow, moving my head from side to side desperately searching. “Please Master, please fuck my mouth, I want to taste you so bad. I’ve been a good slave”. “Very well he said you have been a good slave……… far”. Suddenly marsbahis güvenilirmi I made contact and stopped. I paused, licked my lips again and swallowed hard – this was the moment I’d fantasised about. I kissed the head gently all over, surprised at how big it seemed, then licked it, running my tongue all the way round and when it felt wet enough I slowly moved my mouth over it and gently sucked the end. God it felt huge, I was totally unprepared for how massive and all consuming it felt and I had barely got the head into my mouth. I gagged as I tried to take more of it into my mouth and went to move back but a firm hand was instantly at the back of my head. “Keep it in and don’t take it out of your mouth unless I say so. Now suck!”My heart was pounding and my own cock felt like it would explode. There was no way I could take it all, so more than once I coughed and gagged forcing him to stop momentarily. Initially he eased himself back slightly to give me a break but it didn’t last long: “Suck it boy” he told me again and again, as he moved his hips, slowly but surely, backwards and forwards, easing himself further into my willing mouth. His hands kept a constant, firm grip on the back of my head as he controlled his thrusts to match my ability. Once my breathing found a rhythm, I could concentrate better and found myself adoring the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I was actually sucking cock, not only that but a black cock, a huge 9” black cock and it tasted gorgeous. Every fantasy I’d had had left me feeling guilty and were it not for a quirk of fate I would probably never have known what it felt like to be throat fucked. Suddenly he eased himself totally out of my mouth “Have a rest and lick my balls again” he said “You’re a very willing student; but I don’t want you to tire too soon”. I did as I was told, kissing and running my tongue along the whole 9 inches down to his balls kissing them gently. “Take your time and do a proper job this time” he ordered”. His balls were smooth and tight and I struggled to close my mouth all the way around them so that my lips marsbahis yeni giriş slipped free with every suck. “Your balls are huge Master” I breathed trying to explain what I thought were my shortcomings. “That’s because they’re full boy, something you’re going to realise very soon. Get your head back up and suck my cock again”. I started to run my tongue back up his length but he couldn’t wait and pushed his cock roughly into my mouth. I could sense the urgency and gagged at the force he applied. He gripped my head so firmly I couldn’t move, my mouth was just a hole and he was fucking it relentlessly. The first spurt hit the back of my throat and I gagged again and tried to move back but his grip was too tight and he was shouting and thrusting as each surge came from him. I wasn’t aware of the taste just the thick texture and I was unable to swallow it all, some inevitable ran down my chin. He groaned one last time, muttered “fuck “,then withdrew his still hard cock from my mouth. “Lick your lips cockslut” he ordered me “Don’t waste any”. With that he ran his finger along my chin forcing the rivulets back up and into my mouth. I was surprised that the taste didn’t bother me, I’d expected to taste a saltiness but neither his cock or his come tasted unpleasant and I sucked hungrily on his finger. His hands once again were on the back of my head, pulling me forward “Don’t think you’ve finished yet boy, keep sucking”. His cock bumped into my lips before I had chance to open them again. “Open your mouth” he barked and I did as I was told, licking and sucking his rapidly softening cock until he was satisfied. He bent down and undid the chain joining the two sets of cuffs then pulled me to my feet. I sensed him move away then return and suddenly he was massaging my balls in a downward motion. “I promised to sort your balls out” he said and started winding something around my balls. “This may prolong you although I doubt it” he said and suddenly I could feel the warmness of his mouth on my cock. He tugged on the rope with one hand and with the other he reached round and teased the butt plug marsbahis giriş as he sucked and I couldn’t believe how fantastic it felt. He was an expert with his mouth and in no time I found myself overcome with an unstoppable desire to come. It sounds a cliché but it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had and I expected some reprimand for not asking permission but he simply stood up and kissed me slowly on the mouth. I could taste myself on his tongue as it explored my mouth. “That was a fucking glorious little session white boy” he said “Now I need to release some of your bonds”. Fitz removed my blindfold and I blinked rapidly as my eyes adjusted to the light and I gasped again with pleasure as he eased the butt plug out of my arse. He then knelt and undid the rope around my balls closely followed by the cuffs on my wrists. I looked around the room and sure enough, sat on a tripod was the video camera, the recording light still on. I couldn’t wait to see what he had captured and despite having just come, felt a slight surge in my cock at the thought of what would be happening to me when I did get to watch it. “God these were tight” he exclaimed when he saw the marks on my wrists. “I’ll slacken these” he said as he turned the key in the ankle cuffs and adjusted them so they weren’t so tight. So the ankle chains were staying on I realised. I was still to have slave status despite what I had perceived as a resumption of normality….well as normal as you could call being tied up, punished and face fucked by a complete stranger.As he stood up, I got, what I suddenly realised was, my first proper look at his naked cock. It was slack now but still impressive, topped with only stubble of pubic hair. He was circumcised and the pale pinkness of the head was in stark contrast to the blackness of his shaft. He saw me looking and smiled. “Looking forward to tomorrow” he asked. “God yes” was all I could reply.The ankle chains and the collar were both to stay in place and after a trip to the bathroom, I returned to the bedroom. Fitz was waiting with a pair of soft leather cuffs. “Get on the bed, face down” he told me, in a completely normal voice. “Then put your hands behind you”. I laid my head on the pillow, put my arms behind me and Fitz fastened the soft cuffs in place and locked them with tiny padlocks. “Get some sleep” he said; “We both need all the energy we can muster for tomorrow……. “