The start of something scary

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This is my first story here. It’s a long read sorryThis story is semi-fictional and I’ve been debating to tell it a long time but I think now is the time, this is just the begining if you want to hear more please feel free to lmk ….The year is 1991 it’s early spring I am much younger. My dad was just recently in a very serious auto accident, he was not killed but will not be able to even walk for a couple more years. He is pretty much contained to the den of the house and he has a full time caretaker. The weight of this has hit our family hard as my mom was a stay at home wife and had never worked a day out of the home. We were trying to make it work with the insurance and workers comp. but it was just enough to get by. When school got out I decided I’d take a summer job to help out with the money and things. So I found a part-time job at the local grocery store we are small town people so it was not a well paying job and i’m sure I only recieved it cause everyone knew how bad it was……Moving on I guess I should introduce myself I’m Louis I’m 5’11 and 190 but was working out alot trying to make the football team as a varisty this istanbul travesti yr. and working the grocery store which also helped since I worked produce all day. One afternoon after a late night workout I got home and headed for the shower. As I head for the shower I over heared my mom (her name is Rebecca but everyone call’s her Reba she’d in her late 30’s and she built nice she takes fairly good care of herself she weighs about 110 she’s 5’3″ 34C and has the most beautiful soulful blue eyes and short brown hair) on the phone to who I assume is her sister they talk alot these days, but this was different she was talking about how it had been nearly 6 months since she has had sex and she would never cheat but it was getting very hard on her. I coughed real loud as I walked in and said I was home and going to the shower.After I got out of the shower and put on my shorts (its too hot to wear much more even with the AC on) and dried off I went down to the kitchen to find a bite to eat mom doesn’t cook anymore. Mom is sitting at the table drinking some tea, she says hi and I say hi and ask “is everything istanbul travestileri ok?” to which she says yes and goes back to her tea. After a few mints I find some grapes and bottle of Fugi water and sit down to join her she looks at what I have and says “Is that your dinner young man?” I say sure looks good doesnt it and she says how to you expect to keep up your strength with just that? I just shrug my shoulders and go about my meal. After a few mints I finish up throw my trash away and head upstairs to my room.I lay there in bed for about 20 mints listening to a new Nirvana CD my friend loaned me, when mom comes in and sits down on the edge of my bed. She says “Honey, I know it’s been hard here and I appreciate everything you have done to help out you have no idea what it has meant to me.” I tell her its no big deal I enjoy the work gives me something to do other then sit here and be bored and the money was no big deal I didn’t need anything anyway. Then for some reason I look up and she has tears in her eyes I tell her it really is no big deal I just wanna help where I can. Then she leaned travesti over and gave me a huge hug but as she let go she stopped and looked me in the eye and said “I’m so lucky to have you son I love you so much” I’m not sure at that moment what I was thinking or doing but those eyes looked so scared I placed my hands on her head brought her forward and kissed her very passionately. At first she was shocked she gasped but within less then a second she was kissing me back. When I stopped I pulled back and said “mom I’m so sorry not sure what came over me.” Mom looked me square in the eye and said it’s okay I felt it too. I was so shocked all I could say was “I’m sorry I’m so sorry I know that it’s so wrong to feel that way about your mom!!!” Mom looked at me and said son I feel the same way and before I could say anything she reached in and kissed me hard again this time I didn’t try to pull away or fight or otherwise, although my mind kept saying stop this is your mom everything else said hell yea this is your mom the women you have loved forever. After the kiss was over mom said I will be back in a bit I must go check on your father and see to it he is taken care of properly. Mom arrives in the den dad is propped up in his chair she checks on him tells him goodnight and places a kiss on his forhead and walks away.About 20 mints have passed since mom was in my room me head was still spinning from this latest development.